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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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♪ refugees on the march in hungary in search of safety as demonstrators across europe rally to support them. ♪ hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, saudi arabia launches an investigation into what caused a crane to collapse in high wind killing 107 people. >> these anti-austerity, pro-refugee and opposed to the military campaign. meet the u.k.'s new opposition leader. the film festival that's just won top honors at this
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year's venice film festival. ♪ divisions donof how to respon to the refugee crisis have been st. evident on the streets of europe's cities. continuing to make its way towards germany, 40,000 are expected to arrive over the weekend. anti-immigration activists stage demonstrations against accepting where 5,000 took to the streets of warsaw. there were much larger protests in countries like spain, denmark and britain. part of a day of solidarity with the refugees and migrants arrive on europe's shores. from the march in london. >> refugees. >> it's a simple, heart-felt
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message that refugees are welcome in britain. the mood was festive, the crowd optimi optimistic, by coming out in large numbers, they can shame their government into taking in more refugees and, in particular, syrians fleeing conflict. >> if german and sweden are taking more than their fair share, i believe, as a country of our size and wealth we should take the same number. >> i put myself in their position and i would want people to treat me well if i happened to have to flee, you know, england. so that's why i am here really. >> this was piccadilly in central london. 2001 hour for the crowd to march past opposition. >> the british government argues that it gives far more in foreign aid to help syrian refugees than any other country in europe. the thousands of people who have come out today in central london are saying emphatically that that is not enough and that britain should be doing more. >> but an impressive turnout doesn't mean this crowd is
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necessarily representative of britain as a whole. mistaken british people feel this country has taken in too many immigrants in recent years. prime minister david cameron will want to be in step with public opinion on the refugee crisis. for all of the passion on london's streets, he may feel he's done enough to placate his critics. barnaby phillips, al jazeera in central london. >> in spain d demonstrators rallied in madrid for european governments to do more for people fleeing war. spain has agreed to take 15,000 refugees under a quota system but several countries are rejecting the plan that seeks to resettle refugees throughout europe to ease pressure on greece, italy and hungary. germany has put 4 ,000 soldiers on stand working help deal with one of the largest weekend migrations. these pictures show hundreds of people walk along train tracks
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in serbia's border with hungary. germany is expected -- is expecting the most refugees of any european nation this year. in hungary's capitol, hundreds of people are hoping to board trains to germany. andrew simmons joined one group of refugees who managed to make it on board one train. he sent us this report. the unsustainty that hurts nearly as much as the bruises and sores. >> sometimes we are like, we will die in the sea everywhere, everywhere. sle sleeping in the road, without anything. >> if all goes well, this is the
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day a painful odyssey will end in germany. if you are a refugee, this is the only way you can board a train in buda pest. it's the strongest who make the most headway. without help, the youngest are in danger of being crushed. the police have ordered to let through only enough people to fill one carriage of each train. rezerkan and his only daughter have waited eight hours to get to this point, but they make it. on the move again, destination germany. >> i just want to make him strong. when i am happy there, he will be happy there, also.
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>> the last person to join the group had been this young man. he had ended up separated from friends in a detension center. he showed video of a camp and says he had no means of leaving this room. he is under 18 and so classed as a child but he has grown up on this trip. >> it was cruel. and i felt lonely. i miss my father and my mother. >> every one of these carriages is filled with accounts of tragedy and persecution from all over the globe. but as this train hurdles through the bavarian countryside to what many is the last leg of their incredible journey, the atmosphere isn't one of joy and elation. there is a somber realization of the people and the places they
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have left behind, but they are goi going. >> amir hopes to settle her father in sweden. she wants to complete her university studies and return to her homeland as a medic. >> okay. >> god, please look aver the syrian people. >> how do you feel about leaving syria? are you sad. >> arriving in munich, he is composed again. german is offering more of a welcome than anywhere else. this colossal mass movement and its suffering is shaking some of the complacency of western europe. at the same time, it's polarizing opinion in some
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communities abir tries to disguise her duties. >> everything will be like i want. >> always the optimist. >> see you. >> andrew simmons, al jazeera, munich. ♪ saudi arabia's king salmon has arrived in mecca to oversee an investigation into a train collapse which killed more than 100 people on friday. it happened at mecca's granted mosque before the hodge pilgrimage when many from around the world visit the holy site. the german company which provided the crane says it's also helping with the investigation. al jazeera's omar asali reports. >> hundreds of people were inside the grand mosque. tons of construction machinery came crushing down. as the crane toppled over, it broke through the roof of the
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building. underneath hundreds of people were inside. some of them were praying. they stood no chance of escape. >> from the other side, these images gave an idea of the stormy we think outsi -- weathe outside. >> we can see how far the crane arm fell. and the panic people even outside the mosque. people inside couldn't have seen it coming. one witness who spoke to al jazeera on the phone shortly after says he almost died. >> nobody had a clue what happened. the situation felt like a bomb blast. >> emergency crews were dealing with the hundreds of dead and injured for hours. >> incident happened at 5:23 p.m. due to the ceph air rain and wind speed as high as 83 kilometers. it caused the crane to collapse causing a number of death and
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injuries. >> many people have begun to gather for the annual hage pilgrimage, the busiest time of year. sawed. >> i would like to convey the con dodolences of the custodian the mosques and the officials of the state to the families involved in this painful incident. >> there is construction all around the grand mosque. cranes surround the complex, part of a multi-billion drawer expansion project. the shear number of people converge okay mecca each year concentrates security and log t logistical changes. in the past, that's resulted in deadly stampedes. safety measures have since been upgraded. this incident may have happened during the high winds and rains, but it could force a safety review of construction work at the holy site. the saudi authorities are taking this tragic incident very seriously but at the same time,
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they say hodand is going as planned. >> 89 people have been killed in an explosion in the indian state of perdesh. the area was crowded with people having breakfast when a cooking gas cylinder exploded. >> the restaurants in an adjacent building were flattened. the blast caused a second explosion of illegally stored mine deton ators at a building nearby. the saudi-led coalition has carried out further airstrikes in yemen. the targets for positions held by houthi 2350i9ers outside of sanaa. the coalition has stepped up it's assault after one missile attack killed 50 soldiers a week ago. al-sisi accepted the resignation of his cabinet days after the prime minister said there would be no cabinet shake-up despite corruption charges. halal was arrested this week
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after allegations that he and others received over a million dollars in bribes. a professor in modern contemporary university suggests the cabinet was forced to resign by sisi. it seems last three days the cabinet and seems there were a lot of reports about the possibility of other, i would say ministers or maybe, you know, some, i would say, top management within some ministries related to the agriculture. so, it seems it was the core of this corruption. there are others who are linked to that. it seems it was a heavy, you know, legacy to handle sisi. the solution was just to get rid of all of the government and think of, you know, any option. of course, you have to look at the election is coming soon. the parliament and it seems with a lot of it last year, you need
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the parliament, ministers to be held accountable. he wants a better environment within egyptian political at, t atmosphere so people can vote for the parliament. >> there is much more still to come for you on al jazeera this half hour. we will be looking at japan's deadly floods. they are receding but many have been left with no where to go. u.s. police officers attend a special weapons in training program critics are asking whether they become too militarized. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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welcome back here with al jazeera. a recap the top stories for you now. germany has put the 4,000 soldiers on standby to help deal with the riv arrival of 40,000 refugees this weekend. one of the largest weekend migrations since the refugee crisis began. thousands of europeans are rallying to show their support for refugees as part after global day of action. the largest really was in action -- rally was in london. saudi arabia's king has arrived in mecca where he will oversee an investigation into a crane collapse which killed over 100 people on friday. it happened before the annual hand pilgrimage where many are view to visit the holy site. the united kingdom's main opposition labor party has elected a new leader in what is seen as a significant move toward the left wing. jeremiah corbin moved from rank
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outsider to overwhelming victor of. as lawrence reports, the party could be moving back to its socialist roots. >> this was the moment british politics became interesting again. a man derided as an out-of-date, left-wing dinosaur winning the fight to lead the labor party. his opponents who had cast him as a relic surely have to ask themselves if jeremiah corbin is such an old fool, how did he manage to win 60% of the vote? the media and it may be many of us didn't understand at a time. they had been written off as a non-political generation, not interested, hence the relatively low turn out and low level of
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registration of young people in the last general election. they weren't. they are a very political generation that were turned off by the way in which politics was being conducted. not attractive or interested in it. >> in an england which seems entrenched in right-wing politics, carbin is as far to the left. a pass fist against the renewal of british nuclear weapons. he wants a peace conference on syria rather than the government's proposed bombing campaign. he is equite a few cancal on the european union and a staunch opponent of the trans atlantic trade talks known as ttip. he demands big corporations stop avoiding taxes. the boeing grand of supporters, was like anosis of hope in bland corporate politics. >> leading the labor party for the first time in 40 years. >> for the architect's of tony
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blair's party, it was a total disaster. >> i think it's almost inconceivable he could lead the party to victory in the 2020 general election. a lot of people take a different view and a huge number of people have voted for him today. he has a massive mandate. he has right to try to prove people like me long. >> supporters know he faces months if not years of political warfare. many inside his party and from a corporate media here which, by and large, despises everything he stands for. his vision of a popular movement here taking on entrenched corporate interests from the bottom up. >> means a road back to relevance for the labor party or potentially, the beginning of a funeral procession. >> corbin, himself, fresh from victory was on the road immediately thousands demanding the u.k. take in more refugees and show the world a compassionate face. the westminster machine is not
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used to anything like this. the question is whether the public so, so disillusioned with politics see corbin as the man to fight in their corner. lawrence lee, al jazeera, lobdon. residents of the southeastern turkist city emerged from homes to find extensive destruction after the government lifted a 9-day curfew during which the city was sealed off the government said the curfew was needed politicians say more than 20 civilians were killed during the operation residents express anger against turkish president. >> are we living in another state so that he deems us to be necessary? he should bring his son and family to the fit. does he have the right to do this to us? many young daughters and sons died. people's houses were ruined. every night he is throwing on us all of the shells and amnicians
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in the world. everyone had to leave because of fear of death. he h he didn't have the right to do this to us. >> 16 people are missing after severe flooding in japan. water is receding. many people have no where to go after the homes were destroyed. a report now a typhoon season in japan isn't over. work has already begun to flood the gap against the weight of a swollen refer, it collapsed after two days of chef heavy rain? >> the immediate vevent of the break didn't stand a chance. thousands fled their homes. they have been staying in evacuation centers set up in schools and other community buildings for this extended family, after two nights, it was time to leave. >> we have to clean up my parents are frail.
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i have small kids, too. so yoent to bother other evacuees. >> first, he took his parents back to check on their home. the water was gone but left behind was a layer of sticky mud. >> i don't think we can use anything inside the house anymore. we will ask our children and grandchildren to help us clean up. >> inevitablyy, they will find themselves here. >> the clear skies and reseeding waters in some places have allowed many to begin the clean-up. here, a long line of people waiting to dump destroyed position. >> the water and mud claimed most of what was left behind. the disaster will have a big impact on the local economy: particularly farming. esau and his wife have worked this land for 30 years. on this day, they were supposed to be harvesting their rice. instead, they were clearing debris and seeing if any of their crop can be saved. large parts of josol remain
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under water with boats the only transport. it's here self defense is focusing for the missing. >> the area is submerged. so we cannot go there. we are using boats and going around around. >> reporter: it won't have been the last major storm of the year. while this part of the country degree begins to dry out, everyone is looking to the skies, hoping the rain stays away from here, wayne hay, al jazeera, josol, japan. >> celebrating a decisive victory in the republic's general election, the people's action party won 83 of the possible 89 seats in parliament leaving the opinion zipings workers party with six. the pap has been in power since 1965. it reverses a setback in popularity from the last election. students at india's film and television institute are on a preferred day of a hunger strike
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to the organization's management which they argue are politically motivated. one of the students explains why he is taking part in the movement. >> my name is lungee. i am a kurd. this has been unsafe in the past 93 days. >> there have been various cases. all across the institute. do you recallal tradition in this country is dying. systematically in the hands of the government in power. >> is something that symbolizes dying school hunger strike. you know, start violating our
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bodies because that was the only option left for us to make sure that the government does not mistreat us. days of protest in this country is not an easy thing to do. we see no reason to give up because we see this as an important resistance to a larger government trying to systematically institutions across the country degree. at some point or the other, the strike will have to i need but the protests will go on. this is the beginning of a long haul we have started. >> wildfires are spreading through the sierra nevada in california threatening to destroy over 6,000 homes. torn in 3,000 fire fighters are working to contain the blaze which erupted on wednesday and spread late on friday near the former gold mining town of jackson. a state of emergency has been declared. meanwhile, police officers from across the united states will hold their biggest training
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exercise in california this weekend. they will simulate emergency scenarios and test the latest equipment. after a year of debate about whether police forces have become too militarized, we went to see if tactics have changed. the step around. they will put you down for six hours. >> even though the focus of urban shield is what the police called tactical situations like terrorist attacks, it's clear some of the weapon refor sale here can be used for other purposes. >> most of the riots and police have is one guy out of a thousand, causing a problem. >> the last year revealed a street protest is sufficient for some police forces to bring out military hardware. there was little controversy hear about the use of such. >> safety for injured people like citizens or officers. >> an offensive capability as well? >> no guns on it at all.
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a turret. we could if we needed to open it up top. if we had to, connected provide safety. >> military hardware is a complex. the point you are bringing is: does that tipped to incite people? it does. >> there is a recognition you are inciting the situation with the use of an armored vehicle. that's bad. right? >> not necessarily because what is causing -- which came first, the chicken or the eg? >> police fatalities are lower but according dot a washington post, the number of people skilledso this year by the police is higher than any year since 1976. there is still three months to go. those protesting against urbanshield field their message isn't getting through. >> a lot of the reasons why black people are getting murdered is not because of emergency situations that would they are too quick to respond to everything as though it is an emergency situation and that's how we end up dead. >> that wasn't the view inside the conference haul on you
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though there was some awareness of the debate outside. at the urban shield tactical exercise, california. >> venzuelaan film has certain the golden line award for best film at the venice phil fest deals with repressed gay love. a jury of nine 2 sin from the 21. the awards at the 72nd venice film festival has been filling out. the prestigious award with a surprise is the first-time director for des de eya. a slow burning story about a love afford between a middle-aged loaner and a young
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man. it's subtle and a spanish film this will give it the international exposure means the silver lion, the prize for best director went to argentino went to pablo laterra fossa "el clan" based upon true events, a family in argentina who is killed and cad napped with impunity against the backdrop of a military dictatorship. it's damage, brooding and there are some fantastic performances in there the best re, was the one given to abraham, an actor, a 9-year-old in the beast of nations. it was a heartbreaking performance even more so because it did depeict what has been reality for thousands of children in uganda and liberia. this festival has been one defined by five words, movie based on a true story. stories taken straight off of
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the headlines. >> wildlife poaching is big business... worth more than 17 billion dollars year and growing. "the slaughter is being fueled by demand from asia... ...where rhino horn is status symbol andel


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