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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> cuba and united states restore diplomatic ties after a half century of hostility. 30 people killed and 100 injured in an attack on a turkish town bordering syria. >> the u.n. security council endorses the nuclear deal between iran and western powers. chad's former president is defiant as he faces a senegalese
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court charged with crimes against humanity. and we report on the martial arts legend still pulling in the crowds 42 years after his death. >> thank you for joining us. cuba and the united states have formerly restored diplomatic ties after more than a half century of hostility. on midnight on monday, each country re-established embassy ies in each other's capital. deteriorateing relations between the u.s. and then fidel castro led to the breaking of former ties back in 1961. restrictions on americans wanting to travel to cuba will remain in place. as will the trade embargo
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preventing many businesses doing business in the country. tom, those images of the cuban flag being raised over the embassy that is now washington, really a historic moment does not take away from the fact that a lot of people in the u.s. are not pleased about the restoring of diplomatic ties. >> correct, behind me, by the way, the array of flags includes cuba tucked croatia and cypress and shortly in an hour or so, the secretary of state john kerry will meet in a joint news conference, also a first, with the cuban foreign minister bruno rodriguez, who is here, the people who are opposed to this deal have been very valuable. some were arrested outside of
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the embays is during the inaugural ceremonies, but in the halls of congress there is equally vocal opposition. the cuban-american members of congress, the presidential candidate on the republican ticket mario rubio is complaining that these sanctions or rather the lifting of sanctions if that actually occurs, and that has not happened yet would be a renunnation of america's principles in particular they point to the fact that 2800 political arrests have been made in cuba in the past few months. and also that they called it the negotiations one sided that the u.s. diplomats in have a hanna will still not have full access to the cuban people and will not have full travel rights, and rubio in particular said that he intends to hold up the
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confirmation of whatever president obama nominates, and that remains to be seen. we don't know how long it will take for an ambassador to be fume nateed by the white house. >> and a lot of other issues that need to be solved. the embargo is still on. the issue of guantanamo bay and we see secretary of straight john kerry and his counter part bruno rodriguez will be meeting. are those the sorts of issues that they're expected to discuss? >> we don't know in what detail they'll be talking about in this news christians, but the cubans do have issues, ones that you mentioned on the american side there are property claims, $6 billion to $8 billion of properties confiscated by the castro government in the immediately after the revolution which there are theme america who are still contending and do want to have those issues resolved. and of course, there is, as you
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said, the issue of guantanamo. guantanamo has been in american possession for more than a century, but every year they send a check to the cuban government for payment of that property and the cubans refuse to cash that check. we'll see what the resolution of that issue will be, and to what extent they'll be talking about that at that news conference. >> tom ackerman, you'll be following that new conference for us here. thank you. let's go to havana and speak to latin america editor lucia newman. an historic day, what is the reaction there? >> hello barbara absolutely this is a huge, huge change for ordinary cubans. you can imagine that while it's important for the united states, the restoration of diplomatic ties, which would spell the end of hostilities or most of them,
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has a bigger impact on this tiny island nation than it does in the united states. so cubans are just very emotional at the former u.s. intersection. the staff were carrying american flags. the ceremony where the u.s. flag will be hoistedder, it won't take place for another three weeks when u.s. secretary of state john kerry comes to havana. but still for ordinary cubans it is an historic and emotional day, as i said before. one that many people felt that they never thought they would live to see. >> these fortified walls were built when cuba was a spanish colony a testament to a country under siege. then from pirate attacks today
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from the united states. students would help to build this bomb shelter one of hundreds constructed in the last 20 years. >> the same way they bombed iran and iraq, we felt that we had to protect ourselves from possible attacks from the united states. >> that's why the renewal of diplomatic relations with the enemy is a long awaited game changer. >> it's a way of bringing us little bit closer together after being separated so long. every cuban has a friend or relative living in the united states. so what is happen nothing makes us feel very happy. so that we'll never have to resort to this again. >> in historic terms it was only yesterday that the deployment of soviet missiles to cuba at the height of the cold war brought the war to the brinks of nuclear holocaust. >> this was built in the 1960s
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and it's all that is left of a lookout coast used by cuban coast guard. they would stand here night and day in case there was an invasion by the united states by sea. now the only thing looking forwards the united states is simply fishing. >> this week's renewal of diplomatic relations does not erase political differences but psychologically it is as though a curtain is being lifted by most cubans. >> geographically we're so close that there is no latin american country better prepared to one day be real brothers. you will see. >> forgetting 50 years of hostilities is not so easy. especially for people like karla cruz. the 79-year-old president of her neighborhood cdr or committee for the defense of the revolution says that she doesn't trust the americans. >> to begin with they haven't lifted the embargo against cuba
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or given guantanamo back to us, but they're lifting like ties. >> it seems that this is less controversial in cuba than it is in parts of the united states. but how is it seen by the people there, as a victory for the cuban government or do they feel too many concessions were made? >> very much it's being played as a victory for the cuban government. they have repeated over and over again they have not had to renounce their revolution. they say this is a victory that they've resisted a half century of pressures to renounce communism. but still there is an u.s. embargo, and this is just the
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beginning, the first stage of normalization, barbara and there is still a long way to go. until that embargo is lifted, and until guantanamo is returned to cuba there will not really be normal relations between athletes neighbors. >> lucia newman, thank you. >> turkey's prime minister has suggested the islamic state in iraq and the levant may be responsible for an explosion in southern turkey that has killed 30 people. around 100 people have been wounded in a town in what the turkish government is calling a turkish attack. >> the explosion happened in the garden of a cultural center in the turkish town. most of the victims were volunteers who were due to travel to the kurdish town of kobane across the border in syria to carry out relief work.
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it's not yet known what caused the blast. turkey's president said that it was a terrorist attack by a suicide-bomber. >> people are so angry here, and you can see the maybe they're chanting the slogans right now. they're chanting revenge for the attacks. and it is a tight security also. you can see every corner. there was a turkish police paroling the area. >> minutes after the explosion there was also a blast in kobane. isil first lady siege to the town in september of last year, prompting tens of thousands of people to escape to turkey. by january a combination of airstrikes, the peshmerga and kurdish fighters defeated isil and kobane, but much of the town lies in ruins. many turkish kurds blame the turkish government for not doing
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enough to protect kurds who fled the war in syria. >> many turkish kurds accuse their government of taking a pro active stance, the turkish government had the attitude of the enemy of my enemy was my friend, and therefore they really sat on their hands during the entire siege of kobane. >> families are mourning their dead after escaping the war in syria, many hoped that they would be safe here. this explosion has proved them wrong. >> the u.n. security council has unanimously endorsed the iran nuclear deal. the five permanent members of the council along with germany has agreed to lift sanctions against iran. in return iran has promiseed to curb it's nuclear program.
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james bays in new york it has been ratified. now is that the end of it? >> not quite the end of it. what it does is start the clock on the implementation process there is a clear timeline of how this is going to work. 90 days from now we contemplated october 18th is known as adoption day when all of the terms of this actually coming to affect. then there is implementation day, which is when both sides have to do what they said they're going to do. iran has to show that it has scaled back its nuclear program and everyone is satisfied that it could be used on for civilian use. this is now binding in international law, and that controversial on capitol hill because you remember that
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congress has 60-day period to look at this. if in 60 days me say they object there is little they can do now that all of the countries in the world in the form of the u.n. security council the representatives around the table here in new york, have ratified this deal. also controversial for the israelis and it's interesting to note that although israel was not speaking at the u.s. security council meeting, it was not invited to speak the israeli ambassador made a point the moment the meeting ended coming out to the front of the security council and briefing reporters and telling reporters why they believe this is still a mistake. obviously echoing the views of his prime minister prime minister benjamin netanyahu. now the security council has once and for all voted on this. >> james bays with the latest from the u.n. thank you. still more to come on the
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program, including children of isil. we'll hear from a boy who spent five grueling months in an isil training camp before finally escapeing. >> i'm rob mcbride in hong kong with the bruce lee legend that is larger than life more than 40 years after he died.
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>> government committees. >> they're spending money, they're not saving it. >> costing millions and getting nothing. >> it's a bogus sham. >> america tonight investigates. money for nothing. >> they've gotten away with it for years. >> time now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. after decades of hostility the united states and cuba have restored diplomatic ties.
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the cuban flag was raised over the newly opened embassy in washington, and the embays is in havana has also been reopened. condemning the attack over a town on the syrian border has been called an act of terror. and the u.n. security council has endorsed the nuclear deal and authorized the lifting of sanctions on iran in turn of limits it's nuclear activities. chad's former president has been removed from trial in senegal. he was accused of crimes against humans humanity, and has been called a farce. we have reports now. >> the victims of torture rand human rights activist are
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walking towards the courthouse, and this is really more than a symbol. it's the end of a 16 yearlong journey for justice. ahead is the extraordinary african chambers where for the first time an african will be judged by africans for crimes against humanity. now theedpresident the president does not recognize these courts. but it doesn't matter because for these people it's justice. >> the big question on everybody everybody's lips was will he show up to his trial. and. [ commotion ]
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>> for many here this sets a precedence. this is on the taking place on african continent. >> the airstrikes south of kabul kabul, an area known for its heavy taliban presence. >> the i want happened just a couple of hours after dawn, and police authorities tell us it was american, u.s. helicopters who carried out the attack on two afghan army check points. obviously a mistake or some communication error. that area is a heavy fighting
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area. the taliban have a very big presence there and it's one of the areas that the taliban use to travel through. after this attack by u.s. forces on afghan forces mistakenly, we presume, the americans say they're investigating that right after this happened, the taliban launched a ground offensive in the same area. it is a very heavy fighting area. this, of course, is the first friendly fire incident since nato forces gave control to afghan forces at the beginning of the year and the worst friendly fire incident afghan forces struggling,. >> when isil fighters overran yazidi towns boys were forced to convert to islam and were trained to fight and kill.
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we have one boy's story. >> this is an isil training camp where children are taught to use weapons and given an religious education. this boy who cuss not want to be identified, was taken to a camp like this after isil fighters overtook his town in northern iraq. >> they told us how to decapitate people and showed us how to carry out an attack and how to use weapons. they played with our minds by saying we wouldn't go back to our families in iraq. >> in june last year tens of thousands of yazidi people were forced to leave their homes in northern iraq after towns were seized by isil fighters. some survived what the u.n. calls attempted genocide by escaping to sinjar mountain. thousands of others were captured and yazidi men were killed. women and children were either trafficked as sex slaves, forced into marriage, or imprisoned. some boys were forced to convert to islam and were sent to isil
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training camps. >> once they showed us the beheading video of the pilot and other videos where they carried out attacks and other executions everything was there. we saw how they were shooting. they brought it to us every week they showed us. >> this boy was sent to a camp in the syrian city of raqqa an isil stronghold. he said that he and other prisoners were told to practice beheadings on dolls. >> they brought dolls and they told us how to hold the sword and how to chop off the head because they said that these infidel yazidis were not good. >> after five months in the camp he escaped along with his brother, but they say that many others are still there victims of the seemingly never-ending conflict. erica wood, al jazeera. >> european leaders are meeting in brussels to seek an end to the deadlock on migrant sharing. but as those talks about "g" on, migrants continue to arrive on
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the greek shores, the main landing point for those seek to go cross into the balkans from turkey. we have more on the greece-macedonia border. >> they're marching by the hundreds under the baking sun on the roads and in the fields. step by step until they reach the macedonian border. as they go along they form groups that become bigger and bigger. >> i didn't expect it to be so ziff difficult, but now i have to go on. i left everything behind. i'm doing this for my daughter. >> greece in the midst of its own financial crisis has no means to provide assistance. refugees and migrants rely on each other for support and solidarity. the last stretch is along the rail tracks, and that's where the difficulties begin. hundreds are already waiting in this makeshift camp with no hygienic facilities and one tap
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of running water. macedonian police patrol the border and are often heavy handed. ali is 63 and traveling alone. he was beaten when he tried to sneak in across the border. he had been waiting for four days. >> my son needs treatment. i'm doing this so he can join me. >> recently macedonia has allowed refugees and migrants to transit through the country for three days. but they have to wait until they're allowed in. throughout the night more people have arrived and some have already left. they're organizing themselves in group hoping at some point the macedonia police will let them through. there are many afghans but most are syrians. many who left their families behind. >> we've been here for 14-15
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hours. we slept on the ground. our clothes are dirty. i used to have a good life, but look at me now. it's been a month and a half and i've been sleeping on the streets. some people help us or smile at you will, and it makes us feel like human beings. >> i was afraid to bring my family here. i didn't want to put them at risk. nobody knows what is ahead. we hear about bandits and gangs. i could go through it alone but i won't let anything happen to my children. >> one after another the groups are allowed in macedonia. but here starts a new struggle to get a transit permit. and then the journey continues through serbia and hungary before they hope reaching germany or further north.
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>> outgoing fifa president sepp blatter has fallen victory to a comedian's frank. he was age to shower blatter with fake bank notes saying saying they would like to hold the world cup cup. >> 42 years ago bruce lee died, but he continues to command strong following. a new exhibition on his life has opened in hong kong. >> his statue over looking the hong kong harbor has always been a draw as his legacy from a
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generation ago. as a fighting gym where his particular brand of kung fu is practiced, people emulate his lightening moves. >> ricky fong is a master who lived his skill from a master, who learned directly from bruce lee. it provides a living link not only with the unique fighting style that lee developed but also the accompanying philosophy philosophy. >> jeff chen has grown up with that philosophy. since sees his first bruce lee movie in san francisco as a teenager. like many of his generation he faced discrimination, but lee taught him that it's suddenly okay to be chinese american. >> although that period was
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short, it was in 1973, it was like magic like overnight chinese males became the big man on campus. >> hundreds of exhibits show the all too brief career of lee. from the handbook written by unknown lee in 1963 through his eventually break into the international movies that made his famous ten years later. the exhibition is also a testimony to the struggles of being a chinese actor in america. among the exhibits for the tv series "the green hornet," is the chart of the pay scale showing that he was among the lowest paid in the cast. fighting on screen fighting off screen he continues to inspire in different ways. ron mcbride al jazeera, hong
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kong. >> you can find out much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on the program on our website the address on your screen right now, our top story there that attack on the turkish town near the syrian border. >> the cuban embassy open for business for the first time in over 50 years. the u.n. security council has endorsed the iran nuclear program. >> is he a war hero because he was captured? i like people who were not captured.