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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america. >> [ siren ] three days of mourning declared after a huge i.s.i.l. car bomb kills more than 100 people in iraq hello, i'm adrian finegan, this is al jazeera, live from doha. also on the programme - defiance in tehran. the supreme leader will not change his country's policy towards the u.s. a wildfire races across iowa, destroying cars and sending motorists running. one step at a time the high
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altitude porters bringing quake relief to nepal's isolated villagers. >> reporter: the governor in iraq closed public parks and entertainment venues of a suicide bomb exploded. 115 were killed, and 170 injured, when a car packed with explosives blew up. imran khan reports from baghdad. >> reporter: here in diyala province they have called for three days of mourning. the explosives were detonated as people celebrated eid. a suicide bomber drove his pack add car into the middle of a marketplace. >> translation: it is a devastated place, as you can see. businesses and buildings have been damaged. why would anyone do this. it is terror on the morning of a
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joyous day when everywhere should be celebrating as bodies will be pulled from the rub le angry crowds destroyed cars. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility saying that shia muslims in the town was the target. i.s.i.l. said it was revenge for the iraqi government's campaign against its fighters and a death in a town. three days of mourning have been declared. public places have been closed to prevent further attacks. >> iran's supreme leader made his first comments on the nuclear deal siring they are sharply at-- saying they are sharply at adds with the u.s. policy in the middle east. he calls the arrogant united states will not change despite the agreement. iran agreed to curve its nuclear programme in exchange for the gradual removal of sanctions.
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we won't welcome a war. we won't pre-empt. the one this exits is an aggressive and atroshous america. >> the white house says saudi arabia's prime minister welcomed a deal with iran. he met president obama on friday. patty culhane reports. >> reporter: an administration official tells me president obama and the saudi foreign minister met for an hour. at the end of the meeting the white house put out a statement saying both countries welcomed the joint plan of action. for the white house signalling they have the endorsement of saudi arabia. the king asked the president to take the meeting. they want more than reassurance, and military equipment. they provide special training for their special force, and helping the g.c.c. as a whole
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build a missile defense system. that's what they have been talking about. we don't know what the u.s. promises to sell to saudi arabia, and the other gulf country, we should get a better sense of them in the coming weeks fighters say they have killed a number of rebels in an attack on a military camp in southern yemen. a local armed resistance group says a dozen captured many in the province. both cities have been flashpoints in the battle for control of yemen medical sources and aid say five civilians were killed by houthi rebels. two were killed by sniper fire the others aboard a bus. the president abd-rabbu mansour hadi said that the port city had been liberated from the
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houthis. police in nigeria say three child suicide bombers were responsible for killing 15 people in north-east nigeria. the gerald under the age of 10, blew themselves up in multiple attacks. one detonated her vest among worshippers at a mosque. boko haram is using young women and girls as human bombs. aircraft deploy to battle a wildfire in southern california. five drones were spotted above the flames. the fire spilled across a highway, flames could be seen leaping from the cars. >> fears and fast moving. the flames caught motorists by surprise. as the fire swept across the packed road along the mountain path drivers and passengers abandoned their cars and scrambled to safety. >> my husband said get your
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stuff and go. we did. >> all of a sudden a huge fire came over the road. people were running up the hill. older people couldn't walk. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: the wild fire started in the foothills and bore down on the highway. the area is a dinneder box, vegetation parched. hot rims fanned flames. 1,500 hectares of land was burning within hours. several communities were evacuated. local tv stations filled aircraft dropping water. on the ground. more than 1,000 firefighters tried to contain the fire. vehicles have been destroyed. no injuries have been reported. firefighters in greece are
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battling dozens of wildfire some thought to have been set deliberately. a number of villages and summer camps have been evacuated as winds fanned the flames. armed forces have been culled in to control forests and woodlands. there has been scuffles in australia between right wing groups and antiracist demonstrations. the australian defense league were taking part in a reclaim australia rally. it's one of a number planned for this weekend. the steps and the roads around the parliament were blocked. >> israel's prime minister has been meeting black israeli community leaders after continuing protests against discrimination. binyamin netanyahu says that racisms must be ellism mated and set up a committee. as imtiaz tyab reports, black israelis feel that little will
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change. >> reporter: an anti-racism protest in the heart of the israel's liberal city. black israelis and supporters gathered in tel aviv calling for an end to discrimination something they say is institutionalised. we have been experiencing racism and we are demonstrating because we want equality. prime minister binyamin netanyahu says racism need be eliminate and set up a committee camed to combat it. few here believe much will change. >> protests like this erupted last month by video that went viral of a soldiers beaten by police. they were peaceful until place fired tear gas, so that protesters, a shof force rarely used against citizens who are not palestinians. >> there's a huge amount of a
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divide and conquer. there's race sthax legitimate. we shouldn't be surprised. it is always pushed by the government when this translates to other groups. this is one of the wealth suburbs. jers rerz it's a neighbourhood that is not just a poor area.
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>> tell me what you and your generation think is gonna to happen.
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..not this time. friday was angela merkel's 61st birthday. publicly, thoughts were on the present, and the potential for a rebellion amongst her supporters, she sought to soothe the fears of those that did not warrant more money to go to greece. >> i know there are doubts and worries. one thing is a strong conviction. we'd be acting with gross negligence responsibly, if we don't try this. but there is vocal minority in the booundize target.
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it is opposed to austerity policies to be imposed on greece. they say the vote represents an affront to public opinion in greece. chief among the opponents is those in the left wing party. he said the threated of the proposal would be the end of democracy in greece. >> the greek government needs permission only for the public discussion about a draft. and only after this can they discussion it then they need another position to bring it before parliament. that is the abolition of the democracy that you have organised. >> in wider society there's unease about the financial commitment to greece. opinion polls suggest three-quarters of germans do not trust the government in athens. >> i don't trust them. if you take the last lot into
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consideration. >> i feel sorry for the greeks. >> i doubt that it will be agreed on will be honoured. that is a doubt shared by members. now the government will flesh out the bailout for approval. niklas is an economics professor at new york university stern school of business and says the greek debt crisis exposed the flaws in the eurozone, which limited greece's ability to get out of the debt crisis. >> the euro was set with a set of rules. the biggest country that was willing to stick hard to the rules is germany. there's a smaller country
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finland and the netherlands which forced hard for the strictness of the rules. the problem of the euro is that if greece gets a deal that is far off from rules, other countries will demand the same, and soon the rules will be completed different. that is the problem. the euro was premature. the - there is no tax union, there's no transfer union in the european, in the eurozone so because of the euro and because the countries don't have flexibility to change the exchange rates, more or less very have to grow and therefore the activity has to grow at the same pace. you can have a big operation like greece where productivity do not grow while in holland and germany, grew a lot.
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these are innerent problems. doesn't mean it's dead it's difficult and needs a lot of management. >> in management. seven people have been arrested over the gaol break of joaquin guzman. it's not known if they are prison guards. it's been a week since he escaped from a maximum security prison through a tunnel billed in the very well. 30 guards have been questioned. the embarrassment for the president is putting pressure on him to do more to battle public sector corruption. >> we are not going to resolve the issue. we need to take on aspectedy. the only way to rewrite the wrong is to recapture the criminal and punish all those involved. u.s. investigatedors are examining the overseas travels
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of a man who opened fire on two military facilities on thursday. he was shot dead by police after killing four marines in tennessee. john hendren is in chattanooga, where the attack happened that is the first shooting. the witness recalls the killer who stopped to reload. he reaches into the passenger are seat. and then he picked it out. he went back and forth like this. unloaded the cartridge, put another in, and went back and fourth again. >> mohammed youcef was an immigrant. he was remembered as a typical
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boy. a mixed marshall arts fighter. in april he was arrested for drunken driving. as the facebook finance, they comb through the computer looking for what turned a mild mannered young man. >> authorities say they treated the shootings as a terror attack. >> because the investigation is in its early stages, it would be premature to speculate and find why the shooter did what he did. we are conducting a thorough investigation to determine whether this person acted alone. >> the shooting began at in recruitment center. police say the man, wearing a vest, was shot dead by a police officer, but only after killing four marine and wounding three other people. >> he faced someone with
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homicidal intent. targetting members. armed services and he had no reservations about attacking or killing police officers and chattanooga police officers confront that threat ensuring more people were not harmed. >> at the mosque where the gunman prayed there's bewilderment. the man's father called the mosque's chairman saying the motive was a mystery. >> he is as sharp ag we are. he is in the dark ever what his son has done and he's devastated. he apologised for what his son did. to the community in large, and to the muslim communicate identify. >> the communities in this southern state have been left wondering why a man who grew up with him could have turned to violence with devastating
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consequences. >> there has been angry confrontations between place and minors in bolivia's la paz. minors threw dynamite sticks. they want investment in infrastructure, including an airport, hospital and a cement factory. police responded by firing tear gas. >> venezuela's president is accused of a political which hunt. the government banned opposition members from office. critics are afraid his party will lose parliamentary elections due in december. >> we have this report. >> for opposition figures, a kar ear in politics was never going to be easy. the target of verbal and fizz achele abuse. she has been stripped of her right to hold an office.
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>> those citizens that we are willing to fight and tell the truth, and put back together any information. the charges against her include failing to declare assets like food coupons during her time in congress. if proven it could present her holding a seat. accused of plotting to kill nicolas maduro. and of betraying her country. she insisted that these allegations and recent ones are false. she says they are politically motivated and a clear indication that the government is trying to de desifer dissent. >> this is not a political sanction, but an admin strayed one. allow for certain benefits and bonuses while serving as a member of personal. >> reporter: she not the only government detractor facing
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charges. two former mayors joined her on the growing list. this is the systematic persecution of the opposition. we have seen the same measures apply to the political leaders. >> brazil's conflict rallied in support. more international condemnation like this could erode the legitimacy of the nicolas maduro government. five months away from a parliamentary vote this move could see an increase in political fences in a country torn by polarization. the massive earthquake in nepal in april left many mountain porters out of the work. some are putting their skills to humanitarian use joining forces with the u.n. to carry food to inactionable villages in the village of a new
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district. porters gathered for work. they carried food and other its for the world food program. many of them high altitude porters have not had jobs since the earthquake. it killed thousands. this man was a porter before. >> my house was destroyed. we need to work. >> more than 7,500 porters have been employed in the programme. the trekking agency has been handling the logistics. we have a job for a few thousands people. we are not doing other activities. these porter are going to walk for three days and cross a 3500 meter pass to the village in maybe our ag districts. they earn $15 a day to carry 30 eelos.
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from the air, landslides appear like scars. the team has to fix the trail as they walk. most of the houses in this village have been damaged. >> the village has had problems with food availability. and now their main crop has been desim desimated by an insect making them reline on food distribution. we see the maize plantation. >> after the earthquake an insect started to eat it. look at what it did. they use fertilisers for some of the croppings. crops. the maize should have been ready. while the fields like lush. it is not well formed. more than 200 metric tonnes of food and other its have been
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carried by porters to 83,000 people living in villages. for the people recovering from the earthquake the aid comes as a welcome relief. a kenyan mall attacked by al-shabab fighters in 2013 is reopening on saturday. 67 died in nairobi, when fighters carrying weapons sprayed shops with bullets. we have spoken to an owner about her hopes for the future. here is her story. >> i'm nadya from the fragrance lounge. we are ready to open. i was here. i ran out in a very very bad state. it was the worst day ever. i had to come back into the mall after a few weeks, to recover the stock.
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initially it was very hard for me to get back in i came to terms with it. we are ready to open and sell. are people going to come in is the security to the measure. we feel comfortable. we invite people to overcome the fear. for people who are hesitant coming into the mall. i feel we should come together as a community and support, bus as a country we are going through in not just as wes gate. it do happen anywhere at any time. it will happen again. because we are back hey here we have overcome it. we urge everyone to support us. the security is - yes, we have moved from where we were we are better than what we were two years back. i think we have a longer way to go n.a.s.a. scientists unveiled close up photos snapped from a
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spacecraft that flew past floodo. the images reveal fast open plains. the teams named is spud nick after a man made satellite. more news from al jazeera on the website, ♪ ♪ ♪ >> new york real estate developer and reality tv star donald trump says he's toid with the idea of running for president before but always backed off. this time he's in and he's far enough ahead of many of the other candidates in the polls to be included in the first debates. and now other republican candidates have to look at the hands they've been dealt and worried about the trump card.


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