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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> making a break for the european union. hundreds of refugees crossing police lines on the hungary, serbia border. hello there i'm felicity barr and this is al jazeera, live from london. also coming up: two british nationals die in a u.k. drone strike against i.s.i.l. in syria. activists call for a day of rage in a funeral for a palestinian mother who died after an israeli
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arson attack. farmers protest and europeans promise millions in relief. hello, european politicians are scrambling to find a solution to what is being described as the biggest refugee crisis since world war ii. britain has joined france and germany in agreeing to take tens of thousands of syrian refugees, but those camped in syria's neighboring countries not lrp in europe. tension boiled over on the border of serbia where hundreds tried to break through police lines. andrew simmons reports. >> families following in the weary footsteps of others. any hope there will be another refugee exodus like to germany over the weekend are
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diminishing. hundreds of refugees have spent days in this field, waiting for buses, to be registered. the police are refusing to move but there is ream anger here not just amongst the men but frustration against the mothers, the children who have been here for three days and it's really cold at night. this man has brought his family from afghanistan, eventually they are lined up preparing to board a bus then this. consume, this is this man's children. >> go back go back go back. >> what do you make of this? >> you can see the situation. we are not a the good people here. they are not acting as human. they are just doing like animals. this is not a human being.
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you see? >> reporter: nearby, syrians are gathered, this man complaining he has been stuck here for two days. >> foster the going administration to take the people to another village or another camp. >> scuffles break out after the people decide to protest, trying to break away from the assembly point. this woman says she was beaten with a baton. then, a disturbing sight. a sick child in the arms of an exhausted syrian who had run along the rail track shouting for help. the limp figure of a five-year-old. he had passed out either with heat exhaustion or fever. he's five years old and his mother fears worst. yet the boy called hamza was revived.
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first by a doctor, and then paramedics put up a drip before taking him to hospital. not first, not the last, casualty of this crisis. first bussed, the refugees are allowed to march to the registration camp. dozens ran away, some chased away by police. there will be more scenes like this and hungary's government will soon be introducing new laws to clamp down harder on it calls illegal migration. andrew simmons, al jazeera, rushka, hungary. >> and more people continue to arrive in the greek islands to make their way to a new life. the greek island of lesbos is boiling over. according to the foreign minister, and unregistered people aren't allowed on board.
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some refugees have better than stranded on lesbos for more than two weeks and are running out of water. hoda abdel hamid has been speaking with some of the newest arrivals. these children as young as two years old and the other two babies are less than 1 year old. and it's the birthday actually of the little girl in yellow who's holding the apple in her hand. now they have arrived on this wooden boat here. it is actually one of the largest boats we have seen arriving on this coast, usually they arrive in smaller rubber dinghies and in much smaller
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groups. >> i.s.i.l. fighters have captured parts of the last major oil field that was under syrian government control. the jazal field just northwest of the rebel held ancient city of palmyra. government workers had managed to secure the border in june, holding syria's natural gas fields and multimillion dollar extraction facilities. the u.k. says it's used a drone to kill three members of the islamic state of iraq and the levant, two were british nationals. it happened in raqqa in syria more than two weeks ago. the british prime minister called it an act of self defense. anna hayward reports.
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>> he spoke calm, appeared calm. >> i ask you, what prevents you from coming to the land of izra. >> khan along with another man is now dead. killed in a drone strike in syria carried out by the british military. >> today i can inform the house that in an act of self defense and after meticulous planning, raid khan was killed in precision air strike carried out on the 21st of august by an raf remotely controlled aircraft, while traveling in the area of raqqa in syria. in addition to riad khan, who was the target of the strike who i.s.i.l. associates were also killed one of whom raol hamin was identified as a british u.k. national. >> main advisor to the u.k,
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first acknowledged strike strike on syrian soil by the british. over the past year, britain has carried out 288 air strikes on iraq against i.s.i.l. fighters. but two years ago, britain's politicians flair owely voted against carrying out military action in syria. >> 272, the nos to the left 285. >> reporter: the legality of killing two british nationals way will be scrutinized. >> on the grounds of self defense, against who? there is a huge question about whether there is a right of self defense against terrorist groups and the timing of those events as well. the only way to your these strikes is -- to justify these strikes is on this basis. it would have to be a pretty
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profound change in the u.k.'s stance of self defense. the strike on raid khan will be seen as controversial not the least because of the gray area surrounding the legality of crossing the border and carrying out a strike in syria. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> turkey says its jets have bombed, armed kurdish group pkk says it killed 15 soldiers in daluja on sunday, turkish president recep tayyip erdogan says there will be repercussions. >> the information from our chief of general staff is very sad thing. i am hoping with the statement of the army onew strategy westbound adopted in the fight against terror. we will continue to fight against terror with determination. >> egypt's agriculture minister
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has been arrested over allegations of corruption. the prime minister's office released a statement earlier saying the resignation had been accepted. thousands of people have attended the funeral of a palestinian woman who died five weeks after an arson attack on hers home. her 18 month old son was killed and her husband died a few weeks later, a day of rage to be held on friday. scott heidler has more from duma. >> this is her body being returned to her village. it's monday afternoon, her body has returned here. she's the third member of her family to have died from this arson attack believed to be carried out busy israeli settlers. her 18 month old son ali died that evening and then her
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husband died and five weeks later, she died. >> the family's oldest son ahmed is in hospital with severe burns. his family says despite this the family is staying in duma. >> the israelis will not terrify us. that's what they tried with this attack. we are staying here, we are not leaving. >> they are bodying her cemetery, the same cemetery where her son was buried and the same cemetery her husband was buried weeks ago. israeli police aren't releasing any details into the investigation who is behind this, that because there is a gag order. they are afraid there could still be more attacks in this
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small village. iraq's defense minister has come under fire. chalid al baedi. informs retook the city from i.s.i.l. in april. >> khalid al abadi watt visiting troops, he does this -- was visiting troops, he did this on a number of occasions. it goes to show you how dangerous this area is, according to iraq state tv only one shot was fired. he survived. there was one of his guards that was slightly wounded. this tikrit was a success story for iraqi government as an operation that got rid of i.s.i.l. fighters from one of their strongholds. goes to show you there are certainly antigofs force he more likely to be i.s.i.l, in that area and still capable of mount ago tacks. >> still to come, the test that
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could determine whether you're old before your time. >> and we're in ghana where the rain forests are fast disappearing. >> is enough being done to protect our children?
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>> hello gen a reminder of the top stories from al jazeera. hundreds have broken through a police blockade. u.k. drone strike on i.s.i.l. in
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syria. and activists are calling for a day of rage to be held on friday after a palestinian woman died five weeks after an attack on her home killed her 18 month old son and her husband. hungary-serbia border, police blockade, andrew simmons certainty this report. >> police are here in big numbers. buses have arrived and the refugees have two options. they they either board the buses, go back to rushka carchl spend the night or carry on walking, that is what police have told the organizers, those organizers are saying they have no other option but to carry on walking. >> we walk one day and two days and three days and we want to go
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to border and then go to the camp this is not camp this is land, really land not a camp. >> but these people are exhausted. the strain of this journey and the walk up the waterway is, they have boarded a bus they want to go back to the camp. the main group of refugees is carrying on. the buses are behind them. the police nothing they are doing is playing a waipting game. they have an option to turn bark if they want to. set fire to bails of hay. farmers are saying they have forced to sell milk at below cost. jacky rowland watch their
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protests turn sour. >> the country side has come to the city and they brought their captors with them. the farmers have traveled from germany france and other parts of europe and they united in their message that enough is enough. >> the price of the milk is very low and so a lot of time farmers get in very difficult situations. >> they lead us to overproduction. amid overproduction they now say you have so much produced we cannot pay you for that. >> they reckon 50 euro cents or half a dollar is enough for a liter of milk and action is the only way to improve that. >> they timed this to a meeting of european minister. they want to coordinate milk production and also to intervene on wholesale markets to control the price of milk. the police have descended on the
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city too and not only belgian police threaf als they've also n units from the netherlands. farmers are armed with eggs and fire crackers. the police with water cannon and tear gas. inside, the ministers agreed on an aid package. the dairy farmers, worth around $500 million. that will address some of the farmers' problems. >> what we would like to see is a real culture change to make sure farmers can really get a fair crack of the whip if you like for what they produce but for retailers to make sure consumers are getting safe and affordable foods. >> so farmers can return to their fields feeling this is not a wasted journey. but other problems, like the
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russian embar go on food produced in the european union will not be resolved so quickly. jacky rowland, al jazeera, brussels. >> chad's former president hissene habre has been returned to court. for charges he says are politically motivated. confessed to being involved in last month's bangkok bombing, detained at the time thai border. bomb exploded at a hin duz hinde cilgd several. met in the border village of pan
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moon jam. make arrangements concerning how many people if any will be able to meet their relatives. >> the state did not sever sacred family ties. i came here in a sincere hope that the south korean red dross telttells the north korean red cross. >> harry fawcett is in the city and sent this report. >> talks underway north korea and south korea making good at least in the pledges that brought to end the tensions between north and south a couple of weeks ago. it is questionable whether they will make good on the plan at the end of september, which will coincide to the harvest festival. however, it is very much the intention that they will work as
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quickly as possible because everybody is aware this is a fast aging fast shrinking group of people that have applied for these family reunions. 130,000 or more applied from the southern side, nearly half of those have died since, more than half of those still alive are aged in their 80s or older. there are periods in the past when even in the runup to such event, people on the list to meet long separated family members. we know if it does happen in october as is deemed more likely that coincides with the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the workers party in north korea, the ruling party of that country. there is scheduled to be a big military parade. should there be something else in the past, and there have been, such as a rocket launch that could put asunder the recent warming of relations between north and south korea and could affect this planned
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for family event. people are very much hopping that is not case. >> rainbow warrior was docked in nenew zealand when that happene. >> i thought that this was the occasion for me to express my deep regret and also my apologies to the family of fernando perera. i thought this was an accidental debt or they consider it an assassination. i express my apologies to the people on board that night. new blood test accurately determines a person's biological age. the technique implies a more accurate empressing o impress he aging. helping to discover whether to screen for diseases later in
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life. the technique can be accomplished by a simple finger prick. >> i think one of the most striking things was that when we altered our group of 70-year-old men, born months of each other, their biological age was dramatically different, a magnitude of four fold. there was a real disassociation between this molecular signature and what it said on their passport. trying to find people at risk, it's not if you like a diagnostic of alzheimer's, you'll never have a single diagnostic for alzheimer's, this is a good way of trying to enrich your clinical trial. that will take search in that field. this is going to be applied to people in their middle ages and on wards and might even schedule when you get a checkup. and the catch for example a particular age related illness
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sooner. >> there will be no rain forest left on the planet in 100 years time according to the latest research from the forestry commission. the world forestry congress is meeting in south africa to try find ways of stopping the decline. ana boitang is in ghana, one of the eight worst offenders. >> this is a sawmill in one of the ghana's forest reserves. we have to film caretly because these workers don't want their activities observed. rg according to the forestry commission more than 80% of the timber sold within ghana is from legaillegal sources. he agreed to talk to us if we hided his face.
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>> to accra or anyplace the police can get you, collect the moing from you. people want to get out of the business. it is very, very difficult to get out. >> we trekked into deep into the forest with range toars seers te damage itself. this is a high value tree more than 200 years old and a tree of this size will sell for around $375 u.s. farmers are burning the forest in order to plant cocoa tree shoots. this entire area used to be forest. officials admit progress on this issue has been slow. >> what we're trying to do is
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more of carrots and sticks by way of motivating them or giving them incentives or other alternative livelihoods, and also enforcement by using some of the team like rapid response teams. but a big part of the solution is looking at it from governmental level and coordination. >> the commission is also replanting on degraded land. this is a teak tree plantation. environmentalists say ghana has one of the best pieces of forestry legislate in the world but commitment is lacking. >> have not been given free thoond managfreehandto manage tf you delve deeper, you will realize all the chain saw operations and illegal farms are plosions behind. we must be very bold to talk
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about it. >> it is the complex situation and environmentalists believe the forests will appear in a matter of decades if the government doesn't take more serious action. ana boatang, al jazeera, ga naz. nicknamed superhenge the monument cises o 60ss consists s similar to stonehenge. earlier i spoke to vincent gafney, part of the group that discovered stonehenge. >> i believe in the last week we
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begin to suspect that there may be up to 200 stones at this site. to put that into context. stonehenge at its -- when it had its most actual individual stones only had about 90. so this does give you some idea of the scale we're talking about. stonehenge is about 110 meters across. this thing is nearly 480 meters, one and a half kilometers in circumference. my job is to collect together all this data and we have huge amounts of information on thousands of archaeological features republishing that. however there are big questions. we don't know what type of stone is it, are they local stones, blue stone from southern wales transported over hundreds of kilometers, we don't know that
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and geophysics doesn't tell us that. at some point archaeologists will be itching to get a look at them. >> just a reminder, you can find much more on many of our stories on the website. that's way the front page looks like at the moment, and the address is humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. tonight: techknow's journey to the arctic. 13 days... subfreezing temperatures... endless sun. >> it is passed midnight right now and the sun just is not