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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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hi everyone, this is al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler. [ siren ] catastrophe at hajj. >> the accident was a result of a stampede. >> hundreds killed in a stampede near mecca. why did it happen. the latest on the disaster, and questions of accountability. >> call to access. -- access.
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>> we go forward pope francis speaks to congress with a message of homelessness, immigration and working for the common good indicted. >> translation: there needs to bejustice. >> it's a story we have brought you. a border control guard shot a mexican teen dead, that was charged with murder. >> holy roller. from true horsepower to the 4-wheel kind. a brief and enlightening history of the pope mobile tragedy on one of the hole yesterdays in islam. over 700 crushed to death in saudi arabia, mina. it was a stampede during hajj. hundreds injured. king salman has promise said a swift investigation.
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this was the deadliest accident during the hajj in two decades. omar al saleh reports. >> reporter: a second tragedy within weeks. saudi authorities see a surge among pilgrims. hundreds died. many more injured. >> on the way back i met my husband. the pilgrims pushed each other, pushing people to the ground. i was about to die. >> reporter: the pilgrims were making their way to the stoning of the wall ritual, part of the hajj pilgrimage. >> translation: the accident was a result of a stampede. some pilgrims moved in the wrong direction. the numbers of victims it high. hundreds have been killed. and the numbers expected to rise. however, what is important now,
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is to save the wounded. >> reporter: there has been hundreds of deaths from stampedes in previous years. this is one of the deadliest in years. in 2006 the saudis built a complex to handle the numbers of people. more than 1.the million are befalling the hajj. without the latest catastrophe, a lodgistic all nightmare for authorities. this tragedy overshadowed the hajj, and raised questions about safety in general. at the same time it highlights the lack of safety awareness among the pilgrims themselves. they have been known to go in the wrong directions. some of them sleep and eat in the open, on crowded roads. the season started with another tragedy days before the beginning of hajj, a construction crane fell on the ground, killing 107 people two weeks ago. the mosque and the surrounding
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area turned into a construction site as part of a plan. this latest disaster enforcing the fact that hajj was a challenge for the custodians of the holy sites around mecca and mina al jazeera's correspondent has made pilgrimages to mecca on two occasions and is in washington. wajahat ali, there has been a number of incidents, why do they continue to happen. >> many are blaming the crowd control problem. we have two or three pilgrims in a tightly contested space, in the heat. in five days. you just need one person, a small push, a panic and you have the ingredients for a disaster. many are blaming the saudi arabia government saying it's lack of accountability, foresight and investment to protect the pilgrims, as you
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mentioned, it kept happening in the past two decades. there was a fire, almost 300 pilgrims, about 270 and in 1990, the most deadly, all around the same sights. >> the saudi arabia got the message. they spent money to improve things, it has not worked, right. >> to be fair, since the 2006 incident, they spent about a million dollars at the bridge where the pilgrims go to stone the devil. it's where a lot of stampedes happened. they made it into a multilevel bridge, there's tunnels, fireproof tents, air conditioned, 160,000. there's a quota on how many can come. they have done vaccination tests, and still this happens, and as you mentioned in the report, a construction crane fell into the grand mosque killing 111 people. on social media, overwhelming, i
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have been noticing is saying saudi arabia is not doing enough. they can make extra hotels, have a 2,000 clock tower over mecca. they have shopping malls bringing in there 20 billion a year, how come they are not investing properly and adequately in the safety of 2 million pilgrims. >> wajahat ali reporting from washington. thank you now to pope francis, a remarkable day. washington d.c. now, new york and st. patrick's cathedral for prayers. just getting ready to leave. jonathan betz is outside st. patrick's with more. >> it is has been a remarkable day in new york city. pope francis has only been on the ground for two hours, but is making an impact. the prayer service wrapping up at this hour behind me. a small little fiat that pope francis will get into. heading back. the end of a long and busy day.
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hundreds on the streets here. hoping to catch a glimpse of the pontiff as he leaves the cathedral that stands behind me here. during his homily, he made a point in the opening remarks of addressing the tragedy in mecca with the pilgrimage, and the stampede that killed hundreds. this is what he said? >> my sentiments of closeness in the face of tragedy, tragedy suffered in mecca. in this moment i give assurances that my prayers. i unite myself with you all. >> saying i unite myself with you all. all muslims out there. this homily was directed towards the 2500 members of the clergy inside the cathedral. brothers, sisters, priests, giving a pep talk of sorts. thanking them for their service and devotion to the faith, and made a point of referencing the
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major scandal. and that is the sex abuse scandal. here is what he said about that. >> the sentiment ... >> translation: we suffered greatly in the not too distant past by not having shared the shame that humbled many members. in the words of the book of revelation, i know well you have come forth from the great tribulation. i accompany you at this time of pain and difficulty. >> reporter: using the words shame and scandalize to represent the sex abuse scandal in the united states. the pope trying to send a message of up-lifting spirits, encouraging clergy not to lose faith, and thanking them for their devotion during a difficult time here. >> just give us a little flavour of what it's like outside the cathedral during the prayer service. a lot of people. >> a lot of people out here.
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thousands lining the streets. you can see the cathedral doors at the newly refurbished st. patrick's cathedral. wide open, golden light spilling outside. thousands waiting to see the holy father come out. on each side of the steps there's 500 people that have been waiting all night to see him. on one side are schoolchildren, on the other, in the neon vest, construction workers, who helped to refurbish the cathedral. they rushed the job. 177 million job. it was supposed to be finished in december. they rushed it to finish it in time for the pope's arrival. >> patrick is the chair of fordham university's theology department. he's doing a great job as an analyst for the past couple of days. this has been a remarkable day. can you give me a highlight of the day. >> absolutely, it was a history making day, with the pontiff the
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first pope to address. he stands before the congress, goes out on the balcony and says to the world, and 40-50 sthouz waiting there -- 40e-50,000 and says pray for me. he didn't say i want to bless you and show i'm in charge. he said "pray for me." he prayed for kids, the needy and at the end in english he added "god bless america." it's been a tremendous day watching the images as we see the pope doing something he has been doing throughout the trip, taking extra time that is not on the schedule to spend with individuals, to great them, bless them, ask them to pray. this is a wonderful example of leadership. >> he looks more energized at this moment. he has to feel jetlagled. he looks more -- jet logged. he looks more excited than he
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did at the end of day. >> there's something about this pope. when he's in a crowd like this he lights up. it's a sign. he's modelling for all the other clergy in the catholic church and other church, what it's like to be a priest and a past or. in formal settings, he's lower. but when interacting with real people, in the short moments, he lights up. >> and the faithful light up in the church. i want to talk about optics, something i notice. he seems to me first, with mostly white, older men. i don't see women greeting him rarely, of course we didn't see him when the bishops had their mass in washington d.c. the sisters seem to be pushed to the back of the bus. what does that say about the catholic church in 2015. >> it says the catholic church
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in 2015, like the church of 50 years ago doesn't ordain women, so he comes to a country, meets with the church leaders and in the catholic world that means men, older men. >> i think that's true. let me push back a little bit. there are plenty in this country, more than priests. >> there are a lot more. >> who are doing the work of god. they could be greeting the pope. instead, the optics puts the white men up front. >> that's right. for all the ways in which pope francis breaks from his predes cessesors, and the ways we think of him as more progressive. he has not taken the steps on the issue of women. people cannot be ordained. he's not spoken to concerns. in the ways he's addressed others. that leads to challenges. we have wonderful sisters.
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they are remarkable, wonderful people. >> back to this. it is - for catholics in america, it's a glorious day. in some ways it's glorious because they have felt the pain of a scandal. and it's almost like this visit is helping free them of that scandal. is it really? >> it does in some ways. the sex abuse scandal will be with american catholics for a generation. the comment that the pope made are some of the direct things said about it on this visit. i doubt that the comments will be enough to reassure the survivors of sexual abuse. others left the church of the the joy that the pope brings to his work, diving into the crowd is infectious in many wayses. people talk about a francis effect. there's a theory that because the pope is well liked, catholics will come back to the church. the first part of that sentence
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is true. the pope is adored by catholics, we have not seen the numbers coming back to church. it's unclear what it will take, if anything, to do that. >> what do you think he'll want to accomplish. is the youth the main part. >> the u.n. is the main part. when the vatican released the main part, they said it was a visit to the united states, the u.n. and world meeting of families. he visited the u.s. in washington. he'll be at the world meeting of families. he greeted the church, but has done what the predecessors have come, going to the u.n. >> his predecessors did this before, never like this. as i watch him go down this aisle. it's almost like a politician running for president. he has shaken hands and kissed babies and said hello to the sick. >> the beautiful thing.
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he is there to give them this pressing. in the time they were talking, he's barely made it a third of the way down the aisle, stopping and greeting almost everyone. >> you've been to church more than i have. when i go to church is there a lot of pomp and will ceremony associated with the exit of the priests, archbishop or the pope. >> he is in a crowd there. into he looks like a football game. >> and he's got a spot like - the other thing i noticed in the last few days is almost to a person, it's cellphones, smartphones. some people are looking at their selfies, and an attempt to get sell fizz -- selfies with a pope. >> even the bishops in fancy garb had their phones out. it's a sign of the world we live
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in, and how much people want to be associated with this pope. >> it is joyous, almost raucous, as the pope comes through the doors, jonathan betz is outside. so the crowd, could they hear the prayers with their sound outside. >> yes, we could. the loud speakers are set up outside. we could hear the prayers in spanish, the pope's native language, but also in english as well for pa moment. as you see, the pope walking through the 9,000 people. recently refurbished and rehung here, standing to crowds of people outside cheering, taking photos, anxious to get a glimpse of the pontiff. he is trying to keep on schedule and make the prayer service. he did not stop and greet the crowd. we are waiting to see if he'll make the move now. >> the translator is by his side, on the left, throughout the service on the left.
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you've been talking a little about his limp. it has not slowed him down. you see it. clearly he has powered through this day in a big way, and it looks like he's about to rap up. how does the pope wind down in an evening like today? >> this is the last public event. he's heading to the vatican embassy to the u.n. upper east side. i hope he puts his feet up and has a little drink of whatever he drinks. he's had a remarkable day. tomorrow me picks up with an address to the u.n., at the end of the day he'll visit harlem, going through central park in a recession, end the day with a mass at mad con square gardens. >> i know they like to talk about religious things, all things religion, talking about the media and communications and the message that the pope wanted
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to deliver. i would assume the vatican's have to be giddy about the last two days. >> that's right. this is a pope who was already more popular than his predecessors. when he came to his country he has not only lived up to expectations for what some call the people's popes. he has exceeded those expectations. we talk about optics. we see the pope getting into a small car. there was a lot of speculation about whether he'd have another fiat in new york. >> there was one in d.c. >> this is a different one in washington. >> they didn't fly it with them. fiat must be rejoicing. >> and american airlines, where the plane flew with an american sign. >> it symbolizes his appeal. he asked bishops not to drive fancy cars. he drives a small car around the vatican. this is someone living out - whatever you think of a stance
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on particular issues, he's livering out a message of stability and simplicity in a way that the office has not been thought of. it's remarkable. not just for american catholics, but anyone looking for authenticity. >> it hits a lot of his point. >> it does. he's practicing what he preaches. >> climate change, income and equality. no big limousine. >> absolutely. people are calling him the people's pope. the label will stick. >> he heads uptown. he'll head uptown in manhattan to take it easy and the motorcade follows behind him. we'll continue this conversation throughout his trip. we'll be down in philadelphia, and talk to you a little later. >> absolutely. >> on capitol hill, the cope delivered a clear message, spoke about caring for refugees and the poor and fighting for climate - fighting climate change, and promoting peace around the world and called on
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lawmakers to take aiks. libby casey is in washington to wrap it up. >> john, the poem delivered those strong messages to members of congress. he talked about his own experience, calling on them to find humility and direction. there was something in his speech, a little something that could appeal to everyone. >> reporter: pope francis made history before a chamber packed with power: members of the congress, the vice president. supreme court justices. >> we must move forward in the spirit of fraternity and solidarity, cooperating gener s
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generously with themes of liberty, social justice, pope francis makes the spiritual and political. as the son of italian immigrants, he urged compassion for new generations seeking a better life. >> we, the people of this country have no fear of foreigners. because most of us... [ clapping ] - because most of us where once foreigners an emotional response from the republican presidential candidate, senator marco rubio, one of many moments that touched the assembled audience. >> it reminds us of our responsibility to protect and
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defend human life at this stage of development. >> the pope invoked the golden rule. do unto others as you would have done to you. >> it helps the syrian refugees, abolishing the death penalty and abolishing human life. he did not shy away from controversial issues like fighting climate change. >> we can make a difference eventually. and i have no doubt that the united states and this congress will do so. >> reporter: and speaking from the capital of the biggest arms exporter, the pope condemned profit, calling arm sales, and looking to the thousands gathered outside the capital to watch the address, and were treated to a greeting from the
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speaker's balcony. the pope declined the lunch invitation with capitol hill powerbrokers, choosing to spend his remaining hours in the capital with washington's homeless. a decision symbolic of the priorities and message. >> john, republicans praised the speech for defending religious freedom and defending all life, while democrats appreciated his call to end income inequality. members are talking about aspects they liked. >> one thing that many agree on in a town that is not often in agreement. they have an appreciation that pope francis brought to capitol hill. >> remarkable day. thank you very much. >> stay with us for complete coverage of pope francis in america. all this week and through the
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weekend. >> coming up next, president obama and vladimir putin meets for the first time in a year. why the leader requested this meeting. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks.
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. senate democrats tweeted a measure to cut funding to planned parenthood. the nonprofit has been under fire after an anti-abortion rights group released a series of videos, questioning how planned parenthood handled foetal tissue. it was timed to a short-term spending bill. the failure sets up a stand off over a government shutdown. the deadline for funding the government is october 1st president obama will meet with russian president vladimir putin next week at the united nations. the leaders have not had an extended meeting for more than a year. they are at odds over the war in syria and the crisis in ukraine.
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patty culhane has more it's a narrative coming from both sides and companies, to shape how this is perceived. the white house is saying they didn't ask for the meeting, being dismissive saying despite the differences, it would be irresponsible to not test whether they can make progress. downplaying expectations. moscow says the meeting was mutually agreed to. they can't agree on what the subject will be. both sides saying they'll talk about where they perceive their strength to be. the main topic of discussion is ukraine, honouring the agreements in place. it mentioned they'd talk about syria as well. they say they are there to talk about syria, and made the statement, talking about ukraine, if there's time left over. they are trying to shape the narrative. it's important to point out that the white house says something
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scriptive will oour. >> what outreach groups in philadelphia are doing to help the homeless an across the border death of a teenager. now a new development in the case. it has sparked outrage.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et
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this is al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler. flight of the poor. it is pope francis's central message. >> also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human lives. >> when he visits philadelphia, many of the city's neediest will be kept out of site. murder charges. >> at no point did my son shoot at them. he didn't have a weapon, for me there was a murder. >> in the cross-border shoot out leaving a mexican teen dead. while the u.s. agent in charge
8:32 pm
says he's not guilty. >> the religious movement. the history of the pope-mobile and how pope francis is taking it in a new direction. >> pope francis is in new york for a whirlwind 40 hour visit. thousands lined the streets of manhattan on fifth avenue to see the pontiff in his famous pope mobile. he wrapped up prayers. in his whom illy he talked about the church sex abuse scandal and urged members to live simply. pope francis called on lawmakers to take on issues around the globe. >> the challenges facing us today all for a new speed of cooperation, which has accomplished so much good to have the history of the united states.
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>> the pope also spoke about the need to care for refugees and the poor. and he's also -- his visit, shined a bright light on the homeless. >> in washington d.c. he visited st. patrick's church and offered a blessing to 300 homeless people and volunteers in catholic charities, telling them in prayer there's no rich or poor. >> and pope francis ends his weekend by holding an open air mass where many homeless spend the night. mary snow has more. >> reporter: the shadows and the tight security that greets the pope in philadelphia, the hungry line up for food. this park way is where dozens of homeless sleep on app given day. it is now in the direct path of the pope's public defense this weekend. >> they can do all this stuff and do they say things. what about homeless people. they are out here suffering.
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>> recently that man found a home after living on the streets for years. >> we are saying that, or what i'm saying is what they are taking is too much. it's way too much. then you are doing something that he wants to see. he's about helping the homeless. >> jamilla and william has been trying to get into a shelter. the pope's visit got them in. this is the man that helped them. an outreach worker. he's been getting the word out that tight security will prevent anyone sleeping in the park overnight and offered other options. >> most of the time it's not right now or i'll do it later.
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it's not completely negative, but it is not positive. >> the outreach was inspired in part by the pope's visit to the philippines. there were reported that hundreds of homeless were bust out. >> that is clear that that will not happen. it's so contrary. that invigorated efforts to make sure people would be treated well, and would be included. >> the group's outreach teams have been working with the city and agencies to make sure the homeless are treated with dignity and not force. and a push to tickets for event. there is anxiety. what is your biggest worry. >> agencies that are not familiar with the philadelphia homeless population, to have an issue that could become a
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disaster. >> david says the city will have outreach teems in key zones along the papal pass. as the faithful flock to the city of brotherly love and offer prayers, the homeless are counting on hope. >> we have said all along we don't want this to be a 47 million speak tackle without awareness in his address to congress, pope francis urged lawmakers to face up to the reality of climate change. a hard sell for many. for one breaches in the heart of kentucky coal country, it's a vind gags for preaching about the environment. >> out here, in the heart of apple acha under the vast blue sky, it's hard to separate god
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from the glory of nature. >> as we walk through here, there's such a biodiversity. such an interdependence on the life structures, whether it's a little hand or spider. >> john appreciated that when he arrived 45 years ago. to work with the region's poor. >> i'm not an environmentalist. i'm a western who is a theo lurgein. >> you're a priest. >> i believe in care of creation. i integrate my faith with how i try to live. >> but here in the matter of cole country u.s.a., father john learnt it is not always an easy case to make. >> you formed us in your own image and sent us over the world. >> the faithful here lived
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dependent on an industry seen at odds. >> discover god in all things. >> in a church that sits gross from abandoned coal plant, a sermon about climate change is often not welcome. >> when you deliver a whom illy, do you know there's people out there that would like you to stop talking about the issues? >> yes. some people got up and walked out. >> here in america, the eastern kentucky, father john named a personal ministry. they understand that close connection between earth and man. after four decades of teaching that message about the wilderness, god created... >> father john felt an echo in the pope's teaching document. it was released in latin.
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>> if i will i'll quote from it. we have a god of life. it's fro the scriptures, and all the verses that point to - let us now be stewards. let us cultivate and not just take. >> for the pasture, it was an expected shot of support. >> do you feel vindicated. >> absolutely correct, but also had some more information and moral situation to apply to congregations, to say that, you know, this is part of catholic social teachings, is that we look after the environment and you can see more of joey's report on "america tonight" at 10 o'clock eastern. immigration is also been a key issue for pope francis. he stressed compassion for migrants and refugees. it's an emotional issue where
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many hope pope francis's words change heart. jennifer london shares their story. >> reporter: we this to cross through the desert. he was five years old. i didn't want to put him at risk. i had to make the decision to leave him in mexico with my parents. >> reporter: kristina has not seen her second roberto since leaving him behind and made a dangerous trek across the border into the u.s. that was 10 years ago. >> translation: yes, it hurts a lot. it feels like the first day. >> where to now live in east los angeles with her husband and eight-year-old daughter. >> translation: for me, it's my wish that my wife and i and daughter to be together as a family, one family, not divided. >> reporter: many parishioners at the church pray for every day.
8:41 pm
for these catholics in the large latino working class neighbourhood. the pope's visit and first papal address before congress brings new hope for immigration reform. >> do unto others as you... [ clapping ] >> translation: i believe that pope francis can do something, because we have faith in god, and the pope also has the faith in god that ingrayings reform is possible. >> my heart breaks on a regular basis here to see that fear of family struggles so much. >> the church shares the faith that pope francis will do what washington has not. >> the pope place an active role. specially at times of crisis. what would you like to hear the pope say when he addresses congress? >> i would like him to be able to say something along the hins
8:42 pm
that the way a society treats its most marginalized, that that is what really counts. >> as many of the faithful pray the pontiff can fix the immigration system, kristina has her own message for lawmakers in washington? >> i would ask them to put themselves in my place. perhaps one month, so they can experience how difficult it is to be separated. i left mine behind when he was five years old. he's now 15. 10 years without hugging him, give him my love and, of course, stay with us for coverage of pope francis in america throughout this week and the rest of the weekend a u.s. border patrol agent that killed a mexican teenager has been indicted for second degree murder. the agent fired across the border of arizona in 2012,
8:43 pm
saying he was throwing rocks at a border patrol. paul beban has the details. >> we have been following the case for a while. it sparked a lot of outrage and criticism about the border patrol use of force. the agent's name is loni force. he is charged with shooting and killing through the border men's. the issue has been that agent swarts was in arizona, and rodriguez was in mexico. the attorney tried to get the case thrown out on the groined that the constitution doesn't apply to a mexican citizen in mexico. in july a federal judge ruled it could go forward, due process and protections do not stop when a bullet crosses the border. >> reporter: a dusty cross and faded plastic flowers mark the spot where a boy named jose antonion rodriguez died, gunned
8:44 pm
down in his home town in mexico. before 11:30 p.m., the 16-year-old died instantly when hit by a bullet in the back of the head. as he fell face down, more shots hit him in the back. >> at least one border patrol agent fired from around here, in arizona, through the fence down into the street, down into mexico. why? border patrol says he was throwing rocks at them. >> one i witness said he was walking down the street. if he was throwing rocks, was shooting him a response, was he really a threat to armed agents on the cliff, behind the fence. >> jose's grandmother is an american citizen, living on the arizona side of the fence in nogales, a few minutes away from where her grandson was killed. at a bedside shrine she prayers.
8:45 pm
>> translation: there needs to be justice, because it seems to me a cold-blooded calculated prime. to me it's a crime with no justification because he was not doing anything. he was just walking. he was not doing anything. >> setting aside the unanswered questions of the case, border patrol agents face assaults with rocks. this memo went out to asians a week before the letter to jose's family, saying agents have been attacked with rocks more than 1700 times since 2010. 43 times they responded with deadly force, killing 10 people, no border patrol has been killed by a rock. they've been ordered to take cover and not shoot unless this danger of death or injury.
8:46 pm
surveillance cameras hover over the area where jose was killed. whatever images that were caught that night have not been released. >> show me the video where my son throws rocks. with that, they didn't do the right thing. i want to see the video where my son hurts them. it's a pain inside that will be there, until i know who killed my son and that he has been judged. only then will i be able to think that all border patrol agents are not bad guys. >> i spoke to the family lawyer. they are relieved but resolute that justice be done. an attorney has not returned calls. he told the arizona daily star that he expects swarts to meet not guilty when arraigned on october 9th. >> has this happened before, a border patrol agent prosecuted. >> it's tough to prove the negative. everyone i spoke to the the
8:47 pm
lawyer, and other experts said no, as far as they know, it's never happened, it's unprecedented. >> what about the video mentioned at the end of the story? >> the cameras, that tower is over the intersection. the problem is the cameras have been unreliable in the past and has not released the video. we don't know what is on it. from being at the intersection on the fence, on the arizona and mexico side, the idea that a teenager 25 feet below, throwing rocks over that cliff, through the fence - that that posed a deadly threat is hard to imagine. you'd have to be a hall of fame quarterback to throw rocks that far. >> and to emphasise, it happened in 2012. >> the shooting was in 2012. the arraignment on october 9th will be almost three years later after the shooting of this young man. >> paul beban, thank you. >> in mississippi, a grieving mother is demanding justice after a police officer allegedly
8:48 pm
choked her son to death. "america tonight" went to the meet with her in stone wall mississippi. sara hoy has the story. >> reporter: the death of black men at the hands of white police officers has become an all-too familiar story across america. on july 8th, it happened again. this time in the rural down of stone wall mississippi. although there are conflicting accounts of what happened that night, those who know jonathan sanders say one thing is clear - a good man is now gone. >> i lost the best son in the world. >> reporter: to escape the blazing sun, jonathan would exercise his horses at night. the horse trainer planned on competing in the harness races at the local country fair that month. while out riding his horse through down on that july evening, a 39-year-old gather of two -- father of two ran into a
8:49 pm
friend. as the two made their way down the road chatting, 25-year-old police officer kevin harrington suspected jonathan's friend of drunk-driving and pulled him over near the gas station. even though jonathan continued riding along, it would not be the last he saw of officer harrington. around 10:30, jonathan encountered officer harrington again. here is where accounts of what happened next dramatically differ. according to the sanders family attorneys, witnesses say officer harring don drove up behind jonathan and flashed the blue lights, making the horse rear. >> when he got up to retrieve the horse, officer harrington, who by this time jumped out of the car, unbeknownst to jonathan sanders, dragged him to the ground. upon dragging him to the ground, he choked jonathan for approximately 20 minutes or so a preliminary autopsy
8:50 pm
concluded jonathan died from manual asphyxiation, in short. he was choked to death. >> we wanted to speak with officer harrington. he declined. bill reedys junior is his attorney. it was determined by the officer, based on information he developed from the stop, that it could have been a drug transaction trying to take place. >> francis sanders says race matters when it comes to the death of her son. >> tell me what there is that indicates this is a racial mote rated killing. >> the case is in the hands of the mississippi bureau of investigation. >> my son is dead, you know, they killed him. he can't talk for himself. he can't fight for himself, and i will fight for him. i'll speak for him, do whatever it takes until i get justice for him, until i can't breathe
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coming up next - more of the coverage of pope francis's visit to america, and the pope on wheels. today's pope-mobile and how it has changed through the years.
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the united nations is about to turn 70. it is growing, taking on more responsibilities, many say the organization has not lived up to its promise. antonio mora is here with more. >> it was created in the wake of world war ii to prevent future conflicts. since then it expanded from 51 members to 193 nations. with that came a growing scope of work and growing bureaucracy. the u.n. spend $750 billion, but the organization failed to solve
8:54 pm
resent crisis including the syrian civil war and the flood of refugees to europe. we'll look at what is getting in the way of syria's issues, and how the rule changed seven decades after its creations. a lot of critics at the u.n. >> thank you. >> pope-mobiles. they have gone through many incarnations over the years. tonight we look at the evolution of papal transportation. >> the vehicles that have transported popes throughout the ages have reflected the personalities of the holy men themselves, the modest fiat 500 l that whisked pope francis away from joint base andrews set twitter ablaze. it's a modest form of transportation for a pope known for living a humble and simple life. pope said have been on the move for hundreds of years.
8:55 pm
long before the invention, popes carried through the crowds and travelled on ornate coaches. by the 1930s, automobiles arrived during the rein of pope pi us the 11th, his merz benz included a throne. in the next few decades the mercedes was the vehicle of choice. here pope john xxiii greats crowds from the back seat of a benz with the top folded down. pope paul the 6th used his mercedes on a pilgrimage to the holy land. john paul was the most travelled pope visiting 100 countries in various vehicles leaving him exposed to the public. the pope mobile changed in 1981, when the open car left john paul ii exposed to an as assist nation attempt. he was shot four times, to greet
8:56 pm
children in st. peter's square. the vatican stepped i'm safety measures, surrounding him with bulletproof glass. pope francis called the design a sardine care. this week he's travelling in a modified jeep wrangler and open sides. he's aware of the risks, he says, but is leaving na in the hands of god in philadelphia, pope francis will be given a new-type of pope-mobile, a custom made bicycle in honour of his commitment for climate change. that's the broadcast. thank you for watching, i'm john seigenthaler, i'll head to philadelphia for coverage, i'll see you then. the news continues next with antonio mora. we leave you with some memorable moments from pope francis in washington d.c., and in new york.
8:57 pm
>> the pope of the holy seer. [ cheering and applause ]. >> do unto others as you will have them do unto you. our response must instead be one of hope and healing. of piece and justice. >> it really was. i had a chance to shake the pope's hand. psh psh clz
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way a ou o o
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[ ♪ ] hajj horror... >> it is definitely clear to us that mismanagement by executive authorities in charge of arranging the movement of pilgrims caused this bitter and catastrophic incident. >> more than 1500 injured and dead near mecca. iran slams the saudis for not ensuring the safety of pilgrims. >> reconciling with