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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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d threatening things about me on twitter. i would like walk down the halls and people would like whisper and like stare at me and like turn their heads and like laugh. i was like ok, well everyone hates me. >> growing up fast. >> my quest is to find me and me is not here. >> fighting for a better future. >> if you don't go to college you're gonna end up dead on the streets. >> life changing moments. >> i had never been bullied, everyone hates me. >> from oscar winning director alex gibney. >> shut the cam --. >> a hard hitting look at the bashar al-assad addressing his war torn nation for the first time this year. san sandra bland's sister talks to us about the trofn surroundingcontroversysurrounding her sister's arrest,
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would things have been different if sandra had been white. candidates on both sides try to find an audience. in a little more than three hours, the sun will rise over ethiopia over what promises to be another historic day. president obama making history this afternoon becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit that country. this is second leg of his east africa trip. the next two days are likely to include more historic firsts, and as patricia sabga reports. focused on the future. >> another landmark, fresh on the heels of his historic trip to kenya, president obama touched down in addis ababa
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becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit ethiopia. a milestone long overdue. >> this is a key partner of the u.s. on a variety of strategic issues it's a country that needs to be engaged. >> ethiopia also boasts subsahara's fastest growing economy. china has been cultivating aggressively. pouring hundreds of mills of dollars into infrastructure, including high profile projects like addis ababa light railway. east africa's first light rail system. >> leaving it to the chinese. >> ethiopia is also a continental hub. home to the headquarters of the
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54-member african union which president obama is scheduled to address. >> this will be the first leader of the united states to address the african union as such and in fact first leader of a major world power to do so. and so this is an important step recognizing africa's strategic importance for united states and indeed its place in the world. >> african union forces are at the forefront of the fight against al shabaab the ethiopia be-be based terrorist organization that hit the westgate mall two years ago. if president obama promised to address candidly in a country
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whose strategic and economic value arguably make it too important not to engage. patricia sabga be al jazeera. suicide bomber may have been a ten-year-old girl, at least 15 are dead. thought she might have benefited with boko haram but the group not claiming responsibility for this attack. at least 47 were critically injured. five day ceasefire is on the way in yemen to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered. arab coalition forces warning they will not honor the ceasefire if houthis take the time to take tactical advantages. osama ben javad reports. >> thousands outside taiz ta'izz are in need of humanitarian aid.
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progovernment forces are making gains in the west but houthi fighters and pro-sally loyalist.slee saleh loyalists. there is a commitment from the u.n. that the houthi militia will accept the ceasefire allow food supplies to reach citizens and not interrupt. >> ongoing breaches by saudi arabia to the last truce called by the u.n. >> the saudis want to use this ceasefire to position their troops on loyalists in acitizen and they will use the ceasefire to bring more troops in the name of humanitarian aid to aden.
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>> insists the truce is purely humanitarian for 21 million yemenis who need assistance. >> as yemen's legitimate government we are with the humanitarian truce. but we would support a truce that is fully implemented. >> the biggest challenge after storing the supplies will be to reach areas cut off by the fighting. >> problem of this conflict is primary of course violence and the insecurity because of the air strikes and the ground fighting but also, the extreme application of the resolution 2216 of the you united nations which in fact beyond the weapons extremely restriction on importation which ham personned the lives of everybody. >> reporter: for now a one
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sided truce is in effect. a country where two previous ceasefires have stain effect. osama he ben javad, al jazeera. government calling an emergency meeting of nato members, today a police officer in istanbul was killed. happened during a funeral of a man, resulted in nearly 300 arrests. meanwhile turkey is stepping up its attacks against targets in northern iraq. attacks party to be against the be kurdish be militia the pkk. concern forces could be stretched too thin. for the first time bashar al-assad says he has a problem
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with his army. army has abandoned some areas in order to keep his grip on power. omar al saleh reports. >> for the first time since the war has started, bashar al-assad admits his forces have some problems. >> translator: we do have new recruits every day. the military is carrying out its mission but the military is sometimes required to give up its hold over a territory. >> as they are trying to put a brave face. >> translator: in order to win and succeed in anything, everybody gets tired. it is quite normal that the state the army get tired but the word defeat does not exist in our dictionary or in the language of the syrian armed forces. >> reporter: for four years
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assad has relied on the military backing of iran and the backing of russia and china. but the syrian army is under huge pressure. it once had around 300,000 members but according to some estimates it has been roughly halved in size by deaths, defections and a rise in draft-dodging a fact that assad readily acknowledged. >> we have everything we need but there is a lack of resources. >> took control of the province of idlib in the north and pushed towards president assad's stronghold on the coast. various areas close to the capital damascus are battle grounds. >> damascus are the center power of him and he is trying rightly he wants to get ahold of also to protect the main highway they are very important to him.
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but overall he is losing ground. he lost sovereignty in the north and the south even in the center of syria. so he is in trouble really and possibly no-fly zone buffer zone may bring him to the negotiation table in the future. >> reporter: more fighting has been reported in different parts of syria. government barrel bottomed were dropped in northwestern syria killing a number of people. proxy war which could prolong. the u.n. says more than 230,000 people have been killed and millions more are displaced. omar al saleh, al jazeera. >> oneis al jazeera's international contributors thank you for being with us. what should the west make of mr. assad's speech? >> well, i think it's a piece of realism on his part. he has to be a little bit frank
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with his people. it's clear he's lost palmyra he has lost idlib he may lose dira in the south. on the other hand it was a call to arms. he wants people to volunteer. >> were you surprised aat his candor? he says we are lacking in human resources, loosely translated, future soldiers. >> i think the candor is intended to produce a sense of alarm. there's fighting now at la takia which is the center of the alloite shia sect from which he springs. he needs people there to join up or form militias or join the army. they're not doing that, they're tired of war but i think he's trying to put pressure. >> as turkey launches strikes in
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the area for the first time, do you think assad trying to rally his nation against quote unquote foreign invaders will that work? >> so far nothing turkey is doing in syria really is a threat to assad and his regime. turkey is finally stepping up to take some action against i.s.i.l, which is assad's enemy. i think turkey is not happy about this to some extent because they want him gone. but no, the threat is internal. >> how is the speech going to play inside syria? >> well i can only imagine that you know there will be two responses. one of is that the people living under this regime will be alarmed. that even very propagandaistic regime is in a difficult position. his hope is to get some able bodied men to be alarmed and to
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pick up a gun. >> should there be fears that assad is sprit and a sprit -- is desperately, and desperate assad may do more, chlorine gas or further? >> well, certainly a scornerred rat is a very dangerous animal. and the regime has been very brutal. as you say i.t. has been dropping barrel bombs in sul civilian areas. my understanding is most of his chemical weapons have been sequestered with russian help so i don't anticipate a big push on that front. >> juan cole, al jazeera's international contributor you thank you very much. >> thank you del. >> it's been a month now since tunisia's worst attack in a
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tourism area. renewed focus on security. hashem ahelbarra reports from tunisia. >> the imperial hotel almost deserted. last summer it was full. today the occupancy rate has fallen to 10%. the hotel depends largely on tourists from britain. after the u.k. adviced citizens not to travel to tunisia. >> it's really spreading, really international. we need to unite. all of us like the european country and like the new democracies like tunisia. >> reporter: there are very
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few western tourists on sousse beach. the ones we met come regularly to tunisia. >> i come back. i love tunisia. we say every people say please don't fly tunisia. you go another place. i say no. this place this place everywhere, are crazy people. >> for others like the al gadat family their stay in sousse is more than just a holiday. >> we live in france. my mom is english my dad is tunisian. i really want to support the tunisian economy by coming here. even though my presence won't change much because there are only three or four couples here. >> security has been tightened. hundreds of soldiers and policemen guard this beach. they patrol this whole area to prevent another attack. there is where tourists were enjoying a sunny day last month
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when they were shot. the lone gunman started opening fire when he arrived here. from time to time, people lay flowers to honor the memory of the victims. the tunisian government acknowledge that what happened here last month was a major security failure and they are determined to make tunisia a safer destination for tourists. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera sousse. >> the fourth person who died in the chattanooga shootings has now been laid to rest. lance corporal squire skip wells was buried this afternoon following a funeral in woodstock georgia. last victim from those shootings to be funerallized. another attempt to repeal the affordable care act in the
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senate. a rare sunday senate debate. in order to move forward on passing a major highway bill. republicans needed 60 votes but with all the senators breaking along party lines the repeal effort fell short with just 49 ballots cast. it's been nearly two weeks since sandra bland died in police custody. arrested and later found dead in a jail cell. after the break we talk to her sister about what she thinks happened. plus a month's worth of rain in just a few hours and the worst may be yet to come.
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>> after this home-going celebration, after this family has had an opportunity to lay their loved one to rest, we're going to continue to ask for a thorough investigation.
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the circumstances surrounding the death of san sandra bland. >> that was the reverend marshal hatch speaking right before the funeral service of sandra bland. she was found dead inside a texas jail cell after a routine traffic stop. authorities call her death a suicide. diane eastabrook has the story. >> this autopsy photo shows a straight ligature mark to her neck and her hands lack defense wounds. all are indications sandra bland was a likely victim of suicide not murder. >> the only injury which was present on her neck or head was what was called a ligature thorough or a ligature mark. this is consistent with a suicide. >> reporter: preliminary results also found marijuana in
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bland answer system. results could determine how much she ingested and when. the drug could have be affected bland's state of mind. >> might have been relevant to her be situation. >> texas state trooper brian ensinea stopped her. an autopsy photo shows wounds around her wrist consistent with cuts from handcuffs. bland's family argues that the 28-year-old was not suicidal and was looking forward to starting a new job at prairie view a&m university. , the prosecutor isn't ruling anything out yet. >> the investigation assisted by the texas rangers and the fbi is
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ongoing. in real life and real time, things take time. >> diane eastabrook, al jazeera hempstead, texas. >> sandra bland's sister was joined by the family attorney. i asked her whether the her sister's treatment while in custody might have played a factor this her death. >> it is very clear she was mistreated and treated inappropriately. >> if the family contended contended contends as it has all along, who would it be? >> this family has taken the posture that they want to understand what happened. we are not really in a position where we have much information
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at all and we have just been seeking information to help us get our minds around what took place. it is not a matter of whether or not this family is taking the position necessarily that she was murdered per se versus having her commit suicide. what the family has said and continues to say frankly is from the perspective of the family and their relationships with sandy that it was hard unfathomable for them to understand. all we have to look at is look at the video and it is very easily seen that she was treated unfairly. there was not an ask he asked her to put out a cigarette she says i don't see why i have to put my cigarette out he responded by way of opening her door forcing her out requiring her to get out. and i think that the reality of it is that that was not appropriate. i think that everyone can clearly see that's case. the other part of it is, that i frankly speaking do agree that
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you know when you've got local and state and even national leaders that are able to speak to the fact that this is just an example of a long history of instances where african americans have been targeted and mistreated by police, you know, i think that you know it's very clear that there is some concerns that we as a nation have to address. >> ms. cooper do you feel that your sister's character is being assassinated as this investigation goes forward and the autopsy indicates that there may have been marijuana in her system that she might have cut her wrist, do you think this is elevated to the point where she looks more sinister and on the way home and didn't stop just because she didn't signal properly? >> absolutely. because she didn't signal properly she was unapologetically assertive in asserting what she knew were her
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rights the timeliness of which the information was trickled out, i will be frank in poor taste, in large a diversion method to avoid the true issues here which is, there is a high level of inconsistency in the forecast that we've received to date regarding this case, which in turn impacts our strong desire to want to have the department of justice involved. we are clearly and unfortunately not receiving unbiased information. and so to have state senators be at her home going services to say we do have strong issues with with her ongoing concern. dick durbin says, you have to get involved here that the family is interested in getting a full and fair and thorough investigation. >> let me ask you have you received an apology at all from
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the sheriff's department concerning the action he of that particular officer? >> no, sir and i have to be honest with you it's a shame that we haven't received one any sooner. >> sharon cooper and cannon lambert, our condolences for your loss and thank you for being with us. >> thank you sir. >> las vegas hotel fire,. >> unbelievable, being cosmopolitan hotel. once again open to the public, the blaze sending plumes of smoke high into the air tbof the strip. two people were treated for smoke inhalation, most of the guests were unhurt. hillary clinton and donald trump, does it mean anything this early in the game, a look at what's in store on the campaign trail np our week ahead
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segment. plus methamphetamines, a fight against what is known as yabba. . >> investigating a dark side of the law >> they don't have the money to puchace their freedom... >> for some...crime does pay... >> the bail bond industry has been good to me.... i'll make a chunk of change off
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the crime... >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... chaising bail only on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. here's a look at your top stories this hour. president obama is in ethiopia, second leg of his visit to east africa. the first sitting u.s. president to visit that country. syria's president bashar al-assad said today his military had to retreat surrendering some areas as it battles i.s.i.l. and opposition fighters. his military reported as thin. half what it was when the war began in 2011. more cross-border violence prompting to convene an
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emergency nato meeting on tuesday. turkey says it's trying to secure its southern border. it's sunday night and time to look for week ahead. with the race for the white house heating up hillary clinton and donald trump are leading the polls in their respective parties. clinton talking about raising the minimum wage for the middle class and trump talking about anyone who's talking about him. >> reporter: for democratic front runner hillary clinton the shadow of e-mail-gate looms larger. reports that if i recall inspectors-general requested a federal probe on whether her use of a private e-mail account compromised owner security.
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>> senator rand paul on cbs. >> they did this because they are clintons. i think this is going to come back to bite her and already is. >> reporter: for now clinton has a secure lead in primary polls. vermont senator bernie sanders is rated more favorably than clinton in new england but hasn't been able to shake the national e-national spread. vice president joe biden is reportedly considering a run for top spot. some 75 miles east in iowa, contentious gop candidate donald trump watts holding his own campaign even showing he's not going anywhere either. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. >> reporter: after setting off a fire storm after his
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discussion on john mccain's military history. in iowa, trump is trailing scott walker by only 2%. more than a margin of error. >> there is a movement going on. people are tired of incompetent politicians in wash who constant washington who can't get anything dong. >> i don't think mr. trump is competent, he's bankrupt. when it comes to all the qualities you need to lead all the men and women in uniform and to lead a great nation. >> lindsay graham took a more tongue in cheek approach to having his personal cell phone number on national television. >> donald trump has got what my personal staff never could get me to do and that's get a new cell phone. thank you donald.
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>> huckabee evoked images of the holocaust. by doing so he will take the israelis and march them to the door of the oven. setting himself apart from the republican path, john kasick has set himself apart from the bluster. >> the thing is i'm a problem-solver. >> less than a week after throwing his hat in the ring, kasic e-ck is at 7% in new hampshire. primary faceoff only ten days away. >> before we go any further take a look at this gallup poll in july of 2011. mitt romney topping the polls followed by rick pre and perry and michel bachman.a year later
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though this is who emerged on top. mitt romney newt ging gingrich and ron paul. en donald trump has changed his political affiliation five times since the 1980s the most recent 2011, according to records obtained by the smoking gun. bill o'reilly is a republican strategist. mr. o'reilly i'll begin with you. names like bachman and herman kane are part of the historical landscape. is that proof that we're wrong to look who serves this year out? >> it's a different race than 2012. 2012 the lead seemed to change. everybody had his or her turn. donald trump had a time on top in 2012.
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what's happened here though is trump has effectively frozen the field, those second are tier candidates are having time a hard time getting their message out. this is donald trump we're talking about. he's not a serious political leader, never has been or never will be. he's saying things that will tap into people viscerally. calling politician he idiots, dumb, all kinds of very strong names and he's lighting up a section of the electorate but it's not going to last. >> ms. odell do you enjoy your counterpart tap dance around the political conversation? >> yes i do you've suspected that. i think there's another dynamic with donald trump as well. he's been a celebrity since the 1980s.
11:36 pm
so that dynamic cannot be underestimated in american politics. i think yes he is tapping into sentiments that people had. there's this hole particularly on the right there's this whole feeling that political correctness has taken over and that people can't say what they want to say. and so trump is saying a lot of those folks those voters on the right want to say themselves but they know is not acceptable to say. and we all know is not factually correct to say. he is also a celebrity. there are a number of dynamics at play here. people have known donald trump since the 1980s in this country. that's how long that he's been a celebrity. to say that doesn't play a role coming out to the adoring audiences, others have been as vile, why aren't they commanding such levels of adoration? >> i want you to take a look at the statistic. according to the washington post there have been 204 mass
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shootings in 204 days so far in 2014 this being a few days old. what should it look like from the democratic perspective? >> first of all from the democratic perspective most democrats think we need some gun safety legislation. even some of the conservative democrats, feel we need background checks and some other popular policies around gun safety. i think problem has been the republican party on this issue. the nra has an extremely strong lobby. >> what mr. o'reilly will say there are already laws on the boobltion and they should books and they should be enforced. there are 310 million weapons on the street in the united states. are there too many guns out
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there? >> the gun issue has never been a win are for the republican party. chuck schumer urged his constituents to back off of it. there are many states with very strong laws. most of the guns that end up in shootings are illegal guns. >> are you saying that guns don't kill people? >> guns do kill people but other weapons do as well. but i don't think guns are the issue that are going to drive this race. i think we're still talking about the economy we're still talking about illegal immigration if we can say the word illegal, that is something trump is saying and getting a response on it. i don't think guns is a big issue going into this race. if you debate the second amendment republicans win on that issue even in blue states like new york. >> but here's what rick perry had to say on the issue. take a listen. >> i think it makes a lot of sense to send the message across this country if we believe in
11:39 pm
the second amendment and we believe in people's right to protect themselves and to defend them and their families. >> what he was talking about was the shooting in louisiana where a gunman goes into a theater and oppositeopens fire. i should say again. is arming a solution, mr. o'reilly? >> i don't think everyone should have a weapon but they have a right to do it. mental health is an issue and people roll their eyes on the democratic side whether we say it psychotropic drugs, veterans in a better way responsible caring way that have had trouble. >> do you think going in and arming everybody when everybody sitting next to you has a weapon is a good idea? >> most of those don't get used. we're talking about a very small percentage. if you have a nut that goes off half cocked.
11:40 pm
>> i don'ti don't believe the question was answered. >> they do not have the problems we have with gun volunteers and there'sand -- gun violence and they have strong gun safety laws. it's no reason a person shouldn't have a gun if they pass a background check. you have to have training, chris kyle famously from the american sniper movie was shot. he is the most -- he was the most lethal sniper in the history of this country and he was shot and killed by someone with a gun who should not have had a gun. so the notion of giving people guns is somehow going to make you safer a new york city police officer was recently robbed and had her gun taken from her in brooklyn. that is not only one. i can cite example after example
11:41 pm
of that. we need to make sure that guns whether they're legal or illegal -- >> now, why shouldn't i be able to defend myself in that theater if a gunman opens fire? >> new york city shooting that took place there the police arrived and they shot more people than the gunman shot. those were strained police officers. imagine in a movie theater we're not asking people to be trained, remember, that's one of the things that democrats would like to see people trained now we have a bunch of people with guns in a dark movie theater in a chaotic scenario that didn't even work when new york city police officers were in the same scenario. >> mr. o'reilly. >> you're not saying that people don't have the right to carry guns that's exactly why you're saying but the democratic party doesn't have the guts to go all the way up there and go after the second amendment. the democratic party should go
11:42 pm
after the second amendment or not. that's the question here. >> let's move on. the issue of whether candidates get it when it comes to the hashtag black lives matter came to the forefront when martin o'malley was booed when he said, all lives matter. >> every life matters that's why this issue is so important. black lives matter, white lives matter all lives matter. >> now jeb bush then weighed in all lives matter and he said it shouldn't be an issue but doesn't that ignore the fact that this movement was born out of the fear on the part of african americans mr. o'reilly that unlike whites their lives could end in a routine traffic stop as we saw with sandra bland. is that something that you believe needs to be addressed further politically and do republicans get it? >> i think o'mally was wrong to back down from that statement that's probably why he's 1% in
11:43 pm
the polls. he doesn't have the guts to stand up to what he said. i think there's been some tragic shootings involving african americans absolutely. but race relations are getting demonstrably worse in the country, because the democratic left is out there pushing that position. >> we've got about 30 section ms. dawdell i'll begin with you. is there a fear that if donald trump can say anything he wants there's a fear that you can say whatever you want.and that's with why he's up in the polls. >> that's evidence of the fact that mike huck huckabee said, which are irresponsible and dangerous. >> mr. o'reilly. >> the unfortunately thing now is that in order to break through into this nuk cycle you got to throw a hand grenade and
11:44 pm
that's unfortunate for everybody. >> stair rah dawzell and republican strategist bill o'reilly, i want to thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> in our week ahead, president obama is set to address the african union in its headquarters in ethiopia. he'll be the first sitting u.s. president to address that group. stay tuned for more on his historic visit. iranian nuclear deal, there will be hearings. misty copeland will become the principal female dancer. extreme sailing lives up to the billing with the rather extreme surveil your.
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your -- failure. >> i'll have two or three puffs and i'll already have a nicotine buzz. >> a popular smoking alternative. >> we have to learn have to learn more about electronic cigarettes. >> but could vaping be just as dangerous? >> what are you really taking in? >> we don't know what chemicals are in these things. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm.
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>> can affect and surprise us. >> wow, some of these are amazing. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> being a musician, there's no demand... >> you might want to call it high seas drama during a sailing competition in hamburg germany. massive wind catching the danish team off guard. they managed to escape with no injuries and still in third place. how and why an amusement park tipped over on saturday. swing ride was located at beach bend park. officials say seven people had to be hospitalized, saying no injuries life threatening. in florida they are fishing in their front yards right now. kevin corriveau joins us account latest. >> del, this has been going on for five days now. the rain has subsided a little
11:48 pm
bit across parts of florida. we expect it to come back in full force as the heating of the day pops up tomorrow. but let me tell you here in the north, we have seen just north of tampa we have seen 11 and a half inches of rain just in the last 72 hours. take a look of the video out of pacific county just to the north of tampa. they have seen the rain like i said for last five days with hardly any break. watches and warnings are still in effect for this area, and residents in some of the suburbs in the area have had to evacuate, because the water has gotten too high in the area there. i want to show you the watches and warnings that are in effect. here is pacific pasco county, we are looking at parts of tampa and the surrounding areas as well. tomorrow we are expecting, in the next 72 hours we are expecting to see another four to six inches of rain. just to the north here towards
11:49 pm
the villages, towards orlando that will create lots of flooding in the area there. the rain still in effect all the way to thursday, also in tampa rain very heavy not a break until when we get oprobably on friday. the heat has been a big problem across central parts of the united states. it has come down for parts of the evening we are seeing a big problem, lincoln nebraska, dallas you're not going to see much of a break dropping a degree by the time you get to tuesday or wednesday. when you factor in the heat index in this area we're talking about 105 to possibly 110. the heat advisories are in fact tomorrow. thunderstorms rolling through the north tomorrow. you can see the temperatures going up to about 88° there. tuesday really not seeing that
11:50 pm
threat as much. but still del looking at more rain in the forecast u for them. >> i was in austin last week, and it feels that hot. thank you very much. a growing number is of smugglers ever methamphetamine known as yabba. >> it's a tough ask. this 54 kilometer stretch of the noff river is one of the busiest smuggling zones. inspectors insist they can smell methamphetamine on him. they search his boat and take him in for questioning. >> it's not possible for us to guard every inch of this border every second. the smugglers are on boat sides looking out for our boats and
11:51 pm
they are communicating by radio. >> this person who spoke to us on the be be condition of anonymity. >> they pay us 150 to 200 to carry pills across the border. >> as the government focuses its attention on catching the traffickers, the concentration of pills is rising fast. while most of the clients have traditionally been heroin addicts, about 60 or 70% are trying to wean themselves off yabba. we met a member of the bangladeshi royalty. >> there's a good chance some someone in the building is taking it now the next one and
11:52 pm
next one. >> it is a problem that shows no sign of slowing down. as yabba spreads from the cities to the villages, it leaves in its wake a generation of young people who struggle to be try to recover their lives. mahar sathar al jazeera. >> how the smithsonian is using cyber space to save a bit of space history. pomp and circumstance in coopers town this weekend.
11:53 pm
>> my name is imran garda the show is called third rail, when you watch this show you're gonna find us being un-afraid. the topics will fascinate you, intrigue you... >> they take this seriously... >> let me quote you... >> there's a double standard... >>...could be a hypocrite >> you're also gonna get a show that's really fair bold... never predictable... >> the should be worried about heart disease, not terrorism... >> i wouldn't say that at all... >> you'll see a
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>> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> we're here to fully get into >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is red bull flutag competition taking place in moscow this weekend. about 40 teams with their human
11:55 pm
flying machines, judged how far they glide so to speak but also on creativity and showmanship as well. you might call it a giant step for crowd funding. the smithsonian raising through crowd funding the restoration of the be space suit that neil armstrong wore. >> five layers rubber joints and met am rings at the neck and forearms to connect to gloves. underneath the space suit, astronauts wore jump suits filled with cold water. when all suited up, an astronaut could spend six hours on the
11:56 pm
surface of the moon. the entire suit weighed 200 pounds pickup but because of the gravity, it only seemed like it weighed 33 pounds. this increased the amount of time the astronaut could remain on the moon. it was custom fitted and three were required for each astronaut one for primary one for training and one for backup. on sale on ebay for eight to $10,000. mike viqueria, washington. >> a suit tough reliable and almost cuddly, by the way this was a photo of buzz aldrin. armstrong had the camera that day. designed to allow for moon walks that lasted for six hours with emergency backup of about 30
11:57 pm
minutes. the exterior of the suit had 13 layers to protect the astronaut from radiation and micromeet yore it itmicromicrometeorites. the suit weighed 200 pounds. the smithsonian hoping to raise another $200,000 on kick starter. to restore another space suit. we spoke with leo chow about what it felt like being in a space suit. >> during my 15 year career i had the opportunity to do ten space walks. the only big difference is that the suits that i wore were not made to be -- you couldn't be ambulatory.
11:58 pm
you couldn't walk. the legs were not designed so you could walk on a planetary surface but the backpacks couple the technology inside, the systems were all evolved. we could now do six and a half nominal eva hours in the space suit and we've gone as long as eight hours. they've advanced quite a bit. it's a bit surreal the space suit is basically self contained. the oxygen has a thermal control system so you can adjust the temperature inside but you're very much alone. you're out there waving to your buddies three feet away through the back window of the space shuttle. any time you move your arms or your fingers you have to exert energy. astronauts have personal trainers to take us through weight lifting and personal
11:59 pm
training, any time you do a spacewalk you're doing somewhat elevated work, you are outside instead of inside, you worry about leaks there might be a leak at one of the joints where your helmet connects or your gloftiongloves connect. little tiny rocks going at 17,000 miles an hour so ruin your day. fortunately no astronaut has been hit by micromeet yoritis. micromeet meteorites. >> catcher turned second baseman turned outfiledder craig bigeau
12:00 am
and his 3060 hits. he's the only player in history as making the all-star team as both a catcher and an outfielder. thanks for joining us. third rail is next.


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