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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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at us... emmy award winning investigative series... . . only on al jazeera america >> cap sizes. this one off the coast of libya. also in this program, caught in conflict, the u.s. says civilian casualties in afghanistan are at their highest levels ever despite the war having ended six months ago. rains brought to myanmar.
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well that's our breaking news. off the coast of libya, hundreds of people are feared to have drowned. it was thought to be carrying as many as 700 migrants getting from libya to europe. 400 people have so far been rescued from the water 42 nautical miles off the coast. let's get the latest. >> this happened we understand when an irish naval vessel got too close to this fishing boat and they all rushed to one side and it turned over? >>reporter: correct, david. this is what the irish navy has
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said with regard to this incident and are doing all that they can to recover as many survivors as they can. 450 have been rescued and are participating in the rescue operation. it is also important to note that at least 25 corpses have been confirmed to have been taken on board various vessels. the body count is said to rise as the hours go by and the rescue operation continues. the incident is said to have happened about four or five hours ago and the irish vessel involved in this incident is the nein which is participating in the mediterranean as part of a u.n. operation dealing with migration at sea. the italian coast guard is also
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participating in this mission is coordinating this rescue operation and they have requested the assistance of various operations who are doing what they can. they have the doctors and specialists from doctors without borders assisting with survivors and the maltese government has provided the naval assets assisting in this operation. this has been extremely difficult given that many migrants don't know how to swim and conditions in the area are set to be windy and stormy as if the summer storm is whipping up
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the waves of the mediterranean. >> if the conditions are bad, you want to get them to safety as soon as possible and the nearest land fall would be either tunisia or libya. >> it would be libya if you look at the map. however, one must know that the european union is conscious of the political situation in libya and knowing that the migrants were fleeing libya and are refugee status. they are qualified for refugee
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thank you very much indeed. despite the war in afghanistan ending six months ago, civilian casualties this year have reached a record high. number of deaths down slightly compared to last year just under 1,600 but the numbers of injuries by 4% 4,329 afghans killed or injured since the u.s.
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started keeping records since 2009. >> women were hurt and more children in 2013. >>reporter: his days are full of suffering now. his only son was killed by the blast wave of a nearby suicide bomb attack. >> he was a good smart, and brave boy. he told me all the time that he wanted to be a lawyer. >>reporter: the attack that killed his son was on the main road to kabul airport, a convoy of foreign soldiers. >> when these suicide attacks happen, the poor people suffer because in every attack many people die and many are injured.
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it's all civilians working for their families. >>reporter: the united nations says civilian casualties are at a record high this year. the report documents the devastating reports of the accident upon afghan men, women, and children. this destruction and damage to afghan lives must be met by a new commitment by all parties of the conflict to protect civilians from harm. >>reporter: antigovernment fighters are responsible for 7% of the killings and 60% more civilians have been killed from last year by fighters with the
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u.s. amid the continuing violence the u.n. is calling for a new commitment by all parties to protect civilians from harm. it's too late for this family trying to cope with the loss of a brother and son. jennifer glass, al jazeera, kabul the at that ban uses civilians as civilian shields. >>reporter: the suicide attacks in the middle of a sport field in front of a bank this is all you know that are signs of those violence against civilians.
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it's very unfortunate. you know we are saving lives and we try our best to save lives. the afghan people wish for an end to this conflict but we're going to keep our pressure on the enemy and the peace process will continue and we hope that these at that ban leaders fighting in battle fields assist in the peace process a new military court with death sentences of civilians. it clears the way for terror
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suspects. pakistan's prime minister says -- rescue teams in india still searching for any survivors of wreckage of two trains which derailed tuesday night. 300 have been rescued. the trains were traveling in opposite direction when they derailed within minutes of each other. flash flooding is believed to have carried away the soil from the tracks leaving the tracks in the air aid workers in myanmar are struggling to reach areas washed away by floods and 69 people have reported to have died. a swollen river is threatening to inundate new areas.
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>>reporter: people have been -- wednesday the u.s. said it's preparing an aid package for myanmar. japan and china are already helping. 200,000 people have been affected by the floods. aid workers are still having trouble reaching some of the more heavily flooded areas. warnings are in place in the delta region. the concern is flood waters will flow into the north and run into areas that run through this area. the government is already moving people to evacuation centers. the u.n. has raised concerns because this area is a major
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rice producing area of myanmar, there may be food production issues later in the year. >>reporter: studies show that
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the soil here is very loose and this area of nepal gets the highest amount of rain increasing the risk of land slide. they have been told to move but they have nowhere to go. risk management plans by government have more to do with after the disaster rather than prevention. >> stay with us if you can, this is coming up. protests in jordan about the possible closure of schools that could affect perhaps a million school children.
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>> lezley mcspadden. one year after the death of her son michael brown. >> so what do you think when i mention the name darren wilson? what comes to mind? >> the devil that comes to mind. evil. >> an al jazeera america exclusive interview. hundreds of people are feared to have drowned in the mediterranean after an overcrowded fishing boat cap sized. 450 have been rescued but 25 are confirmed dead. more afghan civilians are being injured more than ever
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before. aid workers in myanmar struggling to reach remote areas hit by floods and monsoon rains. now to the u.s. where president obama's appealing for americans to back the iran nuclear deal saying without it there will be war in the middle east. barack obama has been presenting his case at the american university the same place where john f. kennedy gave his famous nonproliferation speech. >> this is the strongest nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated. and because this is such a strong deal every nation in the world that has commented publiclypublic publicly with the exception of the israeli government has
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expressed support. the united nations security council has unanimously supported it. arms control and proliferation experts support it. 100 ambassadors who have served in democratic and republican presidents support it. >> obama has been described as a bit squishy at the moment. >> yes. we've seen the president repeatedly basically call out israel. so we're seeing an open fight between the u.s. president, the leader of a foreign country, for support of his own country.
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he went on to say that he knows benjamin netanyahu disagrees with this deal but i believe he's wrong so they're very openly fighting in front of congress basically through the american people. he took a lot of different angles to encourage them to do that. first he said that it could lead to war. he said talk about what that would mean for the troops. he compared those opposed to this deal just like the people who supported the run up to the iraq war which is hugely unpopular in the united states. he warns it could have economic consequences for the u.s. then he says it could also cost the u.s. credibility on the world stage and could cost the u.s. the dollar as the standard reserve currency.
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this is the most blunt we've seen him especially when he called out the prime minister by name. >> there will be an awful lot of horse trading going on. the president will say if you support me we can support you in some way but stepping away from this what happens to obama if he loses this vote not what happens to the world? he said what his opinion on that already. >> his legacy will be damaged because he put so much political capital into this. the other thing is what happens to the u.s./israel relationship. the president is going to be president for at least 17 more months. the president has sole control over what happens at the united nations. the french have put forward a resolution on palestine forcing them to come to some sort of deal within a certain timeframe and set the parameters along the
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lines of 1967 with mutually agreed land spots. the israellies don't want that to become law. the u.s. could change course at the u.n. it makes it harder for the u.s. to defend israel at the u.n. if the israelis don't support him, he still has things that he could do. >> and it's august 5th. how long is he gone? >> until he's out of office or the vote? >> no until the vote. >> mid september. mid september is when the congress finally is going to weigh in. it's fully expected that they're going to be able to get enough votes to disapprove this deal. then the president vetoes it and then after that is when we have to watch it because it's not
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really just the republican party. what's critical here is it's the president's own party, the most loyal members of his own party are being pushed hard. it's not everyone. we were up on the hill yesterday taking a look and trying to get a sense of if the phones were ringing off the hook and they are in certain senators' offices saying we're getting more calls about defunding planned parent hood which provides abortions more than the iran deal. >> loyalty and politics. thank you. a cash crisis forcing a closure of schools for refugees has provoked protests in jordan's capital. the government is saying it's running out of money and it may have to cancel classes for more than half a million children.
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>>reporter: they came here to tell the world it's unacceptable to forget the flights of palestinian refugees. protesters angry because their children might be the pride of education. >> there is a hidden agenda. it's not possible an international organization doesn't know years before what happens without funding. >>reporter: the decision to postpone the school year could leave half a million children out of school and 22,000 teachers out of work. many here say a budget short fall is not impossible for the
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international community to play and that's why they feel donors are no longer interested in the protections of palestinian refugees. >> in a private school. he believes that -- >> we've been deprived of food rations but they cannot deprive us of learning. if they're going to do that they need to return our villages in palestine to us. >> palestinians value education highly and for them it's
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impossible to some fear extending the mandate will be beyond them if cuts are carried out now. >> the united states is carrying out its first air strike against isil in northern syria with aircraft. the strike was carried out by an unmanned drone. details have not been released of the target or the exact location. turkey gave the u.s. access to bases following a suicide attack last month. turkey has an isil-free buffer
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zone by syria. the united states has promised to provide air support.
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locals put it down to the purity of the water. this downpour has been called a blessing for heaven but 70 years ago these fields were cursed with rain. >> we were soaked in red. it rained so hard roots were glistening like oil. blast happened
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about 600 meters in the air. to prove a link between that moment and the present day illness, a link which could entitle you to aid, first you have to prove you were within two kilometers of that point within the first two weeks of the blast happening or that you're exposed to large numbers of contaminated fellow survivors
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or were living in a designated fallout zone. >> depends on the age and the sex. >>reporter: he was four kilometers from the center of the blast in nagasaki. the government recognized his problems as bomb related but not a new heart problem. >> i have to carry their feelings inside me and fight on in court. >>reporter: the land near has long been cleansed of the radio
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active poison that fell 70 years ago. >> have a good luck at al for more. and the republican presidential field