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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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checking to see this is al jazeera. hamas and islamic jihad targhts a south korean kills himself after being embroiled in a phone-hacking scandal angry scenes in south carolina at a ku klux klan
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calorie protesting the removal of the confederate flag. durch johnson leads into round three of the st andrew's open first to gaza where six cars have been blown up. six people have been injured. the vehicles belonging to senior officials from the ruling group. we'll go to gaza. what can you tell us about the attack? >> the first comes out of gaza was for a while by the son of the interior ministry in gaza. he said a series of explosions and cars were blown up this morning, and they belonged to
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activists in the palestinian factions, and he didn't clarify who is behind this attack. but he described these groups or the ones who behind these explosions as criminals, and he said that the security have started their investigations, and he and security will assist who is behind the attacks, and the explosions. anyway the situation in gaza right now. if coming after the explosions there's not a statement by the group, a claim of responsibility, which was six cars in front of six houses in a neighbourhood in the northern part or side of gaza city and these cars belong to activists and a senior activist of the
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military wing of hamas, and islamic jihad in the north of the strip. >> thank you for the update. now, let's get more from a senior representative of hamas in lebanon, joining us on the line from beirut. thank you for being with us. now, as we just heard, there has been no claim of responsibility as yet. do you however have any idea as to who may be behind the bombings. >> thank you. it's clear that the investigations are going on from both sides. the spif it forces from one side, and from other troops. i have to say clearly. regardless to who have done this. this is something must be related to the benefit of israelis, and the one who did this did it on behalf of the
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israelis even if you are the palestinian, or working under any name. i have to remind everyone that it happen those explosions took place after a clear evidence about how the military wing of hamas, how they have acted against the troops. israelis are ashamed of that. i think it's a kind of retaliation to keep them trying to see that it was one year ago. >> that being the case how does hamas plan to respond to the attacks. >> we have to complete the investigations to find who has
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done this. according to the law. they must be questioned and judged according to the law. we know that they can't be clicked by law. they use the force to prevent that. >> at the end of last month, the extremist group released hamas, repressing and not implementing sharia law in gaza. and i.s.i.l. are threatening to take over gaza. what do you make of this threat in. >> well everyone knows that they don't have any real hold in it.
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nil is in a strange situation, and everyone knows that you can't say about it. it's part of it against that against the resistance. it's propaganda, against any occupation. it's against the whole region. so they don't have a real situation, and as i said we don't want to jump to the conclusions. we have to give our people time to investigate what happened, and what had happened, and then we can talk about it. >> there are many groups who are opposed to you. they may not necessarily be aligned with fatah or any of your political groups. they may be aveiliated to
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i.s.i.l. at this stage there's a small number of groups. still they are assisted in gaza how do they hope. we were dealing with such situations. like what had happened. we will not allow any disagreements for the palestinian people. i believe it is the responsibility not for hamas, but there's some responsibility for the interior the internal forces, security forces. so i believe they have to do their work and will support their work as i have said before according to the law. thank you so much for joining them on the show the senior representative of hamas,
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speaking from beirut. 11 iraqi soldiers have been killed in i.s.i.l. aring in ramadi. they were trying to retake the provincial capital after it fell in may. it's about 100km from baghdad. a spy has apparently committed suicide after being broiled in a phone-hacking scandal. he denied spying on civilians. the spy agency denied claims that they used spy ware to monitor south koreans. harry fawcett reports from seoul. >> reporter: the 46-year-old agent to the intelligence servant from n i.s. was found dead in his car on thursday. next to him a 3-page will. part has been released to the media on sunday. he can reassure the public that
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the hacking programme that he was involved in the purchase and technical operations, was not used against seen civilians. they delight the data. to prevent controversy from attaching itself. it denied that it used the program to monitor south koreans. it restricted usage to the monitoring of north korean agents. however, the service does have form in this area in the past. the two spy chiefs in charge between 1999 and 2003 were convicted after having been found to have overseen the monitoring of 2,000 south korean civilians. very senior south koreans involved in business and media. in 2012 the agency used the online presence to smear the liberal opponents, the victor of
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the presidential commitment. a retrial was ordered from the spy chief convicted over that. revealing further information to reassure the south korean public. lawmakers say that the information delighted by the man to say it would be restarted. in north korea, the first local elections since kim jong un came to power is under way. voting it compulsory where only candidates selected by the government can run. >> banks in greece are set to reopen on monday after being closed for three weeks. they were shut to prevent a run on the banks after a second bailout programme. people will be allowed to take out a maximum 420 euros. transfers are still restricted.
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>> now, greece's financial crisis is putting stress on the system. they visited a hospital and spoke to workers about the challenges they face said. today at the hospital a doctor makes his round. relieved to find outline patients in good condition. even though greece's crumbling health care system is on life support. >> in greece, there's about 1.5 unemployed. that means 3.5 million unemployed people. >> the doctor, a commando and director of the hospital, is a revolutionary at heart. no matter of the consequences, he's committed to doing what he can do help as many people as possible. >> no one is going to leave or die.
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we'll treat everyone, regardless of colour, religion or circumstances. >> the problems facing hospitals in greece is worse than most realise. medical budgets have been slashed. medication hard to obtain. bureaucracy is so think even -- thick, even the nimble hands of a surgeon would have trouble slicing through it. >> we used to say in the hospital that we are not following medical protocols. you know why, they are not medical protocols, they are financial protocols. >> the sickly economy meant more people are ailing than before. >> greeks are known for a smile. now you see depressed eyes, frightened eyes, sad eyes. >> reporter: now, in a time of need the doctor can't use some of the equipment he has.
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like this much-needed ambulance, sitting and gathers dust. leaves collected under its tires. he explained how he secured it from donors, but hasn't been able to get licence plates issued for the mobile medical unit ever since. i'll drive it myself, even without number plates. >> the fighting spirit has inspired staff, and comforted patients. >> in greek, this means hope. that is the mission of this hospital. to bring hope to the uninsured, unemployed, and people in need. taking me on a tour of the facilities, the doctor says compassion, creativity and will power are the qualities that matter most to him and his staff. it's an ancient greek vow that doctors swear by. >> may i always act to preserve
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the finest traditions of my calling, traditions respected and observed by the doctor at the hospital. still to come on this newshour. filipino drive foul over canadian rubbish dumped in local landfill. propping up property in nepal, these abandoned buildings need bulldozing. and australian tennis bounces back in off-court controversy. details later with jo in sport. protestors in the u.s. state of south carolina support with white soup rem sifts at a rally. the banner removed from the
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state capitol grounds last week. from south carolina state, alan fisher reports. >> reporter: this is free speech in america. by the ku klux klan. they marched to the steps of south carolina's state capital building, surrounded by police coming to object to the removal of the confederate flag from the state grounds, a flag seen as a divisive racist relic and waved by a man who shot nine dead in a churn in this state. there are fights, simplishes and arguments. there was arrest.
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for the ku klux klan this was about her stage and freedom of speech, but spent most of the time on the steps shouting at the people who turned out in force to oppose them. for many on the steps it was about more than removing a flag. >> they went up tremendously because of it. they did nothing about bringing people out. it brought them out. >> reporter: what do you want to see happen? >> white revolution is the only solution. >> it was the wrong message at the wrong time. >> they are desperate, oppressed and all the hate groups understand that it's the same depression hunting them down. that's where they have to begin with these guys. >> what i'm seeing now is pathetic. we should all get along. >> kkk was once a powerful, violent force in the south leading to abuses against the black population. black population.c numbers dropped significantly,
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and claims interest because of a row about the flag, and how many places are selling and displaying it. police escorted the k.k.k. from the grounds. the message delivered. their angry voices drowned out by those that believed the k.k.k. should be like the flag they carried, and confined to history the family of the suspected gunman who killed five u.s. servicemen are deeply upset by what he did. they say he was suffering from depression. the fbi is reviewing a text message that mohammod youssuf abdulazeez had sent to a friend linking to a religious verse about declared war. the 24-year-old was born in kuwait was killed by police in tennessee on thursday. >> u.s. federal prosecutors are urged to charge a white policeman after a person died a year ago, a second day of protests were held in new york city, on the first anniversary
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of the death of ashraf ghani. he died after being held in a chokehold. floods in the u.s. state of carolina destroyed building and swept away cars. electricity was cut off. severe storms were in place before the flooding hit. let's get more on this issue with everton. thunderstorm warnings now. how bad is that going to be. ? >> hopefully things have quietened down. they will improve. we have showers in the forecast, and storms. looking at the satellite, you see a crop of storms around the south-west. it's going on across the states. maybe that's why they call it the land of opportunity. at the moment we have the wildfires in southern california, and hopefully this area of low pressure to the south will bring useful rain to
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south carolina. here we go with showers around arizona, but the wettest weather is making its way further northwards and eastwards. pulling out of the colorado. continuing to make its way eastwards ass we go through the next couple of days. it's going on across the states. we have seen lively weather, not just the flooding in arizona. north we had a tornado rip its way across the northern plains, wisconsin, and minnesota, 130,000 losing power for some time. we have quieter weather coming in as we go through the remainder. and we have showers easing across the area into the north-eastern corner. brighter skies come in behind us, going into monday. we have really wet weather making its way to south carolina. we have the on going rain. wet weather making its way over the central plains pushing
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towards the midwest, heavy rain coming in for a time easing through. a line of showers coming in across the central areas and down to the south-eastern corner. a sticky 32 for new york and d c. we'll see the showers that we have into south carolina moving away too quickly. we have things quietening down as we go down to other parts of the week. we are seeing heavy rain in bolivia. this is sanda cruz and it's on a par with the whether in arizona reenly. rivers bursting their banks, lots of loss of power, and awful continues. that was the river, not the sea. bolivia is landlocked. there's quieter weather coming into bolivia. for monday, fine and dry. wetter weather is further south. heavy rain across the south-eastern parts of brazil leading to flooding. making its way to the north.
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the rain in sao paulo, around rio, it's not a bad thing, once again we may see more coming in. now there have been protests in the a container carrying rubbish. it led to a nationwide controversy over who is responsible for the waste that was imported into the country over two years ago. waste managements means big business, and means struggling to find ways to dispose of its rubbish. it's now suspected to deal with a country's garbage. two years after the seizure of these containers, brought into canada the waste is here.
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environmentalists say it is unacceptable to make the philippines carry the burden and chemical impact of a developed country. it is not just that. for other nations. the containers have been at the center of a dispute, because the waste was supposed to be for recycling. they impounded a shipment over concerns that intent has been misdeclared. activists called on canada to take the containers back. the embassy says there's no law which the government of canada could apply this case to compel the ship to return their containers to canada. >> canada and the philippines are signatories, stopping
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countries exporting waste overseas. the government filed charges against a local importer. a canadian exporter is uncharged. it has become a national issue here. this is a hearing in the provincial office in the northern part of the philippines. a senate hearing is expected to happen soon. >>: the feel bean government's bureau of customs and officers are facing negligence. three of 55 containers were inspected. they were not checked randomly. six container remain unaccounted for. disputes over which agencies to
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blame is continuing. for most here, it's about the indignity of accepting rubbish from a country like canada. and a quick update on the story. and canadian waste and what it does, despite the protests it's sent to a landfill in the northern philippines. chinese states in india said 24 have been deported for watching videos promoting terrorism. tourists from south africa u.k. and india were on their way to the home of the terracotta warriors two of the arrested say they were watching a documentary about genghis carn a leader who died almost 800 years ago. >> in the province, a girl was
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swept to her death after heavy rain. the downpours destroyed homes and cars. the government is working to provide disaster relief in the affected areas. four died after a building collapsed in the capital new delly. eight others were searching in the rubble for survivors, on vags is under way into why the 5 storey complex david in. nepal's earthquake in april left many tall buildings to be collapse said. with the government unable to pull them down it's putting the responsibility on the owners. >> reporter: walking around kathmandu, it's difficult to
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apartment complexes should be cthe priority. >> the complex behind me is
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sound. according to government satisfiers, locals say a proper survey has never been done, should not be allowed to go inside, but neighbours say part has subsided and towers didn't comply with planning permission. this is a group of local people angry about the situation. >> this is 15 storeys tall. that 12 that 11 and that 13. that did not take planning permit. this is the big group. they had appealed to the government. the government penalized them. letting the building go ahead. >> reporter: many are afraid of living here. now they want the buildings demolished or made smaller to meet the government's requirements. >> there are many buildings at large. we have given them warnings to demolish their buildings if not. we'll demolish them and charge the owners. i had instructed the apartment owners to bring them within code. >> reporter: officials keen to start are limited by technology. the government says they don't have the technical know how to demolish buildings
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more than 3 storeys tall. neighbouring countries have been requested to help. more than two months on, people to not want to wait still ahead here on al jazeera - he's a war hero because he was captured. well, he's known for blunt comments but trump's latest target is many of his own supporters. plus... ..raising money for rare recordings. these sounds of the past need saving. in sport. brazilian footballer pele is hospitalized for the third time in eight months. all the details with jo.
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welcome back, let's look at the top stories in al jazeera. six cars have been blown up in ghaza. a south korean spy apparently committed suicide after being embroiled in a phone hacking scandal. he left a note denying spying on civilians. the country is refuting clanls that it used spy ware to monitor south koreans. there has been
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demonstrations at the south carolina state house. members of the ku klux klan were protesting against the removal of the confederate flag from the building. african-american groups were there to support the move. now to the fight for yemen, and fighters loyal are expanding their control of aden after declaring the port city liberated from houthi rebels. now the fight is on fo tiaz. we have this report. >> a fireball lights up the night sky in tiaz accompanied by the sound of explosions one after the other. >> the government says it was aimed at an oil refinery, they put out the fire not before the main supplies for tiaz and eb were destroyed. tiaz is yemen's third-largest
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province, with the government claiming aiden is liberated, and the houthis in control of the capital - both sides shifted their focus to taking control of the province. fighters on both sides are reported to have been killed. >> we will sacrifice for the sake of tiaz by our swords money and want we want to liberate from the oppressors who captured our economy. fighters say the south carolina coalition launched three air strikes, and have been able to stop the advance of houthi rebels in two districts. in aden, the fight is not over for complete control. several government ministers have returned for the first time since forced to escape. now there's talk of rebuilding the battered port city. >> translation: we hope to rebuild the city as it represents the resistance. >> that will not be easy a
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government minister says 100,000 people in aden have been displaced since the war began. diplomatic efforts to calm regional fears over the iranian nuclear deal are far from over. the u.s. defense secretary is going to israel on sunday he is the latest u.s. official to head there as part of a charm offensive. saudi arabia and jordan are on the list. on friday. the strup reem leader made comments that it would not change iran's relationship with the united states. the business of doing business to iran is starting. germany is sending a dell face on sunday. spain has a similar chip. we are joined by a professor of
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world studies. >> he says the opening of the market is worrying in some countries. the problem had is about iran's economic benefits. some of the sanctions are suspended. they don't find seeing the programme limited. but what they mind is seeing iran does better economically, it's a correct statement saying that iran is able to access economic market or able to access its own money in international banks. that part of the statement is accurate. >> my colleague from al jazeera is counting the cost of the programme at what opportunities could exist in iran as actions are lifted. there's a flipside and that
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happens when you emerge from it. with a population waiting for foreign input, businesses are keen to engage with iraq. tentative steps have been taken. nuclear negotiations have been happening. it means that iran is finalising oil and gas with producers, worth $100 billion. think about aviation. tehran needs 400 aircraft worth up to $20 billion to replace the ageing fleet. germany expects to sell more cars and energy. exports go from $10 million to $4 billion. apple looks to oo distribution partner. the tech market looks to grow to $15 billion. all told that iranian population mentioned of close
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to 80 million is likely to spend 186 billion. there's an annual disposable income at stake. with those numbers, the cue to tehran's door looks like it might be a long run three more opposition candidates withdrew from burundi's presidential election saying the vote on deuce will not be -- tuesday will not be free or fair. in is despite violent protests. we have this report from northern burundi. >> reporter: daniel says the economy suffered when the president pierre nkurunziza chose to run for a third term. he's optimistic that the slump will end. >> that is why i'm going to work. maybe tension will end, we can have peace.
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>> the period and winding down. only opposition parties seem happy. some burundians believe that this party is sim pathetic to the ruling party, that's why they are allowed to campaign. the leader says it's not true. >> why is your party participating in the election on tuesday. >> we have to build an estate country. and now, we are not sufficient. the condition, because of the crisis, for the luck or the lack of the population. despite calls by the community and parties to delay the election, the electoral commission says it will go ahead. some are not happy. some are buoyoycotting saying they
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can't participate in a process they feel is not free or fair. >> in a site where the president is popular. his supporters say the estate of the economy is not of the main concern. >> peace is importance. peace in this country. it's one of their best personality. snow in the urban areas, life is harder. people here want peace, but they need jobs too. if pierre nkurunziza wins a third term some are not sure if it will be good tore bad for the economy. less than a year into her second term, brazil's president dilma rousseff is fighting for survival losing support from the voters that brought her to
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power. >> this shanty down outside rio de janeiro is home to around 250, 000 people, once ardent supporters in president dilma rousseff. they named the favela after her, last week they took the sign with her name down. we are angry. dissatisfied. disappointed with the government. with so much theft and all these problems. so many things. >> reporter: he blames the government's tough austerity by dilma rousseff. in an attempt to lift the economy out of possession. government regulated prices on food has skyrocketed. prices rose by more than 150%. tomatoes more than doubled. >> beans are expensive. tomatoes, onions, i used to by kilos, now i can only afford one.
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>> reporter: the erosion of working class support underscores how unsatisfied they are with the president. these are the people who months ago helped dilma rousseff win is difficult re-election. now dilma rousseff's approval rating are in single digits. support in congress collapse said. opposition politicans called for impeachment. the bribery scandal, the statement-run petrogas. several politicians under rousseff are under investigation, include are her mentor, the former president, the architect of an economic strategy that elevated brazil globally. >> between 2007 and 2010, he -- brazil became a big star internationally. now we have a reverse of expectations. >> for months brazilians have staged protests and demonstrations.
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calling for rousseff's resignation, saying they have little hope for the future. >> all our children are without schools and medical attention, security. we are stuck in this situation. >> so much so the residents of the shanty town renamed their favela to reflect how they feel. it's now called the abandoned community police have closed streets in the bolivian capital after almost two weeks of protests by striking minors. the daily demonstrations in la paz are demanding better infrastructure in the mining region where poverty is widespread. venezuela barred another opposition leader from holding office. pablo perez has been banned for 10 years. earlier this month, two high profile figures, including a former mayor were disqualified
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for a year. they were expected to run in the elections. opinion polls suggest that the oppositions could win the vote. >> venezuela is facing one of the worst crisis. some struggling owners of pointing the blame at government controls. we have this report from caracas. >> the end of the book as we know it is something some experts predicted could happen in the digital age. in the small book shot few feared technology could end that that they feared most. in the economy, the business of culture is at risk of disagree from government controls on the flow of money. >> the government has been incredibly obtuse. no economy can benefit. historically they have served to pervert trade. facing the issues including a chronic shortage of paper, the
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relative success is surprising. to vest in venezuela is risky because of negative or hostile stood by the government. that is the main reason why private production has declined. that is contributing to create scarcity problems within venezuela. >> the companies in multi nationals general have the financial muscle that smaller countries lack. hosting lectures and events is parts of a strategy conceived off to survive. there they say is a business model based on resistance. our only means of survival. one that has gone hand in hand in culture.
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but not all business owners. the crippling effect of the crisis is seen here and in these whose solves are laid there. >> when bookshops are closed. a country losses traditions, and could help to rebuild it the republican party's fight for the white house turned nasty. senator john mccain is not a war hero. critics of the business tycoon said the latest comments have gone too far. gerald tan has the story. >> reporter: trump is not known for holding back his opinions. now the u.s. presidential hopeful has mocked fellow republican senator john mcdane. cane. >> he is not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't
6:45 am
captured, i hate to tell you. he's a war hero because he was captured. >> reporter: trump was attacking mccain because he lost the election. many rushed to mac cane's side going on twitter to defend the former prisoner of war. mr donald trump. a real estate tycoon and celebrity. trump has been making head lines, with a brand of comments. few are spared. his opponents. >> hillary clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. >> reporter: on mexican migrants. >> they are taking our jobs they are taking our manufacturing, taking our money. they are taking everything they are killing us on the border. it's the speech that excites and divides voters.
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this time is no different still ahead on al jazeera. former f.i.f.a. vice president jeffrey web makes a first court appearance signs being extradited to the u.s. details in a moment with jo.
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a library of some of the world's rarest sounds is in danger of being silenced. the british library, a voice of dangerous lightsers, the sounds
6:48 am
of history, it all needs to be digitally preserved. neave barker reports on a race against time and money. >> reporter: deep in the basement a team of arcivists is at work. sifting through hundreds of thousands of rare recordings. some sounds are so rare. this is all that is left that can be heard. like the voice of one of the most important writers in the english language james joyce. >> movie reel: it seems to me i have been transported into a country far away from this country and this the playwright, george bernard shaw. >> movie reel: i have been asked to give a specimen of english. >> reporter: the vast collection recorded. among them test recordings for
6:49 am
film tracks. >> movie reel: then i put the lure in... >> reporter: some of the records are in a fragile state. the library is battling to raise $60 million to digitise the collection. they don't have wrong. >> we think we have about 15 years in which to digitise the collection. before it's unfeasible. for 7 million, it's not wrong at all. we need to double our efforts at this point. >> the recordings are stored in a range of formats, cassette tapes, reel to reel and wax cylinders. it's a race against time to preserve this important and vital selection, firstly before they deteriorate and before the means of playing the recordings disappear forever. one sound the library preserved
6:50 am
is that of a bird from hawaii, it's far from easy listening. >> this is the last male singing for a female. and the female died in a ty n foon, it's -- typhoon, it's moving. (bird sounds) >> reporter: the british library may not have the power to save rare species from extinction they are working to keep endangered sounds alive let's get the sport news now with jo. >> thank you. they are back under way at the golf open championship. play in the third round began half an hour ago after two days of poor weather at st andrew's forcing organizers to push the final round to monday. elise holman reports. >> reporter: the world's oldest major is accustomed to
6:51 am
wet'n'wild weather. gusting winds in st andrew's for a second straight day - play was suspended for half an hour. a rare decision - saturday would be used to complete the second, rather than third round, and the tournament go into a sixth day. >> famous last
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... for his first international hat-trick, as the united states went on to beat cuba 6-0 next jamaica, holding off haiti. scoring. the winner in the 7th minute. the final 1-0. the first gold cup semifinal since 1998. >> a former f.i.f.a. vice president made his first court appearance since being extradited to the united states. jeffrey webb pleaded not guilty to corruption and money laundering charges, and will be
6:55 am
released on $10 million. he's due back in court next month. he's part of a major fraud investigation into football's world governing body. webb has plenty of support in the caribbean region where he served as president of c.o.n.c.a.c.a.f. gabriel elizonda has more. >> here on the island nation of aguilar and other island nations in the caribbean, they say they know jeffrey webb better than anyone. his power and influence in the football world was unmatched for several reasons. he's from the nearby kaman islands in and was the president of c.o.n.c.a.c.a.f., the regional governing body ford football for north and central america and in the caribbean. webb's power was unmatched. he visited this island of aguilar several times, recently here. recently in 2013, where he was checking in on construction work
6:56 am
near the football stadium. he was showered with praise by local officials. his influence went all the way to the top of f.i.f.a., he was considered an up and coming power player, and part of the powerful executive committee since 2012, and served on several subcommittees as well. ironically he was on f.i.f.a.'s transparency and compliance committee, ironic because webb is accused by the justice department in taking part in massive corruption and fraud. the key allegation from the justice department is that he received bribery money along with others, totalling 40 million, according to the accusation, for the broadcast rights to the copa america here. so the football world is watching this case, and the entire corruption case against f.i.f.a. closely. no more so than in this region,
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the caribbean, where they consider jeffrey webb almost a native son pele is back in hospital for the third time in eight months. brazilian's football surgeon has had back surgery and has been expected to be released. he had prostate surgery two months ago following two weeks of treatment following an infection. >> joseph has been re-elected as a member of the football club famously owned and run by members. 109,000 were summoned. a former president with 55% of the vote. that's all the sport thank you very much. stay was here on al jazeera. we have a full bulletin of news at the top of the hour and the latest news on the website at
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a string of bomb blasts in gaza, the target hamas - islamic jihad you're watching al jazeera. coming up on the programme - al jazeera travels to ukraine's front line and watches as both sides violate a ceasefire agreement. a south korean spy kills himself after being emproiled in a phone hacking scandal. angry scenes in south carolina at a ku klux klan to


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