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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> israeli forces shoot dead another palestinian in gaza as tensions continue in the west bank and occupied east jerusalem. hello, your you're with al jazeera. i'm martine denise. dennis. u.s. takes different training for syrian rebels.
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north korea commemorates 70 years since the founding of its ruling party. and nepal, causing a shortage of basic supplies. but first, another palestinian has been killed by israeli security forces in gaza. 15 palestinians and four israelis have died since the beginning of the month in the unrest. on friday the violence spread to gaza after 6 palestinians died. dozens have been injured since the third of october. the unrest began several weeks ago at the al-aqsa mosque compound inee jerusalem.
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palestinians fear israelis are changing the rules for accessing the site. the violence has spread to the gaza strip. days of rising tensions in israel and the occupied west bank. there have been several stabbings and shootings across the regional. hoda abdel hamid joins us live from ramallah in the west bank. these tensions are gradually but most definitely spreading from east jerusalem now to gaza. >> yes, definitely yesterday the clashes in gaza was -- signaled a new escalation. despite the fact that there have been calls to try orestore calm on both sides of the conflict, calls made by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas and
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. these youth are not organized by any political faction per se, it is youth who are expressing their frustration and actually when you do ask them what are you going to do next there are calls for calm. people tell you no, we are fed up of all of this. we want to find a final settlement to all these issues and we will continue as long as they see violations between the two sides. >> and friday was the deadliest day wasn't it in terms of this recent spate of violence. and the clashes are sporadic so far in nature, they're not all organized or orchestrated. >> reporter: they are not organized or orchestrated. they are sporadic but they are nearly on a daily basis. we do know for example, that later on here, in ramallah in
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the north of the town, while these students of the universities have called for a renewed protest. now when you say protest here, it means that at some point they will be clashes and then there is also two funerals in hebron which has been quite volatile as a city. and there are fears that after the funerals there of two palestinians who have died in the past few days, there will be more clashes. usually when the clashes start they start preddin spreading alr the different towns and cities of the occupied west bank. they are sporadic and limited in numbers, even though on the last few days you see an increase of youth standing by and wondering whether they should join in or not. i would say each time there's a confrontation, each time there is deft, each time they're
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injured the anger andersons among the youth and the danger is no matter how much the political pressure there is, we know there has been regional pressure, international pressure to try to quell this situation as soon as possible. but will most of them listen? most of them have been born after the oslo accords, they haven't seen anything, any sign of peace in their daily lives, or on the ground, their world has slng shrunk. the challenge is to try to quell these clashes sps and trying top them small in scope. >> all right, hoda abdel hamid, from russia plaw. over the past threramallah.
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only ahandful of rebels have made it to the battlefield, rosiland jordan reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: when i.s.i.l. fighters captured parts of syria in 2014, the u.s. came up with a plan. train syrian fighters already working against the assad government and train them to go after i.s.i.l. instead. a year later the u.s. is dumping that idea and planning to give basic military equipment and support to existing groups, including kurdish peshmerga. u.s. officials insist the goal is the same. >> enable capable, motivateforces on the ground to retake territory from i.s.i.l. and reclaim syrian territory from extremism. >> reporter: 4 than 100 people
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graduated from the u.s. train and assist program and they collapsed when they entered the battlefield. it was an embarrassment of the obama administration. >> can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remain? >> it's a small number and the ones that are in the fight is -- is -- is -- we're talking four or five. >> as i see it right now, this four or five u.s. trained fighters, let's not kid ourselves, that's a joke. >> reporter: u.s. officials say once the syrian civil war end these rebel fighters should have a seat at the political table. >> one reason to provide support to a variety of opposition groups in syria is clearly to fight i.s.i.l. but another reason is to ensure that there are credible opposition factions in the country who could be a part of a transition. >> but with russia now running its own military operations in syria the u.s. is worried there
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won't be any alternatives to assad and i.s.i.l. once the civil war ends. >> what we've seen so far in terms of russian military activity and the strikes are taken as they are predominantly against opposition groups. >> even with this one change in u.s. policy, the situation in syria is still unstable. the u.s. has no quick way of ending the violence. rosiland jordan al jazeera washington. >> and the u.s. says it will hold a second round of talks with russia to ensure safety during the bombing campaign in syria. 300 have been killed during its latest rounds of attacks on raqqraqqa and homs. north korea is celebrating 70 years since it was founded by
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its ruling party. it's mark the occasion buy big party in pyongyang. this is the live scene now. you can see the north korean leader kim jong-un. chinese officials were also in attendance there. neighboring south korea is harry fawcett our correspondent and rain heavy rain may have delayed the start of this extravaganza but it doesn't seem to have dampened spirits harry. >> reporter: that's right. they waited until the afternoon, we understood it was to get underway mid morning. those blue skies have come and just around 3:00 p.m. local time here in seoul things started to get underway up there in pyongyang and the highlights
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have been twofold, really, kim jong-un giving a speech in front of ranks of army fell and indeed invited guests. some of the things he said, that this was a very meaningful revolutionary holiday, giving the highest honor and glory to the founding father of the party, that founding father being his grandfather, kim ilsunil-sung and the victory thd been achieved on the land of north korea was because of its people and indeed its party and he also paid tribute to the foreign guests who had come and the key foreign guest is the 5th he most senior man in chinese communist party, yo yun
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set, sen. he seems to be a guest of honor relations between beijing and pyongyang could be on the improving road. >> as ever, the military parade itself will be closely scrutinized for any additions to its armory. anything that particularly stands out for you? >> not so much yet, we've just had the preliminaries really, the various marching troops getting into place in kim ilsung square. the things we'll be watching out for whether the kn 08 interdmect
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missiles, okn 08, we haveseen tn symbol nuclear back packs trapped on them, thastrapped on. military analysts will watch very closely to see what is on display. >> we have the live picture of kim jong-un making his speech? does he have the feature of a fidel castro type speaker or will he be wrapping up? >> in contrast with his father, his voice was very rarely heard,
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kim jong-un does speak at these big events. he seems very much more content to speak. he doesn't have perhaps the magnetic oratory from others of his ilk but he feels totally confident, speak and have his personality come across at these big national events. >> for now harry, thank you very much. harry fawcett taking us through the military parade which is underway in the north korean capital. now vens's response is nothing to do with th are target suspected people-smugglers off the libyan coast. here is our diplomatic editor
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james bays reporting from the u.n. >> the u.n. security council voting to endorse a european union naval operation across the coast of libya. house have died trying to make the join, and the u.k. that drooup the resolution says it will be saving lives. >> any boats stopped will be arrested and their cargo seized. >> however his libyan counterpart said it would make more people from libya. >> increasing the numbers of migrants and the number of migrants to enter libya through its practically open borders. >> reporter: the new
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uoperation will be limited to european waters, not as far as the plan introduced in may, that suggested they would deliver smuggler boats on the coast of libya, jaibsen united nations. >> including this. >> i'm daniel schweimler, these houses don't figure on any maps, at least not yet.
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>> we'll have a look at the top stories here at al jazeera. a week of violence between palestinians and israelis has now moved to the gaza strip. killing seven people and injuring dozens more on friday. since the beginning of the month, 16 palestinians and four israelis have died in a series of attacks across the region. 15 palestinians and four israelis have been killed in the latest arrest. powrm says there muspresidee must be a shift in focus. north korea story because this is the scene in pyongyang as the north korean pleerd ki leader kn celebrates.
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he's warning that pyongyang is ready to address any u.s. threat. people who are living on the border froms from nepal to india, some people have been crate drai demonstrating against the newly found constitution, it ictd tricts therestricts them. >> despite the long delays the truck drivers still don't want to cross the border. >> i saved in nepal a lot of stone finding incidents. a lot of trucks have been attacked. i won't go to nepal, i just won't go. >> for almost two months or now, many areas have been in the
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norsed shutdown. the new constitution fails to represent the them adequately. are the indian government is unhappy with nepal's new government and warns them to not come to the borders. trucks carrying foot and fuel from india. causing chaos for those on both sides. >> i just had an operation and i'm facing dils e-difficulty here at the area. >> most of our business is with nepalese who came here to buy medicines. >> protest leaders say we'll stick to their demand unless the
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nepalese are taken into consideration. >> we have lost 50 lives he each time but this is the last battles bath for the two sides. in. >> reporter: in kathmandu. they have come out on the streets to call for politicians with no meaningfu meaningful pa. >> some protesters in kathmandu callcalled but they declined. following apri april's goousms r
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the crises an iforts not clear what action is being taken and there is no ends in site. intoibs, al jazeera, kathmandu. >> violence before friday's presidential election, the leaders, diallo, from the poiption to dlie elections over rigging sense. president contrais looking to earn a second week in congress. >> hundreds of protesters in till don't want it at all. held up symbolic cards for u.n.
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in 800 they have to approve it four years ago after the fraudulent of moammar gadhafi. >> the tripoli based government is one of two arrival basins. each is supported by arms groups geanched in daily fightin fight. stepping into an already crowded battle ground. but now there's hope that a unity government proposed by the u.n. after months of talks in morocco may bring the fighting to an end. i that the unit government,
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most of them are suffering very much, who will support this new government to start its work quickly? >> they are worried like the groups like the mund gaining too many power. >> this is considered a conspiracy and the libyans know that. we won't support it. >> good riefnl neat to prowm the proposed deal. there is at this time points of disagreement. >> there is only the government is supposed to be located in trep perpetual i.q. stay us to the third challenge. gnc what part would be playing 8 last night's adoption? >> reform the army and implement
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a assess fire, owners of pel in all the cms only prolong the suffering of the libyan people. the leaders of those countries are also worried that a divided libya could pave the way for i.s.i.l. fighters to build a stronger platform in nearveg. a nightmare for northern europe, who is hoping the area has,. >> tunisia's national dialogue quartet was honored for helping build, the president delivered
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his message in ifer by no matter if they're from the left or right or central terrorism and we can only win if we are together. >> world bank's economic spots as two bodies meet. they say many peruvians who have been lifted out of trem policy are now at pru a peru kill so argentina now where about 1 in 10 people in the capital,
3:27 am don't fest face something more. daniel schweimler. age. >> i saw one in the exploourve, we cannot tolerate 300,000 pete greated into the city. we believe the solution is to open the. >> it now has more than 1,000 residents with ambulance and fire services, don't know where to go? gas pipes running wawshtd cannot be installed without proper reference points. >> we don't exist because there's no interest in you us from the citus withthe city towe
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always, like anybody else, but they don't exist according to the official maps. often ignored by the authorities and the other residents of buenos i'd. marking every narrow alleyway and street, most of them without names. >> with this gps we walk the streets of shanty towns. we digital? c and we note it another our the mappers want to be noticed, recognized and accepted. to enjoy the same basic immunity
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that whether, they want to exist on a special map. breaking nurns has gone off in the capital ankara. there are reports of many facialts. apparently, there was a peace march taking place. not sure the toorg. wile one big explosion, at least one big explosion in the turkish capital, ankara. now joko widthodo, now
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malaysia has sent in three proclaims to help put out the fires. now just a requirement then that you can keep right up to date with at a april source and you can kept up with the development, aljazeera.codevelo. the ghosts of men and women fill the wards of government hospitals across india. they stare silently - suspended in limbo between the living and the dead. these patients are the infected - victims of a contagion so lethal it kills almost one and a half million people globally


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