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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> first i.s.i.l. now the kurds. turkey confirms its fighter jets have launched strikes on pkk camps in iraq. and i'm jane dutton with the world news from doha. also ahead tunisia's parliament passes antiterrorism legislation, calling it draconian. it is months since a huge quake hit nepal. plus. >> i'm neave bark he, how
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adjusted reality is helping people face their darkest fears. >> for the second straight night turkish fighter jets have carried out air strikes targeting i.s.i.l. positions in syria and the military also hit areas in northern iraq but the sites belong to pkk a terrorist organization by turkey. mohammed jamjun is following the details. mohammed, tell us about the attack with the pkk in the process. >> reporter: jane, this is a very serious escalation that turkey has engaged in. they have effectively lumped in the pkk with i.s.i.l. they are calling them all terrorists at a pose a threat to the security in turkey. turkey will say the reason they
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are going after pkk targets as well as i.s.i.l. is that the pkk killed some of their officers this week, the armed wing took responsibility for killing two police officers on wednesday the pkk said that was in retaliation for the bombing in which 32 people were killed that suicide blast the start of a very intense week in turkey. many areas inside turkey is very angry with the turkish government. toourng blind eye to siel and for endangering lives inside turkey especially in the southeastern region, really, this is calling into question whether or not the ceasefire the very fragile tenuous ceasefire that turkey struck with pkk will stand.
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jane. >> how far is turkey willing to push this fight any idea at this stage? >> turkey is very reluctantly to get involved in the situation. they have been under a lot of pressure especially the last few months with such momentous gains with i.s.i.l to take a harder line. now they have acceded to pressure although the turkish government said a major shift in strategy and tactics that the turks are now going to allow their bases to be used by u.s., yet to be seen just how far but it looks like they are fully committed to the war in this region and more committed to air power. jane. >> let's leave 30th mohammed, thank you.
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legislation is vague and stifles freedom of expression. hashem ahelbarra reports from tunis. >> secure forces sweeping powers in their fight against armed groups. the law imposes the death penalty on many so-called terrorism crimes. it also allows investigators to use phone tapping. for the governing coalition this is a big moment. >> the new law doesn't conflict with the constitution. we are committed to defending littledefendingliberties. this is why we said let's stand united against tunisians against terrorism. >> the human rights activists say the bill is a shame that for a country four years ago that inspired mass protest movement
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against oppressive regimes in the arab word. but members of parliament says tunisia needs a tough law to prevent attacks like the one that killed 38 people in the coastal city of sousse. >> what happened in sousse was another dreadful thing that happened to tunisia. like the trick at the mines that we have to vote this law. >> we have here a very consential law so we are feeling releafd now. >> reporter: tunisia has been grappling with violence for years. thousands of tunis yankees joined i.s.i.l. and al qaeda in iraq and syria. hundreds have taken up arms against security forces. the military campaign against a
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group affiliated against al with al qaeda. the tunisian police remain largely outnumbered and outgunned compared to making countries. this is quite a guarantee law. with the antiterrorism bill it will be able to tackle violence in tunisia but needs the support of the surrounding countries to help be hashem ahelbarra tunis. health system is struggling to help those in need in neebility. 446 public health facilities were completely destroyed by the earthquakes including five of nepal's 104 hospital he and 12 of its 208 primary care centers. the government receives it will
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take approximately $100 million to rebuild. fez jam youil is there what are you finding there fez? >> well, it's a similar situation for the district health facilities here. the district hospital here in the district headquarters of sindupalchek. what you see behind me are tents set up busy international help associations. this has come as a blessing for people who live in and around the district headquarters but this is a two and a half thousand square kilometer district through mountainous terrains bad roads far flung villages very tough to get to. our team actually traveled around the district just to see how difficult it was to get medical care in these remote
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areas. let's have a look at that. considers himself lucky he injured his leg during the earthquake and returned to the exam. he only returned to his village two weeks ago and then his leg became infected. >> i was having trouble with my leg. they said go to the center for treatment. it was closer than going tall way to kathmandu. >> reporter: but getting him stler wasn't easy. his family had to carry him there for hours until they managed to get a vehicle to carry him the rest of the way. these tents operated by the red cross provide basic even surgical care. >> one woman walked from sunrise the sun set. >> the number of patients come
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from distant areas depends on the weather. >> when it rains heavily we experience here that less people are coming. on sunny days like this, there's quite a huge peak in patients coming. a few days ago we had a peak of almost 160 patients coming in in one day. >> reporter: that's because beyond the district headquarters proper medical care is hard to come by and even harder to travel to. these winding and uneven roads are difficult to travel to for vehicles and people alike. now mudslides caused 50 monsoon rains make it difficult for medical help to get to them. mud only adds to the travel time it takes getting to and from hundreds of remote villages. hours later we came to this picturesque village many the damage from april's quake still visible np local medical post still stands but a close look
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inside shows why it's not usable. forcing patients and the only doctor here to use donated tents. but medical care is still limited. >> translator: it's not safe in the hospital so we're just using the tents. we refer most of the cases to the district headquarters. upside since the earthquake is we've been getting more medicines sent to us. >> the goal is to rebuild 60 of the 80 facilities that were damaged by the earthquake. but many in the district are in a similar state and like many things, health care is just one of the things that need rebuilding. now one of the things you saw was that silver lining is that medicines are getting to the remote areas but health facilities are still in a very bad shape. now a government spokesperson has told al jazeera the plan is to replace these tents with
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temporary structures, prefabricated buildings that should last a few years. the long term plan would be to build permanent structures. >> all right lost in there fez jamil, thank you. much to come on al jazeera barack obama is in kenya for an historic visit. boosting trade links kenya thinking big when it comes to fracture. infrastructure. rnlphilippines connected to the top. investigative series... chaising bail only on al jazeera america
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>> hello again the top stories on al jazeera. for a second straight night turkish fighter jets have carried out air strikes targeting i.s.i.l. positions in syria and northern iraq of the camps belonging to the kurdistan people's party or pkk. stifles freedom of expression. thousands of people are still in desperate need of food clean water and shelter three months after two earthquakes hit nepal. landslides are hampering aid deliveries. barack obama will address a summit on global entrepreneurship in the necessarily half hour in the first day of his trip to east africa. the first time he's been to kenya since 2008. let's go live to nairobi andrew
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simmons is there for us. i believe he had a good dinner yesterday setting up for a busy day today andrew. >> he certainly did jane. welcome to nairobi. a bit of a gray day but certainly bright for every kenyan alive. sparse they're concerned they've effectively adopted this u.s. president as their son. because his father was born here and died here in western kenya. there is an extraordinary atmosphere. things are running quite late actually. the global entrepreneurship summit has started did start without the president being there. he arrived there and he's expected soon to be addressing that gathering of entrepreneurs. there is a lot to deal with in his short visit here. he is the first sitting u.s. president to visit kenya and it's his fourth trip to africa. he tweeted last night probably at that dinner, that he was
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proud to be the first u.s. president to be in kenya. and he was happy to be speaking to young kenyans and to be with his family. his half sister alma and his step grandmother who he calls granny were with him for dinner. he wasn't with politicians. this is a working visit of course, but he spent last night dining with his family a smile all the way. but there are serious issues here as well. he'll be dealing with the complex issue of corruption, at all levels in this country. he'll be dealing with health issues power issues of the energy variety and trade. which is a colossal issue here now because there's massive investment going on. nearly $4 billion u.s. being put into a new railway.
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>> now there's a new tracking built that could lead africa into better fortune. it's kenya's biggest investment in infrastructure six 1963. built by the chinese. kenya's old rrlt is so unreliable and slow, that 90% go by plane. >> one way of making sure that as a continent we improve trades within africa is to remove these barriers. logistics and transportation corridors is one of the major problems. >> reporter: for it all to work the main gateway for east african trade kenya's mom basbasa port, big potential but not the investment. now that's all change it's not
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all good news for kenya but also land locked economies such as uganda burundi eastern congo some seundz south sudan. south sudan. once this swath of land that's being reclaimed from ocean is turned into a second terminal by japanese contractors more than 1 and a half containerrers will be able to be handled. alongside it a chinese company will reclaim more land from the sea. this is an american chewing gum company in nairobi. it's expanding with a $63 million reequipped new factory. production is being increased with a focus on exports. >> i think these investments are
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going to make a big difference in terms of making kenya competitive paired to other markets. contacts back to europe, that is something that i look forward to one day. >> reporter: and so long term there's huge optimism for this are eej. but just like every aspect of life here, economic growth depends on stability and security. where me right now is ali khan satu. that is a remarkably positive report on kenya. let's leave corruption and all of those issues aside for moment. let's look at the funding for the. we've got china very much there japan very much there. how is this railway being funded? >> 80% is being financed by the chinese, on a.conceptual basis. the proceeds of our euro bond in
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excess of $2 billion. the interesting part of it andrew 66% of it was bought by north america. north america is funding funding the infrastructure that the chinese are building for us. >> certainly obama is going to have something to say. he's talked about being blunt with this government not just in funding in the u.s. and china but also about corruption and about a whole series of other issues. >> i think it's twin-sided. i think it's wonderful that the president has used the global entrepreneurship as his flagship. i think the president has seen that this is a great affirmation of that. it is a twin-sided story. we have had complexities around corruption. our rankings have dropped substantially in the past few years. but we've got a messy new government post-evolution.
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it's difficult to push buttons and make sure things happen. other than the most powerful man in the world the president of the united states, born of a kenyan father can probably deliver the neafnlg others cannot. >> two pretty eminent former u.s. ambassadors here, mark bellamy and johnny carson they have been saying that obama has got to hit hard, because the immense amount of corruption, the gap between the poor and the rich. >> there is an absolute corruption problem. our security can be like swiss cheese because you can pay your way through it. both on the counterterrorism and economic front it impacts on both. so yes, i don't think it's going to -- it's a wonderful story we're so ecstatic you a forric,
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can you see that on social media but in part you've got somebody who can talk straight and talk directly and that's what i think the country appreciates this moment. >> let's look at the young entrepreneurs at the summit now. there's a lot of ideas a lot of energy how can we harness that, how will it be transferred and translate id into real achievement and real money? >> you've lived here andrew for a while. it's an outlie on subafrican space, entrepreneurship in their dna. this connection with silicon valley with american entrepreneurism is going to be a win win on both sides. >> thank you very much indeed for your assessment and incisive analysis of the situation. we've got a visit here that's got the whole country glued to
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television screens or on the streets waiting for motorcade to go by. >> thank you. benino aquino with lest than a year left in office some are not so impressed with his record. marta ortigas reports. >> these people are protesting against their government. the government has been harassing their union members. worked for the national housing authority for 36 years. he says he received a threatening letter from a state agent accusing him of being a leader of the communist insurgents.
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insurgency. >> it is the right of the state to protect the rights of its workers. you can't take that line just because you can't accept or address legitimate rights. for example is it wrong for us to ask for minimum wage? >> minimum wage is currently at around $200 u.s. they are asking it to be raised to $360. many of them have been stopped and harassed by state agents. these workers have filed a petition with the supreme court to answer for and put a stop to the alleged harassment of its union workers. as far as these workers are concerned, the aquino legislation is a farce. his be approval record is lower than it was when he started
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office. investor confidence has increased and the economy is growing but many filipinos say they have yet to feel it and they're concerned about abuses like enforcinged disappearances. >> some of them are concocting these stories. we accept the fact that dural the marshal years there were indeed experiences of human rights privations, but through the years records will show that we have corrected all of these. >> reporter: human rights classes have been part of the military's training and reform program for years now but not everyone has been convinced. despite working for state these filipinos feel unheard and unprotected.
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marta ortigas, al jazeera philippines. burundi's new election has been largely flawed, boycotted by opposition parties violent protests demonstrators believe pierre nkurunziza decision to run was unconstitutional. shooting by police who have been brought in to unblock roads leading to the el salvador mine. the strike against state owned copper company is now in its fifth day. thousands of taixg drivers in
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rio de janeiro have protested against the use of the uber app. last month a record number of murders were committed 677 people were killed most connected to gang members. phobias and mental legality problems are not always easy to treat. now computer scientists games developers and doctors are joining forces to build new virtual technology. neave barker tried to find it out. >> scientists are exploring the mysterious rim between brain and the body and for this experiment i'm the guinea pig. >> wave at yourself in the mirror say hello. >> hi. standing in front of a virtual mirror.
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i can see my own reflection or the virtual representation of me. >> i'm confronted by a crying child. the roles are reversed i become a child and the virtual grown up towers above me. my voice consoling me from the point of me being a child. that was an unusual experience. major cause of anxiety and tee pressing. finally the technology is starting to match up with expectations. and crucially it's being learned to helplearnedto help us understand more about ourselves. private care is expensive and many sufferers never consider
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treatment for problems still widely seen as taboo. but consulting psychologist russell green is trying to change things. computer gaming to help people deal with stress situations sphwhrp let's go to nairobi in kenya we believe that's president barack obama. the u.s. president is just about to make an address at the global intrurp summit. entrepreneurship summit. >> good morning everyone. welcome to nairobi welcome to kenya. it's a delight to have you all here. president barack obama distinguished entrepreneurs ladies and gentlemen. let me take this opportunity
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once again to say that the people of the african continent and kenya are truly proud to welcome all of you. the to this the world's most diverse continent and indeed the cradle of man kind. to all of you and on behalf of all kenyans welcome home or as we say caribu mongani. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen we have built mighty civilizations in africa. but at the same time, we have also suffered great harm on account sometimes of natural disasters. and at others, due to man made calamities. however, despite that, we


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