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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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o. >> the u.s. and china made progress in talks but differences persist on issues at the south china sea. hello again from doha everyone i'm kamal santa maria. these are the headlines. pope francis draws tens of thousands of people as he holds a last in new york. sepp blatter faces corruption allegations.
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and the addressing of the people of jerusalem for decades. >> you know, president barack obama's hosted a state dinner at the white house for his chinese counterpart xi jinping. the chinese president on his first state visit to the u.s. the two leaders announced agreements on cyber security and climate change. mr. obama said they also had candid discussions about beijing's territorial disputes in the south china sea. this from patty culhane. >> it was a noisy visit, a 21-gun salute to welcome chinese president xi jinping inside and out. the meeting was much more about the pageant tri of the state visit, this was about their agenda.
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they got far on their to do list. the u.s. says china steals intellectual party. president obama says they reached an agreement, china won't do it or support it in the future. >> the question now is are words followed by action he. and we will be watching carefully to make an assessment as to whether progress has been made in this area. >> president obama says the u.s. will consider sanctioning chinese companies and individuals if it doesn't stop. the tough tone continued when it came to the issue of those disputed islands in the south china sea. >> islands in the south china sea since ancient times are china's territory. we have the right to uphold our own territorial sovereignty, legitimate maritime rights and interests. >> reporter: but they sounded a more hopeful tony on climate change. basically making it expensive to pollute the environment.
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environmental groups say this is an absolutely huge step. >> it's huge for the planet because like i said, the most important piece that's outstanding right now is what will happen for chinese's emissions going forwards. and these are very concrete steps. we're talking about caps on their total emissions, new system for dispatching electricity. >> reporter: a somewhat tense meeting where the leaders didn't agree on everything, but they will meet each other now and in the future. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. a runway on one of the disputed islands, the images appeared to find landing strip in the disputed spratley islands. hotlhotlyhotly contested region.
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pope used a homily in spanish, highlighting the position of those who don't appear to belong, the mass was the final event in new york, before he lives for philadelphia, for the final leg of his journey to the united states. kristin saloomey. >> the stadium behind me, 20,000 were in attendance, he began the day at the united nations, attending a summit launching global goals aimed to end poverty and stop climate change by 2030. in between those two major events were several smaller less formal events, that the pope seems to be so fond of. he was at the 9/11 memorial the
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scene of the attacks of september 11th, 2001. also held an interfaith service and made his way to spanish harlem where he got to meet students and immigrants from the neighborhood who originally came from all over the world, again a scene we've seen throughout his trip to the united states highlighting the challenges and the humanity of newcomers to this country. and after all of that, he will spend the night at the papal residence here in new york before he heads to philadelphia for another busy day on saturday. >> before that mass pope francis made a historic speech to the u.n. general assembly. he spoke of the importance of wiping out poverty and the pain of war. our diplomatic editor james bays reports. >> the pope entering this large domed hall but this time not a place of worship but in many ways the secular cathedral of
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global policy. >> we are here to listen, mutual amuchasgracias, thank you very . >> poverty, the environment, education and the scourge of w war. >> not only in case he of religious persecution but in ukraine, iraq, syria, south sudan and the great lakes regi region, real concern takes precedence, in wars and conflicts there are individual persons, our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: earlier the pope had made his way through the streets of eastern manhattan, closed in a massive security operation, again he was driven in a small fiat car. for the latest part of his trip
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he technically left u.s. soil and was welcomed onto u.s. territory. he was transported around the sprawling complex in the u.n. version of the pope mobile, a golf cart. >> this organization's ideal of a united human family living in harmony, walking not only for peace, but in peace. walking not only for justice, but in a spirit of justice. [applause] >> the pope's speech tupped on n all themes of this day, building on the millenium goals they separated as they adopted new
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goals, sustainable goals running for 15 years. the phrase repeatedly uttered here, leave no one behind. for the first time the flag of the holy see was raised outside u.n. headquarters. a recent ruling by the general assembly allows member states to do this. palestine will raise its flag for the first time at a ceremony next week. technically, the vatican status has not changed, it is an observer. but the pope did much more than observe, laying out the key issues and themes of new goals. it was clear when he left, the world was watching. james bays, al jazeera, united nations. fifa executive sepp blatter fasts multiple allegations of
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corruption within the organization. lee wellings has more. >> the net has been closing over fifa headquarters. the question had been when the investigation would reach the president. the day that sepp blatter, he was interrogated by swiss officers of the attorney general, data seized, media outside were waiting for a press conference that never happened, accused of criminal mismanagement, again the name former vice president jack warren involved. in september 2005 mr. joseph blatter signed a contract with the caribbean football union, unfavorable to fifa. blatter accused of abusing his position with that contract and one he signed in 2011 for work on a decade earlier, that payment to michel platini.
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widely thought to succeed blatter. platini was questioned at fifa hq and is now embloir embroileda real mess. he is cooperating and we're confident when swiss authorities have a chance to review documents and the evidence they'll see no mismanagement occurred. ironically couple foifs had, fir more transparency. >> if he's referred to the fifa ethics committee he will have to be suspended and because he's due to stand down they've in february, i think this really is the end for blatter. >> long before the fbi's
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dramatic action, this geopolitically sensitive work continues and leaves fifa in completely turmoil with a farcically discredited president. an organization, meant to be the overseer of football, torn apart by scandal. >> coalition ground forces are more likely to retake sanaa if they first win mareb and ta'izz in the south. a group of syrian rebels trained by the u.s. military, has handed over ammunition and military gear handed to the el nusra front. u.s. officials believe future
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russian strikes will target i.s.i.l. and opposition fighters in an effort to support the assad regime. senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy, he believes those russian jets are part of counterterrorism initiatives. >> the buildup that russia has made over the last few days and week or so is much larger than simply a defensive operation. so this is going to be in keeping i think with what they're going to announce on monday, and that is a counterterrorism initiative. the problem is of course that the russians regard, like the assad regime, most if not all of the rebels as part of these terrorist groups. that's why we have to watch what russia says and what it does about syria in the upcoming
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>> top stories for you here on al jazeera. the u.s. president barack obama has hosted a state dinner at the white house for his chinese counterpart xi jinping. the two announced agreements on
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cyber security and climate change. pope francis has led mass before thousands much people at new york's madison square garden. final event before he leaves for philadelphia on the final leg of his six day trip. and fifa president sepp blatter has been questioned by swiss officials four months after he has announced he will step down from fifa's governing body. the last british prisoner being held at the u.s. detention center at guantanamo bay is about to go home. shaker aamer had become a symbol of charge without trial. rosiland jordan has more. >> after more than 13 years at guantanamo, shaker aamer will soon be going home. he's the only british resident left at the prison camp. at a statement friday, a senior
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u.s. official confirmed that aamer's release is at hand. following a thorough review of his case and taking into consideration the robust security assurances that will be provided by the british government. the u.s. military detained aamer in 2001 in afghanistan.about they accused him of being an al qaeda member and a confidant of osama bin laden, he denied that and said he had been doing charity work in afghanistan when the u.s. arrested him as a so-called enemy combatant. >> article 1, innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: status has long been a source of tension between washington and london. aamer was never charged with any war crimes and he was first cleared for release back in
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2007. critics say aamer was a victim of the obama administration's fears of seeming soft on terrorism and congressional restrictions of releasing detainees. >> congress is using it as a political punching bag, doesn't matter what the obama administration does congress wants to use this to score points off of the administration to say this is a national security threat that president obama is trying to make even worse and that's one of the reasons why guantanamo is still going to remain open and still so many people are there. >> after shaker aamer is released, there skill still be 110 left at guantanamo. 50 have been cleared for transfer. it is up to the obama administration that it is committed to closing guantanamo in part by transfer these men sooner rather than later. rosiland jordan, al jazeera, the state department. failing to secure a new gas
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deal, would have guaranteed supplies from october to march with onward deliveries to europe. talks have been marred by the ongoing conflict in koreans ukraine. crrn. eastern ukraine. >> it's important to make sure there will be no cut in gas supplies. it became worse when after maidan, it became more difficult, prices were increased significantly, there were demands from russia to pay for the gas, it became extremely complex and what i can point out
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is that generally the prize that russia tries to sell the ukraine is more of a political prize. when the price goes up it is really some sort of effort to put pressure on ukraine or shows displeasure on policies. this may not indicate in any way that russia is trying to reduce the pressure between moscow and ukraine. they are trying oreduce the prize, reach and agreement and also what's very significant about the agreement is it also involves the european union, help ukraine pay for russian gas. >> hungary's policy of arresting refugees, may be in breach of the european union, ending up in
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court to be expelled back to serbia. lawrence lee reports from the hungary, serbia border. >> many refugees are by now settling in western europe but this case is deciding their future. we weren't allowed to hoe the man sitting opposite of the judge but the judge read back to him the journey he had described to the police. he is a syrian refugee called hasan, on his way to germany. kasan told the judge the smugglers told him it was okay for him to go through a hole in the fence. he was quickly arrested and has shown up in this courtroom.
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the blimghts o establishments os criminal court denouncing hungary's through these courts it can lend the fence a source of moral and legal legitimacy. but is any of it legal? this lawyer representing an afghan criminalized in court, grace that not by experts but busy parliaments, by the rulings party are deeply politicized and in breach of the 1951 convention on the status of refugees which demands they are free from risk. >> translator: they didn't put the law before the parliament, the opposition had no chance to challenge the decree. it was the government's decision that expelling rfertion to serbirefugees toserbia is safe.
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defense lawyer he had been given had to explain his options to him, but hasan a criminal first and a refugee second. all the while, hungry extends the fence across croatia, into romania, into slovenia as well. lawrence lee, al jazeera in southern hungary. 22 people have died in china after several vehicles collided on a highway. the accident occurred in southern hunan province. 13 people were injured. in argentina, hundred of protesters are gathering, demanding answers from the 43
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students who are missing from the southern state of guerrero after they clashed with police. in a month's time, three candidates are vying to succeed the current president of brazil, cristina kirchner. >> now going after the presidential seat. he's been picked by president cristina kirchner's party as the candidate to continue with a center-left policy implemented by the current government. we met him on the campaign trail where he spoke about his plan if he's elected president. >> we will continue the agenda of development, protection, investment protecting argentina tien jobs. >> analysts consider him a moderate within the party.
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>> traveling around the country trying to convince people to vote for him. latest polls show he still doesn't have enough votes to win on the first round. the middle class supports his main challengers, maw maurice. macrey. >> a recent corruption scandal has hur brought another candida. put an end of the polarization
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that has taken place since kirchner took office. >> end to hatred and start to build a positive argentina. >> the campaign has been aggressive and filled with accusation he of corruption and fraud. analysts here say there is a natural power struggle that comes along with the end of an era. >> translator: it's the end of kirsh innerriskirchnerism as we. >> many here are tired about the confrontation that has existed, during the 12 years the kirchners have been in power. that's why they are looking forward to another political scene. teresa vo, al jazeera, buenos ayers.
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biens ayers. buenos aires. >> a mladenov to put the region a path towards independence. the spanish government said that move would be illegal. the world health organization has taken nigeria off the list of countries where polio was endemic. been a year since polio was detected in the country. security issues in the north where the government is taking on boko haram fighters. and now to the story of an exquisite fabric that's been used to dress the people of jerusalem for decades but will soon disappear from the shelves of a popular merchant. stefanie dekker has the story. >> politics stays strictly at the door. this family has been selling fabrics for three generations.
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>> the imams and also the christian shops and sometimes we gief guess for the po pope. >> for benedict xvi. >> we like to hear about the politics, i like people to come to my store to share even we have a friend, they make a friend in my store. >> we see that when we meet rony, a long term client. >> i'm basically a client, more than a client, a friend. i know bilal for 19 years. this is jerusalem for me and bilal is the prettiest face for whole city for me. every time i come i'm here. >> but these shelves also hold the story of another conflict. >> full of the fabric nowists very short and it's -- i can't
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go there because the situation. >> this is a robe that is traditionally worn at wedding integrationcelebrations. it is the last one left in abuhalab's shop. from the ancient city of palmyra which has noun been taken over by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> they do the art fabrics which is very old designs and done by a loom, a special loom from pure silk with 14 car a care accura .
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>> continuing to buy the fabrics that have been his family business for years. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, in occupied jerusalem. >> the social media feed, at on maintain, medical mistakes with lines in the balance. how often lives are put at risk by bad medicine, far more than you might think. also the church and state. plosions don't want them to cross it but the pope took a hard line. gone? >> how long do you think his message will resonate? how long does it stay in the political sphere?


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