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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> border closed. hungarian police close the border to serbia, stopping thousands of refugees from entering.hello there i'm barbara entering. hall there i'm barbara serra. killed on holiday, mexican tourists dying in what egypt calls a mistaken air attack. australia prepares for a new prime minister. and the great problem facing china's great wall. why parts of the historic structure are at risk.
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we start the program by taking you live to hungary where police have blocked the main crossing point for refugees between serbia and hungary. you can see there part of the wall still being constructed, that four meter wall meant to keep people out. and all of this follows the reintroduction of border checks by more european countries, despite freedom of movement across borders being a key principle of the european union. u.s.aaustria and slovakia, armenian'germany's vice chancel, producing a more orderly flow of people. at 22 gmt on monday, hungary is expected to introduce much more
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stringent border checks. european union minister meeting in brussels to come up with a common strategy to deal with the refugee cries i. the aunt of the three-year-old syrian boy whose drowning shocked the world, urged the eu to open its doors. >> it's heartbreaking. and again: to live for, to save alan and galeb his brother and rihanna, not too late to save a million of them. they need that help. >> jacky rowland joins us live from brussels where european ministers have been meeting on the refugee crisis. jacky it's been the aim for months if not years to come up with some kind of european policy to handle this. any break through yet? >> reporter: not that we've been able to detect or hear
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anything about so far.but certainly, this crisis is ripping into the european union to be in disarray, it's really laying bare some differences between various eu member states between what values and principles mean. what the crisis is showing is the deep need, urgent need for some kind of coherent policy on this issue. so far we've seen individual european states doing their own thing if you like and as a result, we see the chaos. certainly the urgent need for european ministers to come to some kind of decision. no indications yet that we are on the edge of bridging some of the great divides. >> i suppose we do know who is in favor of the quotas.
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other european countries are not in favor ever it. is there anything that the bigger eu countries can do to perhaps persuade some of the smaller ones to give in on the quota issue? >> reporter: well, it's whether it's precaution o persum twisting, germany closing its border with austria, the privilege of being able to travel freely throughout europe, to be able to go to western europe in search of jobs and a more prosperous lifestyle is one of the things eastern european countries value about the membership, from the 1980s until then the citizens of those countries hadn't been able to travel much at all. this ability to travel and work all over europe is very attractive. germany is really at the heart of this open boir border system,
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shengen system. germany, with borders with nine different countries, if germany closes its borders to other states and essentially shenge nrveghtgenand the freedom of mos over the wall. if you want to enjoy the privileges of membership you need to share the responsibilities and the burden. so far, the comments from the ministers arriving at this meeting in brussels, nothing they're saying in public indicates they're reconsidering their position as a result of germany's closure of that border. >> jacky rowland, live in brussels where where european ministers are meeting.
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jacky thank you. due to be resettled in the u.k, david cameron visited lebanon's becca valley home to hundreds of thousands of refugees. he announced that britt ann would take up 20,000 refugees over the next five years. he reiterated the need for a political solution for those displaced 50 syrian civil war. >> we will resettle in the united kingdom. i recognize that the humanitarian crisis in syria is putting huge pressure on your country, on political services on schools on housing. that is why the united kingdom has provided around 300 million pounds of assistance for lebanon since the issue began, and we'll ensure that 29 million of our latest 100 million commitment
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has been spent here in lebanon to help shoulder the burden. taking a look now at how europe's refugee crisis compares with the overall numbers of syrians in need. >> syria had a population of 22 million people tbhak 2011. back in 2011. there's a different picture now after four years of brutal civil war. 12 million have been forced from their homes, that's close to half the population. of those internally displaced 4.5 million are children. some are displaced to neighboring countries, turkey the most, close to 2 million. iraq, egypt and lebanon have all taken in refugees. compare that to the number in europe trying to get there and
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it's significantly smaller. the u.n. refugee agency says that more than 350,000 syrians have applied for asylum in europe in the last four years. but even accounting for those trying to make their way to europe every day as a percentage, europe is taking around 3% of the syrians, in urgent need of help. >> two u.s. government officials say russia has positioned tanks at a syrian air field that's apparently at the center of a military buildup. they say seven russian strarchtion been seetankshave br latakia. russia ahas been sending two flights a day.
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rosalyn jordan is in washington, d.c. i guess in d.c. they have known for a while about russia's support for president assad. >> reporter: that's right, barbara. in the past half hour, what they are seeing of this station, including russian made tanks in a russian air field near latakia, is the creation of a forward-operating base, our fob. but we don't know what the purpose of establishing this operating base, forward operating base, which is what you see when there are combat operations, we don't know what the purpose of that is. clearly, the obama administration is very concerned about the apparent russian military buildup inside syria. the secretary of state john kerry has called his counterpart
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sphrocounterpartsergey lavrov, . a complicated situation inside syria. the u.s. doesn't want to see that. and while the u.s. realizes the right of russia to have a relationship with syria that shouldn't enable bashar al-assad to continue his position, barbara. >> rosalind thanrozrosalyn, tha.
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andrew, the border was meant to close at 22 gmt. we are hearing it is closing right now. give us an idea of the situation right now. >> reporter: well, the situation as you may well see coming behind me refugees walking past. they have been stopped further along here, at the point on the railway line where they have been crossing for weeks right now. you can see behind me this four meter high razor wire fence to seal it offs completely just of. we are being advised, there are posts four or five of these along this 175 kilometer border.
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as you pointed out this happened early, it had been known throughout hungary that the official time was when the legislation was due to take effect, midnight local 10 gmt p.m. that in fact wasn't the case. >> apologies. we seem to be having technical difficulties with speaking to andrew simmons. he's at the hungarian border town of rozka. it seems that refugees or anyone have been stopped from moving across it from now. we'll try cross live to andrew simmons as soon as we can from the hungarian serbian border at
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>> now, a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. hungarian police have blocked the major access point between hungary and serbia.
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apparently at the center of a military buildup in syria. well, hungary has praised germany's decision to implement border controls to stem the flow of refugees. but a former prime minister has told al jazeera that the current leader, victor orban's stand on refugee is jus political. >> hungary's prime minister has repeatedly said, it's germany's problem. but ask any who are trying to help refugees, they can't help but get political. >> for many hungarians, it is natural we help them, and we feel very angry the government is giving them this treatment. >> reporter: this is a husband
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and wife team, giving aid, passing on to those who need. >> i did not understand that, they are muslims living here with peace. >> we're not sure what's going to happen. if they close the borders again then there will be thousands of people sleeping here again. >> reporter: political protests are gaining momentum just not to prime minister victor orban. there are those supporting him. portraying orban as adolph hitler on its front page. >> they dare to say this about the prime minister. >> there is nothing wrong with the migrants or their religion. it's the large numbers that's all. >> reporter: not far away protestors from the opposition have marched on parliament. critics say his main motivation
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is gaining grip on parliament. now his advisors say the firmer he gets on the issue the more popular he becomes. a former socialist prime minister believes orban is taking his country down a dangerous road. >> many of the hun hungarian pee are worrie worried about the re. >> orban is four years away from an election. but he sees a potential threat from the far right. some analysts believe he is playing a smart card. >> mr. orban is not just somebody who is interested in popularity tomorrow or after tomorrow. he thinks there's a challenge for europe and current european elite is not able to answer this challenge. >> reporter: orban supporters believe in his fire brand approach along with his vision
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of a christian europe but he's playing for big political stakes and making enemies in high places. as he does so the misery of so many here continues with no relief. andrew simmons, al jazeera, budapest. >> australia has again shown how ruthless its politics can be. ousting a prime minister. tony abbott lost to malcolm turnbull. australia will have its fifth prime minister in as many years. from sydney andrew thomas reports. >> the result was close, but in the end the tight vote went to the challenger. >> malcolm turnbull was successful on 54, tony abbott
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44. >> malcolm turnbull was elected to lead his party and the country. >> australia has to be a country that is innovative that is creative, we cannot be future-proofing ourselves, we have to see that the disruption of technology the volatility and change is our friend, is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it. there has never been a more exciting time, to be alive, than today. and there has never been a more exciting time to be an australian. >> tony abbott was australia's prime minister for almost two years. his achievement was stopping boats of refugees from reefng australia anfrom reachingaustrag
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environmental challenges. second election victory next year began to look slim. malcolm turnbull was a long time rival and long harboring prime minister ambitions. one of stability no surprises it was not to be. malcolm turnbull will be sworn in formally as australia's prime minister on tuesday. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. afghan interior ministry puts the number at 150 of inmates who have been releaseby
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taliban. several prisoners killed and others wounded. malasian bombing of a shrine from bangkok last month, two malasians and a pakistani were arrested. picked up after a tip job from the thai authorities. central bangkok bombing occurred in august. .florence looi has the update for us. >> reporter: two men and a woman are believed to be involved, the pakistani national is included. >> we are not sure whether the suspect the main suspect is in this curch, we are not so sure yet, we do not know. we don't have a real evidence to show that he is in this country, so we are investigating it.
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>> reporter: the arrests were made several days ago and authorities say they acted on a tip from thai authorities. arrests took place at a very popular shrine in downtown bangkok, locals and tourists alike were killed. worst attack in thailand. thai officials have several suspects in their custody but yet to establish a motive and nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. a week before greece's general election, alexis tsipras is looking more and more popular. >> we will not ally the old which the people threw out the
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door in january to come back through the window. on september 20th we will do away with it once and for all. >> this was january's promise to end austerity, restructure debt and spend billions on the poor. none of it took place. instead, syriza main accusation will say that it will do a better job of implementinwill sn implementing it. >> they didn't negotiate rights, nobody did. there's still an alternative. >> that alternative, popular unity broke away from syriza last month. it says the only option is to default. nationalize the banks and let
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restart of the economy. economist says that is what syriza should have done and was naive to trust in consensus. >> it was impossible to persuade the majority of syriza by the error of its approach. syriza went there it tried it came up against reality of the european union. and in the end it was subjected to blackmail because that's the nature of the monetary union. the powers there. it was subjected to blackmail and it surrendered completely. >> reporter: many greeks agree but only a trickle of many still sympathize with the man whose feelings of his own achievements are as mixed as theirs. tsipras appears to be full of
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convictions. says he was forced into it, he disagrees with austerity but promises to implement it. some people feel he made a sincere effort to negotiate a deal against impossible odds. no one is yet sure who or what will save greece. john siropolous, al jazeera, athens. >> after a volum volcano, mounto spewed out rock and ash this morning. anyone within two kilometers of the mountain is at risk. there are likely to be more arrests in the corruption scandal surrounding fifa, football's world governing body. loretta lynch anticipates
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pursuing further against authorities. in their separate investigation into money laundering, in may seven football executives were arrested as part of the u.s. investigation. one of the plan made wonders of the world is slowly disintegrating. 30% of the great wall of china no longer exists because of exposure to the elements or because people have been chipping away at the structure. sahil raman went there to investigate. >> it's been part of her vegetable garden. not all the stone used here comes from the quarry. some came from the great wall of china's. her an says tors too says or the
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stones from the great wall. >> we are happy to give back any part of the wall if asked. you have to remember we were so poor back then. modern cheap bricks were not available like they are now. >> reporter: she is like others in the area whose homes are made from the old and the new. ancient china sits comfortably amongst its ancient worn away by 70,000 visitors each day. many visitors say protecting the wall is important. >> translator: the greatly wall isn't just china's. it belongs to the whole human race and has to be protected. >> it's a symbol of china and we have to look after it. >> reporter: some of the tourists visiting today are themselves a photo opportunity
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for local chinese. the deterioration of the wall and in part its disappearance is worrying those fighting to protect it. >> it's closely connected to the origin of our culture. the disappearing of the wall is in line with our lack of respect in protecting our tradition and culture. >> reporter: the authorities have not been ignoring the situation of the wall. the government's restoration plan began in 1957 and it continues to this day because the greatest enemy of the wall isn't just man. it's the elements. they're doing their damage as well because parts of the wall aren't just made in stone, they're made in brick and wood and prone to general wear and tear and the weather. while villagers would have used the wall for a source of cheap building material, the largest battle is being waged every day
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not just against man but with the elements. sahil valuean, al jazeera, beijing. >> you can find more on >> crews struggle to slow huge wildfires. a week after getting out much jail, kentucky clerk kim davis goes back to work and does thought stop a same sex couple from getting a marriage license. hungary constructs a fence along