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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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dark web "on target" airs sunday 3:30 p.m. eastern. that is our show today on behalf of ali velshi and the entire team of "on target" i'm david schuster thanks for watching. >> rampage in louisiana. >> the shooter actually took his time and was somewhat methodical. literally had the keys on the tire of his car parked near the exit. >> new information about a gunman with a history of mental illness who went on a deadly movie theater shooting spree.
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turkey makes a major tactical shift in the strike against i.s.i.l. the clinton e-mails. >> we are all accountable to the american people to get facts right. and i will do my part. >> new pressure for a federal probe of secretary of state hillary clinton. >> and hackers prove they can take control of vehicles from miles away. good evening i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera. america. we begin in lafayette louisiana the site of last night's fatal shooting. grand 16 multiplex 59-year-old john russell houser was a troubled man living at a local motel. as jonathan martin reports he also had a deep hatred of the government. >> reporter: the picture
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emerging from john russell houser a drifter from alabama who left a trail of antigovernment writings online. >> he makes and about the government rants about different people around the world. >> police in lafayette louisiana said he opened fire about 20 minutes into the showing of train wreck killing 21-year-old mayci breaux and 35-year-old jillian johnson. nine others were injured. >> a couple of section later we heard four more we took on running we did not look back. >> as i get to the front i see a middle aged woman on the curb with blood coming out of her leg. >> police say houser only saw one way out. >> he intended to escape after
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he did the shooting. he had the car parked outside an exit door, an emergency exit door of the theater. so we think the early or immediate intervention by law enforcement prevented him from being able to leave the building so he reentered the theater and that's when he shot himself. >> we also learned houser was turned down for a concealed weapons permit in phoenix city, alabama where he had lived up until last year. >> at the time he applied for his permit he had the arson arrest in his history as well as the domestic violence reports. >> reporter: in 2008 a court ordered houser not to contact his wife who was afraid of his volatile mental state. and tonight we found the .40 caliber semi automatic handgun was purchased in phoenix alabama. any time mass shootings happen there is increased discussion about gun control.
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whereby louisiana governor bobby jindal wroid questions avoided questions about gun control and said this is the time to pray. >> jonathan betz has more on the shooting. >> one day after the shooting the question that so many people have is how john houser a than with a long history of mental illness was still able to get a gun and open fire in a crowded movie theater. >> everyone was just running down the stairs freaking out climbing over chairs and people and everyone was screaming and it was awful. >> are in 2006 he was denied a concealed weapons permit in alabama because of a domestic violence complaint and earlier arrest. his family had him committed in 2008 and 2009 calling him a danger. alabama officials voiced their frustration about the difficulty in dealing with cases like houser's where mental illness is
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a factor. >> the cuts that are being made as far as mental health around the state is allowing a lot of these people that should not be walking around to be out in the community. and, you know, that's a scary scenario that we're dealing with every day. >> reporter: alabama does not require a permit or license to buy or own a gun yet serious mental illnesses should have been spotted during federal background checks. >> i do see that in '08 and '09 he was treated for mental illness so that should have stopped him from buying a weapon. >> reporter: why he ended up in lafayette 500 miles from his home in alabama is still unclear. >> he seems to be estranged from his family members, we spoke with his 15 members who haven't seen him or don't have much contact with him so it seems like he was kind of drifting along. >> reporter: this is america's third mass shooting in nearly
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five weeks again highlighting cirnlhighlightingconcern of mental illness. aurora colorado many years ago. and adam lanza's mother had concerns for his mental stability. >> the one area i have been most frustrated and most stymied the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws. >> reporter: the police chief of lafayette said houser bought that .40 caliber gun at a pawn shop and purchased legally. antonio. >> thank you jonathan.
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in the james holmes trial the jurors agreed yesterday they would consider the death penalty. attorneys decided not to replace the sick juror. judge ordered the deliberation to continue on monday. shooting 3:00 p.m. local time after gunman fired several shots in the air. police detonated two devices feared to be explosives. the man died at the scene it was uncertain whether the shot was self inflicted or inflicted by police. fiat hackers proved they could take control of a vehicle
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remotely. john terret has the story. >> some of these stories are really quite remarkable. federal investigators with the video of attack taking place. this is a video that led fiat chrysler to suddenly recall cars in the u.s. your vehicle someone takes it over remotely, nothing you can do you're in the driver's seat but not in control. this isn't a dream it's real. this jeep cherokee really is doing 70 miles an hour, the hackers miles away, are control it. suddenly they shut off the engine in the middle of a missouri interstate.
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with an 18-wheeler behind him driver andy greenberg starts to panic. greenberg's a writer for charlie miller is a security researcher for twitter. >> we wanted to show cars are vulnerable connected to the internet and that makes them as vulnerable as your phone or your laptop. >> they got through the entertainment system. they have control of everything from the engine to the entertainment system and even the brakes. sending the car into the ditch. on capitol hill, senators ed marky and richard bloomenthal bloomenthal,
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fiat chrysler says the hacking is a crime is issuing a patch to help. >> i told them about this in october, they had nine months to figure out the best way to fix it. >> reporter: you see all modern cars have the internet in them, don't they? it's very, very shocking. fcus says that this applies to vehicles with top stream on board. wired's demonstration took place in the jeep cherokee. but i think going forward this is something we're going to hear a lot more about i suspect. >> thank you john. the u.s. government is investigating airlines for alleged price gouging following deadly amtrak derailment in may. before and after the may 12th derailment in philadelphia. the crash killed 8 and injured 200.
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the airlines deny the charges. for the first time turkish forces are taking an active role in the coalition fighting i.s.i.l. turkish jets jets hit targets for the second day in a row. more turkish aggressive stance against i.s.i.l. >> translator: whoever poses a threat to the borders of the turkey they will be responded to accordingly without further notice. we have lost an army officer and a number of police officers. it is certain the perpetrators will be punished without a doubt. >> turkey has allowed the u.s. to use two key bases in turkey to launch strikes against i.s.i.l. president obama got a warm welcome in kenya from uhuru
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kenyatta crowds waved american flags as his motorcade drove by. the president then had dinner with his half sister and step grandmother. he will focus on economic issues during his trip. hillary comes out swinging, how security concerns over her e-mails so affect her presidential campaign. wildfires in california, the threat is far from over.
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>> firefighters have slowed wildfires threatening hundreds of buildings in northern california. firefighters have called off evacuation in napa and solano counties. no vineyards are in danger. the man who calls himself america's toughest sheriff found himself in trouble with a
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federal judge today. maricopa judge joe arpaio in emergency hearing today the judge ordered u.s. marshals to retrieve evidence that was requested months ago. the sheriff says the county was withholding evidence . hillary clinton is on the under the gun again. >> wonderful being back here at nyu. on a die when hillary clinton hoped to focus on finance reform her issue took a dramatic return. agency investigator known as an
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inspector general recently asked the justice department to begin a if i recall inquiry. the issue was whether her private server caused are be dissemination of classified information. >> i'm aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >> but the inspector general told the justice department that mrs. clinton's private account contained hundreds of potentially classified e-mails. any males had been done so after the fact and not at the time they were transmitted. later on friday clinton weighed in herself. >> because there have been a lot of inaccuracies. >> she criticized media reports without saying how they were wrong and she pledged to cooperate with a congressional
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committee. >> we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right and i will do my part. >> clinton has refused to turn over her private e-mail server and house speaker john boehner said if clinton has nothing to hide she can do so by immediately turning over her server to authorized and allowing them to examine the record. no decision has yet been made on whether the inspector general referral will become a criminal investigation. the questions however come at an already sensitive time for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. earlier this week a quinnipiac poll in several states indicated that democratic poll viewed clinton as untrustworthy. losing the poll to other
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candidates. >> bernie sanders would do better the poll indicated. on top of it all republicans are make sure that no one miss clinton news. accuses the media of being in conclusion with the gop. either way the clinton campaign may have bigger problems if the e-mail controversy keeps going. david schuster, al jazeera. >> for more on hillary clinton we are joined by jason johnson professor of political science at hyram college in cleveland tonight. good to see you jason. was it a good idea for hillary clinton to come out as aggressively against these allegations? it seems like we were back to the day much the vast political conspiracy. >> this is what the clintons do the best, they are going to punch argue scream deny deny deny until your accuser gets tired of it. this is the best thing for hillary clinton to do.
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because unless or until the republicans or the justice department can actually find something that she hid or find something that was inappropriate within these e-mails none of it really matters to the voters and none of it is going to affect her chance he in 2016. >> do you really 30 it doesn't matter to the voters given trustworthy allegations that we have? the vast right wing conspiracy days there's a general consensus that using the private server was at the very least not a good idea. >> well here's the thing antonio, does anyone ever really trust the clintons, no, hillary clinton is not running for president because she's the most trustworthy president but because she will get things done. she'll do the things that barack obama was afraid to do or she'll do things that won't make the
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issue is can something actually be discovered from these e-mails that shows that trust was betrayed as opposed to she's just a shady person? and that so far has not occurred. same thing with benghazi. you've got to give me something before the voters are really going to change their mind about her. >> all about this coming out swinging does it go too far? accusing the media of being in cahoots with the renal party? >> it is always important whether you are a republican or a democrat to say that it's us against them. whether that them is the opposing party whether that them is the press whether that them they're going to say that the press is after them as well. this is textbook 101. the important thing to remember is this, every single poll we see now is july. if hillary clinton has lower
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numbers come november of this year or january of next year if she's still losing to a potential republican opponent maybe this would have an effect. >> quinn peequinnipiac is a pretty serious polling organization. >> remember there were polls in january of twhaifn showed a close race between barack obama and herman kane. so we have to see a trend not one poll but a trend. >> want to get a quick final question in. if this does balloon what do you think will happen? is there anybody who can step in and be the democrat -- who would step in? >> if this scandal grows into something bigger and actually harms hillary clinton the republicans win the white house no matter who they run. there's nobody on the democratic side, bernie sanders cannot win the presidency. >> joe biden?
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>> joe biden would have to step into the race and step in soon and i don't think that's very likely now. >> jason always good to have you with us. thanks. >> thanks antonio. >> former governor and now presidential candidate rick perry was indicted for public works conclusion, when he tried to fire a district attorney accused of drunk driving. today the coercion charge was thrown out the abuse of power indictment stands. another megamerger in the health care industry. ann them is buying cigna. the combined companies will become the largest health insurer in the country. just a few weeks ago aetna
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announced it was buying humana. >> and nasa's fly by of pluto. on the far edge of the galaxy. ♪ ♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour
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with exclusive behind the scenes footage all of taylor swift's music videos interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. >> european regulators have approved a new weapon in the war
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against malaria prevented malaria in 56% of babies from five to 17 months old. it was less effective in infants and while the drug's effectiveness decreases in a year doctors without borders says it could save many lives. the vaccine costs about $5 per child but before it can be rolled out governments in affected countries must approve its use. the extreme drought in california is having an unexpected and alarming side effect. it is make it easier for people to contract west nile virus and harder for officials to overcome the is is insects that carry the disease. >> setting traps for adult mosquitos that alluded the fish
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that catch them. west nile virus confirmed by testing mosquitos and dead birds. that is two more counties than did this same time last year according to the state department of completely. the 79-year-old woman who died this week from the disease is the first human case reported this season. whenever there is a fatality just it signals us to make sure that we're looking and we're intensifying our efforts in our surveillance and our control efforts because we want to be able to do everything within our possibilities to prevent any future infections. >> i'm sorting them out by gender and species. >> robert examines mosquito samples under a microscope while his associate examines a dead bird. 35 died last year nearly 800 were infected but survived, according to vicky cramer, who
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hez upheads up the vector control area. >> we have about 70 local vehicle store control agencies and it is their job to find mosquitos, conduct mosquito control and reduce the risk of people getting builten by mosquitos. spraying the grass in the to kill the mosquitos. a year without ample rainfall, it seems counterintuitive but the lack of water is actually a problem for those trying to contain the disease. >> contrary to popular belief, if we are in a drought why are we seeing so many mosquitos if there is no water for them to breed? because of the drought those areas that now have the free flowing water are now stagnant and are becoming mosquito breeding sources themselves.
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>> and attracting birds that have few other places to go. >> when you have limited water sources birds and mosquitos will tend to congregate in the same areas, increasing the likelihood of a mosquito finding a bird to bite. >> west nile is a disease that's here to stay. >> 80% of those infected will be fine and won't even know they have west nile advisor but using insect repellent and avoiding a bite is the only way to avoid the anxiety that it could be more than just anishy nuisance. lisa gonzalez, al jazeera, elk grove california. >> inhibitor blocks the suns of ldl from the body. doctors believe the new drugs could greatly reduce heart
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attacks and strokes that kill hundreds of thousands of people in the year. the drug can cost close to $15,000 a year. from the edge of our solar system nasa has released more photos of pluto captured by the new horizon spacecraft. scientists say it's the best image ever seen of the dwarf planet. researchers were most excited about an image showing pluto's atmosphere. >> this is one of our first images of pluto's atmosphere. now this is the image that stunned the encounter team for 25 years we have known that pluto has an atmosphere but it's been known by numbers. this is the first time we've really seen it. this was the image that almost brought tears to the eyes of the atmospheric scientists on the team. >> the first phase of the data transmission is now complete, you next comes technical data
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with additional photos expected in september. i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us, lisa fletcher is up next with "inside story." have a great weekend. >> you wouldn't be alone if you hadn't given much thought to grand jury proceedings. most people don't unless they're sitting on one or in front of one. if you are facing serious charges appearing before a grand jury is a right embedded in the constitution. once a shield for the individual has morphed into