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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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catch us on al news continues live from london next.
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we now have physical evidence that as i announce on 24th march last year flight mh 370 tragically ended in the southern indian ocean. this is a remote, inhospitable able area. i would like to thank the many organizations and individuals and missions who have participated in the search. the burden and uncertainty faced
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by the families during this time has been unspeakable. it is my hope that this confirmation however tragic and painful will at least bring certainty to the families and loved ones of the 239 people on board mh 370. they have our deepest sympathy and prayers. i would like to assure all those affected this tragedy that the government of malaysia is committed to do everything within our means to find out the truth of what happened. mh 370's disappearance marked us as a nation. we mourn with you as a nation. i promise you this: playmalaysia
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will always remember and mourn those who perished on mh 370. >> malaysia's prime minister the cameras are awaiting officials in paris who have taken part in this participation. france's way of being -- it is now confirmed it belonged to mh 370. so words of sympathy suggesting a little bit of closure but no suggestion that authorities are any closer to establishing exactly what happened to the plane that disappeared in march last year. let's go to back as we wait to see what happens in paris.
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you heard what the prime minister had to say. did he add anything to the suggestion that this plane went down for any other reason other than a tragic accident? >>reporter: it was certainly a very short presentation by the prime minister. it's 2:00 a.m. local time here in malaysia. most people will most likely wake up to this news first thing on thursday morning. but in terms of what the prime minister did say, he was very careful. there were certain things that i noted in what he said. one of the issues that he mentioned was however tragic and painful, it will at least bring certainty. obviously, nobody really knows
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where the train it. there have been wild conspiracy theories for several months now pertaining to what happened to the plane. families have always said or thought that the government were hiding the facts or they knew what was going on on the plane or the cockpit and that they're not getting full information. of course the government and airline always deny they know no more than the family
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>> more honor rescue operation underway in the mediterranean sea. hundreds are feared to have drowned after a fishing vessel overfilled with migrants escaping libya capsized. let's go to our correspondent on the island of malta. pretty close, i think, from
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where this has all been happening. malta -- this is one quite repetitive incident. when the rescuers arrive migrants tend to get excited and keen to get on board to get to safety and it only takes a few men to move to one side of the boat to tip it over. this is an incident that many rescuers recount over and over again, the most common incident. it also highlights the fact that boats are too full of migrants. one can understand the suffering
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also at sea because they have no room where to move no area to have water or food. they are just exposed to the elements out there. >> there are boats belonging to doctors without borders in that area working on this rescue. the head of programs for that group joins me here. tell us what's happening right here? >> as far as we're aware, the rescue and recovery operation for bodies who will have deceased from the boat capsizing
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will be there. >> you have doctors. >> doctors, nurses a full team on site. we dispatch a boat try to rescue people from drowning and in a case like this provide first aid medical care and medical assessment and medical evacuation for those requiring higher degrees of care including mental health care of people surviving horrible conditions like torture and conditions such as this. often times we'll redirect from being out in the water towards the distress calls. so in this case -- >> you're on general patrol? >> basically. it's different patterns boats are taking. i'm not an expert in terms of strategies and tactics that they use but we'll get there as soon
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as we can. >> that's obviously just a small dingy but the craft before that was a rescue boat rather than the vessel which overturned. how do you then transport these people onto your vessels where they get the help. is it a difficult job to do at sea? >> it's quite a technical operation. this is why it requires a good deal of expertise from the teams working out there. it's professionals doing that. >> can people provide emergency care? >> that's correct. we're there with a team that does provide care and assessments and if an evacuation is required provide that. >> so a helicopter might fly into this vessel if someone's life is in imminent in imminent danger? >> or a speed boat.
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depending on what's faster. >> this is happening all the time. is the operation tritan making any difference? >> what's important is to understand there are no other routes for these people to take to flee from the conflict of the violence they're fleeing from. 60% of people are making this journey across the mediterranean are fleeing from conflict whether afghanistan, syria, libya, and so they're risking life and limb to make this incredibly dangerous voyage because there are no legal methods of escaping. so it's not search and rescue that's required.
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it's channels for them to access refuge that don't entail them risking life and limb. thank you. >> thank you very much indeed. aid workers in myanmar are struggling to reach remote areas that have been flooding. with land slides as well the death toll is probably higher but at least 69. hundreds of thousands of people have been affected. swollen rivers threatening to innundate thousands of areas now. >>reporter: people have started campaigns to help in flood relief efforts. you see them in the city soliciting for donations.
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on wednesday the u.s. said it could carry an aid package for myanmar. japan and china already assisting in aid relief efforts. this a day after myanmar pled to the international community for help for nearly 200,000 people affected by the flood. now, flood warnings are in place particularly in the delta region. the concern is that flood waters from the north will flow into rivers running through to this area. state-run media reports say the government is already moving people to evacuation centers. meanwhile, the u.n. has raised concerns because this area is a major rice production issue for myanmar, there may be food security issues in the near future at least 90 people have died in landslides in nepal.
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>>reporter: this is a village steeped in grief. in the early hours of july 30th an entire section of the mountain came crumbling down sweeping away a part of this village in western nepal killing at least 28 people. a week on the smell of rotting animals is still heavy. every year monsoons bring this tragedy which takes lives. studies from back in 1995 show that the soil over here is very loose and this area of nepal gets the highest amount of rain
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increasing the risk of landslides. now that the disaster has happened, they've been told they should move as this area is too dangerous but they have nowhere to go. nepal government has a plan for disaster risk management but it's more to do with damage after the disaster more than prevention. >> monsoon season is not over yet and many say had there been an early warning system this disaster could have been avoided. >> now that french press conference about flight mh 370. let's see what they're saying in france. monsoon -- >> and then the first results of the expertise of the play thathhmalaysia
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-- summoned to conduct an inquiry on the 7th of may, 2014. the paris prosecution initiated an inquiry and it was expanded to the hijacking of a plane which led to several people who died in relation to a terrorist event. the framework of this inquiry allowed the french prosecution which allowed them to assess the truth and all the possibilities.
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three judges of the paris court were directed to conduct an inquiry. a judge of the terrorist inquiry, a judge of the accident inquiry, and another judge were instructed that the flap discovered on the 29th of july on the beach of reunion undertook examination of the part. the part was taken to the dga near tolouse for legal analysis. august 3rd the judges received -- authorities --
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investigators of the transport of the authority and the bureau for simple inquiry. this afternoon the appraisal was start started under the control and in the presence of three judges in charge of inquiry. but also president on site a magistrate from the paris prosecution and the investigators of the investigation team for the the president transport
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we can say today that there exists a very strong presumption that the flap found on the beach of reunion on the 29th of july belonged clearly to the boeing 777 of the playmalaysian airlines flight 370. the second reason the representatives of the company malaysian airlines communicated elements of the technical documentation of the boeing 777
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of flight mh 371. on that basis, it was possible to establish a link between the part examined by the experts and the flap of the boeing 777 of flight 371 because their communal technical specifications. the strong presumptions need to be confirmed by additional analysis that will start tomorrow morning at the laboratory of the aeronautical technical agency. the experts are conducting their work as quickly as possible. they are working hard to provide as full and reliable information as quickly as possible to the families of the victims who are with us this evening.
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thank you. >> there will be further tests tomorrow but the part of the plane you see there does come from a boeing triple 7 which was
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the aircraft used in flight mh 370 and other indications led those involved in the testing in france france strong suggestions, that these were indeed markings perhaps a certain type of numbering that it was a plane used in the malaysian airline fleet. so mh 370 not absolutely certainty but it looks as though 99.9%. so more tests tomorrow the u.s. president is asking americans to back the iran nuclear deal saying without it there will be war in the middle east. barack obama has been presenting his case at american university in washington d.c. the same place where president john f. kennedy gave his famous
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nonproliferation speech. >> this is not just the best choice among alternatives. this is the strongest nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated. and because this is such a strong deal every nation in the world that has commented publicly with the exception of the israeli government has expressed support. stay with us if you can on this news hour. coming up the u.k. making more money available to stop illegal wildlife trades.
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london is suddenly closer to a beach. we'll have more on that in about 15 minutes.
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>> there's a line of police advancing toward the crowd here. >> ferguson: city under siege. >> it isn't easy to talk openly on this base. >> and america's war workers. >> it's human trafficking. >> watch these and other episodes online now at or the exact location of the strike. turkey gave the u.s. access to bases along its border after a suicide attack last month. washington has promised to perform air cover to syrian rebels in that part of the country. the cash crisis which could force the closure of schools has provoked protests in the capital of jordan. the relief agency is returning out of money and may have to
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cancel classes for half a million children. >>reporter: they came here to tell the bodily injuried it's un world to forget the flight of palestinian -- plight of palestinian children. >> i will never give up the right of education for my children. >>reporter: the decision to postpone the school year could leave half a million palestinian children out of school and
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22,000 teachers out of
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>>reporter: it happened in the dead of night when many passengers were sleeping. several carriages derailed here followed by more in another train coming from the opposite
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direction a few minutes later. some fell into a river, others flipped over and filled with water. a survivor said it could have been worse. >> the area was filled with water. suddenly we could hear another train coming. passengers started to run and somehow we managed to escape the train. >>reporter: the first rescue teams had to arrive in special teams because the rail was washed away.
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23 million people travel on the state-owned rail network every day which suffers regular accidents every year and has a notoriously bad safety record. the government of guatemala has launched an investigation after a video went viral showing soldiers beating up two teenagers in the streets. the army defended them saying the teens were linked to gangs but it all leads to questions of gangs on guatemala's streets. >>reporter: they're images that
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have shocked guatemala. a soldier savagely beat two young men 80 kilometers west of guatemala city. soldiers asked them why they were running and warned them this is how they trained. the video went viral over the internet this weekend and brings to question the military's role in policing the country. >> using violence against violence isn't the way to resolve things. that's why there are laws procedures and laws that need to be respected and human rights also need to be respected by all people. >>reporter: in the capital,
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people were shaken by the government saying the soldiers looked like drunks in the street rather than government authorities. >> i have children. i feel their pain inside me. it makes me think what would i do if something like this happened to them. it was wrong. they were doing it for fun. >>reporter: street sellers like fransico sanchez don't agree. >> they should be judged according to the law. this is not the way to resolve anything. >>reporter: while the people we spoke to here say they condemn the violence some comments on social media show some agree with the government's actions. >> it was this promise of law and order that brought retired
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general perez to power in 2012 but for a country still recovering from a brutal 37-year civil war, many people still view the army with suspicion. and while the military has identified the soldiers and say they're continuing their investigations images like these will be hard to forget. david mercer al jazeera. guatemala drivers on the london underground are on strike for the second time in a month. the union says new overnight shifts are being brought in unfairly. one thing beyond dispute is the chaos caused to commuters. here's this report. >>reporter: the strike starting on wednesday isn't the first time the current dispute has closed the underground stations of london. a month ago, there was a 24-hour stoppage. traffic in london was almost at
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a stand still with many walking very long distances to get to work. many wonder why london grinds to a halt at times like this. >> many of the hidden times is that most of the streets are inherited from history. they're big, wide boulevards that you find in other big cities. as a result, the capacity of buses, cars and other forms of transport to make up for the closed underground is very limited. >> and that means scenes like this commuters waiting hours to get onto a bus. fransico fransico fransico fransico -- >> last year the chamber of commence said new technology means some people can work remotely saying the damage is reduced but perhaps the greatest
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impact is the 4 million people who use the underground network every day to get around. >> i got to get home. i have childcare and it takes so long. there's congestion crowds of people. very hard to get home. >> i'm not able to get to work so i've had to make other arrangements and take my home with me. >> i'm a teacher and i've been on strike before. so, yeah it's inconvenience, but that's the point of a strike. >> the unions say the short term pay now is less damaging to the public. >> with we think it's a very good idea. if staffed properly and safely. they're asking people to cover more nights and weekends and people are just not having it. nobody for transport for london who runs the underground for comment. they have apologized to the
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public for the disruption but this may not be the last time we see this travel chaos in london. illegal wild life threatens elephants, tigers and rhinos. >>reporter: the illegal wild life trade continues to flourish. >> i'm talking about more than a thousand rhino poached per here. i'm talking elephants and one animal you haven't heard of probably but it's the biggest trade in the world. just a day before swiss
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authorities revealed -- and vietnam is the biggest narcotic for rhino horn which they use for allegedly curative properties which have no foundation in modern science. how much do you think you can achieve with 5 million pounds for an enormous global problem. >> it is enormous. i think there's some hope. it's very difficult. i don't want to minimize it. some countries have had success. black rhinos have turned around their population. uganda has turned around their
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elephant population. some land owners are being forced to become armed laborers. the fighting is having a far
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reaching impact. >>reporter: earning a living as a farm hand earning less than $2 a day working on someone else's farm. before bow echo hah ram -- boko haram invaded his village, he was farming a 50 acre farm. >> now i don't have enough to provide for my family. >>reporter:; boko haram -- >>reporter: years of violence have displaced thousands of
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farmers effectively cutting off most of the supplies. >>reporter: two oil factories have shut and a third only operates occasionally. >> because of this situation we're in this insurgency is seriously affecting our production. >>reporter: now the few supplies are not enough to run these
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companies. everyone here is hoping for a quick resolution to this conflict so the long process of recovery can begin. for now, hope is what everyone in the region is hanging onto. al jazeera, nigeria. >> we have sports in just a couple of minutes. we'll meet the former nfl star who now insists he's a changed man.
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>>reporter: online shopping has a problem. shoppers find it hard to buy the right size and half of their purchasers are returned. now new 3d scanning technology could change that. >> the idea is to give consistent size advice for customers. we feel it's very accurate and will solve a problem that the industry is facing right now. >>reporter: companies like body me use simple and inexpensive motion capture devices like
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those found in video gaming hard wear. this can be made available to online sellers to help them suggest the right size when you buy. it's still early days for the technology and researchers say it will only gain wider acceptance when it's integrated into your personal data. >> for your health app, you'll get better data with a body scan which will help you with that and go to other environments like retail where you can find the perfect fit. these technologies can really start to connect together. >>reporter: the technology also caught the attention of high
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street tail tailor. not everyone is convinced though. >> you need to be getting close to people understanding them. talking to them. really understanding what they actually want and i don't see how you can do that with a machine.
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everything is on schedule for the start of the olympic games
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exactly a year from now. 57% of financing is coming from private enterprise. of course an operation of this size is always going to present some problems. one of the great fears is about pollution to the waters being used but that's something that the ioc president here in rio to check on the preparations has said it's being monitored.
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>> scientists defending their work after being attacked by the sport's governing body. data was examined from 12,000 blood tests leading to allegations of widespread doping in athletics from the year 2001. the two men have released a statement saying we followed the same procedure when following
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protocols. we were able to exclude all other inclusions and we stand by our study. the former pack stand -- pakistan. he said a car hit his and the driver stepped out and opened fire on him. >> i think it was a road rage. somebody got angry at the way people drive in our country. people do not have patience. that caused this incident. police have the details.
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ray rice was released last season after a video showing him hitting his now wife inside an elevator. he was charged with third agree assault. >> i understand how real domestic violence is and i don't want to ever take that for granted because it's a real
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issue in our society. my video, you know put the light out there. if you have never seen what domestic violence looks like and you see my video, i can understand why some people would never forgive me. floyd mayweather's 49th fight will be his last. his record of 49 wins no losses, matches that of rocky. that is the sport.
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this is al jazeera live from london. hundreds rescued off the coast of libya after an overcrowded fishing boat