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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> fighting for victory. burundi's president looks forward to a third consecutive victory and said i looks forward to a national unity government. >> hello there i'm jane mcdonald live london. hundreds protest the nuclear deal. we'll take you there live. and could this be the oldest
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core iran qur'an be the old in the world. >> let's go to iraq where 37 have been killed in four explosions in baghdad. they took place in a bus which markety market killing at least 18 people, and a fourth explosion has killed another 11 people. our correspondent in baghdad sent us this update a little earlier. >> responsibility has not been claimed by any particular group at the moment, but they do follow a pattern and it's likely to be the work of the islamic state in iraq and the levant also the type of attacks we're seeing car bombs suicide bombs are the tactics that these guys tuesday all the time. they developed in anbar province where they used humvees at check points, but here in the capital
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of baghdad and other civilian neighborhoods they use ordinary cars. it's very difficult to defend yourself from this kind of attack when someone parks a car in a busy marketplace, we saw two of those this evening it's very difficult to protect against that. but what we are seeing are a number of neighborhood watch groups that are coming out. enter' suspect of any car that is parked, and any car that has without a driver. there is fear and anger that they can't protect themselves from this. but given that there were two suicide-bombings against an army parole here as well--patrol here as well, it has sparked anger if the army and police force cannot defend themselves what hope do they have of protecting the people here. >> a series of explosions in northeastern nigeria. 70 were injured after suicide-bombers. one of them was reported to have
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been a woman. ahmed what other details do we have? >> these bombs took place in gombe. remember last week there were two bomb attacks or two explosives to market in now according to our forces the area has been cordoned off. and they have search operations there as well as emergency services who will see if there are other people effected by the violence that occurred earlier that region. >> ahmed what are the effects of the community when these attacks happen?
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>> there has been an increase of suicide attacks. there towards the end of this month, probably before the end of this week we'll see an escalation as task forces are launched what they call a final push to crush boko haram. so we're seeing an increase in suicide-bomb attacks in these parts of northeastern nigeria. people are traumatized and no one is saying whether or not they can defend themselves. so far these suicide-bombings and the plans or the explosions of explosives in that part of the country are on the increase. so people are feeling a lot more insecure as time goes on.
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>> burundi's president said that he would be open to a national unity government. they believe that the candidate cy violates the constitution. the result of the election is expected on thursday, but the u.s. and african union have already said they won't recognize that result. al jazeera'sal jazeera is in burundi. >> the ballots are being counted again manually and the results will be announced. that's not the only interesting thing happening in burundi right now. people are hearing that the main opposition party want a national
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unity government. so the key question now while all those who wait for results those burundians who have been through weeks of violence and instability, would they be agreeable to a national unity government. >> will the government of national unity work? we saw it in kenya in 2008 and in zimbabwe in 2009. but critics of this kind of set up say that they feel that the opposition entering into this kind of agreement ordeal come out looking weaker at the end of it. what is clear is that all the key players in this burundi crisis seem to think that dialogue is the only way out of this instability. the key thing to watch now is how quickly will it be set up, who is going to be in it, and is
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it going to work. >> in yemen pro government forces say that they're in foul control of aden after pushing out the houthis from their final stronghold. 14 fighters are reported to have been killed in the area. a plane carrying military supplies from saudi arabia was the first to land. the airport has been closed since march because of the war until last week. in fact, it was controlled by the houthis. elsewhere several houthi fighters were reported to be killed when their tanks was hit by an airstrikes. the fight percent attempting to cross the border from yemen. and there were government fighters who were able to take control of the region.
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south sudan's spokesman has dismissed a new report that claims that government troops and allied fighters committed war crimes between april and june this year. then have fled their homes from south sudan and human rights watch interviewed hundreds of survivors and witnesses. the group documented rape was widespread and people were burned alive. some civilians were abducted. others were shot as they attempted to flee and then crushed by government tanks. the spokesman for south sudan's military said that the u.n. is investigating those claims and the report is biased.
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s. >> the u.s. secretary of defense has met the saudi king as he continued the tour of easing fears over last week's landmark iranian nuclear deal. ashton carter is on the third stop of his middle eastern tour after visiting israel and jordan. israel is washington's main ally in the region, and strongly criticizes the deal. it says it will fuel further instability in the region. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will explain the iran nuclear deal with law make necessary washington. >> this is a day we've been looking forward to because we get to really talk substance, we get to get out of the politics
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and into the facts. so we're very much looking forward to answering any and every question that members of the house have and then later the members of the senate. we're convinced that the agreement that we have arrived at with world powers is an agreement that will prevent iran from potentially obtaining nuclear weapons it will make our the region safer. it will make the world safer. and the absence of anialfer native under scores that fact. >> meanwhile, a so-called stop iran rally is just under way in new york. the demonstration in time square is intended to show solidarity with israel and their critical stance on last week's nuclear deal. kristen saloomey is there. kristen, who is behind this
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rally? >> this is billed as an inter faith grassroots bipartisan organization. it was put together by the jewish rapid response group. and if you take a look around you can see there are a lot of supporters around on both sides of the street here. we we're ready for high profile speakers like james worthy, and military leaders who are expected to speak. they have been associated with.
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[ cheering ] >> this rally coincides with efforts of the national media campaign. groups are spending millions of dollars for this campaign, and president obama has a jewish group supporting him as well, but they're not mobilizing the visual support that we're seeing here.
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>> kristen is a loomy joining us live from new york. thank you. two turkish police have been killed by the kurdistan works party the pkk. they say the killings carried out near the border of syria were for retaliation of a bombing on monday. two people were killed by the islamic state in iraq and the levant in the kurdish town. the pkk said that the policemen had cooperated with isil. turkey announces more policies against isil and fear that their borders are not secure enough. >> slumped over and seemingly crushed by survivors guilt ismail is in deep, unrelenting pain. >> i left them there he tells me. i left my brothers there. how could i have done that?
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>> ismail felt closer to his cousins than most. they planned to cross the border into kobane, syria and help their fellow kurds rebuild a devastated city. like many other members of the kurdish population ismail is pointing the finger of blame towards turkey's government. he's offended how officials handled the aftermath of the blast telling me the army arrived before the ambulance. >> after an explosion, he asks, should you send an ambulance or an armored vehicle. anger and anxiety is on the rise. some say that the attack not only underscores how much of a threat isil has become but highlights the volatile relationship between turkey's government and it's kurdish population.
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here at the crossing on turkey's border with syria the threat of infiltration of isil members cannot be oversighted. while turkey has sent military reinforcements here, many say these measures are not enough. and it was announced by the armed week of the pkk that they were behind the killing of two turkish police officers who they accused having collaborated with isil. >> ismail believe that kurds will continue to be targeted about. ismail lost the use of his legs in a car accident nine years ago but said that the wounds he sustained in this attack are far worse. i digit get any physical injuries, but psychologically in my heart i far more hurt. i feel this arm is gone.
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and this arm is gone. they were my comrades, my brothers. now for ismail the war has hit home. but the conflict he sees at home pales with what he feels inside. >> still to come here in al jazeera. theprotesters in boliva over government investment. >> there are many ways to cooldown in rome. one of the best ways is to take an unplanned bath and a shower in one of the many fountains here. >> trying to keep cool. the heat rises across europe.
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>> welcome back a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. 37 people have been killed in explosions in baghdad. >> new report accuse to ally fighters committing war crimes in an offensive between april and june of this year. now memorial wall services have been held in texas for sandra bland. she was found dead just three days active tests say this is a
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latest example of racial bias. newly released video is added to that controversy. >> get out of the car now. i'm going to remove you. i'm going to yank you out of here. >> at a time when a spotlight is on law enforcement in the united states this happens. get out of the car. i will light you up. >> wow, wow. >> get out of the car. >> what should have been a routine traffic warning turned sour local police chief at mids the officer is not following the protect procedures. >> we have a situation it doesn't matter where it happened that he had an obvious gas stationobligation to act professional and courteous. >> some people may find the
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video released by the texas police uncomfortable to watch. and some of the most dramatic parts take place off-camera making it to ascertain what is happening. three days later sandra brand is found dead in her police cell. >> the medical examiner's report says death is suicide. >> sandra's mom had this to say. >> that was my baby. she wasn't my convict. she wasn't a suspect. she was my baby. the real issue here is something of her that is going to change the world. >> her family insists she couldn't have been suicidal because she was excited about starting a new job. sandra bland's death has added to the tense race relations in america. >> we are in a state of emergency.
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here in texas we are not afraid of isis. we're afraid of the police. >> in the last year there have been two high profile cases where unarmed black men died in altercations with white officers triggering protests, riots and calls for major reforms. it's not clear if the arrests are linked to bland's death. while her family waits for results in the federal investigation the authorities are asking people not to rush to adjustment. al jazeera. >> security is tight in bolivia's capital ahead of talks to end weeks of protest. over the lack of government investment as well as clashes in the streets of l l la paz. potosi is a rural area known for its mining but it is undeveloped
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and lacking behind the rest of the country. in france the price of milk has dropped to a level that will force many farmers to bankruptcy. >> angel protests in northern france. they accuse the as a matter of facts and parts of the food industry of keeping prices low. they say the effect is driving many farmers out of business. the milk is currently selling around $130 per ton. where farmers say they need to break even. dairy farmers say that the whole region is at risk. he has worked this land all his life. following in his father's footsteps. where once it was ten hectares he has built the farm up to ten
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times the size. but andre said that the current situation is among the worst that he can remember. >> in my opinion there will be a solution because if there isn't all of us will go bust. no one will be able to avoid it. that's why there has to be a solution because the way things are now there are many people who have already had enough. >> the farmers of normandy have spent the past four days blockading the main roads in this region. their colleagues have also manned the barricades with a double mission in mind to cause as much transport disruption in this the high summer tourist season, and to send a very clear message to the french government. on wednesday afternoon ministers seem to heed that message. >> many farmers have a feeling that it's paying off.
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>> the key question will be whether this response will be enough to help the farmers whose importance is clear in a country where around 14% of the workforce is employed in agriculture. dominic kane, al jazeera, normandy. >> five pages of the qur'an are believed to be to be the oldest in existence. if has sat in the archives until a researcher realized just how old they were. >> every now and again there comes something that does not just excite historians it thrills them. >> really, it's quite startling. >> you can see why they're pleased. some of the oldest fragments of the qur'an ever discovered around 400 years in age.
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written on sheep or goat skin, you are looking at something scribed around the time islam was born. >> given within 20 years of the profit's death the scribe could have known the prophet. if he didn't know the prophet he may well have known somebody who had known him. >> what is remarkable is that these fragments have been here in the university's archives for decades since probably around the 1930s. it was only because a researcher asked to look at them for something else. she realized they're much older than anybody realizeed. alba knew she was looking at something special. >> it was the fact that it was very old. because of the writing, because of the script it is very early. >> academics always knew that they had something precious in the vault. that was not a surprise.
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but finding out just how old how precious thanks to radio carbon dating, that came as a welcome shock. >> we knew it was old but we had absolutely no idea that it was going to be so early. it was placed at the time of prophet muhammad or just after. >> experts say it was one of the oldest. and within hours of going public the university has already started receiving enormous cash offers. >> are you going to keep hold of it? >> i believe we are going to keep hold of it. it will continue to stay here in the library for the foreseeable future. >> the public and won about a wannabe buyers can see it in
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here. >> the military is has set up a launch tower and the foreign minister said northern province northern provincenorth korea has no interest in going the way of iran in its nuclear deal. cooling down in the heat. iced lollies are on the menu. the heatwave has hit europe for the past three weeks. human beings are not coping so well either. experts say june was the hottest on record, and in you 2015 is the on its way to being the
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hottest ever recorded. >> the heatwave in europe is extraordinary. it started in the beginning of july and brought temperatures up to 40 degrees. but because of the high humidity it feels more like 50. we don't know when it will end. >> fortunately there are many ways to cooldown in roam. one of the best ways is to take an unplanned bath and a shower in one of the many fountains here. elsewhere in europe the heatwave is just as unbearable. in serbia locals escape the heat by dipping in the mineral springs. while in spain locals struggle with the third heatwave of the summer. back in rome they distribute over 3,000 bottles of water every day. even then it only provides a temporary respite from the heat. even at night temperatures do not go under 28 degrees. the only way out of night sweats is ceiling fans and air condition, but most shops have long run out of both. it seems that in italy in the
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rest of europe the only way to weather the heatwave is to keep a cool head the rest of the summer. al jazeera, rome. >> you can find out much more on our website. the address is al plan >> like all good corporations, these companies are armed with slick promotional videos. and their excellent pr machines are generating hours of airtime, >> well i think we could probably send the first person in about 12 years. >> wow >> and mostly positive news reports. >> it's going to be an incredibly exciting year.