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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> hello there i'm felicity barr and this is newshour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes: a border buffer zone to keep owl i.s.i.l. latest plan proposed by turkey and the u.s. questions about the health of china's economy as shares make their biggest fall in eight years. ethiopia's prime minister defends his country's democratic record against criticism from president obama.
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and one person murdered nearly every hour. gang violence spirals out of control in el salvador. >> i'm lee wellings with the sports news. lights have gone out in boston and its bid for the olympic flame. >> hello. the u.s. and turkey are discussing a buffer zone along the southern border of syria. against the islamic state of iraq and the levant. accusations that turkey shelled a kurdish village in northern syria. ychg battlingypg. battling nsh syria.
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in syria. nato will hold an emergency meeting on tuesday to discuss the matter at turkey's request. on the border with syria. >> turkey says it has no plans to send troops across the border into yshes of syria in its fight against islamic state of iraq and the levant those troops are not syria's kurds who the coalition have been relying on but opposition groups fighting both i.s.i.l. and the syrian government. turkey's prime minister have agreed that those opposition groups should be protected. the disagreement we reached has covered our concerns and expectation he up to a certain level. i cannot go into detail.
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free syrian army and other groups fighting against daesh. there is no confirmation from washington but it is an open secret that turkey is unhappy with the alliance between the ypg force. expanded their presence along syria's border areas with turkey. turkey is worried about this for many reasons. it doesn't want the kurds to create a state and inflame separatist sentiments among its own separatist sentiments. pkk, the kurdistan workers party which it has declared war on. only force on the ground to be partners with the coalition. turkey has peld out spelled out the conditions the ypg needs to meet, it needs to cut its ties and so far the kurds have refused to join forces with the
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main rebel movements particularly those backed by turkey. that's not all. the ypg is now accusing turkey of repeatedly attacking their units across the border an allegation turkey denies. the syrian kurds also declare turkey of declaring war on i.s.i.l. as a coverup to launch war with the kurds in iraq and turkey. >> they are using the coalition something unacceptable because we have to differentiate between the terrorists and the political movements that demand for humanitarian rights for some ethnical groups. >> reporter: turkey's decision to also target pkk is cautioning the most controversy another
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front line seems to be emerging. zeina khodr, al jazeera southern turkey. >> more on those discussions in creating an i.s.i.l. free zone. patty culhane reports. >> turkey is talking with u.s. officials about what the white house calls an i.s.i.l. free zone. 120 kilometer stretch a safe place for millions of refugees now in turkey but the obama administration says it will not create a no fly zone to get rid of i.s.i.l. in the area. and sources say they haven't agreed on who will do the fighting on the ground to find out who will win. it might fall to the syrian opposition to do it on their own. >> either doesn't have the military capacity or someone more extremist that the turks would not want in that zone on their border.
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and the u.s. and other allies are too far away to provide that military presence. so really it will come down to the turkish military to guarantee the zone would be free of i.s.i.s. >> days after they announced the u.s. could use their base to announce a attacks on syria. >> i understand the coincidence of all of this but it is just that. the attacks against pkk were in retaliations for attacks they, the turks endured. >> reporter: the pentagon said they could have an agreement in the next few weeks for now saying they want to create a safe zone but not who will do the fighting to find one. patty culhane, al jazeera washington. >> consultant with me now here in the studio in london thanks for coming in to al jazeera. there are so many questions
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aren't there surrounding this idea of some sort of safe zone on the border between turkey and syria. not least how deep into syria might that safe zone go? >> well, we don't know and it's a question of judgment on the part of the turks to decide how far they can reasonably get away with it. in terms of international support. but yes they obviously feel they need one. it's very interesting that they're asking for it now. and not when kobani was in full swing. there's been a major change in thinking in turkey because turkey had been surprisingly uninvolved in the syrian conflict. and now suddenly, it's getting very involved in syria and in iraq. so there's been a major re-think. >> some people are suspicious that the turks are simply more interested in keeping the syrian
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kurds in check rather than tackling i.s.i.l. >> well that's an interesting view. and i think that has some credence. but then turkey is not different than almost different in this game. you know the americans have used the presence of al qaeda to attack iraq. in the regional powers are using other pretexts to attack regional or to deal with regional problems such as yemen and libya. what isn't happening is, a consolidated focus on daesh or i.s.i.l. which is the main threat the most universal threat in the region. and the strategy and the approach to daesh has been complicated by these local priorities. >> regional difficulties some might term as. >> indeed. >> it is a difficult position now for u.s. isn't it because the syrian kurds or some of them
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have proved to be the main ally for u.s. in syria. >> yes. >> because the whole in iraq have been praised for their ability to tackle i.s.i.l. in iraq but the turks are trying to hold any idea of progress towards their border from either syria or iraq of the kurds. >> yes this again attacking pkk and some of the kurdish groups and of course kurdish are very different and distinct. >> and pkk theist says is a terrorist organization. >> very different than responsible for part of the coalition. so attacking these local difficulties if i put it this those terms in preference to or complicating the wider threat from daesh is the big issue. and really, somebody needs to prioritize these issues. and it's the same thing with assad. people are concentrating on assad and forgetting the
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importance of daesh. those issues can be put on ice. they've been there for a while. they will keep but daesh is the one issue that everybody should concentrate on and they're not. >> we've got this meeting of nato that turkey has requested on i.s.i.l. and the various kurdish groups. what do you think will happen at nato on tuesday? >> very interesting. turkey will try and invoke the issue of collective defense. very interesting if they're successful because for one reason, there are european partners who are reluctant to get involved in iraq because of the afghan experience. implicit in the issue of collective defense is a state is attacked by a state and if they do accept, that there is an attack on syria by daesh or i.s.i.l. then they are de facto recognizing it as a state intnt. unless theyentity.
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is unless they recognize dash as dash as a state ordaeshas a state. because of the sensitivities of that kind of debate. if they are successful then it will possibly galvanize the international political and military strategy, which are absent really from the scene. there is no singular international and no singular military strategy dealing with daesh. and so in some ways this could be the catalyst that gets progress on the daesh issue. >> it is of course a meeting we will be monitoring closely. thanks very much for coming in.
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pleasure. >> both sides in yemen's conflict are accusing the other of breaking a humanitarian ceasefire. there have been houthi attacks in the southern region of ta'izz and coalition fights north of the border. doesn't violate the five day truce that began on sunday. purely humanitarian and put the burden on houthi fighters for 21 million yemenis who need assistance. >> translator: as yemen's legitimate government we are with the humanitarian truce but we support a truce that is fully implemented. we will not support one that will be used for expansion or to change conditions on the ground. >> and there's been intense fighting there in mareb in central yemen. nine houthi fighters killed and three others injured. the collect point was under the control of forces loyal to abd
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rabbu mansour hadi. pakistan has condemned an attack which killed ten people at a police station and bus station in northern india. follows accusations by indian officials that those launched the attack across the bother from pakistan. liddy dutt reports. >> myhijacked a car and attacked a bus. then a gas station close to the india-pakistan border. bombs were also found on a nearby railway. the government's political opposition are raising questions about the strength of india's border security. >> translator: it is a very unfortunate incident. they are awaiting the security apparatus at the border by their policies. poor and innocent people have been killed. >> reporter: even before the security operation ended some
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entities in india were blaming pakistan. >> translator: terrorist attacks cannot take place without the orders of pakistani intelligence. the plan for such an attack an the explosives needed are supplied by the isi that means isi planned the attack. we must send a message that this is not acceptable. >> reporter: responsible for preventionprevious attack, pakistan is not responsible. the government has already stepped up security along the border. >> translator: after the incident the whole of punjab is on alert. we are checking buses railway stations and areas. we are sanitizing the whole area so another tack does not occur. >> reporter: dressed as india army personnel in 20 years. police are investigating who these gunmen were and where they came from.
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india's home minister is expected to make a statement about the atechnical in parliament. liddy dutt, al jazeera, new delhi. >> why u.s. has taken cuba and malaysia off the list of state terrorism. boston less a reality coming up. chinese shares have the had their biggest one day trade drop in years. hong kong's benchmark hangseng index dropped 10%. more than double in a year but in june panic set in after stocks plummeted by more than 30%. chinese gft stepped in and got
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brokerages to buy stocks and prop up the market. monday's dramatic drop in share value suggests that has not been enough to encourage market confidence. well eric plat is a correspondent for the financial ft based in new york. he joins us right now eric put this in context for us. how significant has these stocks tumbling been. >> so this is quite significant. the government stepped in several weeks ago and many investors have taken it as a good sign that you know, with proper measures you could blunt the fall in shares. and since stocks continue to fall it's unlike concerns will they bring more trading halts on shares and is volatility here to stay for several months to a year? >> what has been hardest hit by this? >> so it's been a wide variety of stocks and actually traveled across asia to u.s. markets and
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latin america. u.s. stocks closed down for the fifth consecutive day today. export cement china has been largely using been the biggest driver of stocks for many years. >> there has been a warning that china was on the path of unsustainable growth. how much of a surprise has this been? >> not too much of a surprise. investors are more concerned about china than other things. they don't fully understand this. greece is a known concern with china they don't really understand, you know what the government will do to step in and how they can bolster growth going forward. >> huge concern obviously on the international markets. what is the risk of some sort of ripple effect in other economies? >> quite large actually. so if you look at latin america or african economies that have
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really grown through this commodity cycle of shipping copper or cocoa to china now they have to grapple with this new demand-supply balance if china is not stepping in to buy these commodities who will? and if not are thee prices going to continue to fall? exacerbating issues of many economies in latin america. >> eric plat joins us from new york, thank you for your time. in tuesday trade ministers will meet on the long awaited deal the transpacific partnership. al jazeera's daniel lak explains. . >> international trade is crucial to the economy that's why canada is taking part in the tpp negotiations but a big
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stumbling block is the agriculture sector. not every aspect but specifically dare y dairy eggs and president obama tri farming. prices stable,poultry farming. be americans would like, if it's going to be part of the tpp and that's the huge sticking point in the negotiations. >> i think likely what will happen is that the government will decide just to keep pushing back draw this back. it could be for example that japan doesn't want to stop protecting its rice farmers and the united states again has an interest in protecting its sugar farmers rights. there are a lot of countries in this that are looking to protect certain sectors usually for good reason. >> but the negotiations are now in a crucial stage and trade ministers this week in hawaii are expected to really put
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pressure on canada. there are many other objection he expressed here in canada especially to the left of the political spectrum but if you talk to the business sector they are four square for the be issue going ahead. there is no way for the continue to be be pro prosperous if it doesn't sign up. >> it will cover 40% of the global economy as far as gdp. this is a very important agreement and if canada is not part of it canada will lose significant economic gdp and employment. >> canada's conservative government says it's pro-free trade and really wants this agreement but it knows it's politically risky especially in an election year to do anything to the country's supply management system for eggs, milk chickens and dairy.
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>> barack obama has praised key african ally ethiopia for its fight against the armed group al shabaab in somalia. but it's challenged the democratic record. u.s. president met the ethiopian prime minister in addis ababa. mohammad adow reports. >> it's a warm welcome for president obama at addis ababa national the first visit of the a u.s. sitting president to ethiopia foster economic and security ties dominated the talks with ethiopian prime minister . president obama praiseed ethiopia as an outstanding partner. >> ethiopia faces serious threats and its fight against be
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al shabaab the prime minister noted yesterday's bombing in mogadishu remind us that groups like al shabaab offer nothing but death and destruction and have to be stopped. >> to improve ethiopia's record against human rights. warning this a trip could lend credibility, the committee to protect journalists states that only neighboring eritrea that jails more journalists than ethiopia. some of them held on charges of terrorism. many others remain in custody. the ethiopian lierd however ethiopian leader however defended his country answer record. >> we have both noted that we need to step up efforts to
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strengthen our view capacity in various areas. we believe the u.s. support in this regard as age old democracy will contribute to ensuring that our system becomes robust. we have agreed to continue our engagement despite minor differences here and there with regard mainly with the speed to which our democratization process is moving. >> he never walk his talk, he never walk his talk for last six years. so if you don't walk your talk, always giving empty promises, say something in the dining and the wining with dictators people don't believe you. >> reporter: later on monday president obama joined the leaders of kenya uganda and
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ethiopia. options discussed include sanctions on intrance jet individuals by august 17th. mohammad adow, al jazeera, addis ababa, ethiopia. >> egyptian police have killed two men believed to be involved in the astack on the italian embassy in cairo. the italian consulate was bombed civilian was killed and nine others injured in the blast. belong to a group operating mainly in the egyptian capital. iran's ally iraq mohammed zarif's visit raised concerns about the pact. on sunday he called on middle
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eastern countries to unite against terrorism as well as i.s.i.l. >> this is my first visit to the persian gulf to develop relations and start continuous discussion between iran and its neighbors. to achieve the interest of all countries in this region and the islamic world and also to achieve international peace and security. i've had good discussions and negotiations in some countries and hope god willing for the same in this critical region. >> still to come on the program new concern for the endangered endangered bengal tiger. plus. >> i'm treak bazley. tarek bazley. >> and straight back in the saddle more details in sport. rt.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's >> hello again reminder of the stop stories on al jazeera.
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turkey has been accused of shelling a village of kurdish. and a paramilitary police commander has been shot dead in the predominantly kurdish eastern province. both sides in yemen's conflicts are accusing the other of breaking the humanitarian ceasefire. mountainous southern region of ta'izz, and near the saudi border. and chinese stocks have recorded their biggest one day fall in eight years fears of the state of the chinese economy resume. shanghai composite closed out eight and a half percent in monday's trading. u.s. has taken malaysia and cuba off the lits of countries failing to combat human trafficking. released by the state department malaysia was moved up a grade.
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that means u.s. believes it has made some progress in be combating trafficking. increasing the number of prosecutions in trafficking but forced labor and sex tourism are still widespread. the thai government remains at the lowest level to combat trafficking which it says is rife. john kerry commented about it. >> to alleviate suffering and to hold people accountable. we want to provide a strong incentive for governments at every level to do all that they can to prosecute trafficking and to shield at-risk populations. >> david abramowitz,
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humanitarian united, joins us live. thank you for being on the program. if you could explain a little bit about these tiers tier 3 seems to be worst what actually does it mean? >> well it means that a country doesn't meet the minimum standards that are contained in u.s. law. that derives from intrrl from intrrl international treaties. we are very disappointed with the decision to upgrade malaysia. malaysia is a country that has an estimated 4 million migrants, 2 million documented two million undocumented who are the most vulnerable and one u.k. expert has estimated that up to 30% of that migrant population is subject to forced labor and
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human trafficking. so they have a severe problem and they really haven't been doing too much about it. there was a report that came out in treanl 2014 on the electronics industry which has different pieces of cell phones and other technology and it also found that up to one-third of the workers in the electronics industry were subject to forced labor and the malasian response just hasn't been enough. so we are very, very disappointed that even though they have done virtually nothing they got upgraded. >> the under secretary of state was questioned about this earlier, and she says malaysia does deserve this because it's strengthened its trafficking laws and increased its investigation into trafficking but you believe malaysia has done nothing? >> the law she referred to was put before parliament but at the end of the session may 31st it
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hadn't even been considered. my question is why she is making that statement. later this year or there will be no real change on the ground. and even though the report indicates that investigations went up, convictions which are the key piece of measuring a law enforcement response, actually went down in 2014 as compared to 2014 so it really seems very difficult for me how the state department is justifying this and we are very disappointed that secretary kerry went along with regional experts for corporate and regional concerns and not about human rights. >> so you think this is political then? >> well in the case of flaish malaysia we have a situation that under regional law which was signed by president obama, if you are on tier 3 which is what malaysia was on then any agreement that includes malaysia couldn't get
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on fast track or expedited procedures for consideration of a trade agreement and the transpacific partnership would include malaysia. i think the u.s. is very committed to trying to get malaysia into that disagreement and therefore they felt they needed to do this even though there's an alternative path they could have taken. >> what about the situation of cuba? again the under secretary of state has been questioned and she said cuba has made progress in addressing sex trafficking within the country. >> well there's definitely a serious sex trafficking problem in cuba, that's the basis for it being on tier 3 all along. if you look at the report it's very thin in terms of what the cubans have actually done. i know they have been engaging more with the department of state on this issue. they didn't provide statistics on conviction is they took in
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2013 at all. they did provide what they've been doing from 2013, but there's no indication that they took any action in 2014 at all. that seems very strange to me to upgreat them on that basis. >> david abramowitz thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. let's take it to central america, where the murders in el sasmed have raised, on monday for example a driver was gunned down during a bus strike that happened in the capital san salvador and adam rainey can join us from there now. adam tell us about this latest gun crime. >> reporter: well, we're here at the scene where you may see behind me a bus that's parked and the driver not to be too graphic for our audience, the
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driver is slumped there at the steering wheel because he's been shot dead. not to be too graphic it's what salvadorns who take public transport, most of them, men and women on these bus lines because they are extorted, and if these companies don't pay up, these gangs kill people. more than 50 such transportation workers have been killed in the past year alone and in the past 24 hours three bus drivers have been killed. this follows a weekend when at least two buses were fire bombed torched by alleged criminal gangs trying to show their power. we have been reporting in the country for several days and what we are seeing is a country literally overwhelmed by all the dead and missing. a steady stream of bodies, last month alone someone was murdered nearly every hour in this poor
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country. bullets lodged in the chest sometimes the head. people shoot to kill in el salvador. they catalog the dead, some have no name. it's been another busy night at the morgue. doctors say these two men arrived in the middle of the night, both killed in shootings. they say 90% of the bodies they receive die in that way bearing the signs of gang violence. there is no government support. god is called on often in the country named the savior. his father tells us it must have been god's will, what else could it be? a message board outside the
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morgue bears photos of those disappeared, feared dead. without any system in place families end up here, hoping for news of their loved ones. three weeks ago maria ramirez's husband never came home from work. she stops herself about talking to him in the past tense. >> reporter: they're taken oa room finally someone will hear their story. there a doctor asks them when they last saw her husband. the missing are rarely found. many are hidden in clandestine graves. if they are discovered, often they are only remains. juan miguel oversees the state forensics system, killing is set to go down, he is searching for
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meaning. >> reporter: explanation perhaps, answers in el salvador are hard to find. but with so many missing and dead those left behind have no choice but to keep looking. >> adam we mentioned a little earlier that gang truce did seem to bring the murder rate the crime rate down. why did the truce itself collapse? >> reporter: well, it brought it down by drastic levels but it collapsed frankly for political reasons. am the current president a leftist president who is a veteran from the civil war in the 1980s was the vice president when that truce was hammered out he just didn't
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support it. he and other people in the government say they should not be negotiating with gangs. that's despite the fact that it did reduce the homicide levels here. and the truth is that the public seems to be supporting that policy because they seem to have a tough hand kind of philosophy about how to deal with criminal gangs. now we've been speaking to a leader of one of the criminal gangs here. he says the government just really doesn't understand the phenomenon of these gangs. the gangs he says want to negotiate but the gangs instrumental are showing how violent they are because the last month was one of the most violent in the last 25 years july despite this grizzly scene behind me, has has about half the homicides but that's still two people killed every hour, and the gangs through their order of the rank of command say don't kill this person kill this person. a way to show their power but so
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far it's been falling on deaf ears. the government this morning told us they are not going to deal with criminal organizations. >> really shocking situation. adam rainey in el salvador, thank you. 15 men have been killed and others detained by special forces after police raids at a shanty town. cracking down in the capital of caracas. al jazeera's virginia lopez reports. >> some have decided to leave before it happens again. others cope with their fear by talking to friends. it's been two weeks since the venezuelan government sent in a group of forces to a caracas shanty yet people are still talk going what happened that day. >> translator: i.t. was approximately 5:00 a.m., we heard gun shots papa papa, and
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then the police kicked down the door they took my three sons and also a lap to the and a generator. >> reporter: this video shows the moment a military helicopter came dangerously close to homes. intense clashes between the police and armed gangs who controlled the area left 15 people dead. hundreds detaind. and a slew of accusations that the government's action under a plan called liberation of the people had gone too far. >> translator: they destroyed whatever they found had this car. they took everything they could. dvds even deodorant. and then they took my husband with them. >> reporter: neighbors in esperanza describe the scene. they said they planted false evidence and took husbands and sons to jail. sowing miss trust and fear in this country.
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but criminals can be seen openly wielding their guns in this area, an area that serves as a base for gangs who kidnap extort and rob vehicles. >> i've been personally directed by nicholas maduro who has instructed us to extent operations to all the country. >> proportionate use of violence been denounced by human rights groups. >> there is no great area when it comes to human rights and these types of operations have never proven effective. >> this eyewitness and a form he bank robber questions not so much the methods but the results. >> i see the criminals outsmarting the police. the police have lost access to the area. they had to do this huge operation with helicopters and tanks and even so the bands are still there operating. >> armed gangs have threatened
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retaliation. that is also they can't stop talking about virginia lopez al jazeera caracas. >> a key suspect linked to the killing of alexander lepvenenco, comp prompts to give evidence via video link but was not given permission by russian authorities. spanish region of catalonia has been destroyed since fire broke out on sunday. blaze has now been contained. >> seen here on a time lapse recording this volcano spewed
5:45 pm
ash be and steam into the area. ruptured five months ago leading to international flight cancellations. there's plenty more still to come on the newshour including case adjourned. jack warner turns the table. the victim of political bias. s.
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>> investigating a dark side of the law >> they don't have the money to >> hello again. police in zimbabwe are searching
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for the person who killed the most famous lion, cecil with his distinctive distinctive mane. suspected of bribeing wildfire guides. tracked him for hours before being beheaded and skinned. big cat's last strongholds the mangrove forest. found only 100 tyingers living in that area down from the 440 in the last census in 2004. some believe the difference in the figures is because more accurate recording recording methods were used in the sen spups there census.
5:48 pm
securing the future of the species. >> well, it was once a vast area and there are very few forest outposts and very few people guarding the last forest, which is about 6,000 square kilometers. so i suggest that the forest department should increase its strength in outposts as well as the staff so that they can fight with poachers. because the poachers are all over the area. high technical images of scenes but some technology developers say they are striving to create friendly robots. tarek baims has the bazley has the story. >> cold hard arms programmed to
5:49 pm
perform the same repetitive tasks, largely oblivious to those around them. but the automate at kings college in london are producing soft robots. >> the soft robot will be soft, will bounce off you. systems that humans can collaborate with, people can work together with a robot and you don't have to have the fear that a robot will crush somebody if the robot is soft. >> it's the natural world that's the source of many of the ideas behind the team's new designs. these researchers took their direction from the octopus that doesn't have a skeleton but can
5:50 pm
still become rigid when necessary. >> if you have a rigid robot you can harm a patient. leaving that behind and really exploring the idea of soft robots will make an enormous difference. suddenly we have a robot that is effectively not capable of injuring the patient. >> reporter: also looking at the whos of goats how agricultural robots could be made more mobile. >> most of the robots have just wheels which are not suitable for the land that we have in ecuador. we have farms in hills and also obstacles like rocks and trunks. so they are not going to be able to work in that kind of area. >> other members of the team are looking at human arm muscles to
5:51 pm
better understand how they work with tendons to control limbs. others are using a robotic finger to mimic the way doctors search for lumps underthe skin. these innovations and techniques are years from being rolled out but the system feels they will form basis of a new generation of softer and more friendly robots. tarek bazley, al jazeera london. >> now the time for sports. lee. >> the u.s. olympic committee says boston is pulling out of convention because of finances and the lack of support. boston mayor marty marty walsh says
5:52 pm
they are pulling out after they beat out san francisco and washington. it is now possible that another american city would step forward. the american olympic committee says they would like for that to happen. could be joined by toronto the canadian city successfully hosted the pan american games which ended on sunday, multi-sport event grand closing ceremony. there were concerns that it would be too expensive and there would be a lack of interest from canadians. more than a million tickets sold for the 16 day event anonymity the president of the canadian committee says he will do what's possible. beijing will be bidding for
5:53 pm
2026 summer games. >> among the public and improve urban development. >> the extradition hearing in trinidad of former fifa executive jack warner will be delayed a month. this gives warner and his lawyers a chance to file a petition for review. the 72-year-old is one of 14 fifa officials wanted by the u.s. for charges ranging from bribery to racketeering. he denies the allegations. >> the case has been based on political bias and therefore it is almost impossible to get a fair hearing as a consequence.
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>> meanwhile, vladimir putin says the outgoing fifa president sepp blatter deserves the nobel peace prize. the pair shared a stage on saturday, blairt and the blatter and the heads deserving adeserves reiteration. didier droger drogba. >> three days after beating manchester city in australia
5:55 pm
faced italian inter inter intermilan. a major league soccer match had to be halted because of rogue sprinters the soaking started, ground cruise stumbled to try and fix problem as sprinkler heads popped up. in kansas city last month was caused by a ground keeper accidentallyaccidentally triggering an irrigation app on his phone. the reason in houston is unknown. chris frume is considering riding in the spain trial next month. completing the double of the
5:56 pm
tour and this race in one year. the first british man to win the you're the de france twice. >> on the bike he was remarkable remarkable performance. but equally i think he was very composed and managed hymnself with great dignity and shows what a great champion he is. >> rafrafael nadal faces fernando nadesco in hamberg. ahead of the u.s. open. >> i know i'm not having the best season. possible but that's part of the sport and i'm working hard to try to the ready for the season that's coming later. and just wait for the right moment. >> finally in the last few years
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we've seen gender barriers fall across several sports. for example women can now compete in boxing and ski jumping at the olympics. now the male swimmers have finally achieved equality in the pool. men have been competing for synchronized swimming. the winners were christina jones and bill may. cirque du soleil performers retired years ago because of lack of competition available for male synchronized swimmers. good luck to them. >> incredibly difficult to do. apparently men don't float as easily as women. i'll be back more in a couple of
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minutes. bye-bye. bye-bye.
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>> a border buffer zone to keep out i.s.i.l. we'll have the latest proposed by turkey and the u.s. hello there i'm felicity barr and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: questions about the health of china's economy as shares make their biggest fall in eight years. ethiopia's prime minister defends his country's democratic record against criticism from president obama. plus: >> i'm t