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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> 13 dead and hundreds reported i injured in a massive explosion in china. hello there, i'm julie mcdonald. this is the news hour live from london. coming up. >> enough is enough. >> u.n.'s peacekeeping chief in central africa republic i resigns after reports of rape and murde murder. and the war in yemen taking
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over cities that were taken over for months. and the dirty secret in poland. >> hello there, welcome to the program. at least 13 people have been killed after a huge explosion in the chinese port city of t tianjin. these are live pictures that we're seeing now just after dawn. the explosion happened after midnight. that's what the site looking like now. we know it's an industrial area, but there are lots of residents and flats around it. we know from eyewitnesses, too, lots of windows were shattered. hospitals were full overnight and we'll get more information from chinese authorities tomorrow. earlier al jazeera spoke to drew
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chemovac, an american living in tianjin. >> i her a rush of air followed by a second rush of air and smoke. this is a development area with factories. there are malls and a large concentration of apartment towers. so initially at thought we because that area there are a lot of pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, initially we thought it was from one of those. from what i can tell, my friends who have been talking to me are saying that it's probably a chemical disposal site, but the state media saying it was an explosive shipment, i wouldn't doubt that area this, is a large
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port area. >> we have this update in beijing. >> this was a major incident, and it is continuing according to the local authorities the force of the first blast equals more than three tons of tnt. the second blast equal to 21 tons of tnt. so a huge explosion. windows in the area were shattered, and some residents say that they thought it was an earthquake. 300 have been taken to hospital. there have been a number of deaths. the authorities stress that they believe this was simply an industrial accident, nothing more serious than that, but we have to put this in context, industrial accidents are certainly all too common in china. on wednesday 40 people have been reported missing after a mining accident, and in southwest china ten people have reportedly been
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killed after an industrial accident there. now the authorities say that they are imposing an exclusion zone effectively around this area of tianjin. you can't get within two kilometers of this accident. but now the air is badly contaminated, and that is a very sinister development. >> the united nations secretary general ban ki-moon has forced a representative in central african republic to resign in accusations of rape and murder in the country. the head of the stabilization mission to car c.a.r. 5:00 say that there have been links to an april of a 12-year-old girl. the rights groups say they have
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interviewed 15 witnesses and one the alleged victims. ban ki-moon announced that resignation. >> every allegation will be investigated. i have an independent panel to look into the reports of sexual exploitation in the central african republic and our systemic response. i look forward to seeing the findings soon. i believe that the number of disturbing allegations that we've seen in many countries, particularly in the central african republic in the birthday before the u.n. peace keepers were deployed and since speaks the need to take action now. enough is enough. today i have accepted resignation of my special
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representative head of the stabilization mission in the central african republic. >> houthi rebels are strengthening defenses in sanaa after suffering more losses in the south. now they're in the city of ibb. hashem ahelbarra has more. >> pro government fighters in the city of taiz. their aim is to capture yemen's third largest city. but doing that may take time. houthi fighters are still holding their ground backed by the elite republican guards, an army unit loyal to the deposed president ali abdullah saleh.
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this is more about being free. >> fighters are besieging the city of ibb. a crucial supply route for government troops and that push to take the city of sanaa. troops are being supported across the southern saudi border. fighters are preparing a tw two-prong approach towards the capital of sanaa. one to marib in the east and dhamar in the south. the other approach to dhamar is through bayda where there is also heavy fighting. >> the introduction to the ground armor tanks sanaa will be
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surrounded. they will surround sanaa and especially the troops coming from marib. >> fighting also broke out on the outskirts of sanaa where describes men exiled president are on the move. they're taking advantage of continuing airstrikes by the coalition to repel houthi fighters. talks to try to find a solution brokered by yemen's neighbor are under way. so far the united nations hasn't been able to help negotiate is a cease-fire in the war which has already claimed hundreds of lives. these efforts because of the huge differences between yemen's warring factions. in the meantime fighting
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continues raising fears with more casualties and more suffering and shortages for millions of yemenis. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. >> iran's foreign minister has been meeting with the syrian president in damascus. on the agenda is a four-point proposal iran wants to offer the u.n. to end syria's civil war. but there has been no let up in the actual fighting. we have this report. >> the rebel area was targeted by government airstrikes. many were killed and injured. the military regularly attack these regions, but the latest was in retaliation for the assault on the government's seat of power. casualties were caused as rockets and mortar bombs landed in the middle of the markets. this barrage was intense, and lasted for about two hours.
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many say that the attack was a message to the syrian government and it's main ally iran, who was suspected in damascus hours later. they have been in beirut as part of diplomatic efforts promote peace. they have repeatedly called for talks with gulf arab leaders, who are worried about iran's growing influence in the region. >> he want to extend the hand of cooperation to all neighbors in this region. we're ready to cooperate and exchange ideas for joint action between these countries to combat extremism and sectaria sectarianism. >> there are details about iran's proposal. iranian media has reported the plan would involve a cease-fire, the forming of a nationalit national government through elections. the main problems for the opposition is president bashar al-assad. >> still the pending issue today
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is the president bashar al-assad. the iranian initiative with the saudi condition. and the saudi condition is that no deed--there is no place for assad in any possible solution inside syria. >> saudi arabia made that position clear after a meeting in moscow. >> there is a push for a diplomatic solution. it is made by the main backers iran and russia. the international community does agree on the need to find an agreement, but forming the basis of negotiations is proving to be difficult. there are many players in this conflict with divergent interests. some opposition leaders believe that iran and russia are pushing for a deal because the syrian government is facing military
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and economic pressures. but they're not showing any signs of compromise, at least not until they secure what they consider to be their strategic goals. >> and isi the isil group in egypt said that they have killed a co-croatian man. the group called sinai province has threatened to kill him unless prisoners were released. still to come, how a rise in sexual violence has left women in south sudan too afraid to work. and tragic news for jimmy carter, he has cancer.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of the stop stories here on al jazeera. 13 people have been killed after a huge explosion in tianjin. state television says that hundreds of people have been injured. the united nations secretary general asked for head of c.a.r. peacekeeping mission to resign. u.s. presidential hopeful
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hillary clinton has handed her private e-mail service to the country's justice department. she has faced criticism when it was learned she had a private e-mail. >> while hillary clinton was campaigning for president her lawyer was talking to the fbi about handing over her e-mails and the private server she used during her time as secretary of state. clinton used a server stored in her home and not a government account. she said she didn't want to carry two phones. but the move also made it possible for her to avoid handing over her correspondence to congress and journalist. under pressure clinton gave the state department 30,000 e-mails to reveal and release. her team decided which ones were work related. they deleted 31,000 personal e-mails and they say with the server she has handed over.
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there is a good chance that the fbi could recover those. >> data stored is harder to delete than people think. by default when you drop something in the trash or click the delete key the actual data is not erased. >> clinton has been making one point. >> there is no classified material. >> she stressed that often. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any classified information at the time that was received. >> but the inspector general said of the 40 e-mails that she was allowed to see two contained top-secret information so sensitive it could not be shared with foreign government. they're trying to explain it as a problem with labeling. >> they weren't marked. >> but mishandling classified information is a crime that could carry with it ten years in prison. the scandal is impacting her campaign. berni sanders, a self described
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socialist is now beating her in a new poll, and the majority of voters say she's untrustworthy. some analysts say that she has time to turn it around. >> voters are forgiving. if there ends up not being much there i think people will look at this as another media-driven political scandal that the clintons are dealing with, and they'll get back to looking at the issues and the candidates. >> the remaining candidates, someone outside of the clinton camp could find out, and the answer could have a big exact on much more than her candidatcy for president. >> former american president jimmy carter has announced he's suffering from cancer. carter is in 90 years old. he was in hospital to remove a small mass, and the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. lawyers for the guantanamo
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detainee who was cleared for release back in 2009 has accused the obama administration for endangering his life. >> the u.s. military has held this man in guantanamo since 2002. in 2009 the obama administration decided that he no longer posed a security risk and should be released. but it's 2015, and he's still at guantanamo. his lawyer has filed a petition to force the u.s. government to release him on humanitarian grounds. >> they're fighting his case in court in order to hold him despite having cleared him for release and the president often repeated the public statement that they will be clearing the
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center. >> his lawyers call this a life-threatening situation. it comes at a time when officials have struggled to deal with detainees launching hunger strikes to protest their situation. officials won't say how many men are refusing to eat or are being forced fed but lawyers say that they're trying to stay focused on his client's case. the case is now before a federal judge, but they are committed of carrying out the president's goal of closing guantanamo. >> six people have been killed in a suspected boko haram attack in northern nigeria.
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>> sexual violence against women has increased since the war bega began three years ago. >> the displaced women in bentiu walk in the bush to collect firewood. they'll spend half a day trying to collect enough to sell. some say that they're returning beaten and raped. >> they pointed a gun at us and told us to follow them. >> this woman we'll call mary said that she and a group of women were gang raped by south sudanese soldiers at gunpoint. after they do a bad deed and
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leave you like that, you're almost as good as dead. all that is left is that they shoot us. >> these women are faced with a choice trying to earn money when food is scarce or stay inside this camp where they're protected by u.n. peace keepers. they say they've helped thousands of women in bentiu. women told us that they were beaten and raped by government soldiers who viewed them sympathetic to opposition fighters. but aid groups say that all parties are guilty of sexually assaulting women. they ask women to report rape and seek treatment, but some say that they're doing nothing, using rape as a weapon of war, an accusation that the government denies. >> we will not allow them to do
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that. you will find things that would shock you. they want to see the truth. there are complaints against the government. >> mary now worries she has contracted a disease. she said she's too terrified to return to the bush. other women we spoke to say that they're afraid of being attacked, too, but they're still collecting firewood and taking the risk to survive. al jazeera. south sudan. >> the italian navy has rescued a group of migrants off the shores of libya.
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a visit to poland's second largest city can be breast taking in more ways than one. it's beautiful ac mandari architecture is notorious for its pollution. >> there are plenty ever reasons to visit krakow in the sunshine. the architecture and centuries of history. but when the weather turns cold the air fills with a thick toxic smog. >> it stinks, it's dirty. >> the filth hangs in the krakow
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valley. air pollution levels in the city are four times the "world health organization's" safe limit. >> my nose started bleeding one morning and bled for over 20 hours until the doctor stopped it. my doctor laughing at me when i come with problems because he keeps saying move out of town. >> but who would want to leave this sparkling medieval city in the shine. it is now the third most polluted city in the european union. outside of the summer months some of the coughing, wheezing residents complain of being prisoners in their own home. >> a campaign group called the kra kow smog alarm, fought back warning residents that they face pollution levels equivalent to
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205 cigarettes a year. we do everything we can to convince tourists but they're safe in krakow and they can breathe air that is getting cleaner. >> this family could not wait when they discovered that their four-year-old son was getting sick. >> because he had very strong skin disease which appeared only when in krakow. it was enough to go out of the city to another part of the country for three days. and the disease started to disappear. it's because of the city. >> they left for the capital offer witof warsaw with no plans to return. >> 40 people are missing in
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china from a landslide in a mining town. japan has marked the 30th anniversary of the singel deadliest aircraft crash. the plane slammed into tokyo. 500 people were in that crash. >> they call it the march for life and dignity. indigenous he ca ecuadorans.
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they want their president to run for a fourth term. >> we want to eliminate the constitution amendments. if we wants re-election he has to call for a referendum. >> they also claim that he has not changed the social structure that he promised. they promised him a citizens' revolution. now they say he has failed them. >> in the capital workers, union, teachers join these protesters. each one has their own demand. now they want to turn this one-day national strike into a protest until the president resigns. >> they believe deep down that many will worry about the economy. the slump in the economy has
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forced contraction in the economic growth. >> with the measures taken by the government, there isn't much work. >> they insist that the strike will be a failure. >> the president has called for a national dialogue. i think many issues can be improved and rectified, and we're ready to recognize things could be perfect. >> indigenous groups like this one helped correa win office eight years ago, now they're some of his worst critics. >> we voted for him. he sold us illusions, dreams, now we've woken up from a nightmare. for more than eight years we have waited but now we say enough. correa changes, resigns. >> these protesters say they're looking for answers to their demands, and they say they won't
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return home empty handed. al jazeera. >> why not take a look at our website all the very latest there on that explosion in china. back in a second with your headlines. our father and our most gracious god. as this family, the murdough family and their friends, as they gather, we ask that you send your comforter, your holy spirit, your guide, to be with them. >> queens, new york. jerome murdough's family is laying him to rest. four months ago, 56-year-old jerome was arrested for trespassing, and booked into new york's rikers island jail. >> you going to be missed big bro. me and him, we had a special