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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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goodnight. >> this is not tourist. >> police and a hundred refuge refugees. also, talks. dozens of people and will an american man at the world
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athletics championships. >> they were among thousands. >> they didn't come this far to be held back. hundreds do get threw sprinting across fields. in this case, directly at a woman and her two children.
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>> towards serbia, the eu and beyond. now refugees have no idea why they are being treated this way. >> i'm not tourist. this is not tourists. this is not tourists. this is not tourists. we are humans. where is the humanity. where is the world to see us, look, everyone here. they are families. we don't need anything, just clothes. we don't need money. just cross. 2009 cross to germany. >> some have bent sent back alleging harsh treatment by the local police. >> you say the police were hitting you? >> see? can see. can see. can see.
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see. see here. >> and this is the police in macedonia? the same mother and her daughters are trapped and terrified. >> what has happened to you? tell us? >> family. i have my baby. >> your family got across and you are stuck here? she begs to be allowed to cross. we have just heard the sound of small arms fire going off above the heads of these people hidden in the bushes. they have staggering risks to get this far. they traveled the sea, they crossed multiple borders on foot. they did not expect to be confronted by violence from armed police. the european union has shown its complete inability to deal with this vast movement of refugees and macedonia seems to be no
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better. it's clear the police couldn't stop them, so they stopped trying. meanwhile, dozens of refugees have arrived on a greek island. witnesses say eight. boats came on saturday each carrying up to 60 people. many were women and children. they paid $1,500 to make the trip from turkey. around 3,000 refugee refugees ae each day. >> we travel from afghanistan, then we come to turkey, then greece. so we see lots of dead bodies, lots of -- don't ask. it's really -- >> the thousands of refugees arriving in europe have taken
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one of two routes. those taken the northern route fleeing the fighting in the middle east. from there, they travel through turkey and across the narrow sea border to the greek islands. after making their way through greece, they try to cross into macedonia. the other main route is ethiopia and on to libya. 3,000 refugees have been rescued off seas in lib y the italian coast guard said they were going to the aid of 20 vessels. several hundred people have died trying to make the dangerous journey across the mediterranean. we have this update. >> reporter: as many as 3,000 refugees traveling on 18
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separate vessels are rescued on saturday. they were traveling on 14 rubber dingies. they sent out a distress signal which was picked up by the italian coast guard. they sent out a number of rescue boats. this is not the first time we have seen this. this is clearly a tactic by human smugglers who wait for good weather before they send out as many boats as they can. sometimes with deadly consequences. these are optimal conditions. but it is still very dangerous. as we have seen in the past, many migrants die or risk their lives just as they see the rescuers approach. we seen at the beginning of 200 refugees have died when they moved to the same side of the boat to take a look or call out
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for help or send a distress rescue. they appeared in the horizon. we have seen this happening many times before. the italian coast guard is positive that this particular operation is going well and it will be performed without casualties. in lebanon thousands of protesterprotesters fought witht police sparked by a waste management crisis. >> these were by far the biggest protests since the crisis began. and now it's about much more than just rubbish collection. many people have been pushed to limits by unreliable power supplies, and what they say is a dysfunctional government. >> we are against the sectarianism of the lebanese government. they stole from the people's pockets forcing our youth to immigrate. we are here to protest the lack of jobs, poverty and hunger.
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we have no electricity and water. >> it wasn't long before the protests became a standoff. riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disburse the crowds. dozens of demonstrators and police were wounded. the crisis began a month ago with the closure of lebanon's biggest landfill site. rubbish piled up across the city. the fumes and the smells were worse from the heat. it's the stench of political corruption which is now driving this growing protest movement. there is still no lasting solution to the waste management crisis but with unrest on a scale not seen in beirut for years, the government is facing much bigger problems. planned high level talks between india and pakistan have been abandoned hours before they
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were due to start. pakistan pulled out. india wants talks between the country's national security advisers to focus on terrorism. but pakistan won't take part without talks on cashmere. both sides of the disputed border have seen increased violence. we have more from pakistan. >> reporter: the headlines across pakistan and india has been this dangerous escalation of cease fire violations. we have seen dozens of families who have had to escape their villages because of incoming mortar and light arms fire. they were terrorized and traumatized by the events unfolding. the fear is that this conflict could escalate into a bigger confrontation if they are not able to control the squirmishes along the border. people on both sides are
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suffering. the stakes are high. and without talks, cross border incidents are likely to intensify and endanger peace between india and pakistan. so it is a crisis that needs attention, it needs also the attention of the world community to try and resolve this outstanding issue between two nuclear armed nations. a suicide bomber targeted a military convoy. the victims include nine afghans and three american contractors. had happened on a busy street. children are among the dozens who have been injured. the taliban denied any involvement in the attack. >> reporter: the car bomb went off at one of the busiest times of the day on a busy street in a residential area just outside a hospital not far from a school when people were leaving work, heading home. the target was an armored convoy
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carrying civilian contractors for nato. a number of civilian cars were damaged in that civilian and contractors among the dead and more than a hundred civilians injured in that blast. it comes as afghans are on edge. security a big concern. two blasts over a 24 hour period killed more than 50 and wounded more than 250. that was the deadliest day in the afghan capital. but the security situation remains precarious. the taliban have denied responsibility for this latest attack as they often do if there are any civilian casualties involved. a sense of how secure the situation remains here, afghan police found four rockets on the outskirts of kabul province that were destined to be fired into the city. the afghan intelligence service
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captured a truck and driver. that truck had seven tons of explosive material. so the security services remaining on high alert here and afghan is very concerned about the security situation. still to come here, talking it over. north and south korea trying to find a negotiatation to the dispute. >> reporter: hundreds of cuban doctors who fled venezuela are caught in limbo here in columbia.
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>> welcome back. hundreds of refugees heading to northern europe. macedonia police fired stun grenades as people tried to enter the country. in lebanon, dozens of people have been injured as antigovernment protesters. >> planned high level talks have been abandoned before they were due to start. senior officials from north and south korea have adjourned talks and will meet again in a few hours time. the two countries have been lock in a war of words.
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discussions lasted for ten hours. >> reporter: north korea and south korea do talk, they last a long time. it proved overnight saturday into sunday, nearly so hours worth of talks between very senior members of both governments. the head of the general political bureau of the korean people's army from north korea, the second most senior military figure talking with his opposite member from south korea, the national security adviser to the president, they have direct linches to the most senior leaders. also represented with the heads of the two departments of government that deal with relations. the fact they were talking for long, is different from the situation we had in the run up to the talks which is a deadline ticking down that north korea imposed for the ending of
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propaganda broadcasts after they said they would attack the loud speakers. the difficulty remains that both sides remain opposed in the positions they had been taking up until this point. it will continue the broadcasts, has been doing so even while the talks are going on until north korea accepts responsibility and apologizes for land mine blasts which took place earlier this month in which two south korean soldiers remain inside the demilitarized zone. north korea say it represent as an attack on their country and must end. otherwise, they were going to attack them. whether those positions have changed, obviously, we don't know. they will resume at 3:00 p.m. local time in south kree y we'll try and get more information once that second round of talks is under way. >> the french intore your minute store says a gunmen who was over powered was known to
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authorities. the 26-year-old was identified by france's antiterrorism unit last year. >> reporter: tied up and subdued. mobile phone footage shows the gunman that tried to cause footage on a high speed train. the man had been confronted by a passenger, then overpowered by a group of american travelers. their friend, spencer stone, was injured with cuts to his neck and hand. >> he ran a good ten meters to get to the guy. we didn't know that his gun wasn't working. spanner is ran anyway. if anybody would have gotten shot, it would be spencer. we are lucky nobody got killed, especially spencer. >> the swift intervention prevented a potential massacre. he was arm with an ak-47 and a
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box cu cutter blade. my thought was i was going to die anyway. i rather die being active than sit in the corner and be shot. >> the gunman, a 26-year-old mormoroccon man. >> translator: together with the prime minister and the president, i want to express our gratitude for the two americans. >> because he boarded the train in brussels, belgium authorities have commenced an investigation into the circumstances of the attempted attack. the effectiveness of the intelligence services is under scrutiny. but also the security of europe's rail network.
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high speed rail passengers traveling between france and england must go through security including baggage x-rays. the reason being the channel tunnel, 50-kilometer stretch underneath the english channel and the risk of a bomb or gun attack on route. across the rest of the french network, including trains that pass through belgium and amsterdam, there are no such security provisions. they sent a memo to raise the level of alert. in the meantime, bravery medals have been awarded to the americans. and the french president invited them to the presidential palace in paris. spencer stone has now left hospital. stone, a u.s. air man, was seen with his arm in a sling. according to his family, his
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finger was nearly severed when he tackled the gunman to the ground. the pilot of a jet that crashed is in critical condition. more than a dozen people were injured. the plane was making an aerial maneuver when it crashed into a busy main road. britain's embassy in iro irs set to reopen. it was closed after stormed by protesters in 2011. the embassy in london will reopen at the same time. hundreds of cuban medical professionals hoping to reach the united states are stranded in columbia's capital. the doctors fled to capital from venezuela expecting to take advantage of a u.s. government initiative granting them visas.
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>> reporter: sporting white gowns and showing their diplomas, these cuban medical workers are caught in limbo. they were rehn tiesed to do so by the 2006 cuban medical professional parole program. a u.s. government initiative that promised them a fast and safe passage to the u.s. >> translator: we expected our cases to be resolved within 15 to 90 days. some have waited seven months without response or have been turned down. >> reporter: dozens are cram in small apartments. their savings running out and saving deportation. this nurse fled five months ago with $600 in his pocket. >> translator: facing true hardship. we left our families and jobs for something that was 99% certain. now we don't know what will happen us to. >> reporter: this dentist is six
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months pregnant, unable to pay for a hospital, she's being visited by one of her colleagues. >> i will soon be giving birth. i don't know where and how, what will happen to us. >> reporter: cuba started its international medical brigade in 19636789 more than 50,000 work abroad, many in venezuela. the island receives oil and cash in exchange. cuba has been demanding an end to the parole program blaming it for brain drain. so many here think the current delays are a consequence of the renewed ties between the u.s. and cuba. something the u.s. government denies. >> i pointed to the u.s. citizenship and immigration to speak to these cases. and what these medical personnel are going through. but it is not at all related to our new policy with respect to
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cuba. there is no tie, no connection. >> reporter: the u.s. agency responsible for the program told us they were unable to immediately provide specific answers. in a statement they said they have seen increasing cases and were dedicating additional resources to the pending case load. but with more doctors arriving every week, it's unclear whether their journeys will end here. venezuela president has extended the closure of a key crossing with columbia. it's in response to the shooting of three border guards by suspected smugglers on wednesday. in the race for the u.s. democratic party's nomination, hillary clinton is suffering from investigation into e-mails.
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we report on the campaign trail in south carolina. >> reporter: across this conservative state, thousands of people flocked to hear bernie sanders declaim his popul themes. >> this campaign is sending a message to the most powerful people in this country. to the billionaire class. what we are saying to them is you are no longer going to be able to get t it's not a radical idea, it is an american idea. that if somebody works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty. >> reporter: the 73-year-old senator from vermont wins praise for qualities they consider lacking in the democratic frontrunner. >> i see hillary clinton as
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being beholding to corporations where bernie sanders is getting his support from the people he claims to represent. >> reporter: sanders has been narrowing the gap with clinton, in recent polls ranking even with her. as much as he's drawing to democratic voters, he wants to attract more blacks and hispanics. he calls for free higher education, more government funded jobs, sanders promises to protect black voting rights. >> i would like to see her touch on it. he will probably steal a lot of votes from hillary. >> reporter: what are sanders has refused to do is confront clinton. i'm not going to engage in personal attacks and character
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assassination. >> reporter: he has impressed some. >> he did have an answer. but he said i will do more research. that's a good sign. he could have brushed the question off as some people do. >> reporter: the first primary voting is five months away. time enough to make clinton's nomination once regarded as inevitable, increasingly less assured. some sports news now. bolt has boosted his bid on the track. he won his heat in beijing. day one also saw history being made. >> reporter: seven years ago beijing's bird's nest stadium is where he won his first olympic gold medals. now bolted back in china to prove he's still the world's
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fastest man. the jamaican seen struggling with an injury for much of the season, but did win his heat in a time of 9.96 seconds. >> i feel good. i'm happy i got done. > i look at it as a competition. i'm here to compete against anybody in the lane. >> reporter: he served two suspensions for doping and was booed before his heat. but it didn't seem to slow him down. crossing the line in 9.83 seconds, the fastest time of the day. there was a troubled lead up to this event. the personally released medical data to prove he's running clean. he let his ability do the
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talking. to attain his 10,000-meter title. history has been made with a gold medal to an african country. it's the youngest ever marathon world champion was 19-year-old showing his rivals how it's done, winning in 2:12:27. >> this is very special history for myself. but this is another message for me. [indiscernible] >> reporter: while jessica leads after fire events, on sunday she will be aiming to win her second world title.
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and a quick reminder, you can keep up to date with all the news on our website, there it is on your screen, all the latest on the migrant crisis, the address, that's civil rights leader, julian bond. >> here are these ordinary people, innocent people doing nothing at all, walking down the street, bam, bam, bam, please policemen jump upon them, beat them, in this hor inc. way. >> as the 50th anniversary of the voting rights march from selma to montgomery and bloody sunday was, protesters across the country today are calling for an end to what they say is rachel discrimination in the


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