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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> a day of violence in turkey leaves at least seven dead, among them security personnel. hello i'm david foster, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also in the next 30 minutes, demanding justice. we report from the small pakistani village from a child at the center of a sex abuse scandal. more protest in the u.s. marking a year since a controversial police killing. and conservation in their sites.
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saying it could be a sport for good. breaking news out of iraq. at least 54 people have been killed in two separate suicide attacks. one was in the east of the city of baquba. the other was in a place called kaman. mohammed jamjoom in baghdad. joining us live, what else can you tell us that i haven't mentioned so far about these attacks? >> just to the south of baquba, two car bombs, suicide car bombs. the bottoms were in densely
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populated areas. these are predominantly shia populated towns. it seems like there's a sectarian element to this violence tonight. one thing to note, there were shall attacks that happened killing over 100 civilians in those attacks. many people here in iraq are telling us they believe that eventually it will be declared that i.s.i.l. was behind this, that this the hallmark of an i.s.i.l. style attack. they aren't claiming responsibility but the last such attack i just described to you in july i.s.i.l. did claim responsibility for that situation. how tense the situation seems in iraq. you have so many cries eas criso many places, the anbar offensive which they launched just a couple of weeks ago.
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and mounting pressure, tired of not having basic services like air conditioning like leverage, theelectricity, now you have a parliament that's coming under pressure to pass reforms. a lot of things going on, on so many fronts, very difficult situation for this country, david. >> thank you very much indeed, mohammed jamjoom, live in baghdad. at least seven people including soldier and police officers have been killed during a series of attacks on turkish security forces. in istanbul, two women linked with a leftist group open fire on the u.s. consulate. i.s.i.l, islamic state of iraq and the levant. bernard smith has more from
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istanbul, his report does contain pretty strong images. >> chased down to a back street near the u.s. consulate in istanbul a woman who had earlier opened fire on the building refuses to surrender. i did it for my party she shouts before being shot and wounded by the police officer. her party is the extreme left wing and anti-american revolutionary people's liberation army front, the dhkpc. in 2013, the dhkpc said it was the party behind the attack on the u.s. embassy. now they say they are behind this attack. >> someone in an apartment threw a chair from their balcony at the woman so the attacker shot at the balcony. >> reporter: earlier on monday a van packed with explosives
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detonated on istanbul's eastern edge. several civilians and police officers were wounded. then as forensic and bomb squad teams searched the scene, they were fired upon. and there's been further violence in southeastern turkey. four police officers were killed by a road side bomb and a soldier was killed when a rocket was fired on a helicopter. attacks blamed on the procrastinateseparatist, pkk. across the country, authorities have arrested hundreds of people suspected of being members of the banned organizations, the turkish government has repeatedly said it faces threats from a variety of forces, the
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events of the past week seem the back up those concerns. villages and mountains in the central province. republicans have captured most of idlib province. and pressing towards latakia. osama ben javad reports. >> this is the elrab plain, fighters see it as an important vantage point in their advancement to latakia. there there is no red line in our advance. the next fighting will be on the coast, now we are almost at the coast. >> reporter: the alliance which calls it the army of conquest has been making steady gains against the assad government in recent months.
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it includes el nusra front and al qaeda affiliated group the u.s. considers a terrorist group. but it's also the most effective force against the assad government and i.s.i.l. most of idlib province, says it's now moving towards latakia as well. victory over villages and towns including zalwast and karkur. syrian army backed by hezbollah, close to the capital damascus. as opposition tanks roll into areas they've taken, signs of the fighting are everywhere. major parts of syria have been reduced to rubble in the war that's now in its fifth year. some of those who came back say their homes in hama have been destroyed. >> they left nothing for us. they have damaged the houses and stolen the belongings.
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thank god, we have returned safely. >> beyond these mountains there is rare discontent in latakia. these protestors gathered gets president assad. air force colonel over a traffic dispute last week, the syrian war began with crack downs, demonstrations are now beginning to happen in the bastion of support. osama ben javad, al jazeera. >> police in eastern pakistan say they've arrested seven men accused of sexually abusing hundreds of children and then selling videos of the alleged crimes. the investigation centered in the punjab state from where nicole johnston reports.
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>> reporter: ashlam says he was raped by three men four years ago. we're using a different name to protect his identity. at the time he was 11 years old. afterwards he said he had to pay the men not to reveal what they had done to him. >> they started blackmailing me and told me to bring them more kids. my family is poor and i had nothing to pay them. i left school and worked in the fields. i gave them everything i made. >> reporter: reports have come out that at least 284 children in this small village were sexually abused. people in the community said 400 videos of the attacks were made and sold across pakistan and overseas. you wouldn't normally see such a large gathering of people from the village in the middle of the day but all the neighbors are coming out talking about the
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case and all demanding one thing. they say they want justice and for whoever was behind the abuse to either be stoned to death or handing. >> nabeen agrees. a week ago he started a protest march with victims' families. it was stopped by police firing tear gas. he has been charged under pakistan's antiterrorism law. he says some of the child abuse he are well-known. >> translator: they are influential people. they work for the courts and are drug inspectors. because of the threats everyone was afraid of them. they harass people every day. >> reporter: some people in the village say police were paid bribes not to investigate. the police deny it. >> translator: when we heard about the allegations i sent out an officer to the village and we announced on the loud speaker that if there are any cases of abuse they should tell us but no one came forward. >> injuries he says he received
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when the police beat him for publicly protesting against the abuse. >> translator: because of dignity and honor some people are not coming forward. they're worried they'll lose the respect of society. >> aslam says after what's happened, he has nothing more to lose. nicole johnston, al jazeera, pakistan. >> there are continuing demonstrations in the city ever st. louis, violence on sunday at the end of the day of peaceful demonstrations marking the death of the teenager michael brown a year ago. we have now heard that authorities have now instituted a state of emergency in ferguson. brown was unarmed when he was shot by a white police officer. kristin saloomey in st. louis.
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>> i'm standing outside the u.s. attorney's office in st. louis, where a couple hundred demonstrators have gathered and they have stormed, i'm going to step out of the way so you can see, they have gone over the barricades that have been set up by police to try to get in the door to deliver a message. we are seeing a phalanx of police, platform on the stairs you can see behind me . we have spoken to the demonstrators you can see behind me. they have called this an act of civil disobedience. they are ready to take their message to the united states attorney's office, they feel they are not moving forward they are being ignored by the department, they have been
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chanting, doj, do your job, doj do your job. they are prepared to get arrested to get that done. >> what lies beneath, in yemen, unexploded land miengs. >> and can wild game in africa be hunted in any sustainable w way? way? >> what was that total bill from start to now? >> almost like 10 million dollars. >> enough people have decided that the gun lobby has too much power for too long. the nra is not invincible. ♪ ♪
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>> global headlines on al jazeera. i.s.i.l. says it was behind two suicide attacks in iraq, which
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has killed 55 people. one in the city of baquba the other in canan. four police were killed by a land mine in an istanbul attack on a consulate building. state of emergency has been occurred in ferguson, after the demonstrations of the one year anniversary of an unarmed black teen aiminger by the a white police officer. jennifejennifer glasse repom the capital of afghanistan. >> the taliban car bomb exploded at the busy civilian entrance to
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the airport. as ever it's afghans who have been killed or injured. fest just three days ago, at least 55 people were killed and hundreds injured, in three attacks in kabul in one of the most violent days in kabul in years. largest a truck bomb blew up outside military headquarters. although the government believes it was supposed to explode near the presidential palace. civilian casualties are at record high with nearly 5,000 killed the first half of this year. military casualties more than twice that. after the taliban announced the cet aof its leaders mullah omar last week
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week,. >> they want to increase the pressure on the government and by increasing the pressure they expect they will get more pressure from president ghani. >> the incidents in the past two months in general and particular incidents of recent days prove that suicide bomber training centers and bomb making factories which are continually used to kill our innocent people are still active in that country. >> reporter: president says the pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif has promises to takpromised totake action.
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>> jennifer glasse chem al jazeera, kabul. >> progovernment forces have retain the district of akwa, south of the capital sanaa, and some houthi positions nearby. the head of the international committee of the red cross has called the situation in the country catastrophic. peter mora arrived in yemen saturday to highlight and emphasize the dire humanitarian situation. on sunday he toured the damaged areas of the old city, sanaa. he also witnessed a prisoner swap. all members of the southern resistance armed group which are among the anti-houthi forces. four days earlier the government released seven prisoners in the other direction. last no anti-houthi rebels
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pushed out of adeb. now the task of making the city safe again. neave barker has that story. >> as the line moves north certain dangers remain. many land mines have been placed by houthi rebels and their supporters, here in the dasad district of aden the conflict has moved on but life is far from safe. this car was thrown into the air by a powerful blast. progovernment troops have now sealed off entire neighborhoods. >> translator: with discovered antitank mines, we will continue our operation to clear land mines from this area. >> reporter: pro-government forces have defused land mines. >> we need tools food and
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uniforms, weapons and everything. engineers have not been provided with basic needs. >> reporter: this brother and sister were seriously injured in a land mine explosion. the same blast killed five members of their family. an elder relative tells what happened. >> translator: they were hit by a land mine on the way home to the village. a mother, son and three daughters were killed, two others were injured. >> officials in aden say they're struggling with the threat posed by land mines. they are callings on the saudi-led coalition which has been carrying out air strikes against houthis, to make the streets safe. neave barker, al jazeera. intelligence chief, wanted for reprisal killings after the
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genocide. he had been accused of ordering the killing of three spanish volunteers from a medical charity in 1997. he was one of 40 senior rwandans accused ever war crimes after the war crimes there. after his arrest rwanda has called his arrest an outrage. the number is 1552, tbean 5e migrants have been rescued over the weekend. >> we announced the release of 2.4 billion to help member
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states help deal with migrant issue. eyes wide open, we work closely with the member states to address this challenge. >> in greece about a,000 new migrants arriving every day. almost all of them go through athens. they pause there for a rest and plan the next leg of their journey. that's created problems of yore crowding as john siropolous reports from the greek capital. >> this is athens latest attempt at response to the refugee process. it was conceived just a week ago and became concrete in record time but even this has been dogged with problems. greece has been dealing with its own financial crisis so transfer has been delayed over the question of who will pay for air conditioning units to be put into these mobile homes. now that has been resolved but
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authorities are struggling to keep up. more than half the total entering europe have entered greece. camped in athens biggest park, some vivid feed them. this little girl has gastroenteritis, one of the commonest ailments doctors here see. but what they need most of all doctors say is counseling. said gave $2,000 to smugglers to get this far. he has been in this camp for a week and plans to leave today or tomorrow. >> when we go outside we don't know if we'll return safely or not. when you go into the street there could be a bomb or terrorist attack. if you work for a foreign country, if they catch you they'll ce kill you. if you don't work, how to
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survive? it's becoming difficult. >> a few miles across the water from turkey, glad to have reached european shores. grateful simply for fact that no one is trying to kill them but unaware of the hardships that lie ahead. in time they too may end up here, camping under the stern gaze of greece's revolutionary heroes. that should remind greeks of the troubles of others trying to remain free. >> we greeks have been through war many times. if we are to live up to our ideals, we must help them. we will give what we have for these children. >> reporter: athens may be just a stop of a route several kilometers lodge. but they'll remember it as something that stained them.
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john vo vob siropolous, al jaze, athens. campsites have had to be evacuated near the front of the fires, 80% of portugal is suffering a drought and dry winter's towtrucks. one of the main activists searching for 43 missing mexican students has been shot dead. miguel angel jimenez blanco has been shot dead. corrupt local police abducted the students and handed them over to a drug gang. jimenez blanco was shot in his taxi. >> the only concern we have now is the family he left behind.
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this happens to everyone looking for a change in our country. >> the killing of that lion cecil in zimbabwe brought with it a certain amount of international outrage. and a spotlight to the killing of game in african countries. experts say it can be sustainable. from south africa. >> winter in south africa brings with it the hunting season. we are home to thousands of wild animals, on the look out for their first kill. >> do you think this is right place to start stalking. >> yes. >> do they normal occur, in this area? >> this is the winter area. >> it can take days to find the
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right animal. >> old bull. pretty fresh from the signs of it. >> it's exhilarating. stalking the animal looking for the animal. >> specific game is selected for hunting to maintain the balance. for this 50 year hunting veteran, hunting is part of life. >> yes it was part of life the hunting scenario. we stayed on a farm where there was no meat available for us and we actually lived off the land. >> he finds the game in his site and takes aim. >> thero pssional hunters association of south africa said they have contributed millions
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to the economy. these lions are kept at a separate reserve. they are not hunted. but it's the killing of a famous lion in zimbabwe that has called controversy. audrey kitchoff says the hunting was illegal. >> to make important decisions about the future of reception of wildlife, decisions regarding that cannot be based on emotions. >> zimbabwe's project camp fire believes human-wild, you cannot hunt unless you have made a direct contribution to the conservation of the species. >> reporter: while the sport and passion for many continues to be legal, this time a smile
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did not make a kill. famida miller, al jazeera. fest. >> the blog, send the stories behind the stories, hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are at the listen post. here are some of the media stories, politics, and problems with the coverage of immigration