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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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aid concerns - humanitarian ceasefire is due to start in yemen. air attacks continue. hello. welcome to al jazeera. also coming up, the white house welcomes turkey's strikes on i.s.i.l. and calls the perform kk a terrorist organization. syria's president dismisses political dialogue to end the conflict as meaningless. >> excitement as the u.s. president addresses the kenyan
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people. final day of an historic visit to his ancestral homeland. plus i'm rob mcbride in the rice paddies of hong kong with the townies being farmers for a day saudi collision airstrict targeted a military -- air strikes targeted a military base near sanaa. the attacks coming hours after a humanitarian pause. it's due to start 2069. aid workers say they don't know how this will help to get aid to people. fighting on the ground has not stopped. some viewers may find the images to be disturbing. >> reporter: saudi-led coalition military planes are arriving in aiden. after four months of fighting the airport is under the control
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of pro-government fighters. the saudi-led announced a 5-day unilateral pause in its aerial campaign. the truce comes at the request of president abd-rabbu mansour hadi, to allow in aid. saudi arabia responds that will be respond to houthi attacks. >> the goal is to lift the siege and reach the areas with much-needed humanitarian aid and is an opportunity for the houthis. . >> the houthis say the saudi-backed government is out of touch with the government on the ground. they hit several houthi positions on saturday. a residential area was hit, including a shelter for displaced people. activists uploaded this video showing bodies of women and children. al jazeera cannot independently
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verify the pacts. >> battles mean little aid made it through, and the humanitarian situation is worse. in western parts yemen military and tribes say they have held off houthi advances. >> our goal is to liberate tiaz in full and help those displaced go back to their homes. we want to build a modern state for us and our children. back dism aiden the destruction -- back in aden the destruction is everywhere. aid agencies welcomed the pause, but call for a lasting ceasefire to reach those that need aid. >> the situation is desire. we are talking about 20 million people in need of assistance, cross-cutting across all areas, food shelter and the rest.
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we need a resolution to the conflict. whichever side prevails. it will be left tattered and exhausted. >> a yemeni political analyst says she doesn't thing the humanitarian force will last the full five days. >> it's unlikely considering the past two ceasefires, the first held for five days. at the end of the fifth day yemen witnessed the air strikes. the second was supposed to take place, but it seems that that air strike the ceasefire was announced to catch the houthis offguard to capture the city of aden. it made a lot of advancement, and they freed aden. yesterday there was a terrible attack.
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it is a place to end tiaz. they bombed an electricity station. unfortunately, they hit the residential city next to it that has many living there. there were thought of 35 to 100 dead there, with numerous injury in the hundreds. it seems the ceasefire calmed the media down and attacked those, aimed at women, children. strategically speaken, i cannot see the coalition taking the step to the kenyan capital where the u.s. president is making an address to people of kenya. he's addressing hundreds of thousands. let's listen in. >> and he was referred to as a boy, even though he was a grown man in that passbook. he was in the king's african
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rifles during the second world war, taken to the far reaches of the foreign empire all the way to burma, and back home after the war he was detained for a time, because he was linked to a group opposing british rule. he forged a home for his family earned the respect of his village. had a well-earned reputation for being so strict everyone was scared of him. he became estranged from his family. >> that was his story. my father came of age as kenyan's pursued independence and was proud to be a part of that. next to my grandfather's papers i saw letters written to 30 american universities asking for
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a chance to pursue a dream and get a solarship. ultimately one university give him a chance the university of hawaii. he would go on to get an education and return home. here at first he found success as an economist and worked with the government. ultimately he found disappointment in part, because he couldn't reconcile the ideas he had with his young country with the harsh realities that confronted him. i think sometimes about what these stories tell us what the history and the past tell us about the future. and they show us the enormous awes barriers to -- enormous awes barriers to problems one or two generations ago. this is a young country. we were talking last night at dinner. the president's father was the first president.
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we are a generation reviewed, and the daily humiliations of colonialism. that is recent history. the corruption and colonialism and tribalism confronting young nations. that is recent history. what the stories also tell us is an ark of progress. from foreign rule to independence. from isolation to education, engagement with a wider world. it speaks of incredible progress. so we have to know the history of kenya, as we americans need to know our history. we need to know where we come from. they have to remember why the lessons are important. we know our history so we can
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learn from it. we learn history because we understand our sacrifices. so we understand we are doing it on behalf of future generations. there's a proverb saying we have not inherited the land for our fore bearers, but borrowed it from our children. we learn from the past so it inspires us to do better. when it comes from the people of kenya, particularly the youth. i believe there's no limit to what you can achieve. a young ambitious kenyan should not have to serve a foreign master. you don't need to do what my father did, leave home to get access to a good education. because of kenya's progress and your potential, you can build your future right here right
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now. like any country. kenya is far from perfect. it has come so far in my life-time. after a bitter struggle kenyans claimed their in dependence after i was born and embraced a multiparty system in the 1990s, as i began my political career in the united states. tragically under a decade ago kenya was almost torn apart by violence when i was undergoing my first campaign for president. i remember reports of thousands killed and driven from their homes. from a distance it seemed like the kenya that i knew. a kenya that was able to reach
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behind ethnic and tribal lines, that it might split apart. the people chose not to be defined of the hatred of the past. you chose a better history there's no limit to what you can achieve, the message. u.s. president, president obama, as he addressed thousands gathered at nairobi stadium. he addressed the young people reminding them of sacrifices and struggles made by his ancestors and telling them of opportunities which they have saying you can build the future here and now. >> two soldiers have been killed. it comes as turkey launches more air strikes at the kurdistan party or p.k.k. the jets were targeted in syria.
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the white house is welcoming the involvement. and calling the p.k.k. a terrorist organization. the syrian areas have been targeted. in northern iraq headquarters were hit in the mountains. >> reporter: turkey is at war on two fronts. the jets hitting targets across the border in iraq and syria. a day after beginning an air campaign in i.s.i.l. and syria. turkish jets hit p.k.k. or kurdistan workers party positions in the mountains. the p.k.k. declared the ceasefire with turkey dead. turkish officials were not phased. >> whenever we see a dekeys or the vanishing of the threat we
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will make a reassessment. the third wave of operations are a part of this. this is the major shift in policy. for turkey, i.s.i.l. declared war in the border town of sarouge. turkey's decision to actively engaged has a lot to do with battlefields in northern syria. the government is concerned about i.s.i.l. threatening groups in the stronghold. it is worried about what it sees as the growing strength of syria's kurds. syria's kurds, the y.p.g. is linked. it would be a red line if kurds create a state. officials blamed u.s. air strikes for helping the kurds gain ground. there are those that believe a
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deal with the united states addressing concerns. >> turkey doesn't want the territory. now it withdraw support. it will not last forever. now the u.s. and turkey are working together. turkey's fear is that syrian's kurds or i.s.i.l. can drive out the opposition groups and control the important border crossing. it is no coincidence that turkish jets targeted i.s.i.l. close to the front lines with turkey-backed syrian rebels. seems turkey is hoping long-term demands for a safe zone inside syria will emerge. >> our aim is to get rid of the i.s.i.l. threat in syria and iraq. after that the safe zones will be formed naturally. >> this may cam at a price. the peace process with the separatist movement seems to have ended.
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police conducted raids. it seems there could have been attempts. >> more from the turkey-syrian border. >> this is the last stretch of territory between turkey and syria under the control of i.s.i.l. over weeks i.s.i.l. watched a lot of territory to the syrian kurds. this is an important town, the town here. we are in a turkey town and the people are worried. this has been the reality for a year and a half. there were no incidents along the border. two days ago turkey declared war on i.s.i.l. and i.s.i.l. attacked turkish
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posts west from here. we understand the turkish army reinforced the area. you can see the fighters digging trenches planting explosives preparing for a possible siting in the near future. so we now see a clear shift in turkish policy but they didn't just clair war on i.s.i.l., but also on the p.k.k. the kurdistan workers party. >> syria's president says the army is instructing to contain i.s.i.l., saying the army is tired, lacking manpower. a political dialogue aimed at conflict is hollow and meaningless. they said they'd support it and western nations are paying the price for supporting fighters in
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the country. >> the western european countries led the opposition. they come and approached to us about democracy. the west is paying the price. doesn'tize decided to restore diplomatic accusations. cutting off ties. what has changed, why is tunisia restoring ties now. >> this was one of the promises made during the election campaign by the president. during his tenure that there will be a shift in foreign policy, particularly when it comes to restoring the weather.
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another party, which is the main party in the governing coalition says it never would allow for diplomatic ties in syria. the biggest issue is many are fighting along al qaeda, and some are detained in syria and would like to be there to maintain a presence. they are operating, as we speak in the capital. we'll have a general console in damascus, but not an ambassador. this comes. the former president cut off tie, accusing the president of genocide. tunisia is one of the first countries to have diplomatic assistance.
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changing those areas to stay in power. >> it's a month since the attack in zeus. how is that anniversary marked there? >> well, life is getting back slowly. people are haunted by the tragedy that took place a month ago, when a gunman came to this place. at the resort hotel, opening fire killing 38 tourists. most of them from britain, and ever since the government local authorities have been grabbling with how to convince tourists to come back to tunisia. the world bank estimated that tourism will lose a billion.
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people hope to see tourism back. hundreds have been deployed and result. sending a message that life will be back to normal and tunisia is a safe destination. 33 fighters from the combined iraqi forces have been killed during fighting in ramadi. it's part of ongoing offenses to retake ramadi and fallujah from i.s.i.l. the combined force consists of terrorism troops and shia militias. still to come. president obama addresses the kenyan people in nairobi. we'll be live with our reporter from the stadium. >> cultivation in hong kong a
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city more known for its skyscrapers than rural landscapers. taking in? >> we don't know what chemicals are in these things. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow, some of these are amazing. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> "inside story" takes you
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beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. welcome back. let's recap the headlines on al jazeera. in yemen, saudi-led air strikes hit a military base near the capital, sanaa, hours before a ceasefire is due to start. two soldiers killed by a car bomb in turkey. they targeted the kurdistan workers party or p.k.k. turkish fighter jets targeted
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i.s.i.l. fighters in syria. >> president obama is making an address to the people of kenya. he was introduced in front of thousands of people in the stadium. he flies to ethiopia. is the first president to address the union. let's take a listen in. >> they don't deserve, taking away from those paying their fair share. this is not about changing one law, although it's important to have laws on the books enforced. it's important that not only low-level corruption is punished, but folks at the top, if they are taking... [ clapping ] ..from the people that has to be addressed as well. it's not something that is just fixed by laws or any one person can fix. it requires a commitment by an
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entire nation, leaders and civilians to change habits and culture. tough laws need to be on the books. and the good news is your government is taking important steps in the right direction. people that break the law need to be prosecuted. n.g.o.s need to cooperate and ordinary people are supposed to say enough is fuf. it's time for a better future. as you take the steps, i promise america will be a partner inning steps. now, worry going to work with you to extend the second pillar of progress. america partners with kenya in areas where you are making
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enormous progress and we focus on what kenyans can do for themselves in building capacity. on entrepreneurship where kenya is an engine for innovation; on access to power, where kenya is developing clean energy; on the important issue of climate change, where kenya's goal to reduce emissions put it in the position of being a ledder; on food security where crops are proufg more. and on health where kenya struck huge blows. while building up the capacity to provide better care in the communities. we are investing in youth. we are investing in the young people of kenya and the young people of this community. robert f. kennedy once said "it
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is a revolutionary world in which we live and it is the young people who must take the lead. it's the young people who must take the lead." through the young afghan leaders. >> we are investing in you, the u.s. president as he addresses the people and investing in the young people of the economy and touched on the importance of fighting corruption saying a commitment, people and leaders is needed. >> let's talk to andrew simmonds. where president obama is giving that address. >> how is the message going down, the attempt to appeal to youth and get them to believe in themselves and the effort. >> not everyone is patronised by that. not everyone responded with rapturous applause.
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young people schoolchildren are here it is a rock star arrival with grievous bodily harmer acts of music and musicians, what kenya described as their answer a symbol that is warming things up. he spelt out the history of the family. history of the grandfather, a servant to a british master. he talked of his father that when overseas the u.s. to get his education, to work as a civil servant. kenyans now have the opportunity to grasp a moment. modern day dangers and corruption. also al-shabab. he talked of terror being a massive problem they were addressing in the best way they can.
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he warned about the 2007 election and the post-"11 violence and remembers watching the tv and realising that the country was tearing itself apart and warned that that could happen again, tribalism and ethnic issues politics relating to those are doomed to tear the country apart. a strong warning on that. the rest of his speech going on is addressing this empower. of kenyans this way forward, and also a warning to the government that democracy is never having elections, but working in a democratic way. a number of issues you touched on how, practically speaking is the u.s. policy developing when it comes to issues like dealing with corruption and helping to promote democracy and standards of democracy in kenya?
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>> well jomo kenyatta has said that helle tackle -- he'll tackle these matters. in the talks, there has been tough talks between the u.s. president and the kenyan president. america is a party in reparations...


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