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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ the afghan taliban confirms of death of its leader. and denounce -- announces his successor. ♪ ♪ hello there i am barbara sarah, you are watching al jazerra live from london. also coming up on the program is this a piece of missing flight mh370? we are live to the remote island where it's happen found. migrants pray for a way on out of make-shift camps in france as extra security goes up to stop them from reaching britain. and we'll tell you how cass i kazakhstan is battling public perception as it bids to host the winter olympics.
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♪ ♪ thank you for joining us. after years of confusion over his fate. the afghan taliban has confirmed et cetera a leader is, in fact, dead. but it hasn't said where or when he died. the taliban's supreme council is instead focusing on the group's future. they have announced their new leader. he has been actioning as the deputy for the past three years. he's been notable for asserting his position by standing up to ago daddy in charge of isil. monsieur told him to back off from afghanistan. before the taliban was overthrown during the u.s. invasion in 2001, monsieur served as minister of civil aviation we'll have more on him in a moment. first general jennifer glasse reports
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ottoman he has replaced. >> reporter: nine spiritual leader and military commander of the taliban famously reclusive. only a few photographs of him exist. the fbi offered millions of dollars for information on his whereabouts. that remained a mystery in the final years of his life. communications from him came through the taliban's web site, usually on holidays or anniversaries. it was never clear if they were really his words. as a young man, he was a fighter, battling the soviet army's occupation of afghanistan during the 1980s. his confidante described how he game the self-proclaimed a mere of afghanistan. >> when the taliban was arising they need to have a leader, eventually the taliban chose him because people and he had some weapons to use. the second reason he was a famous person. >> reporter: his 30 fighters
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began thousands the taliban took over afghanistan in 1996. under omar's command the taliban established security and order in a country after issued -- ravished by violence. the stick interpretation of islam meant heart punishment was meeted out to the people. as he told people of his version of a sharia based society. he allowed osama bin laden a refuge and freedom to operate in afghanistan. it was a close and mutually beneficial relationship. ben lad en swore allegiance to him. their bond game familial when osama bin laden son married omar's daughter. the september attacks in 22001 for which al qaeda claimed responsibility. shifted attention firmly onto afghanistan. u.s. demanded the taliban give up osama bin laden. they refused.
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in october 2001, a united states-led coalition launched a full scale war with the aim of destroying al qaeda they quickly drove the taliban from power. but failed to capture omar. after four quiet years still in hyden omar directed an increase will go i violent war against the new had i-a pointed government of karzai, then his successor ghani. roadside bombings became their hall makes. the taliban made areas of afghanistan virtually impossible to govern. in recent years there has been political overture to his the taliban, giving represents a political office in qatar. after years of saying they would never negotiate with what they called a puppet government, taliban representatives sat down with afghan government officials. omar was nowhere to be seen but an an line message endorsed the negotiations. by then, reports suggested ted long been dead. but the taliban movement started is gaining a new political life.
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now it has hey new leader. man sore. >> and jennifer glasse is live for us in kabul afghanistan. so jennifer you were just mentioning the new leader. what will it actually mean for the taliban? what changes could expect? >> reporter: we are not exactly sure barbara because he has been working alongside omar for the last three years. if you listen to the afghan leadership omar has been dead for two years. he has been man sewer has sewer has been very much involved in the political he did i thinks so far the past couple of years and we have seen a lot of political developments with the taliban over the last few years with this new office in qatar two years ago. overtures and now peace talks with the taliban but there are
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also the at that time ban fighting fiercely on the battlefield especially over the last couple of months. they lawn offed their springs offensive and it has been a difficult fighting year for the afghan security forces. the taliban launching very fierce offenses and for the very first time holding ground and front lines not only in the north where in the last couple of days they have taken dozens of villages. but in the south as well just in the last 24 hours they took over a district in the south the afghan government saying they made a strategic retreat there. so you have two sides of the taliban right now, you have the military side, and the political side. and the real question is, who is in control of all of those. br* and, of course, as the peace talks were meant to go ahead tomorrow on friday now they are not going to go ahead perhaps delayed perhaps canceled. what does it mean for peace between the taliban and the afghan government which was always going to be difficult for negotiate anyway?
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>> reporter: that's right. the first round of peace talks happened on july 7th. the second round scheduled for friday have been postponed. now, that may be because the taliban have declared three days of mourning after admitting to the death of omar. the afghan government the foreign ministry issued a statement saying it's sorry the peace talks have been delayed but optimistic that they will go forward at some point in time. and the fact of the new leader of the taliban mansur has been involved in the last round of the peace talks i think gives the afghan government some optimism it might go forward. they want whoever sits down negotiating in the future represents a broadways of the taliban. not just the political leadership which has been based in pan stack but also the fighters on the battlefield.
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right now saying peace is more important than ever calling on warring party to his lay down their arms and come to the peace table and they are confident peace negotiations will go forward at some point in time. >> jennifer glasse in kabul. jennifer, thank you. speculation is mounting that debris found on an island could belong to the missing airliner mh370. the object which appears to be part of a wing has washed up on reunion island meis of madagascar. and that's thousands of kilometers from the search zone off australia's southwest coast. the debris is being sent to france where french crash investigators will attempt to verify it. 239 people were aboard the malaysia airlines flight when it fan issued in -- vanished in march of last year. australia which is leading the investigation says it's offering families new hope for closure.
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>> this is obviously a very significant development. it's the first real evidence that there is a possibility that a part of the aircraft may have been found. it's too early to make that judgment. but clearly we are treat this is as a major lead. and seeking to get assurance about what has been found and whether it is indeed linked to the disappearance of mh370. >> well, al jazerra's penny paige is on reunion island and joins us live now. so tania the debris now on its way to toulouse to be attempted to be verified by french investigators. but if it does turn out to be part of mh370 of the plane, how much of a turning point would this be in to the investigation? and actually trying to find out what happened to the plane and where its remains are. >> reporter: well, i think realistically it may not be much of a turning point as far as
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figuring out exactly what happened because as you said it's a part of the wing aura peers to be a part of the wing. so it's not a crucial part of the computer or black box or engine. they may not be able to tell very much from it. but it will concern to those leading the search for debris on the bottom of the ocean many thousands of kilometers away, that they are looking in the right place because some of the modeling around the time that the plane went missing indicated that some of the wreckage may by this time, have drifted as far as this tiny spec on the ocean which is now become of course the center of the universe for the investigators for the families, people hoping for some clues some evidence as to exactly what happened and exactly what happened, of course to those 239 souls on board. >> and tania, you are obviously on reunion island, quite a small
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island in the indian ocean which, now, of course, is the focus of the investigation. to tell us who else is there make a an a government representatives, the airline who is there? >> reporter: we have been told investigators are here, there are french investigators malaysian, we have been told that there was some suggestion that they would be speaking at some point. in the morning. now we are hearing it may not be the case. because as you said the piece of wreckage now under lock and key is on its way to france, if not tonight, then tomorrow at some point. so they may just go straight there so they can try and really identify it as fast as possible. they are going to do that by looking at some of the serial numbers if they can find them on the components on this part of the plane. that way they'll be able to tell really quite quickly you would imagine exactly whether or not this came from that doomed flight. >> certainly will be fascinating
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for debt some news on the fate of the plane and the veracity of this debris. for the moment tam i can't page on reunion island, thank you. israel's par lamb has passed a controversial law allowing for the force feeding of prisoners on hunger strikes. the bill was passed with a majority of just six votes. u.n. human rights experts and israel's medical association have condemned the move. they consider force feeding a form of torture. hunger strikes have often been a means of protest for palestinian prisoners. stephanie deck has more now from the prison outside jerusalem. >> reporter: statistics show the majority of prisoners on hunger strike are in administrative did he steps. many get taken here for the prison. now what does that mean? that means being held without charge. and those that support these kinds hunger strikes tell you it's the only means the prisoners have to put pressure on the authorities here to either channel them or let them go. there has also been a huge backlash from the medical community here.
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the israeli medical association urging all doctors not to participate in this. and saying that it goes against all medical ethics that they have signed once they started being doctors. >> i think that there might be suspicion on our side that we are being used as tools or as somebody who deals out the punishment to political prisoners or to prisoners who have complained and the hunger striking and we are the tools in the hands of the state. >> reporter: israeli medical association will now petition the high court to try and get it overruled. that is a huge challenge. however, it goes to show quite how upset they are at this new law. if you look at the figures no hunger striking prisoner has ever died as a result of hunger strike but there have been cases of prisoners being killed because they were force fed. >> stefanie dekker there. six people have been injured in a stabbing at a game pride march in jerusalem.
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police suspect an ultra orthodox jewish man is responsible for the attacks at the annual events. the religious population is more prominent in jerusalem than other israeli cities. the march has long been a source of tension between the secular and ultra orthodox jewish communities who object to public displays of homosexuality. there are reports eight members of a group of u.s.-trained fighters have been abduct ed in northern syria. activists say the men from the new syrian force were kidnapped bite al qaeda-linked al-nusra front in aleppo. this video is said to show the fighters enter syria after they received their training in turkey the men, who are equipped by the u.s. had recently returned from training in turkey. kuwait's interior minister says it has uncovered a network of isil fighter who fought in iraq and syria. five of its nationals have been identified. of the suspects, they say one
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was killed in what they called a terrorist operation in iraq. kuwait launched the security crack down after a mosque attack last month that killed 26 people. turkey's military says three soldiers have been killed in an attack by kurdish fighters. it happened in the southeastern province. helicopters at a commander unit were dispatched to the area, turkish jets have been targeting fighters from the kurdistan workers party or the p.k.k. there since wednesday. still lots more to come here on al jazerra including 23 people are killed as a truck crashes in to a group of pilgrims in mexico. the promise of peace in burundi encourages some refugees to return. but the u.n. says most are still too scared to go back.
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♪ ♪ now a reminder of the top story on his al jazerra. the afghan taliban confirms that its leader knew los angeles omar is dead. the new leader is mansoor who was his deputy for three years. speculation layings is mound that go debris found on the i want i can't understand ocean could long for mh370. the object which appears to be part of a wing has washed up on recipients union island east of madagascar. israel's parliament has passed allow allowing for force feeding of -- feeding of prison
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prisoners on hunger strike. nearly 4,000 people have attempted to make the crossing this week alone. security is being tightened to try to bolster the entrance to the channel tunnel. from calais, here is barnaby phillips. >> reporter: british workmen are in france reinforcing defenses around the euro tunnel complex. they hope this will be enough to keep my migrants out and stop them from boarding trucks and trains to try to get across the channel. in britain, the newspapers are increasingly shrill. something must be done to keep migrants out. the french are not up to the job is the sentiment. the prime minister sensitive to the mood at home, used perhaps insensitive language to describe the situation in calais. >> this is very testing i accept that. because you have a swarm of people coming across the mediterranean, seeking a better life, want to go come to britain because britain has got jobs,
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it's got a agreeing economy it's an incredible place for live. but we need to protect our borders by working hand in glove with our neighbors the french, that's exactly what we are doing. >> reporter: this is the existing fence around the euro tunnel complex. you can zero enforced with barb wire more barbed wire at the top. look here it, does look as if some people have forced their way through. cut open the wire. above there is a sign that says danger of death. in several afghan, asian middle eastern languages warning people not to go through. but beyond, there is more bar,ed wire and then a second fence. and, again reinforcements at the top of that second fence. so you would have to be really, really determined to try to get through here and try and board one of those trains like the one that is just going past right now. shortly afterwards, a team arrived to repair the hole. and so the game of cat and mouse goes on.
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the real action happens after dark. when the migrants hope it will be easier to get across undetected. although on this occasion, the french police manage to keep them out. outside calais hospital, i met a syrian man who wouldn't show his face. he had tried to jump onto a ship to england, but slipped and broke both arms. he has been well treat ed in this french hospital, but he is still plotting out how to get to england. >> when i am back my health and go outside the hospital, i am try again to get to london. it's my dream. i don't stop for that. i am try one two three more. >> reporter: no one who has come this far is easily der terred. this group included syrians aerotrains and sudanese, they didn't get across this time, but
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they too will surely try again. barnaby phillips, al jazerra calais. the verdict in the retrial of three al jazerra journalists in egypt has been postponed until next month. they are accused of colluding with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges they and al jazerra deny. the court wail set again on august 2nd. they were accused of aiding a terrorist organization on june 2013. but an appeals court ordered a retrial in january. bra run did's government says families who fled from political unrest are now coming ba. but the u.n. says more than 100,000 are still in ref chasm camps in congress go, rwanda. we have a report from rwanda. >> reporter: esther michelle says they went to a refugees camp in rue rwanda because she was ad fast.
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she's she's one of thousands of people who fled from burundi during the recent violence during a controversial election. she and others have now start today return home. >> there is no war so a came back. the camel was not good, but i am scared i heard some people are being harassed by those who stayed. they are angry we ran away. >> reporter: they come back to this. thieves took advantage situation, broke down the door and then came inside. they went through room by room looking for whatever they could steal, taking things like furniture and appliances. a vote is carved from the 2005 election say burundi's first election after its civil war what the president recently won his first team and won a third after months of violence despite a constitutional law limiting him to two terms people are coming back because security has been restored. >> yes, a lot of people are coming back to burundi many have walked from neighboring
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rwanda. the security they have heard sim proved in the country. it's true after election says people started coming back. >> reporter: but the united nations says more than 100,000 people are still in refugees camps in the democratic republic of congo tanzania and rwanda. >> so far what we are noticing is that those who were in urban areas, not in the. [ inaudible ] refugees, are now returning. so the government may have a definition that these are refugees but for us who take as refugees those who had asked for protection of other countries as refugees. for those who are not having signs that they are starting coming now. we are monitoring the situation. >> reporter: many people in burundi know the crisis isn't over. the proposed unity government which the president and some opposition leaders may not work. it may be a long time before everyone who has left returns home. al jazerra.
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burundi. in mexico as least 23 team have been killed after a truck crashed in to a group of pilgrims. it happened in after a trick carrying building materials hit the people as they were taking part in a religious procession. at least 20 others have been injured. the man convicted of financing india's deadliest bomb attack has been hanged. he was executed hours after his final mercy plea was rejected by the supreme court. a series of coordinated blasts in mumbai in 1993 killed 257 people and injured more than 700 others. the u.s. wildlife agency says that they have not been able to contact the man who killed a famous lion in zimbabwe. walter palmer is accused of illegally killing cecil a protected lion who lived on a wildlife reserve. palmer killed cecil with a bow and arrow and said that he believed that he was acting
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legally. the safari club has suspended the hunter's membership. the united nations general assembly has just passed a revolution to crack down on the illegal trafficking and poaching of wildlife. it took over two years of negotiating to reach the agreement. the resolution's cosponsor says it might have helped save cecil. >> well, this resolution is meant to row text wildlife, both fauna and flora worldwide. and it is meant to combat all illegal and elicit aspects of it. i think like most people in the world, we are outraged at what happened to this poor lion. hunting activities are partly legal, partly illegal. and it is this resolution which fights all the illegal aspects
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of it. the host city of the 2022 winter olympics has been chosen on friday in kuala lumpur. the choice is between the chinese capital and the cass i cankazakhstan city. city leaders say their bid is compact and sustainable. but the publish perception of their country in central asia could cost them. >> reporter: kazakhstan's largest city may have a small global profile but that will all change if it wins the vote to host the 2022 winter olympics. but they fear they have a disadvantage against beijing as olympic officials are banned from visiting bidding cities. >> the members of the i.o.c. should come and look at our city because everyone who visits us falls in love with our city. i think maybe when they decide they won't feel almaty's energy. >> reporter: 40% of the population under the age of 24, almaty is trying to portray
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itself as a young vibrant city. unlike beijing there is plenty of natural snow which prompted their big slogan, keeping it control. they have planned a compact games with all events taking place within a 30-kilometer radius. 70% of the venues are ready and that will increase by 2017 when they host the winter university games. the $1.7 billion to pay for the winter olympics comes from kazakhstan's rich verves of oil and gas. i.o.c. members fear fallen i didn't prices could hit the budget. kazakhstan's human rights record is also a concern. >> we are very concerned about the freedom the speech, and freedom expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of cessation, freedom from torture and freedom of. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: from the 1950s it was the winter sports hub for the so soviet union but since the independence in the early 1990s, as kazakhstan hasn't been very successful in the winter olympics only winning seven medals and only one last year at
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sochi. these teenagers plan to reverse kazakhstan's olympic fortunes, ideal any almaty in 2020 to. >> yes i can win the olympic games and bring back to my country the first and hopefully not the last gold medal. >> translator: certainly it will be good, it will be prestigious it means everyone would come to kazakhstan and it would be good for us. everyone would be proud of kazakhstan. >> reporter: they now just hope the i.o.c. members take the leap and vote for al mat i on friday. >> reporter: richard, al jazerra,. now, the superb to on to market the humble potato to a wider chinese market. the country is being looking for find new case iowa toys meet its security needs and experts are gathering for a major global potato conference in beijing. chinese government officials say good quality potato varieties will provide more food options for the country as it's a
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population grows. but apparently a lot of chinese don't like potatoes. and they should they are great. you can find out about potatoes and everything else we have been covered on the news so far at the address al this is a conduct room you will conduct yourself at all sometimes. cheering in a packed cincinnati courtroom where a commute police officer was arraigned in the killing of a black driver. a new lead in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. investigators examine what looks like part of a plane's wing that washed ashore on an island off the african coast. plus three girls swindled isil out of thousands of dollars. how they