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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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do you want somebody who is trying to be a good guy about it or do you want somebody who doesn't give a hoot about these kids or about the problem? >> liz mcdugal is general counsel for that's our show for today. i'm ali velshi. thank you for joining us. >> desperate journey. bussed out of hungary. the first refugees are headed to the austrian border after austria and germany says they will be welcomed. king salman, president obama offers hi him insurances about e iran nuclear deal. the county clerk spends
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another day in jail, even throw her attorney says there could be a compromise. crashing into the stands at the u.s. open, look how the popularity of drones is outpacing safety regulations. >> good evening i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. we start with live pictures from the austria hungary border. it is now early saturday morning there where the first bus loads of refugees have arrived. the hungarian government agreed to transparent over 100 frustrated people after they started walking to the austrian border. then austria agreed to let the refugees enter their country nonviolently. >> it's taken the people by
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surprise even the police. to feel they could reach the border by foot, it's more than 170 kilometers b. >> it is a very long way but we have no choice. >> reporter: out of the city and onto the main motor way west. the mood is upbeat, remarkable for people under such stress but some of the refugees say they're worried the police could be leading them into a trap, the train to bicske. there are hundreds of families keeping up with the group. disabled people are taking part, too. you could be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of marathon not the desperate plight of more than a thousand men, women and children. under the shade of a ploar motoy bridge organizers spurred everyone on.
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hungarian volunteers donating water food and biscuits have been setting up rest spots along the way. along the spokesperson is the high commissioner for refugees and he's worried the people may sop the march. >> they are definitely not prepare ared for what is happening now. hundreds of people are walking towards austria. this is a long long journey. still more than 150 kilometers to the border. >> on the day hungary approved draconian legislation to halt the flow of refugees they carried on into the night, tiredness and pain written into their faces but a will to succeed and belief there is a better life on the road ahead. then came an offer of buses to take them to a border town. within minutes they'd arrived. they wanted to walk on but they're exhausted and the offer
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of these buses and the assurances they have been given seem they think good enough to get on board. next came news that the austrian chancellor had agreed to allow refugees from both here and coleti station in budapest to cross the border. a deal had been made but after past experience many people didn't trust what they were hearing. but it does appear to be for real at last. andrew simmons. al jazeera hungary. >> we're back with live pictures from the austria hungary border. these hundreds of refugees have arrived here very early saturday morning, a tiny group of refugees, germany is the big magnet and now that it has said it will receive them they are trying to get there. germany is expecting 800,000
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refugee arrivals just this year. also today funeral services for syrian boy who became ofocal point for the refugee crisis. 3-year-old alen kurdy was laid to rest in his home town ever of kobani, syria. his mother and brother were also drown. his father does not plan to make an additional trip. third of its aid to countries sheltering syrians. that includes the 229,000 in jordan who stopped receiving food aid already in september. the agency says it needs at least $236 million to keep the program funded through november. countries have not fulfilled their commitments to donate funds so there's not enough money to keep pace with the need. malasian authorities continued their search for the
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survivors of an overloaded wooden boat. one plan was rescued earlier today bringing the number of survivors to 20. the u.n. expects more migrants to set out in boats headed to southeast asia once monsoon season ends next month. saudi arabian king salman is meeting with president obama. the king declined to attend a summit at camp david in may. mike viqueria has the story. >> it is a duty usually set for a protocol officer but president obama greeted the king at the driveway. moments later in the oval office the two leaders talked about moving past disagreements over
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iran's nuclear ambitions. >> we'll discuss the importance of effectively implementing the deal to ensure that iran does not have a nuclear weapon. while counteracting its destabilizing activities in the region. >> reporter: with the saudis now publicly backing the iran deal and with mr. obama fresh from his victory to save it in congress. curbing what they consider iran's destabilizing in the region. >> our stability is essential for the prosperity of the people. >> the obama administration is reportedly considering a $1 billion arms sale to saudi arabia, including missiles to mount on the american made f-15s of the saudis. >> they're in a pretty tough region, they've got the strategic competitor in iran just across the gulf that's going to, you know, supposed to
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reemerge from its shell it's been in for a long time. the saudis first and foremost want to make sure that the u.s. military is going to maintain the security umbrella that we've been providing since hussein's invasion of kuwait in the 1990s. >> police were forced to keep apart the source of the confrontation, the situation in yemen. the saudis are leading a bloody campaign against houthi rebels. causing a crisis as civilian casualties mount. symptoms the suffering, he accused the houthis of using aid shipments to smuggle weapons. >> the leughts wan houthis wante
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sympathy, whereas their behavior is what when is leading to humanitarian clam advertise. >> what became known as the snub when king salman cancelled the participation in the gulf summit held in camp david. >> i think it's in a state of recovery right now. i think both nations are eager to put some of these differences behind them, get back on a firmer footing and start you know getting into a closer state of communication on strategic issues as well as energy market issues. >> mike viqueria, al jazeera, washington. >> rowan county clerk kim davis is no backing down. the supreme cour judge held her.
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>> diane eastabrook reports. >> the rowan county clerk's office was open for business today, issuing its first marriage license after months of refusing to do so. and the first couple to get one was gay. a crush of media waited outside before the courthouse doors even opened and just minutes after they did james yaits an yates am jones jrsmith jr. yates and smith became the first gays to get a marriage license. >> really happy we can breathe. >> one of five who promised a federal judge on thursday they would abide by a court order demanding the office grant licenses to everyone including
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homosexuals but his boss county clerk kim davis still refuses. she is citing religious beliefs and sits in jail. even though rowan county is now exrieg witnowcomplying with fedw emotions remain at a boil point. facing off over the courthouse lawn. >> jesus doesn't change. all this does is just put the rath of got coming on this nation. >> they're not preaching love, they're preaching hate. >> while county clerk kim davis remains behind bars her husband bob stood outside the courthouse to show his support for her. >> how long does she plan to stay in jail? >> as long as it takes, i guess. i know she won't give in.
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there's no give in, in her. i'm very proud of herb. i back her 150%. >> this afternoon the liberty council, a conservative organization promoting religious freedom held a press conference outthe jail kim was being ld had he. >> she has no intention of stepping down because she loves her people and loved the job and she intends to serve them well and she already has that. >> rowan county is now in compliance with federal law but according to the american civil liberties union two other county clerks say they will not issue marriage licenses to gay couples. but for smith and yates, it was a triumph ant day. >> how do you think about this? >> i'm happy. >> are you proud of your son?
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>> very proud. >> a lot of this depended on when we got it. >> this is day 1 of the county clerk's office issuing these licenses. some couples are waiting for media storm and the protest to die down before they come in and actually apply to get one. diane eastabrook, al jazeera, moorehead county, kentucky. >> a lot of mixed messages. and a drone falls into the middle of the u.s. open, raising new concerns about the remote controlled aircraft.
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>> a mixed august jobs report combined with concerns about china'china's fall terg economye for a bad day on wall street. the dowjts industrial average fell under 16,000, the nasdaq finished at just over 4600.
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patricia sabga has more concerning what today's numbers mean going forward. >> reporter: antonio, this is the last economic rot to hit before the fed meets in september. now the number of jobs created last month was a disappointing 173,000 and that's a strike against liking rates sooner rather than later. so was odisappointing showing on manufacturing which lost 17,000 jobs. on the flip side, the unemployment rate fell to 5.1%, a level policy makers consider close to full employment and bodes, better than expected jump. of course policy makers won't base their decision on one jobs report. especially august numbers which tend to be revised up on later readings. fed officials are also assessing the forces and fallout of recent
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violent swings in global markets an what they mean for the u.s. economy. antonio. >> patricia sabga, thanks. a new york city science teacher who allegedly crashed a drone inside the u.s. open tennis tournament has been arrested. he reportedly lost control of the drone while trying to stream video. rogue safety regulations can't keep up. in the middle of a second round match last night suddenly confusion. when a black object crashed into the stadium. >> we have a moment here where we're not entirely certain as to what it is that landed in the stands. >> nypd officers rushed to the scene. >> it was a drone. >> the drone, operated by daniel verley, did not cause any injuries. but new york senator chuck
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schumer warned it is only time before something happens. >> god forbid, one of these drones get sucked into the engine of a passenger plane. we could have a tragedy of epic proportion. >> more than three times the number for all of 2014. also, in january, a quad-copter, a recreational drone, crashed into the grounds of the white house and in california this summer drones interfered with planes during firefighting operations more than a dozen times. after last night's incident at the u.s. open senator schumer tried to gather support for legislation that restrict where drones could fly. >> you could put in the software of every drone, a software mechanism that prevents them from flying near airports, the
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tennis center, the pentagon or anywhere below 500 feet. there drones could fly perfectly safe. >> the head of air safe media, good evening todd. as we just reported, what happened at the u.s. open is just the latest in the soaring number of incidents involving drones, is it inevitable that people are going to get hurt? >> i think it's inevitable that as drones become more popular, hundreds of thousands being sold every year where literally you don't have to have a license to own one or operate one, it stands to reason that there will be a few people small percentage of people who do things unwise or dangerous that will lead to someone being hurt. >> a series of legislation is already in place to keep drones away from gathering places. are these rules simply not enough? >> well, the rules are very clear. the rules are very sensible.
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you can't fly it within a certain distance from an airport or sports stadiums or national parks et cetera. what is lacking in my opinion is the public education campaign where those people who are only casuallcasually aware of what te regulations are for faa, have to be educated. the word has to be put out there. i'm not sure how that is to be done but sensible people if they know what the rules are will likely follow them about. >> is public education enough and will people follow them? we're talking about three incidents a day involving drones and planes and we saw the case of a drone that was programmed to fire a gun. there are more than a million drones out there hundreds of thousands a year being purchased. aside from the dangerous accidents is it also time to become serious about the danger of terrorism? >> absolutely. the drones are capable of flying
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with a payload that might be several pounds. more than enough for explosives or weapons of various types. i'm sure there are folks out there who are intending to do harm with drones. it is just a matter of time when one or more events like this happens. what's going to be done to prevent this? i'm not entirely clear that you can prevent it. the underlying technology -- >> what about senator schumer's suggestion the underlying software? >> the software could work. the thing with software is software could be updated. there is no restriction what kind of software you could load. there are people who have customized drone software, changing what the manufacturer's drone software was, usually to enhance flight characteristics or flight planning. but certainly if there's a geographical restriction there can be software changes that
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could take that restriction away. >> beyond the part where people can change or modify the software hasn't this type of technology wk so successful thal that people could build their own drones anyway? >> the plastic parts of the drone could be made by 3d printers, the flight control system could be purchased in pieces and where in some cases hobbyists could build their own drone. that could become more sophisticated at time rather than less sophisticated. that is why in my opinion something more than pure legislation has to be put in place to make it less likely that individuals or groups of people will conspire to do things that would put people at risk. >> todd, thanks for being with us. two presidential hopeful head to puerto rico today, why
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hillary clinton and are marco rubio took their campaign to the islands evenly though they can't vote in the election. and something worse than secondhand smoke.
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>> just in time for labor day, researchers now say workplace stress is just as harmful as secondhand smoke. according to a view of several researchers at harvard business school and stanford university. causes of stress, long work hours and work family conflicts. the worry that people might soon lose their jobs. that increases the likelihood of having poor health by about 50%. donald trump has a new media target, he's callings hugh huett a third rate radio announce esh afteerafter huett tripped him u.
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>> al julani and al baghdadi do you know the players without a scorecard donald trump? >> i think by the time we get to the election, i know you were going to ask mee me these quest. these are all changing, do you know this one do you know that one. >> i don't believe on gotcha questions. i don't want to quiz you on who's in the world news. >> huett is one of the panelists in the next gop debate. democratic front runner hillary clinton says she is sorry for confusion over her e-mails but she would not i apologize for nr using her private server. >> i believe that the agreement is not perfect. it is by no means some kind of
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validation of iran you know my view is don't trust and verify. but it is a very important step, and it is better than the alternatives. >> tonight a new washington post report says clinton and her family personally paid a state department staffer to maintain her private e-mail server. a campaign official told the post that hiring the staffer would ensure that there wouldn't be conflict in her work. the staffer said woe not testify. people in puerto rico can't vote in the presidential election, the candidates were clearly using their visits to reach out to puerto ricans on the plai mainland who can. jonathan betz reports from san
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juan. >> ettes been called the showdown in san juan. two presidential hostles hopefu, arriving the same day, promising help in different ways pap marco rubio, speaking american in spanish, took a stand against allowing the island to declare chapter 9 bankruptcy. >> the same thing that would solve puert puerto rico's probls the same way that it would solve washington's props to restructure its money. >> $73 billion debt option available to american states but not the u.s. territory. his position puts him at odds with hillary clinton who arrived hours after rubio. >> i don't know what her position is on puerto rico, i think it was on her server and we're not sure. >> she focused on the island's health care crisis by visiting a
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san juan hospital and conducting a round table discussions. programs deeply cut here, medicare and medicaid. >> it is hard to justify that you can be an american citizen in puerto rico and be treated differently, in so many ways. >> she joined island officials who have long demanded equal treatment from the u.s. government from medicare and medicaid. the funding here is capped unlike in the united states. >> we pay the same social security, we pay the same medicare tax so basically we want to receive the same benefits from what we are paying. >> puerto rico's stalling economy is sending thousands away, so many more puerto ricans now live on the mainland than the island. it is those observers that the campaign is really focused on. >> in order to win florida you need to win the hispanic vote.
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in order to win america you have to win the puerto rican vote. >> ray suarez is next with "inside story." have a great labor day weekend. >> pull a sawbuck out of your wallet, there's alexander hamilton born and raised in the caribbean, he made his future as the fledging super power, two centuries of honoring men, campaigners hope to pull andrew jackson off the 20 and replace him with a great american woman. then hamilton's treasure secretary jack lew, it's