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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> israel's cabinet meets to agree on tough new measures at two more are killed in a crack downed on protesters. hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: nato calls on russia to keep out of turnd air space. aturkish air space. now pentagon says afghans called
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on strike on kunduz. and the agreement that covers 40% of the world's economy. hello, israel's cabinet is meeting right now to discuss continued violence over access to jerusalem's hoil jerusalem's. a 13-year-old palestinian boy has been shot and killed. his family has been in mourning at the location where the body was taken. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country's forces have now caught those responsible for killing two israelis in the west bank. >> reporter: i want to praise the security force he, quickly caught the murderers who shot
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two israelis last thursday. we are applying a heavy hand against the protesters and the insighters. >> mike hanna, do we know how and why the killing of the 13-year-old boy happened? >> circumstances very unclear. medical sources say that the boy was shot in the heart. however no clarity as to exactly what happened. the israeli army says it is vegging thiinvestigating the int investigates all such incidents, however it may be a period of time before the official report is released. tensions and violence escalating. we've got this israeli cabinet meeting taking place right now. what exactly are they talking about? >> well, they are talking about measures that should be taken in an attempt to curb the ongoing
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conflict in the occupied west bank and indeed in the gaza strip. however most of the decisions were probably taken in the course of yesterday afternoon, when the prime minister benjamin netanyahu met his most senior security officials, that is, the head of the israeli matter, the head of the domestic intelligence agency, as well as his defense minister. they had long discussion in the course of yesterday afternoon on netanyahu's return from the united states, and clearly most of the major decisions about the tactics to be adopted in coming days were taken then, discussion about these tactics no doubt with the security cabinet meeting which has been underway for a number of hours in the course of this evening. but the situation on the ground and likelunlikely the change, te been stepped up israeli army operations in the occupied west bank officer a number of days
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now in the wake of the killing of those two settlers on thursday. as you heard the israeli army announcing it has caught five palestinians responsible it says for those shootings and says that they have confessed to being members of a hamas cell circulation to thaswell as to t. >> mike hanna, thanks mike. now, nato has called on russia to cease violations of turkish air space and immediately explain itself, immediately following the incursion of a russian fighter jet. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it rl threatened the situation. >> translator: what we have
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received from russia was it was omistake, this will not happen again. turkey's rules of engagement err tains to alengagementpertains t. blocked u.n. security council resolutions to be actively involved in syria is both a contradiction and omove that has escalated the chris crisis. (f) foreign minlts sergey lavrov sayforeign minister sergeylavroo cooperate more with the u.s. >> talking about the free syrian army, it is a phantom structure, i've asked u.s. secretary of state john kerry where is this army, we're ready to make contact with them. we don't hide that. >> let's speak to our
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correspondent rory challands in the russian capital moscow. the russians saying incursion of one of its aircraft into turkish air space was simply an accident. >> they say it's an accident due to bad weather. this plane had completed its combat mission and ready to turn into base. it was flying over hilly wooded area over the turkish syrian border and because of bad weather strayed into turkish air space for a matter of minutes and went back to base. that's not what nato said. nato said the plane had been repeatedly warned by the turkish air force not to come into turkish air space but he did anyway. there are two accounts of what happened there. >> saying russian should explain itself immediately why there was
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any curgs but also incursion. >> hasn't made responses yet but it's pretty clear what russia is likely to say about this. because russia's position on syria and on the different groups fighting in syria at the moment has been fairly consistent. and essentially, while the west makes distinctions between i.s.i.l. and the other groups that are fighting, and it likes to see some of those groups as more moderate, it is those groups it's been supplying with weapons and training. russia doesn't view it in that way at all. for russia these are all enemies of president bashar al-assad and bashar al-assad is russia's ally. and russia is in syria for moment to shore up bashar al-assad's assets to protect
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him, essentially. so it's going after any of these groups that it sees as oparticular threat to bashar al-assad, whoever they may be. not just going after i.s.i.l, that's what irritated moscow so much. >> thank you rory. regional states to forge an alliance against russian and iran in the country. including the free syrian army, zeina khodr reports. >> the syrians army says this is part of the military campaign to recapture the region. syrian military forces say the air strikes are weakening forces before a ground strike begins. i.s.i.l. is not flent this press part of the country. changing the balance of power on the ground.
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>> translator: we are the free syrian army, the closest syrian base is 60 cloments from here. >> the allegiance has been used. by syrian and russian governments ojustify their attacks. >> nusra is all over syria not just homs. the group has good relations with other brigades an the people because it is fighting the regime. they are using nusra's province the kill civilians and fight the operation. >> civilians have been killed in the recent strikes, only rebel controlled area in the province which is important for the gft's control. are the majority have hit
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antigovernment rebels who were advancing towards the state control latakia problems of. syrian military provinces are calling that corner of syria an al qaeda-overrun being location. the u.s. considers it a terrorist organization and has targeted groups affiliated with it in syria. fest. >> translator: honestly speaking i haven't heard about the plans to counter our work in syria on the part of the us or anybody else. >> the u.s. may have protested against russ's air strikes but some in the area are too concerned that the two areas may have moor in come than thought. are zeina khodr, al jazeera, beirut. fighters from islamic state
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of iraq and the levant have destroyed a nearly 2,000-year-old structure in the city of paul rah. >> one of the top tourist attractions this the middle east before syria's civil war. (l) the have been three car bombings in the, are halis northeast ever baghdad. the explosion went off in a, and iraqi police say there was another explosion on the northern outskirts of back dad. doctors without borders have called for an investigation of a bombing attack on their facility. earlier a top u.s. commander set e-said it was afghan forces who
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called for the strike that hit the clinic. reversing an earlier statement. >> we have now learned that on october 3rd afghan forces advised they were taking fire from enemy positions and asked for air support from u.s. forces. an air strike was called to eliminate the taliban threat. this was different from initial reports which indicateu.s. forces were threatened and the air strike was called on their behalf. as has been reported i've authorized a full investigation into this tragic incident and investigation are undergoen. if errors are committed we'll acknowledge them, handle those who are responsible, and make steps to unusual those are not repeated. >> first, by police that it was
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attacked. >> first, there are different force he in evidence here, hit our hospital and killed 22 people that is first time we have heard the u.s. military admitting that. and then we see a changing description of e-ove over the lw days of what has happened. it goes from collateral damage to a tragic incident and now we hear pushing the responsibility to an afghan government. there is no answer at all work united humanitarian code based in the geneva conventions. there can be no justification to hit a hospital and kill medical staff and patients. the descriptions we have had from the u.s. military reinforce our ask for an independent and
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oflif are trn investigation of what has happened. >> there is much more to come after the break including goodwill gesture? north korea releases a south korean student for illegally detaining a student. angola's government under pressure to explain why it jailed 15 men.
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. >> hello again a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. a 13-year-old palestinian boy
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last been shot dead during fighting with israeli security forces in the occupied west bank. nato has called on russia to cease via violations of turkishr space and explain itself. regional states to force an alliance against russia and iran in the country. turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan has been meeting with accusing europe of double standards in its handling of refugees across the continues c. jonah hull is in serbia. >> one of several in a well trodden route through europe, syrians to gets here, may have
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crossed the sea. why officials in brussels are keen to enlist the help of turkish president erdogan. they want him to improve the conditions of refugees, to allow them to work, to dissuade them from making the journey. >> translator: for more than four years turkey has been opening doors to people fleeing conflict in syria and iraq providing support and care for them at the highest levels. now we see more recently, eu countries coming face to face with asylum seekers from syria. turkey is open to all kinds of cooperation in terms of a common policy across europe. >> at the processing center, they give papers to some 4,000 people a day, putting them straight on to buses to croatia,
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where they will become someone else's problem. >> how long have you been in this queue? >> three days. >> do you think many more people are waiting to make this journey, the same journey you are making? >> of course. everyone wants to escape from the bar there. >> some countries like serbia here, macedonia greece have improved their reception facilities so much that they are now able to push people very quickly up the line. others like hungary are in open revolt, rejecting an eu resettlement plan that is inadequate to cope with these newspapers anyway. it may not be foolproof but it's a system. seeking turkey's help is a desperate measure as this crisis tests tow to the very limit the
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principles the european union was formed. the transpacific partnership, or tpp for short, cuts barriers for common trade standards for the 12 countries involved. it affects 40% of the world's economy and could reshape industries everything from the cost of cheese to the cost of cancer treatment. how long a monopoly should be for the next round of biotech drugs. many negotiations were held in secret and see it as a threat to workers in big corporations. this is what the white house press secretary josh earnest had to say. >> the agreement like the president set identity to achieve, is one to expands overseas markets for the goods
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that are starchld mad stamped mn america. essentially an agreement to cut 18,000 taxes. these are essentially import taxes that are placed often on american goods that are shipped to some of the fastest growing economic markets in the world. >> john holman joins us from mexico city. john explain how this deal will affect mexico. >> well, it's really about its northern neighbor to some extent for mexico, about 70% of mexico's international trade is with the u.s. so it really can't be left out of any big international trade agreement that involves that country. and mexico really sees this as an upgrade of the nafta agreement that it has with the u.s. and canada for around 20 years now. the extra plus for mexico is it's going to have increased trading opportunities with more markets around six new markets in asia for it.
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that's the plus for mexico but a flip side, and that's the new asian tradin trading partners, l important trading market with the u.s. especially with the auto industry. mexico is the number 2 exporters of vehicles to the u.s., and one ever its fears throughout these negotiations is that japan especially could use cheap parts from other parts of asia, other countries in asia, that aren't mart of this agreement and then be shipping cars duty-free to the u.s. and try to nudge mexico a little bit out of the way to this. that's been a big part of the negotiations and big sticking point for mexico. but today the minister of economy in mexico said he felt he had sort of balanced picture here between mexico's interests and what other countries needed. so he's fairly satisfied with the results here. >> all right, john holman there
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with the latest from mexico city many thanks. rescue teams have arrived for help to search for people who are still missing in guatemala. flash floods have occurred in the french riviera. up to 5,000 homes were still without electricity with as many as 70,000 suffering blackouts. the french president francois hollande has pledged compensation for the situation. holding talk about the planned 2900 job cuts. about 100 union activist rushed in. air france flounced the company
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would have to cut jobs after failing to reach agreement with pilots. north korea says it has released a south korean student, as he crossed the border between south and north. harry faust iharry fawcett is l. >> 21-year-old new york university student had spent the intervening period as a prisoner awaiting a resuming on his fate. his return doesn't mean instant freedom. first accommodation questioning by the intelligence agency, it's against south korean law to enter the north without informing the government. his release comes five days before a huge celebration in north korea. might also mark the moment by firing a long range rocket.
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although there is no evidence of preparations. such an act would jeopardize an agreement between north and south, his release could be read as a jest clur o gesture of goo. ing baptist missionary convict evidence espionage was given same sentence last year. south korea continues to insist on the release of all three men. it has welcomed the decision to hand over chu wan moon after months of negotiations with santa north korean government. ordered them to return to work their salaries from september were withheld. the unions will resume the strike in three months if talks with the government clatches. teachers stopped work when the government refused to follow a
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supreme court order to rise salaries by 50%. ongoing tensions between protesters and police. since president nkurunziza was reelected. >> one of a number of people whose bodies were found on sunday morning. people in the area say he was shot by police. she says she can't look after their children without him. there was similar scenes in neighboneighboring districts. a representative has confirmed a number dead. >> as you have seen for yourself there were bodies open the ground. it leads us to believe yesterday's situation wasn't normal. >> reporter: people living in the area say the police rounded
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up a group of young men and took them away on saturday. other people armed with guns and grenades, showed people in the area. police have denied officers were involved and said those responsible were criminals that the police were pursuing. >> translator: when the police parolpatrol was doing a round ie area, officials informed them, eight peoples have been killed. fest. >> reporter: there have been protests and an increase in violence since president nkurunziza won a controversial third term in august. he changed the law that allowed leaders only two terms. nkurunziza announced a one month amnesty for people to hand in weapons ra last week. with these recent deaths number is only growing. caroline malone, al jazeera.
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>> angola's government is under pressure to explain why they jailed 15 young men. barnaby phillips reports. >> activists such as are alphonse matiasl, who has been protesting for years against what they call a lack of freedom in angola. many of them spent weeks in solitary confinement. angola is let by president eduardo dos santos. he's been in office since 1979. >> translator: they were carrying out acts which could have been preparation for the overthrow of the legitimately
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elected government. >> reporter: families of the die takenees have tried to stage demonstrations. some of these have been broken up by the police . in an angola in theory, the constitution guarantees democratic freedoms. in practice it takes courage to protest. >> what these young people were trying to do were to exercise freedoms but unfortunately, that has been curtailed. so we're really calling on the authorities in angola to release them or bring them before a competent court to try them. >> reporter: ann goal ah is ay of contrasts. some enjoy fabulous wealth but most liver in squalor. government is less torrent o tof
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protest. increasingly anxious, they have no choice but to protest. barnaby phillips, al jazeera. >> more on our website, ♪ ♪ >> hello. you are at the "listening post" these are some of the media stories we are getting crosses this week: the tragedy in mecca. 1 story differing narratives depending upon what channel you are watching in which countr