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tv   Tech Know  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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patrols and new laws expected to come in force within the next year to protect the region for generations to come. gerald tan, al jazeera. plenty more for you any time on our website, the address is that of al welcome to panama. i'd heard the stories of a rich and diverse forest. >> hi, buddy! >> i'd be lying if i didn't admit that i was psyched to be here. i'd find plenty of butterflies and a heck of a lot more. >> did you see that guy? >> that's what i could count on. but then, panama surprised me. techknow came here to check out the massive panama canal
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expansion project but this trip would become much more. this is techknow. a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh, my god! by scientists. pink and purple paint the skies over a downtown city skyline. it could be any city in the world. but this is panama. a country stuck in the middle. one of latin america's richest. with overwhelming poverty, smack in the middle of incredible
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wealth. but most of what makes panama great is its incredible canal. more than one hundred years old, and still an engineering marvel. this is one of the most amazing things i've ever seen, where massive ships glide between slim locks in an incredibly cool and perfectly synchronized ballet. welcome to techknow, we are in panama and all this construction around me is for
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the expansion of the new panama canal. it is massive in size and scope. and especially when you see it from up there. the new canal, like the old canal, is all about moving massive ships between two of the world's great oceans. they're really just adding an extra lane here to fit the modern vessels of the 21st century. if you remember history class, the french started here in 1880. the u-s came in and finished the job in 1914, creating a canal for the ages, a 50 mile long fresh water shipping lane that cut directly across the slim isthmus of panama, allowing vessels to go between atlantic and pacific oceans.
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we're here in gatun lake, and this ship is actually going thru the panama canal heading towards
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believer described the concept and approach to the world, a geo political system where people's could follow living and a world where people can live together and a world of peace and
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justice, this is a political approach that rejects every kind of this that rejects the threat and use of force which rejects economic domination. and this year we are also marking t marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the united nations and 70 years have passed as in a flash. 70 years while we searched. to find a way of settling our relationships so that we could build up a world which would be
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fit for everybody, a world of inclusiveness without any kind of discrimination, 70 years, 70 years for a united system and this is indeed a victory for the human race. and 75 years ago the charter of the united nations was elaborated after the end of that tragedy, the second world war. and with their memories still fresh, full of the horrors of the second world war, which led to the life of -- to the death of so many, the united nations came together to write their charter. this charter which set forth their dreams for the future, the
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charter of the united nations and it is still valid today. and we, the people's of the united nations are resolved to save future generations from the scurge of war. we, the peoples of the world, in this year 2015 want to save succeeding generations from the scurge of war, from the horror rs of extreme poverty and war and all the horrors which we have experienced in the past. 70 years it was a bipolar world for much of that time.
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and there was the 1940s, the 50s, the cold war, the 50s, the 60s and it's a very tragic wars that occurred then during that time of bipolar world. and then with a collapse of the soviet union it became a uni polar world. it was supposed to be a time when ideologies came to an end, the 1990s when there was only one way of thinking, there was only one model, namely new liberalism. this brought about extreme poverty and deprivation for peoples when it brought about
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unemployment, sickness to peoples all across the world, the bipolar world of confrontation gave way to a uni polar world of new liberalism and this century very early on thanks to the efforts of the peoples has now given way to a time when revolutionary movements are underway when certainly the peoples of the world, the revolutionary people of venezuela and the peoples of southern america and the caribbean in this 21st century are now seeking to build a multi polar world, a world with no geminism and a world where there is respect for the other.
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the new centers and the new emerging centers of political economic and cultural and human resources are being recognized. there are many different parts of the world and we can have a world that will build up a new road forward and we use the charter of the united nations to ensure the right to human survival, the right to independence, the right to self-respect for all peoples of the world. we want a multi polar, multi centered world. the other day we heard our sister from brazil, our brother from the united states and we
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saw president vladimir putin speak as one of the most important leaders of the world today. we heard president xi of china and heard morales and raphael and the president of argentina, we have been hearing discussion of all the topics and the things that are here and up for debate at the united nations. we have heard about war and peace. i don't think that in this chamber anybody would say a single word of what destroyed the people of africa and the
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middle east, in venezuela we have sought to make our voice heard and recognized the tragic mistakes that have been made, that were made in invading and bombing countries and peoples, brotherly peoples in the world. the four wars that have been waged destroyed important countries here, the war in afghanistan, we have to ask ourselves about it. did it bring peace? did it bring a situation of stability to the people of afghanistan? no, it brought destruction, devastation and terrorism. the war in iraq woven a fabric
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of lies and the only idea behind that war was oil and now 12 years later can we say what can we say about iraq? is iraq living in peace? rather it has been devastated. to those that waged the war of iraq, this led once again to a collapse of the international political system then there was a war in libya. if you listen to what chavez said here in this very chamber when he spoke about the lies being spoken when he condemned
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the bombing of libya, above and beyond any political differen s differences, if you look at the political system in libya, well, you can say that in this world no one has a right to judge and under mine the political regime which has been decided upon by another country. nobody has the right to do that. and we are very sorry to be saying this because we have admired the cultures of the arab peoples age old cultures, we admire the culture of the muslim people and it is indeed with a great feeling of sadness that we
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say today what was done in libya was a crime. it was a country that was stable, that provided support to countries in africa and it founded the african union and now today what is libya, is it a stable country in terms of politics and economics? who is going to pay for the crimes done in libya and iraq and afghanistan? who is going to pay for that? and then syria. it's like a hollywood version of terrorism. it's just like a film about terror. the horrors of war.
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with all due modesty and humidity in syria we believe in venezuela that this has brought even more horror than was experienced in afghanistan or anywhere else. and even in iraq and libya. are people ready to build a new alliance of peace today? this was a point was made by a president putin, are we ready to make a new alliance for peace? and the nonpermanent members would like to make a proposal so that we can discuss and how we can help and protect the people of syria. there has been financing and
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arming from the west and this has just led to death and destruction in syria. and the people in europe, there is a humanitarian tragedy and now europe feels that the tragedy is going to affect them but the united nations must react, the united nations must take some action in response to the absolute horror and tragedy that is occurring in syria, the strategic failure of these four wars relates to the security council and about to the united nations to act, there has been intervention to create war and
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sow death and devastation among peoples and these people are seen as undesirable or hostile or just the enemy. i believe there was a general consensus that we wanted to hear president obama speak about his peace and development, we wanted to hear the philosophy of peace. from major leaders of the world, it is only peace that can ensure that we will achieve the 2030 agenda which is indeed a very lofty and optimistic program and it's only if we have peace that we can have development and that we can have proper international relations in the world, we can do this through the united
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nations. in latin american we have been developing teams and we have some good news to report from our region i have to say from latin america and the caribbean. in the years that have passed latin america has refound its own path to dignity and to the future and today here we can say to the united nations in this year 2015 latin america has been defending its new communities in the latin america and the caribbean and havana we declared that latin america would be a zone of peace. this would be in latin america and in the caribbean. sub regional bodies, and the
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alliance for the people of latin america and the caribbean and these are very powerful and these have been built up and we just have one problem remaining in columbia, the internal decention and from the republican of venezuela we want to pay tribute to columbia for the steps taken by president manual santos to give a definitive peace agreement with farc and gorilla movement there and venezuela will do its utmost to help in strengthening this path towards peace in columbia. columbia, the creation of our great boulevard so latin america
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is speaking with one voice. and president rural castro and rodriguez in the general assembly of the united nations spoke about the u.s. blockade of cuba, steps have been taken this year 2015 to regularize and normalize the relations between the government of president barack obama and the country of president rual castro and the united states and cuba. it is our hope and we would like to say this to the u.s.
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government, it is our hope today that the relations of the governments of all countries in the united nations and of all government in latin america and the caribbean should be based on dialog, respect, acknowledgment of who and what we are so that once and for all we can turn the page on a history of event of who's and antirevolutionary steps and policies. 56 years of economic blockade against cuba must come to an end as soon as possible, the financial and economic blockade must be lifted.
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we would call on the united states of america and the president jimmy carter in 1979 and returns to the panama canal to panama and we trust that the u.s. government will restore guantanamo to the government of cuba as soon as possible. good news as i said, good news this year. and the good news is possible only because of the persevering spirit of the people because of their pride and identity after years of struggle and this has been possible also because of the courage of president barack
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obama who was bold enough to develop a new policy vis-a-vis cuba. and we are part and parcel of the request made by latin american countries to the united kingdom government that sooner or as soon as possible negotiations begin on the basis of dialog and international law, negotiations begin on the malvina islands of argentina. the right of argentina to the malvina islands and all of the islands which historically belonged to them should be recognized or should be negotiated and this is a request
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from the latin american caribbean countries and nonaligned countries of 77, it's a call for a diplomacy based on peace and it is a call which should be heeded. so dear brothers and sisters of the whole world, venezuela has been facing enormous challenges in the last few years. great challenges as we seek to build an economic and social and political model of which is for venezuela and base it on the letter. and david morales also has spoken about this struggle. we have chosen the human way and to pope francis, who is a true
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humanist has spoken. venezuela wishes to build a new society, a socialist society. a socialist revolution in the 21st century, a socialist revolution alongside our colleagues who have called for independen independence. in the historic lines of fidel and rual castro in cuba, our people have waged a great strugg struggle. domestically externally, and recently we faced difficult attac attacks, difficult times and we had to


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