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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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he >> stepping up about fight against i.s.i.l. and turkey's military also vows to deviet rebels asdefeatrebels as part of the same offensive. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up about after months of violence, burundi's president wins a controversial third term. and barack obama visits kenya, the first ever visit by a sitting u.s. president. and sub subsaharan africa.
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why this is causing traffic problems in the streets of indonesia. hello. in the two years since islamic state of iraq and the levant has carved out positions in syria and iraq, turkey has been reluctant to involve itself militarily. turkey's prime minister said these were not a single event but a process. police have also carried out raids across turkey in operations spanning three provinces. some are suspected i.s.i.l. members but there are members of the outlawed kurdistan workers party, pkk. tension has been building along the border, i.s.i.l. has been blamed for a suicide bomb which claimed lines lives of 30 people
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in the town of suruc. >> these are the steps against our national security. our state and government will take needed action against any attack no matter what it is. it is not only for last night. we will take the negatives precautions for our nation's security and peace. last night was just the start of this. and we will keep going on the same way. we've in a differently struggle from now on. we'll do whatever it needs. our nation should trust that state. >> rosalind jordan what does the government say. >> the obama administration is welcoming turkey's decision to allow fighter jets as well as unmanned surveillance equipment better known as drones to fly
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from incirlik. this will make it easier to carry out the strikes on i.s.i.l. in northern syria and provide surveillance to help determine where they should be dropping the bombs. this situation has really been playing out for the better part of the last year. turkey has resisted requests from the u.s. to allow them flights from their air base. because the turks really wanted to expand the campaign as it were and focus on the government of bashar al-assad, the u.s. has not wanted to do that and even though i asked repeatedly at the briefings why it was the turks backed away, asking whether or not the u.s. government is offering something that the
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turkish government wanted more than this push against assad i was basically not given any straight answers. it was just as the deputy spokes pern markspokesperson mark stoner said the efforts at shoe leather diplomacy that be toner used at one point. much different tenor certainly in the u.s.'s view a shoring-up as it were with the addition of the turkish military assets, of the coalition fight against i.s.i.l.. >> and roz, in the meantime, there is the complication that turkey is treating i.s.i.l. and the pkk as essentially the same thing but the u.s. has been helping the kurds in syria. so how does that play into things there? >> it is a complicating factor lauren. and even though mark toner the
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deputy spokesperson tried to explain how theist would be continuing its relationship with kurdish fighters who have been involved in the fight against i.s.i.l. in syria, this is fair to say probably that this is going to be a matter of continued discussion between washington and ann ankara. when you are trying to provide a united threat against a common threat you want to make sure there are no complications that could inadvertently weaken that bond. so this is probably something that is going to have to be continually negotiated. >> rosalyn jordan, thank you very much indeed for that lineup from washington, d.c. a top advisor to iran's supreme leader says international inspectors should not be allowed access to military sites. foreign minister in iran for more than 15 years in the 1980s and 1990s.
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he told al jazeera access to the sites with it knoll be allowed. swr ---- not be allowed. >> i say access to military sites is not allowed. the access of any foreigners including the iaea, to sensitive military sites will not be allowed. we will not allow that regardless the cost, the final word. >> will continue for a third term in office, nips. pierre nkurunziza. nkurunzizaness's decision to run for a third term triggered months of protests that often turned deadly. haru mutasa reports from bujumbura. >> it was an outcome people knew
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before even they voted. violation of the constitution, despite a boycott, officials say there was a massive turnout. >> the turnout at the national level is 73.44%. this is really the key formation maybe which is needed to be known by the international community which is following the process in burundi. >> the african union and some international organizations say they don't recognize the result. now people will wait and see what happens makes ordinary burundians, have to accept such a result. four people were injured after grengren addedgrengrenades were thrown.
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doarmd stay in power for another five years even if he is isolated by his peers on the continent and those who didn't want him in charge. haru mutasa, al jazeera bujumbura. >> rebel group to take on the government, catherine soy went to the mohama refugee camp in eastern rwanda for this report. >> reporter: this mother of five was a teacher in bujumbura she said her husband left this camp with people said to be enlisting member to fight the government in burundi identity hidden is dangerous but she says she just wants her husband back. >> translator: he hinted to me that he was going to fight for
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country and go bring peace. but he wouldn't give me details. and when he left, he didn't even carry his phone or anything. >> reporter: we also talked to several young men who say they have been approached by the so-called recruiters and know of refugees who have left to unknown locations for alleged weapons training. this is an issue that is discussed discretely. those who managed to talk to are saying their lives are being threatened. the unhcr also had the allegations. >> of course we had been concerned about such attempts and therefore we have raised it with the government from the beginning of the establishment of the camps. and we have been given the assurance that the government will take all measures to curb such attempts that would be done. >> reporter: earlier this month burundi's military paraded
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men and weapons it said were captured in the forest along the border with rwanda. many people here are angry at burundi's president pierre nkurunziza run for a third term. they accuse his party's youth wing of killing and intimidating opponents back home but they say they won't join any republican i don't know. >> actually we can't fight with those soldiers. we said already we cannot fight with those because they are already threatened and they are armed. they are armed they have all those arms but we still have our arm. our goal is there. not the goal that the president trust in right now. >> reporter: according to refugees we spoke to, the massive group that is gone down but the woman who says she doesn't know where her husband
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is is worried. .catherine soy eastern rwanda. >> president barack obama is visiting his father's home. while in kenya president obama is expected to focus on economic initiatives. andrew simmons has this update from nairobi. >> president obama is here at last late in his presidency but there he was with a sprightly pace coming down the steps of air force 1 to be greeted by a quite a large formal delegation be headed by uhuru kenyatta. the president of kenya. you wouldn't realize that to look at these pictures not only did he shake uhuru kenyatta's
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hand, but since he was indicted with crimes against humanity in the international criminal court, that led with cold standoff with the u.s. and indeed other western countries. that thawed out when those charges were dropped in december of last year. quite an atmosphere here. you a forric. so many kenyans see the president as a relative, really, the first black u.s. president the favorite politician of all in kenya. >> still to come on the program: winning the war against polio. nigeria celebrates a year without any reported cases of the disease. nigeria's government, recognizing the demand for investment.
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of
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the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights on al jazeera america. >> hello again a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. turkey has begun air strikes against the islamic state of iraq and the levant in syria. and 270 linked to i.s.i.l. have also been arrested. and ankara says it will treat groups like i.s.i.l. and pkk without distinction. international inspectors should not be allowed access to military sites says iran's supreme leader.
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and the presidency of pierre nkurunziza will continue for a third term. the death toll of a boat accident in egypt has risen to 43. the accident happened on monday in northern cairo. the captain of the barge and his assistants have been daind and detained and accused of manslaughter. friday marks the a year since the last case of polio. nigeria's success raises hopes that health workers are on the way to eradicate the disease. >> paralysis is the main symptom of polio. these survivors contracted the virus as children probably from drinking dirty water or
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swallowing human ex excrement while playing. a polio survivor himself makes and distributes the world shares for sufferers. he's immensely happy that it's been a year since the last case was reported. >> we'll have to given lots of credit to the government for -- give lots of credit for the government for its effort to eradicate polio. rotary international bill and melinda gates formation. >> polio vaccine in a clinic in abuja. it's been years to give 100 million children in the region be the vaccine and to repel religious attitudes.
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>> the kind of agenda, either to deal with the population explosion from the muslim community secondly to in fact make some of them become barren, especially the women. >> the attitude is changing still a long way before nigeria can be declared polio free. scientists will have to analyze polio surveillance data until the end of the year. leaving pakistan and afghanistan, but there must be no new cases of polio for the next two years for nigeria to be declared polio free. >> we can't take our foot off that accelerator. we must maintain same level of resources and ensure full commitment of the health care workers. >> a uvert is hoping that
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nigeria will become polio free. a warning to parents who don't understand the importance of vaccinating babies against the disease. and his vaccinated four children are proof the disease can be prevented. yvonne ndege jos plato state. first drugs to make babies immune. our science editor trek bazley hastarek balz bazley has more. >> by the time there were four 46% less likely to suffer from suffer malaria, sever cases and deaths from the disease and was
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considerably less effective on children up to the age of five months. that hasn't stopped the european mid systems safght agency giving the disease the red light. approval and funding will also need to be found. the course of the vaccine could cost about $five per $five $5 per child. >> miners are demanding more investment in their industry. the silver mine has been making money for years. people whob work there who have twhrorkd worked there have struggled. maryam
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namazee has the story. >> to be able to bring food to the table. >> reporter: the mine has been active since 1545. it's the world's largest silver deposit. despite the local riches. >> normally. >> translator: 87% of the silver goes to international companies and president ivovo moarms hasn'tvomorales hasn't changed that. >> in the last four years the price of silver has dropped by two-thirds. directly impacting people's
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livelihoods. analysts say at least 60% of fragile it could collapse, people see themselves in the future without the 99 and without industries. but they have been protesting for more than two weeks. they want the government to built them infrastructure that will give them more choices more alternatives for the generations. >> our children end up work as state of california drivers vendors or miners. they can't exercise their profession. that's why the people stand up. >> they say the protest must be successful. >> translator: i feel hurt if one day my children are to go on strike to fight the same issues we should have resolved many years ago. >> he says he doesn't want his children to become miners like him. he doesn't want his children to walk into the mine and not know
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whether they will come out. he wants them to have more options other than being born as a miner. >> we go live now to bolivia's capital la paz. what are they doing to cope? >> reporter: well, lauren, very poor, really the poorest people of bolivia and 80% of their income comes from the mines. we were in porto sea and we saw many people angry with president ivo morales he hasn't delivered on his promises, these set of protests began five years ago and ivo morales promised factory among other things and they said that the president hasn't delivered on any of his promises. we also saw people who were very afraid, because they were afraid
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to lose their jobs with the slump in the rise of commodity. there are no industries in porto sea, and they are very afraid. we also saw people who are very determined to fight until they force the government to give them an alternative to their livelihood. >> he has made some progress. what could he do for those people in particular? >> well, it's very difficult to know what president morales can do because he enjoyed a boom in the commodities for a decade. that allowed him to implement social policies. but now the prices have gone down and gas is 37% of all bolivian exports. president morales will have to be very careful because the
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demands are very high, they want hydroelectric plant they want an international airport they wand three hospitals and things are very costly. so president ivo morales will have to see what he can give them to tame the fears to tame the anger. these people as i was saying are among the poorest in bolivia. >> apologize for the breakup on that line. two people have been killed at a cinema in the u.s. state of louisiana. the shooter opened fire, nine were injured and he then turned gun on himself. police described him as a drifter. he planned on escaping but shot himself when authorities were closing in. prosecutors say the marks
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around 28-year-old sandra bland's neck are consistent with suicide by hanging. she was arrested by police three days before she was found dead in her cell. islamic state of iraq and the levant in anbar province this week the army says 77 soldiers and shia mobilization fighters were killed in car bomb attacks in neefort northeast be fallujah fallujah. facebook accounts suggest higher death toll. 15 thai officials have been charged with human trafficking. after 26 bodies were found in graves close to the border with malaysia. the boirdz were believed to be those of migrants. police have arrested rather warrants for several people in a
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few days time. motor bikes are a popular way to get around cities. step vaessen reports. >> six months later go-czech has 11 marijuana users delivering -- go-check has 11 million yoursers taking people quickly to their destinations delivering food orders or packages so people don't have to sit in their cars for hours. >> translator: go check is more efficient. it saves time, i.t. saves energy and it savings money. -- it saves energy and it saves money. >> are taxi drivers found at every street cornler.
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>> we are not selling more services, what we are really selling is time, that tends to be the most precious commodity being an urban dweller. it strikes because both sides are benefiting immensely. >> this mayen e-be the oifnl way, but the success of the go-check has resisted fest competition from other sides. in several areas go check drivers not to enter their neighborhoods. >> translator: my motor bike was hit with sticks and i was chased. it happens a lot now. >> nanan has been a go-check driver as the exaggeration he worked forp went bankrupt. he says since go check started
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its business his income has been high. >> these people sit with their mobile foins and make money and we're the ones who are the hardest hilt. >> supporting the new motor bike taxi services. >> this go check system could solve the problem. >> they say they're losing money. >> you have to follow the technology. >> go check tries to lower tensions by sending in special teams to approach go check drivers, some are worried those tensions could turn into something worse if their efforts are not successful. step vaessen, al jazeera. >> nasa has just released new pictures of the planet pluto. they find pluto's surface to be
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remarkably pollution-free. studying its atmosphere. that dreaks is updated 24 hours a day.