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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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attacks across turkey target security forces and a u.s. consula consulate. ♪ watching al jazeera. good to have you. i am david foster. coming up on this program: syrian reynolds report more advances against government forces. in the u.s. city of ferguson, a year on, another black man shot by police in the state of emergency declared. the man who led the hunt for the 43 missing mexican students, himself.
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has lost his life. turkish security forces have been the target of a number of deadly attacks across the country suspected kurdish fighters opened fire on a military helicopter. that was in the southeast. four police officers were killed by a land mine in the same prove incident. inestan bill stackers opened fire on the consulate building, a bomb exploded outside a police station from istanbul. chased down to a back street near the u.s. consulate in istanbul, a woman who earlier opened fire on the building refuses to surrender. >> i did it for my party, she shouts before being shot and wounded by a police officer. her past is the extreme revolution period of time's
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liberation front. a second attack of female escaped from the area. in 2013, the dhkpc said it was behind the suicide bomb attack against the u.s. embassy in the capitol, ankara. they now said they are behind this attack. >> i saw this woman running and the police shouting "stop." they fired warning shots. then someone in the apartment threw a chair from the balcony at the woman. so the attacker shot at the balcony. >> earlier, a van packed with explosive detonated outside a police station on istanbul's asian side at the eastern edge. an attacker was killed. several civilians and police officers were wounded then as forensic and bomb squad teams searched the scene, two opened fire on them. there has been further vie lings in southeastern turkey, four police officers were killed by a roadside bomb and a soldier was killed. rocket was fired on a helicopter.
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attacks blamed on the separatist pkk. the turkish million dollar with positions on the pkk and isi will: crosses the country, the security forces have arrested hundreds of people success supposed of being members of banned organizations. the turkish government previously said it faces security threats on a series of fronts, not just from isil. the events of the past 24 hours would seem to back up those concerns. >> al jazeera, istanbul. >> u.s. state department had this reaction to what happened at its consulate. there was a security incident at our consulate inest alanbul. nobody in the consulate was injured. we are working with turkish thoughts as they investigate this and i go
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beyond that. one thing to note: isil also took responsibility for a similar attack that happened in late july, close to the asame area in which over 100 civilians were killed. police and medical officials telling us that this was a devastating attack that happened one in the town of kanan and another in haudu. underscoring how evenings the situation remains. a deteriorating security situation. iraqi security forces stretched very thin, trying to fight isil on several fronts in the anbar
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offensive which began a few weeks back. also, you have mounting pressure on the government, past much needed what the civilians here are calling much needed reforms to try to restore bavening services like electricity, like clean water, like air conditioning. this is a blazingly hot summer, a record heat wave going on iraq right now. many people, thousands much people have been taking to the streets several times the past week. this last friday, tens of thousands in several cities across iraq mobilized, marching, telling the government they must get their act together and fight corruption. it is expected on tuesday, parliament will meet. they may pass the directions that were given by the prime minister here to fight corruption but much needs to be seen tomorrow by the iraqi people to make sure that the government is doing as much as they can to deliver on the promises. they have vowed to the iraqi people they will fight corruption and deliver services. so much going on so many fronts right now.
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it is a country that is considered to be in crisis and many people want the security situation and the situation at large for society here to improve. >> syrian rebels say that they are making advances against the assad government and they have taken villages and mountains in central haba prove incident. they claim also to have taken idlib prove incident and say they are pushing toward the assad family stronghold. a report. this is hellmet prove incident. fighters see it as a vafrntsage point. the coastal city is home to bash arrest al assad's sect. >> there is no red line in our advance. we are almost at the coast.
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>> the alliance which calls itself the army of conquest has made steady gains in recent months. it includes el nusra front, an al-qaeda affiliated group the u.s. considers a terrorist organization. but it is the most effective force fighting against isil. >> it says it is moving toward takia from the north as well. activists posted videos which prepared to show victories. iranian state t.v. says the syrian army have pushed back opposition fighters close to the capital damascus. as a position, they have taken signs of the fighting are everywhere. reduced to rubble in the war now in the 5th year.
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some say their hopes have been destroyed. this last nothing for us. thank god we have returned save beyond these mountains, there is rare discontent in latakia. these protesters gathered against president assad's cousin. he reportedly killed a syrian air force colonel over a traffic dispute last week. a syrian war began with a crackdown on protests and opposition. the government's control shrinks over syria, demonstrations are beginning to happen in the past yon support. >> another 1500 migrants have been rescued from boats this monday, tried across the mediterranean from north africa to europe. hundreds more saved by the coast
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guard over the weekend. they were found north of the libyan coast and brought to sicily. the european commission approved more financial help to cope with the surge in the numbers coming to europe's shores. announcing the release of 2.4 billion in our funding to help deal with the my graduate tory pressures. my. working closely with the member states. >> all of this as greek authorities say they are other whelmed by the thousand or so migrants arriving there every day. my most go through athens and before their neg less of the journey. that has presented overcrowding as john psaroupolous reports. >> this is athens' latest attempt at a response to the refugee crisis, a camp for 500 people in the western suburbs. it was conceived just a week ago
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and became concrete in record time. even this has been dogged by proble problems. >> disagrees is dealing with a crisis. the transfer has been delayed over the question of who will pay for air conditioning units to be put into these mobile homes 124,000 migrants have entered greece so far this year, triple auld of last year's number at more than half the total entering europe. >> hundreds of afghans are camped in athens' biggest park. volunteers feed them and some individuals bring food. mean suffer from dehydration. this little girl has gastro-i wantritis, one of ti wantritis. what they they need most of all is counseling for all they have been through. said is a musition. he gave $2,000 to smugglers to get this far. he has been in this camp for a week and plans to leave today or
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tomorrow. when you go in the street, there could be an attack. i don't know what the terrorists wants. if the he worked for a foreign company, if they catch you, they will kill you. if you don't work, how to survive? the situation is difficult. war is producing more refugees. at few miles across water from turkey, these are glad to have reached european shores, grateful that no one is trying to kill them but unaware of the hardships that await them. they may be here with the history that the ought to remind greeks of the needs of others trying to be free.
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our own history will shame us. the crisis has touched us all. we will give from what we have for these children. >> athens may be just a stop along a route thousands of kilometers long. these children may remember it as one of the places that success stained them. john psaroupolus, athens. >> at least one person died in fighting in eastern ukraine. it was in the rebel-held town of holifka. people living there say the shelling got worse in recent weeks. russian separatists accusing one another much targeting residential areas. two people died in a stabbing at a swedish homeware store outside stock homed. police were called where 3 people had been stabbed. a woman and a man died from their wounds soon after. a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. stay with us here on al jazeera.
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we have the rest of the global headlines and in the nick of time, how the residents of this house escaped moments before this the. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. . these are the global headlines. there have been a number of attacks in turkey, targeting and killing security forces while a building at the u.s. consulate was also under fire. isil said fighters carried out two bombings in iraq which killed at least 57 people.
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misian rebels are claiming to have made advances against the assad government taking villages in hamar prove incident. this news out of syria. the state news agency reporting that the cousin of the basha bashar al assad has been arrested. this is an after apparent road rage incident where he is alleged to have shot dead col onlinel al sheik who tried to over take his vehicle in latakia. residents have been protesting about the alleged murder. assad is to have proms the justice will be served. i spoke to one who said the outcry had a wider significance. >> in the last few months, the opposition, the so-called fatah has made advances and they are
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encroaching slowly and gradually just so close to latvia, the incidents where this is really the base. this is the heart. this is the key of the assad regime. >> that's why the protests in the last two days unnerved the regime, himself. absolutely. >> many proceed government and thousands have gone, you know, on the social media demanding justice to be brought against this particular fight. killing the officer in cold blood. this is not the first time. very, very difficult position and i would not be surprised. we know that he has been arrested, but i would not be surprised at an open trial basically takes place to show he wants to show his authority. >> authorities in the u.s. city ferguson have declared a state of emergency after several
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violent incidents. police say there has been a drive-by shooting, and protesters have thrown things at officers and an 18-year-old man who was critically wounded with police on sunday nearby stop signs, protesters were arrested for blocking the entrance of a court house during a protest. following all of this for us, kristin saloomey in ferguson. i know you have somebody you want to talk to. the sense of what is happening there and whether, in fact, there are a lot of people out because it's not darkness as we can see. yes. standing outside of the police department and the mayor of ferguson, the ferguson department and the mayor of ferguson has just issued a statement saying that the city condemns the violence and warning demonstrators -- not just demonstrators because we
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don't know demonstrators have anything to do with this violence quite frankly. it happened on the outskirts. protests that were taking place but warning that such vie lenses will not be tolerated. we have the state of emergency here so i think officials are gearing up in fear of perhaps another violent night. >> that's the sense that we get on the ground here the shooting that took place last night, police say took place between two groups of young men. they pursued. one of the young men that they believe had a gun. in pursuing that young man, he tend and fired at the police. they returned fire and now, he is in critical condition. i talked to a lot of protesters here skeptical about the police narrative when it comes to what happened and to talk more about that, i am joined by bob hudgins, someone who ran for city counsel in the last year as a reform candidate, did not win but vowing to run he again in the next election. i know you spent a lot of time with the demonstrators orders.
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why are they kept cal about what police are saying? >> look at the history of the country. look at what happened in the mike brown case. your first inclination would because of the anniversary, we have noticed a lot more anti-activity. trol will of s, we call them on twitter. some people believe there were some so-calledtrols out there last night trol. >> when you say anti-activities? >> right-wing white people who are armed and not happy about this. >> trying to disrupt the situation? >> yes. i probably know 8 out of 10 people in the streets last
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night. they are, as far as i know, are unarmed. >> so the idea that a couple of sets of kids would pick them to duke it out with guns doesn't strike people as what was likely happening. i can tell you. go ahead. >> i am going to ask you. given that backdrop, given the last year, here we are one year later still discussing violence. the police and the community. what has changed? have things gotten any better at all? there was a new police chief albeit an interim one and how is that going? >> it's a mixed bag. underneath you can see citizens regular citizens reaching out. there are some things bubbling that are good and positive here the overlay is still the old thing. they have shuffled some chairs. they have changed some policies.
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but you can see they are fighting the doj on the dissent -- consent agreement. we have the same mayor and another thing that is good about what the police have done is they have something called community engagement teams. they wear casual uniforms. it says community engagement team. they come and engage with us. i am wondering and should know: were they on west flor sent last night? i think that may have made a difference. >> bob hudgins, thanks so much >> activist and city council n candidate here in ferguson. we have had demonstrations throughout the day here many uneventful. no violence to speak of. there were several arrests. 50 people taken into custody at the courthouse we are told most have been released with a minor ticket but more events are
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planned. we will be watching throughout the evening to find out if the authorities here and the community can indeed stay calm once the sun goes down. >> okay. we will see you later. thank you very much indeed kristin saloomey there for us in missouri. >> one of the main activists who has been searching for a group of 43 missing mexican students has been shot dead. miguel jim ineds blanco was a leader of community police of guerrero state. the 45 held lead efforts to find the 4 three whom disappeared last year. local police have handed them over to a drugs gain john hollmann is in the mexican city zalap a: why would somebody want to see this man dead? >> for one thing, he held him 129 in total victims.
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he was looking for them in a shallow grave around the states. obviously wouldn't have endeared him to the criminals who put them in those shallow grams. he was a very uncomfortable man. local authorities, first of all, he was involved in a movement that started self defense groups. victims of crime. so, he was sort of looked to as a leader by many of the people not necessarily lead him to the government that weren't necessarily protecting those people's rights. >> last time i spoke on one of these programs, it was about the death of a journalist who fled to mexico city. there were a lot of other journalists and activists there as well. it's not the just people, is it,
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such as blanco who are finding themselves on the wrong end of the gun here it's anybody who dares to say that the whole group of people disagree with. exactly. yes. not just human rights and civil rights act visits. it's also the city that we are in is the city in which the journalist that you were referring to where he worked and where he got on the wrong side of the state government, a government here that's known for being quite repressive. even 13th orn the 14th. depending upon how you count your death tolls. >> we are talking human rights activists. we are talking journalists but not just them. we are talking people that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. many of them adding up to mexico's 20,000 people missing and, of course, many people also killed. >> 20,000, john.
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thank you for that story. >> malnutrition affects a third of indonesia's children and leaves them stunted. the world bank found poverty and a lack of education are the contributing factors. stefanie dekker reports now from western java. >> his tummy hurts. but he can't put that into words. at almost three years old, he should be bigger and he still can't talk or walk. four of his siblings have died of malnutrition, a condition caused by a lack of feud and nutrients. his father shows us how he sometimes eats the crumbled bricks off the wall. >> i often wait for my husband all day to bring money. he often comes home
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empty-handed. >> our children cry at home asking for food. but we cannot give it. >> this is some of what they can afford. stale rice full of ants. we are told it's duck food. this kind of diet is having an impact on million dollars of young children across indonesia. malnourished stunted children are smaller, their brain development is different. their intelligence is not as good. there is a lack of knowledge by the parents. we need to teach them it needs to be addressed. >> one of the main causes is poverty, the lack of opportunity and no access to education. it's something that ants million dollars of people. one-third of children under five years old are stunt you had. what that means is that there are not developing properly. many are worried that could have implications on this country's future.
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>> that's something the world bank has been pushing the indonesian government to take seriously. >> a sentence of prosperity, you are not making use of the potential of like close to 40% of the population. as simple as that. you are having people out there. these people are doomed to fail in society. they are not going to be able to to contribute to prosperity. the government has programs in place that deal with malnutrition. the figure show that stunting is improved his older brother is 23 years old. malnutrition is meant a lack of physical and mental development. a third of indonesian children could face the same fate. stitch knee decker, al jazeera, western java. >> the trial of a washington post reporter accused of spying has finished with a verdict.
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american citizenship was arrested last year. report in kay ran on monday. authorities haven't released details of any charges. the u.s. president family members and rights group have called for his release. his family is being critical of the trial and says the arrest is politically motivated. u.s. fire department has released dramatic pictures of the gas explosion destroyed a house in michigan. earlier on this month. this house's gas meter west of detroit. dash camera, one of the fire engines captured the moment leaking gas ignited destroying the front of the house which fortunate was empty at the time. toxic waste water that the is spilled from a colorado mine is more than treble the volume that the u.s. protection agents previously estimated. they say over 11 million liters
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