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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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teens on - a string of bomb blasts in gaza. the target - hamas and islamic jihad hello this is al jazeera, live from doha i'm adrian finighan. also on the programme - america back on the charm offensive. we'll have its latest in pushing the iranian nuclear deal scuffles in carolina at a white sprup rem sift -- supremicist rally to protest at the removal. confederate flag. we visit a hospital in
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greece instructing to get by first to gaza six cars van blown up. believed to belong to the ruling hamas group. >> reporter: some of the analysts link that - these exclusions with the radical groups islamic radical groups in gaza, groups that support the ideology of what is called the islamic estate specially after the complicated relation between the groups and hamas security and hamas movement in gaza. but until now there's no clear official statement by these groups or the interior ministry. this analyst is, and the
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exclusions give more than one find, specially by the aftermath and the cause of the damage than previous exclusions before the previous solutions and the aftermath and cause of the damage is bigger and stronger. hamas activists and islamic jihad in the same time. it's the first time. you used to target hamas fighters or hamas security and members. this will be a challenge for hamas security in gaza and for the groups and the palestinian factions how to deal with these developments, and what is the coming days will be in this situation in gaza diplomatic efforts to calm regional fears over the iranian nuclear deal are far from over the the u.s. defense secretary ash carter is going to israel on
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sunday and is the latest official to head there as part of a charm offensive. saudi arabia and jordan is on his list of the destinations. the supreme leader made his comments saying it will not change iran's relationship with the middle east. and business with iran has begun. germany is sending a trade delegation, and spain has a similar trip planned. some are hoping to capitalize on more. first, the diplomacy and why the message of reassurance may be hard to sell. sheer tom ackerman. >> reporter: saudi arab prince getting a tour of u.s. command "roosevelt", his visit a few days before the nuclear deal with iran an effort to reassure the saudis that a 7-deck i had
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alliance with washington -- decade alliance with washington is steadfast. there was an attempt to reinforce that message. in the past four years, the suedies reached more than 90 billion in weapons deals. sales including war planes armoured vehicles. some have been deployed by the saudis and the involvement in yemen's war. the u.s. is providing intelligence and statistics who the saudis records as proxies. we are supporting operations in yemen in the way i describe earlier, the objective there, is to restore a political process there in which a legitimate government can be established. that has not quietened saudi
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anxiety over what is called the mischief across the region. including the life line to syria's bashar al-assad. it comes back to strategic rivalry, and the idea that the u.s. is not pushing back hard enough on iranian influence. as for israel which is developing advanced missile development systems with the pentagon, carter will follow up his message last week. >> i'm prepared to go further than an administration before, in terms of providing them traditional insurances in the united states. assurances whose specifics are not spoken. not enough to give up an appeal to u.s. congress to get a deal. we have a professor of world studies from
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tent ty steps it means already iran is finalising oil and gas deals with the world's biggest crew producers words an estimated $100 billion. think about aviation tehran needs at least 400 new aircraft up to $20 billion to replace the ageing feat. germany expects to sell more cars to iran. exports could sort 10 billion to 2.4 billion last year. "the wall street journal" is reporting that apple is looking for a distribution partner in iran. the tech market estimated to go to $16 billion to $4 billion now. all told the iranian
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population close to $80 million is likely to spend $176 billion. there's an annual income at stake of 287 billion. with those sorts of numbers, the queues looks like it may be a long one. >> there has been fears fighting in taiz between saudi-backed forces and houthi rebels. forces loyal to yemen's exiled government are reported to advance on houthi territory. earlier they regained control of aden. several loyal to exiled president abd-rabbu mansour hadi have been meeting for the first time protesters in the u.s. state of south carolina fought at a rally in support of the confederate flag. it was removed from the state
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capital last week. from south carolina, columbia, alan fisher reports. >> reporter: this is free speech in america. angry voices. >> reporter: from the steps of the state capital building they were protesting the removal of the confederate flag. a flag which a man shot nine people dead in this state last month. for more than an hour. they stood shouting abuse at the crowd which outnumbered them easily by 10 to one. there were fights skirmishes. arguments. and there were arrests. but the ku klux klan this was
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about heritage and freedom of speech. but they spent most of the time on the steps shouting at the people who turned out in force to oppose them. for many on the steps, this was about more than removing a flag. >> they went up tremendously because of it. they did nothing about bringing people out. it brought them out. >> reporter: what do you want to see happen? >> white revolution is the only solution. >> it was the wrong message at the wrong time. >> they are desperate, oppressed and all the hate groups understand that it's the same depression hunting them down. that's where they have to begin with these guys. >> what i'm seeing now is pathetic. we should all get along. >> kkk was a powerful violent force leading to abuses against the black population. numbers dropped significantly, and claims interest because of a
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row about the flag, and how many places are selling and displaying it. police escorted the k.k.k. from the grounds. the message delivered. angry voices drowned out by those that believed the k.k.k. should be like the flag they carried, and confined to history the first local elections in north korea since kim jong un came to power four years ago are under way. only candidates selected by the government can run. harry fawcett has the latest from seoul. if you are a democratic people's republic, it's important to have democracy. this year is the four year cycle in which local elections would be held. these assembly elections, as with the parliamentary elections allowed for one name on the ball
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odds. voters came into the booth and approve or disapproved of the name on the piece of paper. disapproving is not good sense in a place like north korea. however, it is an important national event, a chance for the leadership to come out with new propaganda promoting that this is happening. there is dancing outside the polling boths, and it's a chance to express what is important which is the respect and love for leaders. for that leadership. it is a chance to keep tabs on north korean citizens. we have to be in the place registered in order to vote. and a high turn out is expected. the last time the elections took place, 99.97% of those that voted, who were supposed to vote did, indeed vote. if they are not there to vote.
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it can be looked there further. it can be looked at in a number of levels. still to come in al jazeera - tearing down support. why brazil's working glass are losing faith in president dilma rousseff. and fear in kathmandu over earthquake-ravaged buildings.
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>> government committees. >> they're spending money, they're not saving it. >> costing millions and getting nothing. >> it's a bogus sham. >> america tonight investigates. money for nothing. >> they've gotten away with it for years. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera - six cars have been blown up
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simultaneously in northern gaza. two have been injured. they belonged to senior officials and islamic jihad. >> the u.s. secretary of defence is going to iran so bolster a nuclear deal and visit saudi arabia and jordan on the middle east tour. the demonstrations on the ground of south carolina - state-house members from the white supremist group, ku klux klan, against the taking down of the confederate flag banks in greece are set to reopen after being closed in three weeks. they were shut down to prevent a run on the banks. people will be allowed to take out a maximum of 420. withdrawal limits were relaxed. greece's financial crisis is putting stress on the health
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care system. al jazeera's reporter visited a hospital and spoke about the challenges they face. >> today at ath engs' hospital the doctor -- athens' hospital the doctor makes his rounds relieved that all these patients are in stable condition. even though greece's crumbling health care system is on life support. >> in greece there's about 1.5 unemployed. that means 3.5 million unemployed people. >> the doctor a commando and director of the hospital, is a revolutionary at heart. no matter of the consequences, he's committed to doing what he can do help as many people as possible. >> no one is going to leave or die. we'll take everyone regardless of colour religion or
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circumstances. >> the problems facing hospitals in greece is worse than most realise. medical budgets have been slashed. medication hard to obtain. bureaucracy is so think even nimble hands would have trouble slicing through it. >> we used to say in the hospital that we are not following medical protocols. you know why, they are not medical protocols, they are financial protocols. >> the sickly economy meant more are ailing than before. >> greeks are known for a shil. -- smile. now you see depressed unsmiling eyes. >> reporter: now, in a time of need the doctor can't use some of the equipment he has. like had much-needed ambulance,
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sitting and gathers dust. leaves collected under its tires. he explained how he secured it from donors but hasn't been able to get licence plates issued. i'll drive it myself even without number plates. >> it has inspired staff, and comforted patients. >> in greek they hope. that is the mission of this hospital. to bring hope to the uninsured, unemployed, and people in need. taking me on a tour of the facilities, the doctor says compassion creativity and will power are the qualities that matter most to him and his staff. it's an ancient greek vow that doctors swear by. >> may i always act to preserve
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the finest traditions of my calling, respected and observed by the doctor at the hospital. one person has been killed and another injured during fighting in eastern ukraine. pro-russian separatists have been patrolling the streets of donetsk. on saturday separatists said they were willing to withdraw smaller calibre weapons from the frontline. >> venezuela barred an opposition leader from holding office. a former state leader has been banned from the job for 10 years. two other high-profile figures including a former mayor were disqualified for a year. opinion polls suggest that the opposition could win the vote. >> into her second term brazil's president dilma rousseff is fight are fore her
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political survival. we have this report from rio de janeiro. she is losing support from the voters that brought her to power. >> this shanty down outside rio de janeiro is home to around 250 people, once ardent supporters in president dilma rousseff. they named the favela after her, last week they took the sign with her name down. we are angry. disfade. disappointed with the go. . with so much nest and all these problems. he blames the government's tough austerity by dilma rousseff. in an attempt to lift the economy out of possession. government regulated prices on food has skyrocketed. prices rose by more than 150%. tomatoes more than doubled.
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>> beans are expensive. tomatoes onions, i used to by kilos, now i can only afford one. >> reporter: they understand how unsatisfied they are with the president. these are the people who months ago helped dilma rousseff win is difficult re-election. now dilma rousseff's approval rating are in single digits. opposition policy called for impeachment. the bribery scandal, the statement-run petrogas. several are under investigation, include are her mentor, the former president, the architect of an economic strategy that elevated brazil globally. >> between 2007 and 2010, he became a big star
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internationally. now we have a reverse of expectations. >> for months brazilians have staged protests. calling for rusev's resignation saying they have little hope for the future. >> all our children are without schools and medical attention, security. we are stuck in this situation. >> so much so the residents of the shanty town renamed their favela to reflect how they feel. it's now called the abandoned community authorities in bolivia closed off streets in the capital la paz after days of protests by striking minors. they've been holding daily demonstrations demanding better infrastructure in a rural area of the country, it is a mining region with high poverty rates and lax developments. >> rain in california brought relief to those caught up in
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wild fires. flames swept by winds burning on both sides of the highway. it set about 60 cars on fire. no one was injured. more than 60,000 have been moved away from the area. 20 foreigners have been deported watching video. the tourists from south africa u.k. and india two of the arrested say they were watching a documentary about gang as kahn. pele is back in hospital for the third time in eight months. brazil's football legend of back surgery. the 74-year-old 3-time back winner had prostate surgery. the former f.i.f.a. vice president made a court appearance to the united states.
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jeffrey webb pleaded not guilty to corruption charges, he was arrested and due in court next month. he was one of seven arrested in switzerland in may in part of a fraud investigation in football's governing world body. webb is leading plenty of support, where he served as president of c.o.n.c.a.c.a.f. more from gabriel elizonda. >> here on the island nation of anguilla and other island nations in the caribbean, they say they know jeffrey webb better than anyone. his poifr and influence in the football world was unmatched for several reasons. he's from the nearby kaman islands in and was the president of c.o.n.c.a.c.a.f., the regional governing body ford north and central america and in the caribbean. webb's power was unmatched. he visited this island of
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anguilla several times, recently here. he was showered with prays by local o -- praise by local officials. his influence went all the way to the top of f.i.f.a. he was considered an up and coming power player and part of the powerful executive committee since 2012, and served on several subcommitize as well. ironically he was on f.i.f.a.'s transparency and compliance committee, ironic because webb is accused by the justice department in taking part in massive corruption and fraud. the key allegation from the justice department is that he received bribery money along with others, totalling 40 million according to the accusation, for the broadcast rights to the copa america here. so the football world is
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watching this case and the entire corruption case against f.i.f.a. closely. no more so than in this region, the caribbean where they consider jeffrey web almost a native son flood water in arizona swept buildings and car ways after heavy storms. there were severe warnings in the county before the flooding hit. several major roads were closed and more than 1,000 people lost power to their homes. nepal's huge earthquake in april left tall buildings in danger of collapse. with the government unable to pull them down it's putting the responsibility on property owners. from kathmandu we have this report. >> reporter: walking around kathmandu, it's difficult to miss the wooden beams propping up houses. these buildings condemned after the earthquake made them
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instruct europely unsafe. -- structurally unsafe. not many have been. this man organised the demolishing of this building because the owner has not. and it's putting people in danger. >> it's been a month and a half. the building has not been demolished. the people are living in the wreckage. the government is nowhere to be seen. >> the government has been trying to speed up the demolishment of 73,000 structurally damaged houses. some say that the large apartment complexes should be the priority. >> the complex behind me is sound. according to government satisfiers, locals say a proper survey has never been done should not be allowed to go inside but neighbours say part
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has subsided and towers didn't comply with planning permission. this is a group of local people angry about the situation. >> this is 15 stories call. that did not take planning permit. this is the big group. they had appealed to the government. the government penalized them. letting the building go ahead. >> reporter: many are afraid of living here. now they want the buildings demolished or made smaller to meet the government's requirements. >> there are many buildings at large. if not. we'll demolish them and charge the owners. i had instructed the apartment owners to bring them within code. >> reporter: the government says they don't have the technical know how to demolish buildings more than 3 stories tall.
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neighbouring countries have been requested to help. more than two months on, people to not want to wait there's more real news from al jazeera, along with analysis comments and plenty of video at the website crazy. we can see their ranking in fifa is going down, going down, going down. but every game in the stadium, 80,000 people, 90,000 people. >> even local competitions turn smaller stadiums into cauldrons of passion, with crowd turnouts matching the top leagues in the world.


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