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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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in this vegetarian festival. . >> it's enough. >> it's enough. i'm richelle carey, the news >> he lie. >> reporter: he has the right to continues there with dwawlts. speak. >> yes, okay. >> that is enough. this woman from afghanistan is trying to guard an extended del walters. family of 12 through all of this, and says she's been separated from some of them. walters walters >> my family are there. americans talk about stopping the alleged shooter on a train in france. the french will honour them. >> it was not a conscious my grandfather, children, decision, we just kind of acted. >> presidential politics, immigration, planned parenthood and donald trump - how republicans are trying to separate themselves, heading into september my uncle, my uncle's children. after the storm - 10 years my husband... after hurricane katrina killed we don't going. nearly 2,000 people, the lessons >> reporter: some people have gone to extraordinary links to get this far, parting with children on the border, so they'd be allowed in. >> they put their children under learnt and the problems that the razor wire. still exist afterwards we would reunite the children. this should not happen anywhere, to anyone. >> reporter: as more head from we begin tonight in france, greece to the border, the latest where we are now hearing from political moves, like others
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the three american men who across europe, failed these french authorities say stopped a massacre aboard the train on many of the refugees are friday. tomorrow french president in our last hour we talked francis hollande is expected to present the men with the highest to a human rights watcher, about level. it was travelling from amsterdam the crisis in macedonia. to paris. according to french officials >> macedonia has seen a flow of the gunman had an ak-47 and 300 migrants berg its country since rounds of ammunition. today the americans talking september 2014, and each month it's more and more people about bravery at the home of the entering. taking into account what is ambassador in france. happening in greece, with people richard has more on how one is entering, coming to greece from bruised and battered, but all turkey, and greek authorities called heroes. >> spencer stone's face bares transporting people from greek islands in to the mainland. the bruises and cuts from a we can expect macedonia will see desperate struggle. his arm is bandaged, his thumb a hire degree of migrants entering the country. nearly severed in the throat. >> the western routes at the balkans is used by asylum all three have been hailed as heroes for overpowering a gunman seekers from syria, iraq and afghanistan, trying to get to the northern e.u. on a train. >> greek officials aspect to go it was stone that led the ahead with locations on charge. september 20th. >> he came up, took the gun out the opposition leader is of his hand while i put him in a expected to tell the president
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on monday that he failed to form choke homed. he pulled more weapons, left and right, pulled out a handgun. a new government. following the election of alexis tsipras last thursday. he took out a box cutter and the leader of the popular party jabbed at me with that. will attempt to form a >> new footage of the moments coalition. if he fails, parliament will be after the gun attack have been dissolved and an election called saudis pounded yemen with released showing blood stages, weapons and ammunition, and the gunman tied up face down on the air strikes. this is footage showing people floor of the train carriage. fleeing the beech. dozens of civilians caught in authorities in francaise the the crossfire. man, a 26-year-old moroccan there's no reports of anyone being wounded or killed. attended a massacre. it comes days after dozens of instead, one passenger was shot and wounded, and spencer stone civilians died according to the saved his life toox. red cross. >> the african union warning of >> i went over, saw that he was a disaster in south sudan, if it squirting blood out of the left or right side of his neck. fails. yesterday the president of south sudan refused to sign the latest i was going to use my shirt. agreement, his rivals signing i stuck two of my fingers in the the deal last month. hole, found what i thought to be salva kiir wants another 15 days to talk it over. aid groups say the situation on the artery, pushed down and the the ground is getting worse. bleeding stopped. >> the gunman would have been >> unfortunately, it's a delay for the moment, and we can see successful if my friend spencer
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had not got up. i want that lesson learnt going fighting across the south sudan forward, in times of, like, terror like that, to please do territories changing hands on a something. >> still a photograph of the gunman has emerge the. daily basis. it puts aid workers and he's been named humanitarian companies in a position where it cannot access in the media. people for guarantee safety of investigations are going on into our own staff. his background, motivations and >> at least seven ceasefires whether he was acting alone. have been agreed to and broken since the conflict began in spencer stone and his friends are adjusting to their 2013. the lebanese army has been sent unexpected fame. the holiday is on hold at the moment. to confront the growing anti-government protest in on monday, they are being hosted beirut. by the french president one was killed and 40 more were in japan, there was a series injured. of explosions at an army depot 30 of their officers have been hurt. the country without a president tonight, happening about 25 miles south-west of tokyo. or functioning parliament. u.s. army officials are we have our story from beirut. investigating what accused the explosions, but say no one was >> demands to topple the hurt, since it happened when government. everyone went home for the thousands of lebanese make their night. during the day time 200 work at the center. the army says they don't store voices heard in downtown beirut. there's a growing protest hazardous material or weapons movement.
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there. >> 17 wildfires are burning the people are very angry. the demonstrations were across california, more than triggered after rubbish piled up on the streets of the capital, 12,000 firefighters are on the ground, coming from all over the following the closure of the main landfill. country. the recent fire beginning young people caused a movement. 24 hours ago, and spread more but that transformed into an than 400 acres in two hours. anti-government movement to we have this report from kings protest the underlying problems that the country faces. canyon national park. >> the corruption in the country >> what is unique about this is killing us slowly. fire? >> one of the biggest challenges people think it's about trash. with the fire is the steep topography and terrain, this is some of the roughest country in it's not about trash. the united states. we have major power out ages, of course you want to make sure it doesn't cross the road. major water shortages. >> on the other side of the road >> the protests cross the is ub contained lines, fuels political divide. adding problems along the way. the protesters's chants and police crews are working hard to keep is inside the lines as fast placards demonstrate party as they can. politics and say the current >> one of the things we are trying to do is eliminate the system is controlled by businessmen and the political vegetation or the fuel and by lighting back fires we were able elite. there's no scenario, and all in to control it more, do it under the parliament - there's no our terms, versus nature's or
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others. >> the fire has been raising scenario where they say, and since a lightening . it's good, it's not going to happen. all the people they need to most of the fire is in the back resign, the time for change is country, inactionable to now. >> the protest started fire-dehli on foot. peacefully organizers found choppers have been collecting water, dropping it as fast as thugs invaded the crowd. possible, returning it for more. thick smoke is preventing the chomers going up into late >> it soon appeared that clashes afternoon. 10 helicopters have been used on the fire. here you can see what they are driving to prevent the the kings were this warded. canyon lodge is the only structure destroyed by the fire. it was built in 1928, and bottles were thrown at police. despite the violence, tourists came for decades. anti-government activists it's filled with antiques, that continue their protests, and have gone. called for more people to gather the owners are amazed that the monday evening. >> the grassroots nature of the movement is what so many here gravity gas pump was denied. most of the national park has believe gave it so much power, been evacuated and closed to and whilst that may be the case in terms of giving them the visitors indefinitely because of ability to express genuine
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the fire some republican candidates are putting distance between opposition to what is described as wide-spread corruption, themselves and donald trump on the issue of immigration reform against the policies and especially the proposal to government. it are the question remains reveal citizenship to anyone born in the united states. >> the u.s. policy of birth whether it's enough to replace what has governed for decades right citizenship goes back to it was a tale of triumph and tragedy in damascus syria. 1888. some say donald trump is a distraction. >> it's in the constitution. crews freed this young girl on let's talk about the things that sunday, spending the night we can fix, without having to trapped in the rubble of her house, destroyed by the syrian amend the constitution. >> every election cycle they army. her fathers and brothers didn't hold up a bright shiny object. survive, 50 others were killed. if you like that idea, the rebels returned fire shelling a chances of getting a constitutional amendment passed prison and residential areas. or overturned by the supreme >> oil launched countereffect court are small. tifs. iraqi officials saying 70 >> any discussion going beyond securing the border or enforcing soldiers and militia members laws is a thing that should be a were killed since saturday. there's a growing divide between shia politicians and others that red flag. those politicians have not been called for reforms.
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committed to falling promise. zeina khodr has more from as for trump, despite the opposition to his plan, he's not backing down on the subject of immigration, saying the government's problem is the way baghdad. >> reporter: it's a protest movement that has brought it handled undocumented society together and brought into the open the power struggle between the iraqi shia politicians. immigrants living in the u.s. iraqis from different sects and >> the government has no idea. we have lost control of our walks of life at first demanded country, we have lost control of better services every friday. our borders. now they want change. >> people don't just want water i've been hearing 11 million for and electricity, we want political reform, and government five years. institutions. the other day i heard 30. >> prime minister haider >> texas senator ted cruz has al-abadi promised to do that. been working on a plan to these protests a show of support for a pledge to fight corruption, reforming the sectarian political system will defund. >> only our pastors, our faith not be easy. the prime minister said he is leaders, church leaders have facing powerful enemies. enough influence to put this >> translation: there are people forward. this week cruz will launch a that want to bring down the political process. campaign for funding for planned parenthood. more than 100,000 are invited to they have money and run television and radio stations. we will stand in their way. take place in a conference call >> they have the backing of the on tuesday. bernie sanders appearing at a highest society in iraq. the grand ayatollah sistani. packed town hall meeting.
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in salom, new hampshire. he talked about economic equality. >> we live in the wealthiest whose has considerable influence over the shia population, through his statement he urged county in the history of the haider al-abadi to press ahead with reforms. it was a message of support and world. but guess what few people in to his rival - don't stand in his way. he took over and replaced nouri america know that. almost all of the wealth and much of the income is going to al-maliki a year ago, accused of sectarian the top 1%. practices. after i.s.i.l. took over much of >> tomorrow bernie sanders will the mainland. appear in three town hall his mission was to reconcile the communities, and reassert state meetings in new hampshire, where authority. he's been challenged by forces within the leadership. the first primary states are harry reid supports the shia militias, known as the popular mobilization forces nuclear deal calling it the replaced an army that tough escheme? history. lawmakers debate that, lifting sanctions and in exchange tehran will reduce its nuclear collapsed in the face of programme. i.s.i.l.'s offensive. they have political ambitions, in september congress will vote some have links with iran and on whether it will honour that are allies of maliki, who have the largest single block in the iraqi parliament. deal. the british foreign secretary going to iran's capital, the >> there are serious divisions within the shi'a house. this is very dangerous. first visit by anyone in
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12 years, there to reopen the haider al-abadi tried to stop shia groups meddling in state affairs. british embassy. >> we would have overcome the it didn't work. deficit of trust on both sides, >> reporter: the protests emerged from a grassroots which existed for a long time, movement. but there's fear they may be hijacked by political forces who are stronger than the state. in a way that will allow us to have more constructive relationships in the region in haider al-abadi needs to make people's expectations to ensure credibility. the future. >> today's visit is a sign that there's more at stake, including the future of iraq as a state britain is laying ground work for renewed tie, which could mean business deals for marathon talks are under way billions. >> eyes are on asia, the opening trying to ease the tensions on the korean peninsula. following a troubling finish in the u.s. markets on friday. officials from north and south global markets taking a plunge meeting at a village in the dmz. after china devalued its harry fawcett is fallowing the currency, leading to uncertainty talks. >> in the history of periods of over the economic well being. heightened tensions between north and south korea, it's not major stocks dropped as well. uncommon for the messages >> the dow fell 530 pints. the s&p fell below of the 2,000 by both sides to be mixed. so it's turned out. sunday the south korean delegation drove through the checkpoint across the bridge
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mark. ali velshi with more on why the behind me, towards the village where the talks took place. markets took a turn for the at the same time south korean media reported a military source worse. >> this is because china as saying there has been significant manoeuvres north of devalued its currency, and is the border. sending signals to the world that the economy is slowing more than expected. china likes to slow its economy. this is a sign it hasn't been most significant potentially what is happening with the able to. fleet, 50 of north korea's 70 submarines have been deployed from their bases on both coasts devaluing currency means they export more things, gets the of north korea, undetected by south korean ships and planes, factory moving. >> the federal reserve has been and artillery on the northern looking at all the stuff in the side has been doubled while the world, deciding it has not got a talks have been going on. clear signal about anyone it it's worth pausing and thinking will start to raise interest house we got to this point. rates. we are expecting this to happen it's on august 4th, when there were landmines of a now or the end of the year. it's not a terrible thing, except investors don't like uncertainty. oil prices continue a plunge, demilitarized zone in the south dropping $40 a barrel. korean zone, that injured two soldiers. the south said it was a north korean attack and restarted it came back after that. propaganda broadcasts across the all of these things are border. the north denied responsibility signalling a slowing global any and that has investors worried. for the land mines, and demanded >> the asian markets opening a that they be ended up to a point of issuing a deadline otherwise short while ago. there would be a strike against
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this is the nikkei, aping down them, before the talks took place. 400 points, 450 points as we south korea said it will not end speak. all eyes on asia to see how u.s. the broadcasts until and unless north korea apologise force the markets open when the opening bell rings tomorrow. land mine attacks. there's a divided situation, coming up, greece setting a new even though we have had talks date for elections after the over the last couple of days. >> harry fawcett reporting prime minister resigned. there. and angry lebanese citizens are next in our week ahead fed up with their government and segment, we talk to do clash with riot police. helicopter pilots that flew >> saudis send yemen beach-goers rescue nations as the waters from katrina flowed, flooding running for their life. new orleans. >> and hurricane katrina, 10 it's been two years since the years later. what lessons were learnt. devastation. what if anything has changed? we talk to two rescue pilots we talk to two rescue pilots there in the
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♪ ♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage, all of taylor swift's music videos, interviews, and more. >> we're here to fully get into xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target
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weeknights 10:30p et it's sunday night it time for "the week ahead". this time a look at hurricane katrina. the president will arrive there on thursday. it was the most damaging and costly hurricane in u.s. history, 2,000 people losing their lives, thousands homeless. by some estimates, katrina causing 250 billion worth of the number of migrants damage. let's look back at what rescued in the mediterranean sea continues to grow. happened. >> august 2005 katrina is one of more than 3,000 were picked up many tropical storms that hit today. that was the highest number in louisiana, only this time it's a recent days. french and german leaders maximum strength category 5 meeting to discuss the refugee crisis. today the french minister laurent fabius calling for a
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quick response. hurricane. >> we knew we had potentially a after days of confronting and really bad storm on our hands. storming the police lines, so saturday night, 24 hours thousands of refugees are trying to make their way to the before landfall, the mayor went european union. andrew simmonds has more from on tellie telling the city leave, leaf, and if you can't leave, we'll open up the superdome as the refuge of last resort. >> when you talk about the macedonia. >> reporter: there's no end, it superdome, electricity, no seems to the suffering. plumbing, no rest room, 30,000 at one stage police and soldiers people in that facility, trying blocked the border with force. now they are organising transit to just survive, the convention for the people to pass through centre, the same scenario, no macedonia food, water, restaurant conditions, and we are talking about during the summer months, where the temperature exceed the in the crush there was tension. 98 to 100 degrees. a trab arrived. there's no way everyone can get on board. there doesn't seen to be any >> it's the smell of dead bodies system on telling these people whether we have a right to board the train or not. inside. it's just terrible. it's an awkward situation, and they were making promise that it's hit and miss. they were going to movize, move people are pleading with soldiers to let them on board. they begin to let people through us, and we've been believing it. in orderly lines, the anxiety
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turning to smiles of relief. people were getting frustrated some of the security forces are with that. >> day four the government sent helpful and considerate. help to the city but any resistance to their orders is seen as provocation. one officer was heard telling a refugee "if you don't like this, you should go back to syria", and this man said even though he had the right papers, he was not the storm cost politically. allowed on the train former president george w. bush saying that photo was a huge mistake. it shows him flying over katrina in air force one, it's the yardstick of presidential responses since. another image that will live on in the minds of americans for some time, american citizens required as refugees. there were descriptions of dead bodies and raw sewage. then there is this. two photos that tell it all. an elderly woman and a wheelchair dying waiting for
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help. and stranded americans spelling out the words hep, waving the flag. david is a retired lieutenant from the navy, and another from the coast guard, both flying rescue missions in the days after katrina. it's been 10 years, do you still see the images and pictures of people waiting for help in new orleans, underwater. >> i do. i think about it all the time, the emotions, so many in trouble, and the instruction all along the coast, all the way out to louisiana. i see it all the time. >> how do you feel looking back 10 years later, releasing that these are the images, this is the way that dzenan catic looks now, and some say some has changed, but not enough? >> what we saw was harrowing, we
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are trained to do that. we are 9-year veterans of the navy. i don't think anything can prepare you to see that kind of construction. i don't think anyone was prepared to see the level of discussion and human suffering that we saw, to be a part of it, to help in even a maul way is a blessing. >> to give relief. >> dzenan catic was a political hot potato, 10 years later, do we know the real story now that all the agencies have been vetted and a what could be said has been cleared. do we know 10 years later what happened? >> i could tell you. i'm a pilot of the coast guard. i don't think anyone was prepared for that. to look amount the response then, today, we work with partners on a regular basis from other agencies, and i think we were a lots more prepared for
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what could happen. i don't think anyone is prepared for the management of the storm. my major is meteorology, and this turned into category 5. i don't think anyone was prepared. i think looking at the response then, as compared to - the level now, is night and day. we did what we could back then. and all agencies responded to the best of their ability. but it's unprecedented, the scope of this. >> 10 years later, do we have the sexual story, do we know what happened? >> i think dealing with something of this magnitude, i don't think anyone was prepared for that level of disaster. i think we have learnt what we are going to learn, and the - the response and the, you know, communication between the agencies increased so much since then, i think is the big benefit, if it can be described that way.
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have we learnt what caused it, and why the delay was as slow as some say it was. i don't know. >> we see the image of you flying over, we know it's you, we can read your name on the back. helmet. i'm curious, you saved so many people, you heard from the survivors, if so, what do they tell you. >> for a couple of rescue missions, specifically the first day, we dropped people off on the i-10 interstate because that was the only high ground above water. it was an old, laud helicopter, and we had people come up and shake our hand. we don't do it for medals or submission, that satisfaction, frankly i would not expect them to find me, and i couldn't gind them. dropping them off on dry ground after the heroin adventure, that
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was rewarding, and that is thankfulness that i like. >> cooper cronk, but one of the people that you rescued suffered a heart attack, right. >> yes, sir, on the second rescue mission. we asked if they could hoist 20 people from a flooded school. that was day five. the rescues was in full swing, it was night and day from the first to the fifth day, there was command and control. we saw the big helicopter we flue, called the h3 sea king. there are big helicopters playing a lot of people, hoisting 20 from the school. and while we were going to the new orleans international airport. one of the guys were going into cardiac arrest. i radioed to the tower. they gave us permission to lands in front of a line of 10 helicopters. we landed between a couple of gates and had paramedics taking
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it away. >> i can't tell if they survived or not. but the response will come. it's fantastic. if there was any chance of surviving. the priority handling. if we pay so much attention to new orleans, and the images that we saw, as we mentioned in the beginning, the elderly woman in the wheelchair dying, waiting for rescuers to reach her. i was struck by comments, saying there was no one left to rescue and houses were ripped from their foundation and god. >> right. i mean, once you fly west from bence cola, and you pass mississippi. there wasn't debris left. it was a foundation of where a house used to be, and there was nobody there, and it was for miles and miles and just the other destruction. the house would have been moved
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off the foundation and destroyed. it continued all the way on into new orleans total destruction everywhere you looked. >> all of you were operating off of paper. we had a very rudimentary, so everything we did was paper anyway. that was not too out of the norm for us. take us into the belly of the beast. you ran out of jet fuel. as you were heading back to base, you were flying over people that need help. what did that do to your gut? >> it was tough. we - the comment about the paper, the coast guard was doing the best they could.
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no electricity. everything was manufactured on a bored. it was basically back in the stone age. we had to do the rescues until night time, because we weren't equipped. it was tough to see, because there's probably 1,000 different points of flashlights, and we were flying home. they were stuck in courtyards. there were many things about the next day, i consider myself a tough guys, i had a couple of ris cue summers. everyone felt it. there were people left on the roofs stranded. it was hard to see. >> let me ask you this before we go, is there a time - that is there about a day - i heard that emotion in your voice. has there been a day that you didn't think about what happened that day, weeks and months that
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follow. >> it's a complicated question. you can see in my wallet i have some pictures, i'm proud of what we did. it hurts to know that so many were suffering. it feels good to do the business that you were trained to do, to help relieve. i fly in the coast guard. if i seem tired. i was up at 4:30. i'm blessed to do it. when i think about it. i think about how much we are lucky to do this. we see the bases, hovering at 50 feet, no matter how big the helicopter is. >> 10 years lair, is there a day you don't think about katrina.
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>> every time i see that picture, i think about flying in pensacola, which brings me back to flying hurricane katrina, the people we could help, and couldn't. and the total desperation and all the people that needed help captain and lieutenant who worked last night until 4:00am in the morning, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> al jazeera - when we return, the north-east may want to cherish the final days of summer, why the upcoming winter could be more brutal than the last. >> a childhood of hard labour. the poor picking crops for pennies, instead of getting an
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education. ation. official in mexico are trying to crack down on child labour, discovering more than 60 children working long hours in a plant in mexico city. more than 2 million farm workers, including children, travel across mexico picking fruit and vegetables, most sent to europe and the u.s. john holman has more.
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it's not just the young who are vulnerable in an unscrupulous market. these workers are free to come and go as they please, they are paid daily, in many fields they are held virtually captive, with i.d.s and wages withheld illegally until ind of the harvest season. this week more than 300 pickers were rescued, including 78 children stay engine
8:31 pm
rat-infested rooms on a farm. workers and supervisors say it's rare for authorities to check what is happening in the fields. the government and parties only come to the vote. after that they don't know you, come here or think about anyone working here. years of neglect led to one of the biggest agricultural strikes in the valley. farm workers prize the local possessions from the government and producers. but pickers around mexico continue to work for as little as $6 a day. the youngest of them, like eduardo spending their child hoods in hard labour in louisiana, a state trooper there is in critical condition after he was shot in the head during a routine traffic stop. police saying the trooper pulled
8:32 pm
the car over because he thought they were driving under the influence. the official will not reveal the officer's name until the investigation progresses last week he told the world he was treated for melanoma on his brain. today he was back teaching sunday school in plains. >> i'm back, and i continue to teach here has long as i am able. and i'm going to cut back a good bit. it gives me an excuse to do it. >> the former president joined by his wife rosalind at their church. he is then set to teach seven more sunday school classes before going to nepal in october with habitat for humanity, where he builds houses. a 10-year-old girl said an attack any a shark will not keep her doing what she wants. she was bitsen by a small shark.
8:33 pm
paramedics took her to the hospital. >> not really, what are the chabss you'll be hit by a shark twice. i am sure i'm good for life. >> she starts the fifth grade tomorrow. what a story she'll have to tell. the north-east is in for a bout of brutal weather, coming on the heels. it's the snowest on record. the prediction based on a formula built on sun spots. the 99 alman a predicts cold and snowy weather were main to montana. soccer played the worldwide, but on a rare pitch. you'll see something you have never seen before, footballers in gaza going to great heights to play the game they love. a double celebration at the natural zoo in washington. they celebrated so much they
8:34 pm
crashed the panda-cam. and 9:00 p.m., a look at cuba, an island cut off for 50 years. antonio mora reveals what everything is like with cubans and how relations could affect things. things.
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>> katrina was really a wake-up call. >> one of the worst catastrophes in u.s. history. >> most of south louisiana is all sediment, plant growth and decay... there's always a risk of flooding. >> now, new cutting edge technology that could help prevent future disasters... >> the system has really evolved. >> and what it means for new orleans. >> our big take away is new
8:36 pm
orleans is on a good track, but the job is not done here. >> techknow investigates 10 years after katrina. antiquities minister says he needs it raise $25 million to buy back the ancient statue you saw. it's 4,500 years old, bought by a british museum to a foreign buyer that wants to raise anonymous, raising eyebrows that the authorities in the u.k. placed a ban on the statue, it expands on friday intending to give egypt or a british collector a chance to buy it back when panda cubs arriving at the zoo, both born hours apart, both healthy.
8:37 pm
his mother giving birthdays after zoo keepers knew thee was pregnant. they have a chance of advising. >> we not able to thermoregulate and need to be receiving some calories and fuel for the fern as. because we have definition and there can be changes with mum raising twins apt the same time we have followed protocol and will swap out the babies over the course of the day. >> the first cub weighed about 3 ounces, the second under 5. the sex to be determined later when challenged. they see the creatures crashing. in stockholm world water week, where they meet. at this point. the sub-saharan had no piped in water. we have the story.
8:38 pm
>> this simply people, it has never been more important for people in this township at the outskirts of nairobi. at half a u.s. cent several others are it pays for water. at half a u.s. cent. this person and several other card holders gets 20 litres of clean water. an average family using 120 litres a day. in an area where water has been expensive, this atm style dispenser is welcome news. >> it helped me. we used to go far to look for water. now if there's no water from the city council, we can get water here. >> this is a slum of half a million people. the nairobi water company, which provides water to the city's residence has installed four dispenses, facing competition from the illegal vendors who divert the water to sell.
8:39 pm
>> see that water point there. that's an illegal connection, it appears to be busier, the many water points here in the states to be operated by landlords and vigilante groups. those that live here buy water by the cartels at illegal points at twice the cost. >> we don't have the facilities. because we don't have resources. it is open. >> reporter: local community workers are used, including skeptics to buy the cards. this woman has brought one and says although the new water points are cheaper, they're an inconvenience. >> the water points are few, the water pressure is low. we have to queue, wasting a lot of time. >> reporter: local community workers are used, including skeptics to buy the cards. this woman has brought one and says although the new water points are cheaper, they're an inconvenience. >> the water points are few, the water pressure is low. we have to queue, wasting a lot
8:40 pm
of time. the water provider hopes to install 1,200 water dispensers to reach all those in the slum. by the end of next year. until then they have no option but to operate alongside the cartels. stealing from it . a brazilian university is teaming up with athletes trying to clean up a lagoon that is set to host games for the 2016 olympics. the lagoon was found to have dangerous levels of bacteria. several american rowers say they got sick after the trials. engineering students created this boat, used to help clean up the lagoon. it's been almost a year since the israeli-palestinian ceasefire in gaza. days of shelling reducing it to rubble. out of the rubble there's a small glimmer of hope - sports
8:41 pm
in the middle of gaza city skyline, a splash of green. this is the middle east's first roof-top football pitch. the unlikely sporting venue opened in june, becoming a popular destination. this is the capital of this league, and he says having an astro turf pitch to play on improved his game. >> i feel so happy when i come for training. making a place in the center of gaza made it easy. we get more as players, as a result. >> this rooftop football pitch is the only one of its kind in the middle east. across the gaza strip, there's sill very few open spaces for palestinians to play sport in. >> one year after israel's 50 day bombardment ended in a ceasefire, much of gaza remains
8:42 pm
in ruins, israel maintains border restrictions, hampering reconstruction and the removal of rubble. not a single home has been rebuilt and public spaces haven't been cleared. which is why so many continue to play sports in the streets, or anywhere else they can. these children kick around a football in the lane in front of their home, dujing rubbish and rubble as they try to score goals. this boy played since the age of four. and wishes to have a better place. >> our neighbours shout at us, saying we make too much money. >> the idea to build the pitch came from officials. those that are part of local leagues or those that can afford to bay the entry fee are allowed
8:43 pm
to play here. there are plans to create public places for sport, something they agree is badly needed finally at this hour, you could call this a photo finish. in beijing, usain bolt, the world's fastest man capturing the championship title. they clocked in at 9.79 seconds, catching out american gatlin in a photo finish. most times close to a record of 9.58 seconds. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. back at 11. and we see you for a special report from havana,
8:44 pm
>> cold war adversaries, bringing ahalf century of standoff to a close. >> diplomatic relations with cuba. >> raising flags and lifting hopes on both shores. the signs o c
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