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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> barbed wire at the border. hungary closes off the main crossing point for thousands of refugees. germany imposes stricter controls on the movement of people. i'm lauren taylor this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. egypt offers contoll answers as mexican tour iforts accidentally killed iists killed in asecurit. >> australia has to be a nation that is agile.
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>> fifth prime minister in the past five years. and pop art with a message. hello, european ministers are meeting in brussels in search for a common solution for their refugee crisis. the only shared strategy is tighter controls and measures to stop the relentless flow of people. in the past few hours, barbed wire has been put into place, and at 22 gmt could see refugees deported and people smugglers jailed. austria and slovakia, will be the newest countries for issues over freedom of movement.
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andrew simmons reports. >> flow of refugees into hungary has now stopped. festivalfirst of all, police pun place razor wire. police were advising the refugees who looked in such a bedraggled shape, police blocked the rail line five, six hours, possibly seven hours ahead of that deadline and they were unable to come forward. they were told to go to the official crossing point which is around two o two kilometers way, officials are saying this is situation now, any refugees have to go to those official crossing points or have to prove they are
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refugees, if they are economic migrants they will be turned around. at midnight there will be big changes in asylum law which could mean that anybody coming into serbia that will be a safe third country, that's where they'll register as a refugee and their claims of asylum if entered into in hungary won't be valid, they'll be turned around and sent back. so a large number of refugees could be accumulating in serbia and a big humanitarian issue there. if anyone crosses and manages to get through fence that will be a criminal offense and up to three years for that act. mayor owes growing divide over sharing the responsibility for incoming refugees. outside the meeting in brussels the aunt of the three-year-old
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syrian boy whose drowning shocked the world, urged europe to open its doors. >> it's too late to save alan and galeb and rihanna are but not too late to save millions of them. they need that help. >> jacky rowland joins us from brussels. jacky any sign of any sign of movement towards agreement there? >> no. we've layered from the german and french interior ministers, they spoke to journalists just over an hour ago. it seemed like they were very much trying to adopt some positive sounding language. they spoke about the political commitment and they both used that phrase whether in german or french. somehow the countries of the european union had committed themselves politically to sharing the burden of refugees.
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but when it actually came to numbers ant practicalities, the german foreign minister said weaweare still a long way away m agreement. they would accept the share of the quota allocated to them that means the other countries should do the same. whatever germany or france has decided to do does not bind them. the sloa vas slovac smint,ac mie point they are not stopping and claiming asylum in hungary or austria, they keep moving. refugees don't want to claim asylum in those countries and
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forcing them to claim asylum in different cub countries is not g to work. germany insisted borders were open and everyone was welcome, but it does illustrate the extent to which eastern european countries are just not being persuaded cajoled even bullied at this stage of accepting quotas that they feel are not workable that they feel would have a fundamental effect on their societies and which they are refusing to have dictated to them. it seems like another meeting is going to pass and again there will be no decision and while the lack of policy continues to be the case, while there's no coherent response, refugees are still suffering as andrew simmons was just telling us. >> okay jacky rowland thank you very much indeed.
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well 24 hours after germany introduced those new border controls life is already much more actuality for refugees trying to arrive. rob reynolds reports. >> halted just meters from their goal. german police stop a group of refugees from syria on a bridge over a river that forms border between austria and germany. now they wait in the falling rain. about this man's leg was wounded by a bomb in damascus. >> translator: i came through turkey, greece, macedonia, serbia, hungary and vienna to get treatment in germany. but the german police are not letting us through. >> germany has put border patrol on duty here, overwhelmed with
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tens of thousands of refugees who flooded in over the past week. at the munich train station, piles of toys and blankets remain. tent camp sits empty. some germans are confused and irritated. >> the government no longer has things under control at all. at first theyed the refugees should just come and now they suddenly say oh we are overwhelmed. >> translator: no, i don't think the government has done anything right and now what they are doing is too little too late. >> at the border, a separately group of syrian men stood safely on the german side. germany has promised to hold
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safe syrian refugees who touch its soil. >> i in germany, not anyone i'm a syrian not anyone can take me and lift me in syrian or in hungary or anything. >> reporter: after a long wait in the rain the police led the syrians they had detained across the no man's land on the bridge and into germany. now they too are on secure ground. the border checks here which germany says are only temporary are another sign that the european union's policy of open borders between member states may be slipping away. >> u.s. state department says it appears moscow is continue to support syrian president bashar al-assad. air field at the center of a military buildup.
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pentagon officials say, syria's ambassador to moscow has denied reports of russian troop buildup there. tell us what they've been saying about this business? >> well, what the u.s. government is saying is this is a situation that does raise concerns especially because there isn't any idea really why the russians are building up their military presence this western syria. the situation is this, the u.s. says if the russians are trying to support the government of president bashar al-assad, the u.s. is very much opposed to that. why the spokesperson john kirby was asked whether russia would face any more penalties or action he because of its ongoing actions in syria he said he could not l comment, to do so would be speculation.
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why are understanding from my court participant patty culhane, usually code language for some sort of economic or travel sanctions against persons inside the russian government or any other government for that matter. so it's really not clear why it is this buildup is happening, according to the obama administration, we have heard from the foreign minister, sergey lavrov suggesting this is part of simply providing the equipment which the syrians had bought from the russians you would need military personnel to help them set it up. and you have the syrians saying no such thing is happening at all. it is not really clear just what exactly is happening here but raising concerns here in washington. >> all right, rosalyn jordan, with a live update from washington, d.c, thank you.
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francois hollande will brief the french parliament on tuesday. after his government began surveillance flights over the war torn country. >> translator: we are part of the coalition in iraq against i.s.i.l. we started reconnaissance flights in syria to enable us to consider air strikes if they were necessary and they will be necessary in syria. >> still ahead in al jazeera, trying to steady troubled waters, sri lanka's new leader. >> plus. >> i'm sahil raman on the great wall of china. why 30% of the historic monument has gone missing and furthermore i'll tell where you it's gone. gone. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> hello, a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. hungarian police have used barbed wire to block off the border between hungary and serbia. growing divide over sharing responsible for incoming refugees. pentagon says russia has positioned tanks in syria. accidentally killed were mexican tourists, egyptian convoy mistook the mexicans or
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the terrorist elements. >> reporter: diplomatic note expressing thexpressing the iss. >> prompt and thorough investigation. >> reporter: the foreign minister added that mexican officials had spoken to some of the survivors. >> translator: six mexicans admitted to the hospital told us that they had been attacked by air with bombs fired from planes and helicopters. >> reporter: the injured were taken to cairo's hospital for treatment. the acting prime minister of egypt arrived at the hospital to visit them. egypt has expressed regret at the incident but has said that the tourists were in a restricted area without permission. >> translator: we are standing with the mexican people in their
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tragedy. the circumstances surrounding the incident egypt's fight against terrorism. i give my deepest condolences to the mexican government and the tourists. >> reporter: a number of egyptians have also been reported to be killed. the government strongly condemns these acts against our citizens. he has demanded a thorough investigation. egyptian troops at the time are said to have been chasing armed fighters in the desert, they were said to be traveling in similar vehicles to the mexican tourists. lucia newman, al jazeera, egypt. police entered the mosque and caused damage, closed the doors, protestors were arrested
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in the compound, visits went ahead as planned. the clashes comes hour before the start of the jewish new year rosh hashanah. tony abbott has been replaced by his popular communication he minister, malcolm turnbull. australia will have its fifth prime minister in as many years. andrew thomas reports. the results was close but in the end a tight vote went in favor of the challenger. >> in the leadership was contested by malcolm turnbull and tony ab got, turnbull was successful on 54, abbott 44. >> the australia of the future has to be a nation that is agile. that is, innovative, that is
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creative, we cannot be defensive, we cannot future-proof ourselves. we have to recognize that the disruption that we see driven by technology, the volatility in change, is our friend. is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it. there has never been a more exciting time to be alive than today. and there has never been a more exciting time to be an australian. >> tony abbott who was australia's prime minister for almost exactly two years from the right of his party, his chief achievement in his eyes was stopping boats of refugees from reaching australia, and change of energy credits.
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plok turnbull wamalcolm turnbule rival. ending the dysfunction he claimed characterized the labor government. his government he said would be one of stability, malcolm turnbull will be sworn in formally on tuesday. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. afghan taliban says it used gunmen and suicide bombers to storm the prison in eastern ghazni province. three people have been arrested in malaysia, in connection with the bombing of a shrine in bangkok last month.
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picked up after a tipoff from the thai authorities. 20 people were killed by the bombing in central bangkok in august. >> sri lanka's prime minister has visited for the first time in his office, manel fernandez has reported. >> these fishermen in northern sri lanka say their trailers come back almost empty. >> we are at a loss. >> thousands of fishermen expected bumper catches of fish. instead they encountered these, indian trawlers, sometimes up to 3,000 a night, illegally fishing
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in sri lankan waters. charges of attacking fishermen india denies. last of decisive action is aggravating the problem. >> translator: if it was into the waters by accident our fishermen are ousted. scores of indian trawlers come daily and take away our resources and no one says that's anything. >> reporter: the reality that has been discussed before with little progress. fishermen say that are catch has fallen drastically. a lack of addressing the issue, the prime ministership will
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bring some reports. fir foreign port of call since taking office. he waded into controversy earlier this year by implying indian fishermen could be shot by the sri lankan navy. analysts say a change of guard in colombo seems the have influenced new delhi. >> until last year they claimed to have historical right to fish in sri lankan waters. now we see there is some explicit knowledge of what's going on. >> reporter: a more permanent solution to the problem is vital, maniel fernandez, al jazeera, sri lanka. assessinassessing the damaga
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volcano spewed out ash and lava. japan is on the edge of the pacific ocean and has more than 100 active volley vol cane owes. prime minister shinzo abe says there are investigations to determine damage. air quality in singapore and malaysia, vast areas use slash and burn to bring about are palm oil plantations. sahil raman reports. >> it is a vegetable garden
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that's been this her family for decades. naturally occurring stone available in this part of northern china yet not all the stone used here comes from the quarry. some comes from the great wall of china. her ancestors took the wall's cut stones to build their residences. >> we are happy to give back any part of the wall if asked. you have to remember, we were so poor back then. modern cheap bricks were not available like they are now. >> she is like hundreds of others in the area whose homes are made from the old and the new. ancient china sits comfortably alongside its 2,000 year old descendant. while nature has eroded parts, others are worn away by 70,000 visitors each day.
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many visitors say protecting the wall is important. >> translator: the great wall isn't just china's. it belongs to the whole human race and has to be protected. >> translator: it's a imol ofl of china and we have to look after it. >> some are a symbol of the local chinese, the deterioration of the wall and in part its disappearance are fighting for those to protect it. >> translator: it's closely connected to the origin of our culture, this failing of the wall, is in line with the lack of respect for our tradition and culture. >> authorities have not been ignoring the situation of the wash. the government's restoration plan began in 1957 and it continues to this day. the greatest enemies of the wall are not just man, they're
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doing their damage because parts of the wall are not just made in stone but in brick or wood and prone to the weather. ways the choount would have used the wall as a source of free cheap building material, the wall'fightagainst the elements. sahil raman, al jazeera, yan ching. >> wildfires are continuing to rage in northern california. the valley fire is the most destructive in the u.s. fire exploded in size within hours. devastation comes after a separate wildfire to the southeast destroyed at least 81 homes. when you think of pop art images such as andy warhol's soup cans or roy lichtenstein's
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political cartoons, jessica baldwin went to the preview. >> the faceless figure in a western half, highlighted an increasingly westernization of swrajapanese art. world goes pop looks at how artists around the world have interpreted pop art. the 1960s culture movement made famous by andy warhol, the show has taken five years to compile. two tate curators traveled around the world. unearthing artists that weren't even known. >> left out of history, you can't even find on google, to us
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that was the most exciting thing. >> artists reflected their own troubling times, military juntas. many of the works are social commentary unlike the dead pan humor of the textbook american pop artists. the red coat for 11 gave everyone the same skin, a charged image when racism was rampant. nicola l took it around oourm ee an.the world goes pop is all abt learning about all artists who are unrepresented in the history of upon art. 50 years on the art is playful ironic, like all pop art. but these works show art at its
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best, questioning often u uncomfortably. >> the address is om. [ ♪ ] % sh hello, i'm grichard gizbert, and you're at "the listening post". here are some of the media stories - the refugee crisis, the story in hungary and the image that was the covers.