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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2015 7:30am-9:01am EDT

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the catholic church will stea steadily lose members and for thousand that seems inevitable. just to remind you that you can keep up to date with all our top stories on our website. the address is >> thousands are gathering in washington ahead of this morning's papal meeting at the white thousand. pope francis and the president will sit down as the pontiff begins his first full day in the u.s. >> chinese president trying to sell american companies on doing business in his company, but china's volatile market has investors worried. >> an american icon has died. remembering yukon arctic ultra marathon great yogi berra for
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his influence on and off the field. >> this is aljazeera america, good morning, live from new york city, i'm randall pinkston. pope francis this morning begins the first full day of his trip to america. in just over an hour, a ceremony begins at the white house where we are expected to hear from the pope. france arrived tuesday at joint base andrews outside washington. president obama and vice president biden and their families were there to meet the president. right now, all the excitement is at the white house. thousands gathered on the south lawn for a ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance. mike viqueira is live outside the white house. give us details about the two hats the pope is wearing as like
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this leader and head of state. >> you're absolutely right, randall, he is the pastor to the world's 1.2 billion catholics, he's also here as an emissary between the catholic church and president of the united states. the president and pope francis met for the first time more than a year ago in march of 2014 at the vatican, mr. and mrs. obama visited there. a number of things are on the table. the white house has stressed in the weeks leading up to this meeting all the things, the common values shared. they talk about the gap between rich and poor, concern for the climate, they talk about immigration reform. the pope has been very outspoken and some say controversial ally so on that particular topic, as well as claims change. these two individuals, i have a toll you it is a glorious day, 15,000 people spread across the lawn and risers, this was a hot
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ticket in washington. the pope has a full slate of events as we move through the course of the day. first a full on, as you put it pomp and ceremony on the south lawn. this is a typical arrival ceremony that you normally see for a head of state. there will be a ceremonyily fife and drum core. they will address the crowd, then go to the oval office. the two will talk. the white house stresses this is not about political issues. they are going to go over much of the common ground that they share and expressing good will. >> tell us about the guest list. apparently it's a source of some controversy. who is complaining and why? >> both sides are playing that down. there was some initial reports in the wall street journal about some upset that the vatican had over some of the folks has the white house invited here, an openly gay episcopalian bishop, openly gay chick bloggers.
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nuns that backed the affordable care act rewarding contraceptive coverage. that was a hot topic when the president was in rome meeting with the pope. both sites have sought that play that down. that's become a non-issue lately. conservative critics have been very critical about the white house seeing fit to have it folks that the vatican could potentially object to. >> thank you. >> after the peep leaves the white house we will ride along the washington streets in his pope mobile. this is the best chance for those without a ticket to see the pontiff in the capital. we are live this morning along the parade route. usher, describe that's happening behind you. >> good morning, randall. a lot of excitement along the parade route, we're right now at constitution at 17th. as you can see, we're going to pan off and show you, there are thousands of people who are come out this morning for a chance to see the pope as his procession
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comes down this street. that happens in several hours. now the entrances, four entrances to the parade opened about 4:00 a.m. this morning and there's been a steady stream of people coming in, very orderly and organized. you can see that already, thousands out here, we're still several hours away from this parade. the security's been very tight, as well. we're a quarter mile of a checkpoint and they're similar to airport security. there were t.s.a. agents, people going through metal detectors. secret service here, the national guard, as well as other agents who are patrolling that area and keeping the street basically clear of any of these people who have come to see the parade. still, we're several hours away and we talked to people in the crowd today who have been here before. they've seen pope benedict and pope john paul, as well. they're used to this, here early, ready and waiting for the pope to come through this area. >> what happens after the
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parade? >> after the parade, the pope will leave for the cathedral of st. matthew, the apostle for a mid-day prayer and lead a service for 300 to 400 bishops. later this afternoon, he will be holding a mass and there are thousands expect to show up for that, as well. >> thank you, in washington, standing by for the papal parade. the pope has a big day planned in the nation's capitol and will head to the cathedral of st. matthew for a mid-day prayer and discourse with bishops. this afternoon, he will canonize
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at the ba as i will la of the national shrine. >> president of china is meeting with business leaders in seattle today to convince them china is good for investment. he will discuss hacking, something the chinese have been blamed for. >> both commercial cyber theft and hacking against a government's ned works are crimes that must be punished according to the law an relevant international treaties. >> xi insisted the u.s. and china should work together to fight cyber crime. >> one of the greatest catches s to play pro baseball has died. yogi berra has died. the baseball world is now reacting. john henry, a sports fan par excellence is here with more. >> so sad when someone of his stature passes away, but isn't it lovely that we can laugh and
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smile at his memory. he is considered by many to be one of baseball's greatest players and he has the stats to back it up. berra helped the yankees reach the world series 14 times, 10 of which they won. he may have played in the shadows of the likes of mickey mantel and joe dimaggio, but he's the one that holds the record for 71 world series hits and for playing in 75 world series games if that berra's stellar 19 years behind the plate earned him election into the hall of fame in 1972. overnight, the yankees tweeted "we are deeply saddened by the loss of a yukon arctic ultra marathon legend and american hero, yogi berra." former atlanta braves third baseman chipper jones tweeted: even hollywood had nice things to see, samuel jackson tweeted:
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yogi dropped out of school in eighth grade to play baseball and never stopped. he managed both the yankees and mets in later years, berra was a fixture at spring training, giving tips. as to why he talked to players throughout the years, berra said i just want the game to live on. berra is known for his with it, his phrases have become i don't even as yogisms. one time he said if you don't know where you're going, you might end up someplace else. we'll share more of those in our next hour. >> so nice to be with a smile for the many memories. >> absolutely. >> today is the first day of fall, and we are already starting to see temperatures above average. let's bring in meteorologist nicole mitchell. >> i'm sure you were all up to hail it in this morning at 4:20 a.m. we were not. the midwest and northern plains,
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temperatures running 10-15 degrees above average, billings 82 in september, that's not too bad. we've been running with temperatures above average and trying things out in california and up the east coast, five degrees above average. a lot of the country is warm. how does the season look overall? our coastlines, unfortunately for places like the west coast, that tends to try things out and that's where we have our most significant drought. also the east coast, the northeast chances to be above average are the highest. the best chance to be a little cooler are place like texas. moisture wise what we're looking at and these outlets go october through september is welter through the southern tier, that's the biggest chance, drier to the northwest. this is a drought area, so that would be a possible negative and for the northeast, as well, a little better chance that we would have that dry forecast. book to you.
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>> thanks, nicole. >> well, looking for answers, volkswagen's board meets in germany to discuss the emission scandal and fate of the c.e.o. our report from v.w.'s headquarters. >> we are awaiting pope francis's arrival on the south line of the white house. we'll bring you live coverage of his visit this morning and his message to america.
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>> a song has been ruled no longer copyrighted, the song? happy birthday. the music group had been charging righties on public performances for decades. a new ruling says the writers of the song never registered a copyright on the lyrics. warner has been collected $2.5 million in royalties every year. >> volkswagen's board is meeting to discuss the next step in an emission scandal that could cost the c.e.o. his job. a software cheat allowed some cars to circumvent emissions tests. now reportedly, the department of justice is looking into investigating the scam. >> rob reynolds joins us outside volkswagen's headquarters in germany. the c.e.o. just got a contract extension, but his job is on the line this morning, right?
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>> yeah, very much so, randall, the board or rather an executive committee of the board and some of the major shareholders of this company are meeting here and reportedly grilling martin vindercorn about what he knew about these so-called defeat, software intended to falsify the results of pollution tests. we do not have a lot of information as to exactly what is going on inside there. we do know that of course yesterday, the c.e.o. issued a full and profuse apology broadcast on german television. he did not make any indication in that appearance that he was ready to step down. he has led the company to some
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notable profits over the past several years, but this is a scandal unlike any other that has hit a german company in living memory, so definitely some heads are going to roll here at volkswagen, randall. >> so we have 11 million cars word wide that volkswagen has acknowledged as being affected by this emissions scam. the u.s., as we indicated, is looking into filing charges, both state and federal government. what about other countries where those cars were sold? >> certainly the german government, angela merkel, the chancellor said yesterday that the department of transport is looking into this matter. the south korean government has launched an investigation. the french authorities say that there is a need for a european union white investigation, which
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would also look at other automakers to see if they were up to the same tricks, and volkswagen had hired the white shoe american law firm of kirk land and ellis, which notably defended b.p., british petroleum in its deep water horizon spill calamity in 2010, so obviously they're gearing up for some serious civil litigation, as well, and already, there's been at least one class action lawsuit filed out of chicago on behalf of people who bought these cars, thinking that they were enenvironmentally friendly, but now only come to find out that they were polluting much more than they thought they were. >> a major public relations program. >> a partner a a law firm and
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adjunct professor teaching professional responsible in law, thank you for joining us. can you first describe for us v.w.'s criminal exposure? what charges do you think the justice department is most likely to bring and what are the core elements which proof? >> sure, well, there are two big problems that v.w. needs to worry about. first the clean air act, aggressive environmental protection law. if you pollute, you contribute to polluting the air here, that can be a crime. a company can be prosecuted and sort of more interestingly for v.w. at this point is the executives at the company can be prosecuted. just very, veray in the last two weeks, the department of justice put out a memorandum telling its prosecutors when you're investigating corporate misconduct, make sure you're looking at individual executives, make sure you're getting as much information from the company as you possibly can to go after individuals.
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i think one of the big things to watch with v.w. is how that new policy plays in, in terms of investigations of and possible prosecutions of actual people at v.w., actually executives. >> in the past, in similar cases of corps relate malfeasance, has the government gone after individuals, and can you -- do you know anecdote ally of any comparable cases? >> well, a comparable case is hard to find on this scale with this kind of violation. i think there are two that come to mind. one, just yesterday, a peanut executive was sentenced to 28 years, the individual at the company was given 28 years in prison because of a salmonella outbreak that came from his company. that's a little bit different, the food and drug laws are a little more aggressive in terms of going after individual executives than the clean air act could be or wire fraud statutes would be.
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just last week, general motors entered into a corporate plea, a criminal resolution of problems it had with the department of justice, and no executives were found to be responsible there. it really ranges from a lot of exposure in 28 years and significant prison time to virtually none or none just depending a lot on how far up the chain the problems went at the company. >> of course, there have been no charges brought against toyota executives for that accelerator deal, correct? >> that's right. that's right. >> now, what about this civil liability? of course, in this instance, farce we know, no one has died from this fraud. what's the possibility of some civil liability? sure, i think you're going to see a couple of different avenues for civil liability. one, you'll certainly see the e.p.a. go after fines, and while those aren't civil lawsuits,
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that can cost the company a lot of money. i think we're talking something in the neighborhood of $15 billion in potential fires. you're also starting to see state attorney generals getting active in this area. state a.g.'s can do a lot of damage in terms of monetary damage to companies like v.w. especially since state emissions tests are one of the things that this software device was used to mask. finally, i think you'll see class actions from consumers alleging fraud. those are a little harder to see exactly what the claims will be. we'll learn more about what v.w. is doing and individual car purchasers, but i think those are the three avenues for monetary exposure by the company. >> plus the money the company will have to spend to repair the problems on all of those cars. >> absolutely, and significant legal fees. they've set aside $7 billion to pay lawyers for this. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> new developments this morning in the email scandal involving presidential candidate hillary clinton. several news organizations are reporting the f.b.i. has now recovered emails that were previously thought to have been deleted from her private server. she used that server when she was secretary of state. the f.b.i. wants to determine whether those emails contained classified information. clinton said the dell heated percentages were personal. >> a state of emergency in los angeles, the city's new pledge to get help for the homeless and get them off the streets. >> we are awaiting pope francis's rival at the white house. we'll bring you live coverage of his visit and his speech.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et
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>> comin coming up on 755, we wl bring you live coverage of the pope says visit and his speech. >> investigating a potential hate crime, three newses were found hanging from a tree on the school's campus late last night. the school president condemned the act the day before a peaceful black lives matter protest is held. >> the city of los angeles is declaring a state of emergency over homelessness. the city will spent $100 million to help get people off the streets. the program would open up private property as shelter and speed up the construction of affordable homes. more than 25,000 people are homeless in l.a., many live in downtown in an area loan at l.a.'s skid row. >> 4,000 homeless, just blocks from city hall.
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unfortunately, that is just a small percentage of the city's homeless population. yes, 85% of the city's homeless population lives outside of skid row, and throughout the city. >> l.a.'s city council still needs to approve the program. one study found the city already spends about $100 million evy year on costs related to homelessness. >> the school board in seattle is expected later today to decide whether to put an end to suspending elementary school students. studies show that black students are disproportionately affected. we are following the story. >> no kindergartener should ever be suspended from school. that's the opinion of one seattle school board member, who's pushing to change school policy. >> african-american children and particularly african-american males are suspended at a late four times higher than their white counterparts.
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it has been a situation where people knew about it and kind of wrung their hands and said there's nothing we can do, it's because they're poor or their families around involved. they're making excuses for lack of action as an institution or as a school or as a school system. >> so what's the alternative to school suspensions? we'll head to one school with a unique model for dealing with discipline. we'll have more coming up tonight. al jazeera, seattle. >> nearly 600 seattle elementary school students were suspended last year, including 61 kindergarteners. thank you for joining us. i'm randall pinkston. stephanie sy is back in two minutes with more al jazeera morning news and another look now at the malin washington, d.c. as we await the arrival of pope francis. we'll bring you live coverage of his visit to the white house in our next hour.
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>> the excitement building, pope francis in america, the faithful already lining up as the pontiff kicks off his day in the nation's capital. the events start this hour with a welcome at the white house. >> china's president is also in the u.s. on a mission to reassure businesses here that his nations economy is holding steady and he's turning his attention to cyber crime. >> remembering an american original, yankees great yogi
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berra dice at the age of >> thousands at this hour are gathered at the south lawn of the white house. there they are live to get a glimpse of pope francis on his first full day in the u.s. a welcoming ceremony will be taking place in 45 minutes. the pope is expected to address the crowds in english. later, the pope mobile will parade through the streets of d.c. his holiness arrived after a trib to cuba. president obama, the first family, vice president biden and his wife greeted the pontiff when he got off the plane. we are along the parade group with the masses, but let's begin on the south lawn of the white
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house. i can see the crowds gathered behind you. let's talk about this meeting we're expecting in the oval office today. this is not the first time the pope has met with president obama, but they are pull out all of the stops for the pontiff this morning. >> they certainly are. the white house characterized this as reciprocity, because these two individuals, president obama and pope francis have met before face-to-face, one-on-one. it was march of last year at the vatican, a lot on the table and of course the white house is stressing all the things they share in common from a personal perspective in terms of their career path and outlook on life as well as something that could be characterized at least in this venue as. policy, the white house pointing out that president obama on a personal level once he graduated from law school, from an ivy league law school had a lot of lucrative offers on the east coast. he chosing to work with lower income people on chicago's south side, that they say meshing with
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the mental from this pope, talking about the least of the pope, this pope, the master of the grand gesture to demonstrate his unpretentious and unschooling nature. the pope will arrive here, a lot of pomp and ceremony, this is a ceremony reserved for the heads of state, as the head of the vatican state the hope will qualify. all of the trappings, the fife and drum core. a lot on the table here as the pope against the real meaty part of a six day journey through three major american cities. >> there are 70 million catholics in this country, but everyone seems to be listening to what pope francis might say. why has he captured our attention to this degree? >> well, he's certainly a break from the past, and certainly the immediate past and pope benedict seen as a strict and dogmatic
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enforcer of church strictures. the church in the united states and around the world has some serious problems with church attendance, dwindling attendance, there's the loyest percentage of catholics in this country in many generation. 13%, call themselves former catholics. if they form their own region, it will be the second denomination in the country after catholicism. the decades old sexual abuse scandal and coverup has caused outrage. this pope is going out of his way to stress the compassionate nature of the catholic church, which after all, has been in existence for many years. a fascinating exchange with the pope and a reporter who asked the pope whether or not he was
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an anti communist or anti catholic as many critics in the united states have accused him of being. the pope sharply denied that. he said i'm not a lefty, i am simply advocating what is consistent with church doctrine. >> it really hits at the politicization of this pope. the hope will ride along washinging to know streets in his pope mobile. we are live along the parade route. >> the crowd is getting bigger and bigger. there are four entrances to the parade route and a checkpoint heavily secured, it's a lot like airport security. they've been getting people in quickly. a lot of people are gathering along constitution and 17t 17th where we are to see the
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pope in a few hours. one of those people, virginia native who is here with me, anna maria, thank you for joining us. tell me a little bit about what this means to you to be out here and get a glimpse of pope francis. >> the pope for me means everything. the pope is such the humbleness that people see, ask us to follow him, he make us feel the same thing. for me, i would come at any time, even if it was at 2:00 in the morning. >> your tee shirt said i met pope francis 2015. >> i saw other popes, too, i saw pope benedict and pope john paul ii. this one is different. he is just mercy. i'm from st. john catholic church and my last words to say
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one day i hope everyone confess that jesus christ is the lord. >> you talked to me about the interaction between pope francis and president obama. president obama was so happy, i see such a smile. we could see, because he was so happy to meet the pope, like he was meeting a relative. in one moment, i thought he would embrace the pope, but i guess the protocol would not allow to do this, but president obama was really happy to see him. both, even the pope, too. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, bye, thank you. >> there you have it, a lot of excitement out here today, stephanie. there's several hours before the pope is going to make his way along the parade route and still a steady stream of people coming through. >> how intense is security there? >> as you can imagine, very
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intense. there's a lot of secret service here, the national guard is here. there are officers all along this route. as i mentioned earlier, the checkpoint we came through there are t.s.a. agents. very, very vigorous. they are very specific about what areas you can and cannot go into. >> we'll continue to check with you throughout the morning. the pope has a busy day planned in the nation's capital after his morning visit at the white house and parade, he will head so the cathedral for a mid-day prayer. this afternoon, he will be canonizing 18 century missionary at the basilica of the national shrine of the packet conception. joining us, patrick hornbeck from fort ham university. good morning. this is a morning that is
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historic. it is the first time emaddress the american public. what do we expect hims to? >> absolutely. thanks for having me back, stephanie. i think people are bog to be surprised about this pope. so often people think about pope francis as part of this political spectrum between conservative and liberal. when he was in cuba and only whole trip, he says been talking about relationships between people, how people can relate to each other more justly in a more merciful way, what god has to do with all of this that. he is coming with a political leader as much as a religious leader. pope francis and the president have more in common than they disagree on. they aren't on the same page on every issue, but climate change, economic equality, immigration rights, they're right there next to each other. it's going to be very interesting to see whether they talk about concrete details, whether they talk in general, whether there's anything the pope wants to raise a concern
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about with the president. >> of course the pope's visit would not be complete without controversy. one of them is the event this afternoon and the cannonnization of jorge mario bergoglio. of junipo serra. >> we've seen concerns expressed by scholars that the vatican is putting up on a pedestal that man who may have been involved in the abuses of native people. the vatican response has been not every saint is human, every saint is a person of his or her time. it's going to be really interesting to see this afternoon to what extent the pope acknowledges, if the pope acknowledges at all that there is a shadow side to the really very, very positive side to the life of junipo serra. >> i remember when pope john
8:11 am
paul ii was considered the rock star pope, put on the cover of "time" and" rolling stone." >> what's different about pope john paul ii and pope francis, he is seen at humble, authentic. when the motorcade pulled up, he didn't get into a limousine, he got into a very small fiat car. the vatican spokesperson said whenever you see a papal motorcade, you look for the smallest car and that is where the pope is going to be. >> even the pope mobile is a jeep wrangler versus a mercedes. >> that's exactly right. he's also gone beyond his predecessors in not wanting a glassed in pope mobile. his security is not going to be particularly happy about that. >> it is the biggest security around a single person in this countries history. >> absolutely. >> talk about what it's like for
8:12 am
catholics to be in his presence. >> this is going to be a tremendous week for catholics. millions of people are going to come to the closing mass in philadelphia. that's because for catholics, just as much for nowhere catholics, this is a man who tries to follow jesus in his life. he talks about the need to serve the most vulnerable in society. so for the pope, this is what he's calling an apostolic journey, coming to bring a religious message to the united states. sometimes when we think of him too much in political terms, we miss part of what he thinks the point of the visit might be. >> it is hard not to with this pope, given he has made comments about climate change, capitalism and the income gap. we will leave it there for now, but we will keep you here and speak to you throughout the morning for your analysis on pope francis's visit. thank you so much. >> al jazeera will have complete coverage of the president's welcome to pope francis that is about an hour from now.
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this morning begins day two of the chinese president's week long tour of america, meeting with business leaders in seattle to try and convince them china is a good investment. in a speech tuesday, he addressed hacking, something the u.s. blamed his government and chinese businesses for. we have more on xi's plans while in seattle. >> more pro tests like this aring expected as chinese president she junk ping moves into seattle. he talked about moving together to ensure peace and stability in the world and broadening of economic prosperity. he talked about the need to understand each other's
8:14 am
differences and made it clear that cyber security will be a topic that he and president obama will discuss. >> hacking against a government network are crimes. >> >> al jazeera, seattle. >> more summer like conditions are kicking off the first day of fall. let's check in with meteorologist nicole mitchell for the weather.
8:15 am
good morning. >> good morning. coming in at 4:20 eastern time, it is warm for a lot of the country, especially pores of the midwest and northern plains. billings at 82. some temperatures are running 10-15 degrees above average today. of course the whole season isn't going to be like that. what is that outlike looking for us. this takes is october through december, northern tier and coastlines of the country. these are probabilities, the darker the colors, the more problem with above average temperatures. the west coast, that could exacerbate drought conditions. texas likely to be cooler. the south has greater chances to be wetter and for drier conditions, a little more for the northeast and staying especially for the northwest, a drought situation not where we want that dry weather. for the midwest, we do have showers, even an occasional thunderstorm moving through and watch the southeast the next
8:16 am
couple days with more moisture coming in that direction. back to you. >> ok, nicole, thank you. >> fema will soon begin accepting relieve applications for those impact the by devastating wildfires in northern california. president obama declared a major disaster tuesday for the three counties affected. the money will go toward home repairs and temporary housing for 12,000 people. >> the baseball word and many americans are remembering an icon today. yogi berra died tuesday at the age of 90. we have more on this true american icon. he will be remembered as much for his colorful words as greatness on the diamond. >> what a character with character yogi berra was. though only 5'7" he dominated the game and changed the way we spoke. his life comes to an end 69 years to the day of his major league debut and what a life it was. >> he was a legend on the
8:17 am
diamond. >> playing 17 years with the yankees, being in 14 world series, he won 10. >> he became an american icon because of the things he said. his name was lawrence peter berra, but the word knew him at yogi, one of the greatest catchers to ever play the game, berra was a three to him league m.v.p. and 15 time all-star. s. >> hereette jumps into larson's arms after he pitched a perfect game in the world series is one of the most iconic sports photos. the man who said the future ain't what it used to be also uttered two phrases that remain part of the american lexicon. it ain't over until it's over and this one repeated by former president george h.w. bush.
8:18 am
>> deja vu all over again, as yogi berra would say. >> i don't make them up. >> berra's famous dispute was with george steinbrenner who fired berra without telling him to his face as 22 games into the 1985 season. their wrist would last 14 years until this. >> i just hope he can accept my apology. >> it's over. >> behind us. >> then this. a triumphant return in 1999 to yankee stadium. >> let's welcome home number eight, yogi berra, number eight. >> berra as you might imagine was particularly beloved in new york city. after his heroic efforts as a player, he would lead both the yankees and mets to pennants and
8:19 am
before i toss it back to you, we've got to get to three more yokeyisms, a nickel ain't worth a dime anymore. 90% of this time is half mental. >> i never said most of the things i said. yogi berra will be truly missed. >> i don't know if i ever fully understood his math. he had comments about the pope. >> when asked if he had an audience with the pope, he said no, but i saw him. >> thank you. he will be missed. >> an about face over an expensive drug. the c.e.o. under fire for massive price hike changes course. >> freedom to sing happy birthday. a judge rules one of the most popular songs in the english language is now in the public domain. of course we are waiting pope francis' arrival at the white house. we will bring you live coverage of his visit and message to americans.
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>> police at the university of delaware are investigating a potential hate crime. thee newses were found hanging on a tree. the school president cop deemed the act. the day before, the university hosted a peaceful black lives matter protest. >> an emission scandal could cost the volkswagen c.e.o. his job. software allowed circumventing emissions test. the c.e.o. said he was sorry for the manipulation. the justice department is reportedly looking into the case. >> under a new policy, the c.e.o. could face prosecution in the u.s. >> in the last two weeks, the department of justice put out a memorandum telling prosecutors when investigating corporate misconduct, make sure you are looking at individual
8:23 am
executives, make sure you're getting as much information from the company as you possibly cap to go after individuals. i think one of the big things to watch with v.w. is how that new policy plays in, in terms of investigations of and possible prosecutions of actual people at v.w. the cars have been recalled. the company faces an $18 billion fine from the e.p.a. >> new developments in the email scandal involving president and hillary clinton. several news organizations are reporting the f.b.i. has now recovered emails that were previously thought to have been deleted from her private server. she used that server when she was secretary of state. the f.b.i. wants to determine whether those emails contained classified information. clinton said the deleted percentages were personal. >> it is easier to sing happy
8:24 am
birthday. a federal judge has thrown out a copyright that restrict that song's use for decades. we have more. my daughter will be so relieved. >> a hugely popular song, steph. this means anyone can use the song without having a pay a license fee for it. ♪ >> one of the most recognizable songs in the word is now in the public domain. a federal judge in california ruled the company that up until now collected righties on the lyrics to happy birthday no longer holds a valid copy righty. warner chapel brought in $2 million in fees annually from films, t.v. shows and music productions. a group of plaintiffs, including a filmmaker acknowledge music group sued the company, claiming the copyright was invalid because a similar song existed long before happy birthday was registered. the lyrics are traced back to an
8:25 am
1893 song. a manuscript featuring an early version were discovered by a university of louisville librarian early this year. >> it was exciting to open up a folder full of materials that were hearden in a filing cabinet that no one ever looks at and find the manuscript for the good morning to you song. ♪ happy birthday to you." >> that song eventually became happy birthday. the judge ruled the copy wrote was with the musical arrangement, not the lyrics. >> the next step will be to determine if warner chapel must return money it collected through licenses fees. the plaintiffs have claimed they want back the money they paid to use it. >> wow, ok, thank you.
8:26 am
>> the cost for a drug will be low erred. the cost of a pill went from $13.50 to $750, a 5000% increase. the chief of infectious diseases at mount sinai in new york said there is no consumers protection in the u.s. for price gouging on medication. >> we really do not have any strict drug pricing regulations like they have in canada and throughout europe that they can negotiate and set a standard price essentially people can increase it here because they can. >> the company said its decision will likely come out in the next few weeks. >> new york city is considering an appeal after a judge struck down a bonn on foam food containers. the judge said new york did not take into account what companies
8:27 am
were will to do to recycle foam products. the decision now clears the way for an industry backed plan to buy and recycle the containers. >> russia's expanding presence in syria, the so-called proof that putin's involvement in the region might be ramping up. is it a cause for concern? ahead we talk with a retired brigadier general. >> statement or sinner? the controversy with the cannonnization of junipo serra. along the parade route, you can see the crowds starting to gather. they are carrying the papal flag. we will bring you live coverage of the pope's visit and his message to americans.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome to al jazeera america. it is 829 eastern, taking a look at today's top stories. it is the second day of the chinese president's woke long visit to the u.s. xi jingping is meeting with seattle business leaders today. he said china will work with the u.s. to address cyber crime. >> european leaders are holding emergency talks in brussels with hopes of approving a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees. the deal faces opposition from states including hungary, the czech republic, romania and slovakia. >> thousands gathered in the nation's capital will get a glimpse of pope francis. after a quick welcoming ceremony, his holiness will meet with president obama in the oval office. the leader of the catholic church will parade through the washington, d.c. streets before mid-day prayers with more than
8:31 am
300 bishops. the pope has several events today in washington, d.c. after his morning visit at the white house and parade, he will head to the cathedral or prayers. this afternoon, he will canonize junipo serra. that is a matter of controversy for some baitive americans. opponents argue that serra should not be canonized. >> junipo serra would be the first latino saint in the united states. the missions junipo serra established were beautiful places. for some native americans, these
8:32 am
were prisons. they were forced to work in the feeds for the missions, they were forced to stay in the missions and they were forced into christianity. >> the mission settlements wiped out local populations, whether by disease or by the barrel of a gun. best estimates say some 100,000 indians died in the decades following the establishment of the mission. for indians, serra's impending cannonnization is an affront. >> we talk about junipo serra in the negative. there is nobody who talks about junipo serra in the positive. >> the tribes are vastly down sides as a result of europeans arrival in the continent. they clipping to what's left of that you are culture. >> for us, it's different. we look at it as our people were devastated, you know, what
8:33 am
happened. it affected our culture, our whole livelihood. >> by choice or by force, some 5,000 indians were baptized during junipo serra's administration. >> junipo serra is calling us to be saints. >> gal vince is the minority voice among r. among california indians. >> i believe he was one of these champions of native peoples in protecting my ancestors, because he founded mission san francisco. >> vincent medina disagrees. it's a bit of a family feud. he's galvin's cousin. >> canonizing for me as what i see as a horrible place of colonization, suffering, pain, gee gradation, death, diseases.
8:34 am
>> grievances against spain and its violent colonization of the new world extended beyond california and united states. during his trip to saw the america, pope francis sought to always the matter in front of an audience of indigenous community. >> i hum ply ask forgiveness, not only for the offenses of the church itself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of america. >> his apology did not mean a change of heart when it came to the sainthood. the two sides clearly look at junipo serra through vastly different lenses. pope francis has declared this year a year of he vantage liesation. serra's sainthood would fulfill that spirit, one of the men who brought for better or worse, christ to the new world. melissa chan, al jazeera, carmel, california. >> al jazeera will have complete
8:35 am
coverage of the president's welcome to pope francis at the top of the hour. millions of muslims are wrapping up a pilgrimage to mecca this morning. today is the most important day in the hajj. 2 million muslims are packed shoulder to shoulder for an emotional day of repentance and prayer. it ends with a celebration. >> todays the essence of handle. if they miss being here, they will have their hajj invalidated. we have about 2 million gathered here can go god for for giveness and blessings. the pilgrims will leave. they will crib the rituals of hajj. having 2 million people in one
8:36 am
place poses a security threat. they've employed 50,000 troops to secure the area here and in other areas considering the ritual of hajj. when you have 2 million people, you need to deploy a lot of medics. we understand 15,000 medical teams are deployed and they hope the hajj season will go smooth and well. >> president putin attended the reopening of moscow's central mosque. the old mosque had been demolished because it was deemed unsafe. this new structure is now one of the biggest mosques in russia. >> jewish people around the world are observing yom kippur. it began yesterday at sundown and ends today when the sun sets.
8:37 am
president obama last night wished jews an easy fast and said it was an opportunity for people to recognize shared values across regions. >> more questions today over russia's military support for the assad regime in syria. moscow admits sending jets, missile defense systems and supplies to help the regime battle isil. the u.s. worries it could be used to keep bashar al assad in power fighting rebel groups. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. is prepared to work with russia to end the syrian civil war. >> yes, they have increased aircraft and there are certain kinds of aircraft there which depending on what the long term decision is by russia could raise questions, but for the moment, for the moment, it is the judgment of our military and most experts that the level and type represents basically forced protection, a level of
8:38 am
protection for their deployment to an air base, given the fact that it is in an area of conflict. >> retired army brigadier general joins us this morning from washington. he is the former assistant secretary of state for political military anniversary. good morning. i'm glad you are not able to get through the traffic there in d.c. new satellite images we're getting, let's put those up. they purr pouredly show russia building two more military installations. tell us what else have the russians put there in recent days, and maybe more importantly, what does it mean? >> well, i think as secretary kerry said, it would appear that the photos indicate enough equipment to they are able to
8:39 am
conduct strategic defenses within the country. it is said to be for protection of russian citizens inside syria. >> if we take him at his word, it is an assumption, but should president obama meet with putin and figure out what russia's true intentions are. >> i think they should. i think they need to do that for two reasons. number one, the military potential for miscalculation, the last thing we want is americans and russian fighter pilots bumping into each other or worse in the skies over syria. more importantly is the diplomatic issue that doesn't seem to be addressed by either the secretary of state or anybody. we have an opportunity here with the russians despite the fact that we don't want them in syria, but this may provide the incentive to finally get assad to the negotiating table. we've been unable to do that. his russian patrons maybe able
8:40 am
to do that. we need to quit focusing on the military solution and get to a diplomatic resolution as quickly as possible. >> would a diplomatic solution, though, require that assad stay in power? how viable is that to the opposition? >> look, like any diplomatic negotiations, everything should be on the table, nothing should be taken off the table. i'm reminded about what happened in places such as kosovo and bosnia. it wasn't until there was a diplomatic solution that there was an agreement between the warring parties that we could introduce forces into the country not as combat warriors, but as peace enforcers that brought that country both in bosnia and in kosovo to some level of resolution. relying simply on a military solution without a diplomatic solution will turn this into an endless war. >> there are 4 million refugees,
8:41 am
250,000 people have died in the syrian civil war. let's talk about the military strategy that the obama administration has. there is a paltry number of d.o.d. trained rebels fighting against isil now. the pentagon seems to be doubling down on that strategy, relaxing the vetting standards and arming more rebels. how much of a difference would that make in the conflict? >> well to use your comment about double down, that means if we double the amount of trained syrian fighters, we'll go from four to eight. i think we're going to have to do much more in order to get an effective force on the ground, that not only is able to take on isis, but to defeat isis inside the country. in my personal view, no matter how distasteful we find it, that will have to involve the russians and that will have to involve the assad regime initially. >> general, thank you. >> the city of los angeles is declaring a state of emergency
8:42 am
over homelessness. the mayor says the city will spend an additional $100 million to help get people off the streets. the program would open up private property as shelters and speed up the construction of affordable homes. more than 25,000 people are homeless in l.a. many live downtown in an area known as skid row. >> 4,000 homeless, just blocks from city hall. unfortunately, that is just a small percentage of the city's homeless population. yes, 85% of the city's homeless population lives outside of skid row, and throughout the city. >> l.a.'s city council still needs to approve the program. one study found the city already spends about $100 million every year on costs related to homelessness. >> the school board in seattle is expected later today to decide whether to put an end to suspending elementary school students. studies show that black students are disproportionately affected. we are following the story.
8:43 am
>> no kindergartener should ever be suspended from school. that's the opinion of one seattle school board member, who's pushing to change school policy. >> african-american children and particularly african-american males are suspended at a rate four times higher than their white counterparts. it has been a situation where people knew about it and kind of wrung their hands and said there's nothing we can do, it's because they're poor or their families aren't involved. they're making excuses for lack of action as an institution or as a school or as a school system. >> so what's the alternative to school suspensions? we'll head to one school with a unique model for dealing with discipline. we'll have more coming up tonight. al jazeera, seattle. >> nearly 600 seattle elementary school students were suspended last year, including 61 kindergarteners.
8:44 am
>> a couple of storm systems are moving through the country today. let's bring in meteorologist nicole mitchell for a check on the national forecast. >> a lot of the country having a pretty nice start to fall, warmer than average. couple things to monitor, one in the midwest, part is that remnant tropical moisture that moved up through the northwest and now joined up with the frontal boundary. another coming into the southeast, an entity that owned have enough time to make it into a tropical entity, but making it to shore over the next days. taking a closer look at midwest, rain areas from minnesota down to kansas this morning, a couple of thunderstorms through the course of the day, but not likely that we'll see too much in terms of severe at least not in the broad term. this is an area with more moisture. we start to see more in the southeast, so today and especially into tomorrow, here's how that shapes up. the one system and then the next
8:45 am
system coming in the next couple of days, while the system to the north loses some of its moisture. we're going to shift kind of where our focus is and who's bog to be getting the more extensive points of moisture over the next couple of days. could be some minor flash flood, either of these areas if you get under one of those really heavy thunderstorms. across the country, i mentioned temperatures for the first day of fall, it officially hailed in, so a lot of people slept through it. into the midwest, mild temperatures. some of these, billings, 82 for near the end of september, that's pretty spectacular. ten or 15 degrees above average. it's a mild one for a lot of the country, even though we are now into fall. back to you. >> a beautiful day clearly, nicole mitchell in washington, d.c. at 78 degrees. let's head back out there. we have a couple of live pictures to show you. this is where pope francis spent
8:46 am
the night and woke up for his first morning in the united states. this is his first day here, his first full day. in about five minutes, he will be at the white house. we are expecting him to come out any moment now and we will show him when that happens. this is what is happening at the white house. this is the south lawn and you can see that there were color guard there. there is an elaborate ceremony planned for pope francis when he arrives. president obama, first laid michelle obama will be there to greet him. the color guard will open the doors to his car. this is a live look at the white house, 15,000 people expected on the south lawn to greet the pope. a lot of those people had to
8:47 am
scramble for tickets earlier today. our reporter interviewed a click who was there and described the emotional moment she expects when she sees pope francis. here is the schedule that we're looking at for this morning. you are looking live at the vatican equivalent of an embassy where pope francis is staying while in washington in the next two days. he will exit from that door there. he will enter his vehicle, and then the motorcade will drive about five minutes to the white house from where they are there. they will be greeted by the president and the first lady, escorted to that stage there that you see if he is tuned with red, white and blue. there is also a red carpet on that stage. by the way, this is unusual to have a south lawn ceremony for religious figure. this is reserved, this type of welcoming ceremony for the most
8:48 am
important word leaders and for special occasions. later, president obama and pope francis will be having a private meeting in the oval office. it will be their second meeting, as you'll recall, president obama met with pope francis last year at the vatican. mike viqueira joining us now. you are also at south lawn. that last meeting between pope francis and president obama led to real change, historic change, because it was this pope that bridged that divide between the united states and cuba. >> yes, as they say in diplomatic language, the good offices of the vatican and hope himself were used to bridge that divide and 50 years of broken diplomatic relations and a lot of acrimony. we didn't know it at the time. i traveled with the president's press corps to rome in march of laster. it was a rainy day, the two met, spoke privately for a very long time.
8:49 am
it came a emerge later that in fact the vatican had played a key role in the momentous and historic event that culminated just a few months ago in july with the normalization of relations. obviously that's bog to be one thing they'll talk about, the pope having just arrived via his jet, shepherd one they call it, directly on a flight from havana where he spent three days meeting with the castro brothers and traveling the countryside, that a historic visit. it is a glorious day. i can report from the south lawn of the white house some 15,000 people in attendance. the ceremony should be getting started any moment now when the pope makes his way down from the embassy about five minutes away up massachusetts avenue from here and the white house. this is a ceremony familiar with everyone as you point out, who has seen state visits at the white house, arrival ceremony in the morning, the colonial fife
8:50 am
and drum corset to perform. >> how different, and we don't know whether pope francis has a gift for president obama, but what a sea change in leadership in the catholic church has taken applies in the last two years. >> you have to believe that that's intentional on the part of the cardinals who ultimately selected this pope. the argentine selected pope, his parents from must leany's italy.
8:51 am
is the pope click? yes, emphatically so. there are areas that the president therefore as a democratic president acknowledge pope are going to disagree on, namely contraception and abortion. the white house is playing down any political aspects of this meeting today. we don't expect a lot of substance. we don't expect controversy. that perhaps will come later today when he conducts mass at the shrine of the immaculate conception, the basilica in washington, a mass for 25,000 individuals. he will be speaking in spanish, perhaps immigration a hot button issue with the stance the pope has taken. then of course he speaks to a joint meeting of congress on thursday.
8:52 am
>> a packed agenda for pope francis. mike viqueira, stand by. we are going to continue to bring you live coverage of pope francis visit to the united states, but we are going to take a short break now and we'll see you on the other end of it with more live coverage.
8:53 am
>> every saturday night.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> you are looking at pope francis, his first breathe of american catholics waiting there with open arms, waving the papal flag. this is in washington, d.c. he emerged moments ago from that door, went straight for the crowd, and started shaking hands. this is part of the reason why this is being called the largest security operation around a single individual in this country. look at that. pope francis hugging,, shaking hands. he didn't waste any time getting right in there with the people. >> not at all. we're seeing what this pope is famous for. he's in there with people, talking with people, famously with audiences. he reaches out to folks. this is one reason people often
8:56 am
call him the people's pope. >> talk about how important this sort of kickoff day is. this morning, we will hear from the pope. he will speak in english, not his native language, but we will hear from him in the next hour on the white house lawn. if he is going to make a political statement today, is this when he makes it? >> it might be. i don't know that the pope is going to make any statements rewarding politics. i think themes like justice and peace in the world, and those have critical ram if i cases. people are going to wonder what does that mean for the presidential elections here in the u.s., for president obama's domestic agenda. certainly this man is one of the most popular, one of the most influential people in the whole world. >> witness we look at him
8:57 am
greeting the people along the barricades outside where he spent the night, you look at a man and how at ease he is with people. how different is he from his predecessor? >> the last time we had a visit from the pope was 2008. the same sequence of events unfolded. he went to the white house, president george w bush welcomed him there. the hope that shown an ability to get out in front of the people in a way few of his predecessors had. >> what is it like for american catholics to shake his hand? how does that feel. i have read that he is not a big fan of the ring kissing. >> not a fan. traditionally, you're meant to kneel down and kiss the person's
8:58 am
ring. pope francis has shown even the last couple of days, he physically gets people up off their knees and looks at them eye to eye and thislike of vatican protocol, of the niceties, of the bowing and courtesies, that's never been part of the pope's agenda. maybe we see it clearly in the way he addresses, avoiding the fancy trappings and special outfits that his predecessors use. he shows up in a plain white catholic just like the day he was elected. >> i want to talk about this entourage that we see blocking our camera view. i know you're not a security expert, you're here to talk about theology. this is described as a major security operation and part of the challenge is that pope francis is so off the cuff, he gets in with the crowd, people throw flowers and other stuff at him.
8:59 am
so he is, he has his own sort of security detail of course following him at all times, including the swiss guard. >> uh-huh. this is probably a combination of u.s. secret service involved in protecting all major high profile visitors, the vatican's own guard, local police, as well. you had a guest yesterday talk about security and saying normally security folks look in the crowd, trying to find people who look a little out of the ordinary. when you meet the pope, my guess is so many look out of the ordinary. this is a once in a lifetime experience and this is a pope who has waded into crowds. there was a photo, very famous photo in 2013 and his little tiny car was surrounded by people. the car couldn't even most of forward because of the press of the crowds on him. this is a man who loves being among the people. he famously once said catholic
9:00 am
priests and bishops should have the smell of the sheep on him. >> there he is among his flock. we see a lot of young people in that crowd. when we talk about the catholic church and oh, it does look like he is going to get into the fiat. >> the small little fiat car. >> a lot man made about the tiny italian car that the pope has decided to travel in. >> absolutely. this is an even more fancy car that he drives in the vatican. there are times he had like a ford focus and avoided the special papal license plate. >> is that part of his jesuit upbringing. >> it's in part. like every other priest in the religious order, he took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. this is something about how he thinks about the papacy. he doesn't think of