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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> frittered funds. >> training, forces in syria, that will take the fight to i.s.i.l. on syrian territory. that is an important ingredient of our overall counter-i.s.i.l. strategy. >> the obama administration acknowledges a $500 million program to train moderate syrian rebels is a failure and must change. unheeded calls for calm. violence spreads throughout
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israel and the palestinian territories. acts of terrorism. paying ransom. >> we needed to disclose that they actually paid. >> the italian government denies exchanging money for hostages but documents exclusively obtained busy al jazeera tell a different story. and the nobel peace prize go to. >> the tunisian dialogue quartets. >> the group credited with moving the country forward after the arab spring uprising. good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. we begin tonight with the obama administration abandoning its effort to train moderate syrian rebels. pentagon officials admit the $500 million training program
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failed to produce real results against i.s.i.l. the program was widely criticized for only training a handful of combat ready rebels, american officials say the resources will now be used to equip and establish troops already fighting i.s.i.l. as russia continues its box bardment in the war torn country. killed 200 i.s.i.l. tighters in the latest air strike. mike viqueria reports. >> secretary of defense ash carter says the pentagon is pulling the plug. >> we will try the same basic objective which is the right one. >> to train syrian fighters in a third country, either jordan, turkey or saudi arabia and send them back into syria to fight
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i.s.i.l. the initial cost, $500 million. president obama revealed the plan last year. >> taking on i.s.i.l. terrorists inside syria. >> but taking on the goa i.s.i.t the goal of most syrians. they want to take on bashar al-assad. the top u.s. expander gave congress the current tally. >> it's a small number. and the ones that are in the fight, is we're talking four or five. >> critics including senate democrat tim kane of virginia says the plan was doomed from the start. >> in syria, the strategy's a joke. we do these one off actions trying to train 30 people and put them back into a royaling civil war involving millions. no surprise they get caught up
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in the civil war killed or captured immediately. >> the new policy is built on the policy to support the kurds who supported kobani. the failed policy is just one challenge for president obama. the russian move into syria has changed the dynamic and put mr. obama on the defensive. >> in an interview to air on the cbs program 60 minutes mr. obama hits back at critics and says vladimir putin is getting the better of it. >> steve, i've got to tell you if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. >> reporter: but the russian aerial assault continues in
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syria, hitting back, despite the u.s. >> russian influence in syria and some cases in iraq, as underlined by their intelligence agreement with iraq, really bodes poorly for u.s. if it's not checked now. >> mike viqueria, al jazeera, washington. >> washington and moscow will finally hold formal talks to make sure american and russian pilots avoid each other over syria. earlier this week u.s. military officials revealed they diverted two jets in syria to avoid russian aircraft. one of its military generals was killed in syria thursday night. i.s.i.l. forces are believed to have killed him in aleppo province where he was advising
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the syrian military. zeina khodr reports. >> reporter: general hussein hamedali's death leaves more questions than answers. a statement from the revolutionary guard says he was killed by i.s.i.l. forces while on a mission to advise the syrian army. some suggest the general was supposed to supervisor a major operation to lift i.s.i.l.'s blockade of a military base. russia denies its military advisors are on the ground but denies it has troops. at the time past he has spoken about his overstretched army and a lack of plan power. manpower. but russia has stepped in providing military support from the skies. their air strikes have mainly targeted strongholds of the
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various opposition groups fighting the government. a few have hit i.s.i.l.-controlled regions. but i.s.i.l. is on the move, advancing on the ground. despite russian air strikes i.s.i.l. carried out a surprise attack. it is now at the door steps of aleppo city. it then captured territory from the government. it captured areas under the control of the opposition in the eastern country side of the province. i.s.i.l. now controls part of the main rebel supply line linking turkey to its strongholds in the city. aleppo is a divided city. the opposition controls the east and the governmental controls the west. but -- government controls the west. but i.s.i.l. holds positions in the outer edges in the sheik majar complex. north of the industrial complex in the aleppo infantry academy which was a base for the opposition. i.s.i.l. already controlled the town of beb further east. opposition force he are
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stretched. fighting two enemies on multiple fronts and now in hama province they are trying to hold off an advance by government forces that is supported by russian air strikes. another layer of confusion in the changing landscape of syria's war. zeina khodr, hdges al jazeera, >> joining us is mark kimmit. the administration is dropping back to what many had pushed for over many years, to arm the kurds and many fighting assad. is it too little too late? >> well, i don't think so. i think that there's plenty of time. assad is not going anywhere with the support that he's getting from the russians, these rebel forces are under pressure. but i'm glad to see the
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administration finally realized the futility of this haft hearted effort they have been doing so far. >> i realize you suggested they needed to do more. the risk of giving heavier weapons, again is this another halfway measure? how are small arms going to help in face of russian armed syrian forces? >> it is not. one would hope this is a portfolio of countries that are providing support, not simply the americans providing the small arms but one would hope the arab countries in the region would be providing more robust capability so these forces do have the items they need to take on the russian equipped and iranian equipped assad forces. >> iranian involvement
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supporting assad not just through hezbollah in lebanon, the other nations are getting involved, the sawth saudi saudie promising to provide more support. doesn't this become a danger that will provide a conflict getting worse there? >> there are three levels of the fight. first of all there is the superpower level where you've got russia stepping up against the united states in terms of who's going to have influence in the region. then in the middle you've got shia-sunni fight that's raging throughout the middle east and at the lowest level of course you've got assad forces against the rebel forces and i.s.i.l. there is no surprise to anyone that iran has people on the ground. for years and years iran has been providing support to the assad government, up to $30 billion a year that they've been provided to prop up the assad regime. >> let's talk then about the superpower level, the russian strategy seems to be to defeat
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the noni.s.i.l. opposition to assad, to create a clear choice, assad or i.s.i.l? is putin well on his ways to getting what he wants? >> well, actually i 30 the russians have a different viewpoint. i think they believe that by providing support to the government of syria, led of course by assad, that they're going to be able to keep syria as a unitary state. i believe that they have seen what happens when a government is overthrown in that region. very rarely is an improvement to follow. i think they believe that by keeping the government of syria in place led by assad for the time being, they can avoid the place that syria, government being overthrown, the last akerr of the christians and the alawites, and syria on the mediterranean, there is lik logl
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to what they're doing. >> what's syria's most pop last, now it's divided among government forces and the opposition. is syria getting emboldened by the russian actions? >> they are profiting by it. that's to their advantage but the real question has got to come down to in the grand strategy inside syria, what's the priority? taking out assad? taking out i.s.i.l? keeping syria as contiguous state or going against i.s.i.l? those are tough choice being made by the administration and frankly they're avoiding making those choices. the russians aren't. >> general mark kimmit, appreciate you joining us.
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>> thank you for having me. the growing violence in israel and the palestinian territories. the violence is in stark terms. >> we've seen the violence, the stabbings and killings in east jerusalem as terrorism. >> the escalating violence has prompted the area to ask for an emergency meeting. israelis shot and killed seven palestinians today. at the same time, palestinians continued a rash of stabbing attacks on israeli citizens and soldiers. hoda abdel hamid has the latest. >> it took israel ten days to return the body of this teenager, his funeral was a show
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of solidarity and defiance. defiance that later turned into violence. palestinians took their anger to the streets, here in bet-el on the northern edge of ramallah. many muslims suspect israel is seeking to change the rules governing the holy site which allows jews to enter the compound but not pray. this was denied by israel's preementisrael'sprime minister o says the status quo is still maintained. after several hours there is no sign of the situation easing up. actually, the palestinian youth were able to spread out, past the position he of israeli army. similar clashes were happening elsewhere in the west bank and also in gaza. the violence was aat its deadliest in gaza. earlier in the day protesters there had come out in support of
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the occupied west bank. they hurled rocks through the metal fence that separates both sides. the response was gun fire, rubber coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas. >> the owchtio occupation forcee taking positions far from us. >> then came this video released on social media which al jazeera cannot independently verify. a teenager is holding a knife. israeli police orders her to drop it while off camera voices of bystanders shouted to police to kill her. she is surrounded and shot point blank several times. she is in critical condition. israel said she posed a threat, many wonder why she wasn't
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overpowered. calling for calm, many brace themselves for more fighting in the days ahead. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera, ramallah in the occupied west bank. north korea is holding its biggest celebration ever, why the international community is watching how pyongyang displays its military might. poachers crossing borders to steal the most expensive wood in the world. fesworld.
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>> u.s. military officials say they are chitted to what they call freedom of navigation patrols in the western pacific ocean but they have not yet decided to send u.s. navy ships near china's artificial islands in the south china sea. the chinese have warned they will not stand for what they call violations of their territorial waters. the commander of u.s. forces in the pacific says president obama is considering all options. north korea is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its ruling economy, it's throwing a lavish celebration, leader community collegkim jong-unthe not attend.
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harry fawcett has the latest from seoul, south korea. >> military parade taking place in pyongyang on this saturday, october the 10th to mark the 70th anniversary, a very significant anniversary of the ruling party of korea, an anniversary, very much associated with his grandfather, and a dynasty closely associated with kim jong-un himself. there has been a lot of speculation that north korea would also mark this moment with a rocket launch, a satellite launch which it has done during previous celebrations in the past. there has been no evidence of any preparation for such a launch so it does seem like north korea has decided against, if that is the case it could suggest it is more concerned about relations both to the north and the south, relations with south korea which were
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improved from a very severe round of tensions in aw august n an agreement in that month. any kind of rocket launch with jeopardjeopardize that. suggesting perhaps a slight improvement in what have been strained relations between beijing and pyongyang. perhaps a reward from beijing not carrying out any grand scale provocation as china sees it. how much weight they place on the military side of this parade, what kind of hardware will be on display, the road mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, or the submarine missile they tested earlier this year to great fanfare. military force and indeed national fervor. >> harry fawcett reporting from seoul. joining us for our in context segment on north korea's
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military might, is andre lankoff, professor very did to have you with us. kim jong-un held the largest parade ever a couple of months ago. now he's outdoing that, why? >> because he obviously wants to emphasize the importance of the party. because according to the official, every north korean is expected to believe and nearly alt of them believe 70 years ago the grandfather of kim jong-un foundered the korean workers party. historians know it's not case, dait is wrong, name of party is wrong, grand father had nothing to do with that but this is not a common knowledge in north korea. and kim jong-un is sending a message that is he a son and grandson of a person who essentially created the modern
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north korean state. so it's a way to emphasize his legitimacy. of course he just likes guns and tanks and military parades. >> you know a top u.s. military official said this week that north korea may have the capability to launch missiles with nuclear war heads that could hit any part of the united states. how much military might is he trying to send? >> well it's necessary to see what will be presented of the parade. because whether they are going to have a submarine base missile or what's about road based devices but having said that, well, it's quite an open secret that the north koreans want a missile system which can hit targets anywhere in the world including the continental u.s.
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it is probably only a question of time if they do it or not. have they done it is an open question, one thing is clear have they tested it? given their very poor track records, most of their launches have been unsuccessful as a matter of fact. so before they will test it a number of times i would not take such probability too seriously. such warnings too seriously. >> so what do you think international observers will be watching for specifically? how much do you think they will be able to see, the drones, the long range missiles, what will he put out there? >> first of all, the military analysts will pay a great deal of attention to the type of weapons they are going to see. and people who are interested in the political situation, well they will probably look as usual who is standing where, this old good style criminology which is now often an object of joke.
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but back in the soviet union when it was designed in the 1950s is the only way to guess what is going inside. first the case in north korea. who is standing next owhom, who is mentioned first, who is mentioned second. but i don't suspect any kind of sensational discoveries revelations to happen today. >> outsiders look at north korea, shut off from the world, few freedoms, this absolute power of kim jong-un, you say though to the contrary, he enjoys the support of most north koreans. >> i don't argue that opinion polls are conducted among the refugees who lu live in south ka and usually tend to be very critical of the deposit, this is
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kind of survey, names were not mentioned but it seems to be unclear, unlike his father who was seriously unliked, he is loved. north korean economy is usually described as you know, bad shape, everything. well, it depends whom you compare north korea with. but if you compare north korea now in 2015 with what it used to be ten years ago, it's much, much better. there is significant improvement. and not only in the capital city, not only for the privileged few, but for -- in the country side. many north koreans they live better. by our standards, they live still a very poor, often destitute lives but it's still much better than what they used to have. and you see people who basically they don't have any starvation anymore, malnourishment, yes. but at least a bowl of corn is
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something everybody has. there are private cars, there is a growing private market. there is a booming real estate prices and so on. so economy is getting better. and people expect that the young leader will eventually make life even better. so it's his political honeymoon and he is remarkably popular unlike his father. >> fascinating and we will see what this parade holds. andre lankoff, appreciate you being with us, thank you. the european union agrees to take action again those who ban refugees, and in guinea, political clashes turn deadly.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm antonio mora. coming up in this half hour of international news, outrage from india after one of its citizens has her hand chopped off, when working in saudi arabia. but first a look at the stories making headlines across the u.s. in our american minute. president obama arrived in seattle tonight after spending part of the day if oregon.
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he stopped at roseburg at the urchl qua communitumpqua commun. but before he stopped in roseburg, there were two more shootings. in flagstaff, arizona, stephen jones injured certainly and killed one. and police are questioning two, one was killed and another wounded wa and classes were shut down and campus was on shutdown. allowing allowing european union countries to seize and destroy smuggling boats off the syrian coast. james bays reporting. >> naval operation off the coast
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of libya.thousands of people have died making the journey. now the eu will patrol the high seas and intercept and later destroy the boats. the u.k. which drew up the resolution says it will save lives. >> any smugglers stopped will be arrested and their boats will be seized. we must not allow callous people-smugglers to profit from other' despair. >> however his libyan counterpart said he believed it would lead to more people seeking asylum in europe. >> reduction of danger faced at drowning at sea, will increase the number of migrants that enter libya through its practically open borders. >> reporter: the new eu operation will be limited to international waters. it doesn't go as far as the original european union plan proposed in may, that suggested
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they would operate on the libyan coast, suggest they would arrest smugglers there. james bays, at the united nations. more refugees were picked up off the lyn libyan coast. the overwhelming majorities of migrants who make the crossing arrive in italy and greece. today a new program started to ease their burden and resettle migrants in the rest of europe. >> the first relocation of refugees from italy has begun. so this is a first. you've been hearing for months about the european relocation scheme. this shows that it's working. >> the first group included 16 eritrean nationals flying to
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sweden, eventually 360,000 people are to be resettleunder the program. some of the refugees making it to europe are also dealing with violence there. the german administration says, the crimes range from arson to racist graffiti. australia is reassessing its often criticized refugee policy. officials are negotiating new deal to pay the philippines to take in asylum seekers who make it to australia. as andrew thomas reports from sydney, officials are shutting down media cove coverage of a re center. >> al jazeera was invited to naru to watch the building of a detention center, thousands, media is banned. journalists had to pay $6,000 to pay for a visa. but in an e-mail from the
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government al jazeera has been told now that all media applications are being refused. naru's government says what was effectively a prison for refugees is now an open facility. the president wrote recently that refugees were regularly seen swimming, dining out and enjoying a lifestyle that is safe. but banning reporters cast doubt on that. >> the allegations we're hearing are very serious, this involved sexual abuse of women and children, young children inside the center. we're hearing allegations of rape. there is no independent scrutiny of what's going on. naru's government has also backed away from a commitment it gave earlier this week to give all asylum seekers, the word whether they would be recognized as refugees, one to 200 will have to wait a lot longer. those naru decides are not
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genuine refugees face deportation to their original countries, stay in naru or be settled in a third country not australia. said discussed paying more than $150 million for philippines to take its refugees. >> i'm not going to publicly comment in relation to where some of the negotiations are at, i think we're best to discuss those issues in private with those partners. and if there's an announcement to make we can announce it. >> australia's tough policies towards refugees have stopped the boats. this is old footage too but where refugees have better than sengt arbeen sentare hidden fro. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. ben carson has sparked controversy again, this time claiming guns could have stopped the the holocaust.
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>> i think likelihood of hitler accomplishing his aims could have been greatly improved by people taking up arms. >> lingering u.s. gun control to the holocaust is historically inaccurate and offensive. an indian woman working as a made in saudi arabia is accusing her employer of chopping off her hand. the 55-year-old woman says she had complained about nonpayment and torture before trying oescape by climbing down a balcony. that's when she said her female employer chopped off her right hand causing her to fall and suffer spinal injuries. officially from the indian foreign ministry told her relatives. >> this incident is deeply disturbing. her situation is currently stable. our mission in riyadh is cifl
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pursuing the situation with saudi authorities. >> millions of migrants travel to saudi arabia to work in the construction and service industries. hundreds of thousands of people are living in the shadows of buenos aires in shanty towns forgotten by the rest of the ofe city. now there's a project to recognize these residents and their conditions. daniel schweimler has the story.
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>> translator: we don't exist because there's no interest in us from the city government. there's no political will to incorporate the shanty towns. we're the ones with the least and have always been neglected. >> reporter: of course they exist. living their lives, working, bringing up their children like anybody else but they don't exist according to the official maps. often ignored by the authorities and the other authorities of buenos aires. now these activists from the association for justice and equality are charting the buenos aires shanty towns mark every narrow alleyway and street. >> with this gps we walk the streets of shanty town.
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which means every yale wa alleyd streets. >> security in these dangerous neighborhoods is not a problem. the residents welcome the mappers. they want to be recognized, accepted, enjoying the same amenities as everyone else, but first they need to exist on an official map. daniel schweimler, al jazeera, buenos aires. >> coming up an exclusive al jazeera investigation about the money one government secretly paid to recover its citizens. the chinese government faces an uphill battle in reducing the risk of smoking. >> stop your whinin'. >> for bad kids. >> if they get a little dirty, so what. >> we have shackles, we have a spit bag. >> they're still having nightmares. >> if you can't straighten out your kids...
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>> they're mine. >> this is the true definition of tough love.
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>> many european governments deny paying ransom to armed groups holding their citizens but a six month investigation by al jazeera has revealed that italy has paid to rebel groups in somalia and syria. al jazeera's symon bozeman has the exclusive support. >> italian businessman bruno and his girlfriend, released after nearly two years in captivity. >> debbie and bruno, welcome home. >> the media was told that their release was gained by a
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combination of diplomas and from diplomatic forces. but secret investigation revealed this was a lie. the italian government paid more than half a million dollars as ransom. his sister negotiated with the kidnappers. >> we were told never to disclose what they paid. >> we were debriefed on certain things we were never allowed to speak about. those were one of the things we were never supposed to speak about. >> vera is convinced the italian government saved her brother's life. >> they would have died. >> despite the denials, al jazeera has uncovered evidence that these same tactics were employed by the italian government to secure the release of their hostages held in syria.
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when dominic and pierre were released after several months of captivity in syria there were again rumors of ransom payment. al jazeera has spoken to eyewitnesses who saw the cash handed over. >> i was present when the money was handed over. it was me and the italian person who delivered the money. >> packs of $100,000 each in a separate plastic bag. >> reporter: the italian government said the $4 million was produced by the families of the hostages. the families are unaware of any family payment. the italian government is even willing to pass millions of dollars in ransom payments to jabad el nusra, released in
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january 2015, these exclusive pictures show the 11 million harcheddehanded over to represes of el nusra for the italian women. representatives declined to comment on our inquiries, saying ransom is not a common practice. witnesses now say attacked when he tried to stop a man who was beating a woman. in august spencer stone helped subdue a woman on board a paris bound train. the epa is now investigating a second software program on volkswagen diesel systems that affects their emissions programs. diesel engines already outfitted with infamous systems, giving
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volkswagen an opportunity until the beginning of the year to come up with a plan to fix the problems. one of sepp blatter's close associates says that blatter hopes to be back on the job in ten days. a stunning new report about smoking in china. researchers estimate it will kill one out of every three young men. al jazeera's rob mcbride reports from hong kong on the steps being taken to prevent that from happens. >> in a country where two-thirds of men start smoking, mostly before they're 20, the dangers of tobacco have long been known. this report spells it out in the starkest terms. by 2010, china was recording a million tobacco deaths per year. if current trends continue, that
9:48 pm
figure will be 2 million a year by 2030. what gives these findings such weight is the breadth of the survey they're based on. a quarter of a million men were monitored in the 1990s around an even larger group of half a million men and women is being studied now to determine the scale of the problem across china. as china has become more affluent so the smoking population has ballooned, helping grow one of china's businessest industries. >> translator: for china, the the smoking industry is facing a big economic challenge. china has a huge population of smokers and it's one of the biggest industries. >> the problems are well-known but so are the solutions, as places in hong kong where public health campaigns have longer to work. >> we have provided legislation can stop the tobacco industry to advertise and promote its
9:49 pm
products and create many smoke free areas that can create very favorable environment to develop smoke free lifestyle. >> reporter: in a bleak report one positive note is the falling smoking rates among women with their reduced risk of premature death. it is the men who have the problem and the excuses. >> i'd like to quit but the best i can do is smoke less maybe. >> reporter: for millions of chinese men the clock is ticking. rob mcbride, al jazeera, hong kong. the burgeoning tunisia, a country on the brink of civil war. and tributes around the world to honor what would have been john lennon's 75th birthday.
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>> huge pride for all tunisians, and i teal very proud. the quartet represents the entire country. >> praise for this year's nobel peace prize. the tunisian national dialogue quartet. the group is credited with helping steer the country towards democracy. nazanine moshiri has the story. >> a surprise to be sure. >> the nobel peace prize for
9:53 pm
2015 is to be awarded to the tunisian national dialogue quartet for its decisive contribution to the building of a pleurallistic democracy in tunisia in the wake of the jasmine revolution of 2011. >> while many had picked pope francis or german chancellor angela merkel to win, in the end the nobel committee spent a powerful message on the importance of pleurallism and dialogue. while other so-called arab spring countries were hit by dialogue, tunisia's was more teunian order of lawyers. formed in 2013, when tunisia's democratic process was in danger
9:54 pm
of collapsing, this was a period of social unrest and political assassinations. the quartet pushed for civility and inclusiveness and helped pulled the country back from the brink of civil war. tunisia went on to pass a new constitution and held successful parliamentary and presidential elections. the nobel jury said they hoped the prize would contribute towards safeguarding democracy in tunisia and be an aspiration to all those who seek to promote democracy in the rest of the world. inspiration that is still needed on a country that has suffered from major attacks that have devastated its tourism industry.this prize may intren n unexpected but given hope to tunisians in these unexpecting times. nazanine moshiri, al jazeera,
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tunis. opposition leader diallo says more time is needed to fix irregularities with voter cards. both sides got into skirmishes, guinea has a history of unrest during elections. no plans to put off the vote. now to our global view segment with a look at how news outlets across the world are reacting to various events. the daily star of lebanon, compares russia's actions in syria to its past incursion in afghanistan, it says bashar al-assad's troops may be too depleeted to capitalize on russia's assistance. a tunisian writer's op ed for the independent is timed, why tunisians are cynical about the peace prize receivers. the nation has send the largest
9:56 pm
number of foreign jihadists to syria. she says recent attacks reveal security concerns and she hopes the peace prize is not used by politicians just looking to claim success. and the national from the uaunited arab emirates, the the winner of the nobel peace price is yet all the panels of potential winners show plumes of smoke indicating the many war zones around the world. the most expensive wood in the world can be found in the forest of malaysia. called argo wood. it has been popular with poachers. as al jazeera, sahil rachman reports. >> reporter: two-thirds of
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malaysia is covered by forest, indigenous tribes have won in the revolution for generations. know the forest well and how to harvest without causing permanent damage. aqualaria trees or argo wood is plentiful. when processed it is used as a perfume called amoun amount ood. only the profits played from them. >> we feel very sad when we go into the forest and see poachers from thailand and cambodia cutting our trees. because people from far away lands come and take the trees and we have very few left. >> up to 80 members of the community harvest the resin that comes from these argo wood trees but that's not case for poachers
9:58 pm
that enter malaysia and fell these trees whether they have resin or not. one kilois worth more than $30,000, which is why the market is growing. ooth is supposed to be regulated is expensive to buy. >> 1,000, 2,000 sometimes. >> it's very expensive. >> yes. >> the malasian government needs to crack down on foreigners poaching argo wood in forestry reserves. it needs to come up with a scheme so that only genuine malasian collectors are allowed to collect argo wood. commercial production of argo wood has been licensed and it is hoped that farms like this one will deter poachers from the forest. they are not just nurturing young saplings but local people who depend on the wood to survive. local people such as mayn who
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live hundreds of kilometers from these farms is depending on the forest to survive. despite the new threat from poachers to their traditional way of living. sahil raman, al jazeera, malaysia. celebrating the birthday of john le lennon in cities arounde world. ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one >> the former beatle would have been 75 years old today. he was a vocal critic of the vietnam war. celebrations began in new york city on tuesday whether his widow yoko ono joined fellow well wishers to form a peace sign. that is it for this edition of al jazeera america america news. thanks for watching.
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"america tonight" is up next. i'll see you in an hour. >> on "america tonight," the crack down on immigration. >> i was born here blessed to be a citizen. for me to look at them and see that they're the ones destroying my country, it is hard for me right now. >> can what started in kansas city as a simple idea turn into a national solution. also tonight.