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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> two explosions at a peace rally in the turkish capital ankara. reports of at least seven dead hello. you're with al jazeera, i'm martine dennis, live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up, israeli forces shoot dead another palestinian in gaza as tensions continue in the west bank and occupied east jerusalem celebrations in north korea as it commemorates 70 years since the founding of its ruling
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party and a move to preserve florida's everglades. will it come at a price for the air boat culture now, we start with breaking news out of turkey. there has been two explosions in the capital ankara. there are suggestions of props as many as 20 people having been killed. some media reports are talking of seven people have been been killed. as i say, other media reports suggesting perhaps 20 people have been killed. let's gone on the line to istanbul, and our correspondent. what can you tell us? >> what we are hearing, unfortunately, today, is that in the capital ankara there was, unfortunately, with a peace rally that was expecting to have
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tens of thousands of people attending the rally, there has been two explosions. so far it is hard to verify. seven people are dead, many are injured. we have also... >> we'll bring you more detail on that unfolding drama in the turkish capital as soon as we get it. these are the latest pictures that we are receiving in, as you can see, the aftermath of what appears to have been at least two explosions, reports much casualties are varying as always happens in the immediate aftermath of such a tragedy. we shall keep you up to date with developments, of course, as soon as we get any more information, we'll bring it to you in the meantime we'll look
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at other new us. the obama administration decided to abandon its programme to train fighters battling i.s.i.l. in syria. the state department says there needs to be a shift in focus to train leaders instead. over the past few years the u.s. spent $500 million trying to equip thousands of fighters. only a handful made it to the battlefield. rosalind jordan reports from washington d.c. >> reporter: when i.s.i.l. fighters captured parts of syria in 2014, the u.s. came up with a plan. trained syrian rebels to go after i.s.i.l. instead. 500 million over three years, to raise an army some 15,000 men strong. a year later the u.s. is dumping that idea and planning to give basic military equipment and support to existing groups. u.s. officials insist the goal is the same.
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>> enable, capable motivated forces on the ground to retake territory from i.s.i.l., and reclaim syrian territory. fewer than 100 people were aggravated. they collapsed when they entered the battlefield. it was an embarrassment for the obama administration. >> can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains? >> it's a small number. the ones that are in the fight is - we are talking four or five. >> as i see it right now, there's four or five u.s.-trained fighters. let's not kid ourselves. that's a joke. once the war ends, the rebel fighters should have a seat at the table. >> one of the reasons to provide support to a variety of opposition groups in syria is clearly to fight i.s.i.l. but another reason is to ensure
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that there are credible opposition factions in the country who could be a part of the transition. >> with russia running its own operations in syria. the u.s. is worried there won't be anything once the war ends. >> so far, in terms of russian military activity, and the strikes are taken, they are predominantly without opposition groups. >> with one change in u.s. policy, the situation is unstable. the u.s. has no quick way of ending the violence now, the u.s. says it will hold a second round of talks with russia to ensure air safety during the bombing campaign in syria. moscow says 300 fighters have been killed in syria during air strikes in raqqa, homs and aleppo. five were killed in an air
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strike on a camp for internally displaced people. 50 were injured in the strike on the village in idlib province. >> a palestinian has been killed by israeli security forces in occupied east jerusalem. 16 palestinians and four israelis had died since the beginning of the month of unrest. the violence spread to gaza on friday, where seven palestinians died after israeli groups opened fire on protesters. more than 1500 palestinians and dozens of israelis had been injured since october the 3rd. the unrest began at the al-aqsa compound in occupied east jerusalem. palestinians fear that israel is seeking to change the rules which govern access to the site. the violence spread to the gaza strip. the leader of the palestinian faction hamas is calling on supporters to join the protests. this follows days of rising
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tensions. there has been stabbings and shootings across the region. hoda abdel-hamid has been following the matter. given the ratcheting up of tension, what is it like today? >> at the moment, it's calm. we know students have actually said that they will march to this area behind me, and that's where the scene of the violent clashes over the past few days including yesterday and in hebron, it will be the funeral of two palestinians who died in the previous days. one of them is alleged, according to israeli police, and has been trying to stab the soldiers, and the other stabbed
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another israeli soldiers. we are expecting during the funerals, or just after the funeral procession there. there is an effort to try to bring the situation under control, especially here in the occupied west bank. the issue is whether the youth will listen to the leadership or not. >> what appears to be the case so far is the fact that these clashes are pretty random in nature. they are sporadic, they are not organized yet. we are not seeing a mass oshingistration of protests yet, are we? >> absolutely not. these are not clashes called for by the various palestinians factions, it's an expression of frustration and anger from the palestinian youth. as you said before, there's the issue over the suspicions, the growing suspicions over the motive of israel over the
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al-aqsa mosque compound, and there's built up anger and frustration. the family that was killed inside her home by an israeli settler is something that is brought up all the time. the expansion ever settlement, the fact that they have no hope and see no future the. that is really at the crux of the matter. continued israeli occupation, and many tell you that the israeli occupation will end when israel takes the land. that's what they believe. they are angry at the palestinian authority, saying that the palestinian authority is too wake in front of israel, it doesn't stand ground and gave it too much, giving too much to israel. they'll say they'll not be silent and will put as much pressure as they want. >> in the wider public, there's less appetite for this to grow
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and expand into a third inte fadda. they have had two, and it led to nothing much. >> hoda abdel-hamid reporting live from ramallah in the occupied west bank. >> north korea's leader warned the u.s. that he is ready to respond to any threat. kim jong un made the comments during a military parade celebrating 70 years since the founding of the military party. china attended the celebrations. harry fawcett is our correspondent monitoring today's celebration from south korea. from the capital there, seoul. so after the speeches, and the displays, now we are getting down to the real stuff. we can see the military hardware that is being paraded for all to inspect. >> that's right. we are seeing a good deal of
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that coming through right now. we have seen multilaunch rocket systems, artillery pieces, the south korean media reporting what is happening, reporting a 300mm field gun was on display, and larger rockets. we have not seen the mobile intercontinental missile unveiled in 2012. and a lot of people are watching - just as i speak - a transporter erector launcher - seems to be a large one. that could be one of those. military analysts will be pouring over the pictures to see what north korea has on display for this 70th anniversary of the workers party. >> significant, too, that a senior member of the chinese communist party is there in attendance. >> that's right.
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the number 5 ranking member in china's ruling communist party. the most senior man to visit north korea from china's ruling party since the succession to power of kim jong un at the end of 2011. he has not only come, he's delivered a letter from the president of china, which was notable in its warmth towards kim jong un. after many years of frosty regulations between pyongyang, since they took over, it seems a markedly warmer profile. mr yo seems to be the guest of honour, standing next to kim jong un, on the balcony, overseeing this, and the two have been exchanging jokes, laughter and chat throughout the proceedings. >> thank you harry fawcett. our correspondent will continue to monitor that suspect abbingle
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taking place in pyongyang. still to come here at al jazeera - a blockade causing ayos on both sides of the nepalese border as fuel and food shortages continue. plus... [ singing ] ..rebel health patients in the philippines take center stage to show they are just like everyone else. person
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et hellom again, i'm martine dennis, and these are the top
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storeys at al jazeera. there has been two expressions in ankara, turkey, happening during a peace rally. there are reports at least 20 people have been killed a week of violence between israelis and palestinians spread to the gaza strip. israeli troops opened fire on palestinian protesters, killing seven and injuring dozens more on pay day. since the beginning of the month 17 palestinians and four israelis died in a series of attacks across the region north korea's leader warned the u.s. that it is ready to respond to any threat. kim jong un was speaking during a military parade held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the ruling party back to our top story, the story we have learnt about within the past hour or so, several blasts having taken place in ankara. many people, it seems, has died. let's talk to our correspondent who is in istanbul.
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bring us up to date with what you know. >> what we know is unfortunately that 20 people dead, it's confirmed, and unfortunately the number may raise. according to officials. so far the problem is it has been a quiet day in istanbul, being the weekend, and a quiet day in ankara. today anti-governments planneded to stage a peace rally against the growing conflict of the p.k.k. and the security force in the south-east of turkey. that is why we had tens of thousands, expect together. close to the location where two explosions took place. unfortunately, many have been injured. >> we are looking at pictures of people being ferried from the scene on stretchers by the
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emergency services and it teems to have been a condensed scene, if you like. it was a small space in which the blasts went off. am i right? >> you are right. >> these people were gathering from this location. in fact, some of the road was blocked because there was going to be a rally staged nearby. that is why it has caused a lot of panic. and some eyewitnesss accounts old us about the american si services reaction. and there has been a lot of confusion, the fact that there was these two explosions. >> tell us again about the groups of - the organizations that were staging this peace rally. you said anti-government groups and n.g.o.s. >> yes, because, you know,
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turkey has been rocked since post the election, with incidents between the p.k.k. and military forces, and we have more than 100 people die in the clashes. the june 7th election, with that sentiment, government n.g.o.s, or groups that back the government, rally with the turkish flag, and the reactions, some are more inclined to be, and some of the group have been calling for peace rallies and wanting to talk the situation, in the south of turkey. >> okay. for now, thank you very much indeed. correspondent will continue to keep us right up to date with this breaking news story as we see the pictures of people having been injured. there are many dead, we are led
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to believe. two blasts and two explosions having occurred in ankara, the turkish capital at a peace rally. we'll be kept across developments there in the meantime, let's have a look at other news. after months of talks to end fighting in libya. hundreds in tripoli don't agree. demonstrators chanted anti-u.n. slogans. holding up the cards. the rival parliament has got to approve it. this is happening four years after the gal of muammar gaddafi. there's escalating violence on the eve of presidential elections. seven people have been killed. >> that's 700km from the capital.
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five prosecutor burnt in their homes. two were shot. people living close to the border are facing fuel. they really on imports. businesses are shut down because of protests. some protested the constitution. they say it discriminates against them, and they want it changed. >> reporter: for weeks they've been waiting on the indian side of the border with nepal. despite long dedelays, truck drivers still do not want to across the boarder. >> there's a lot of incidents, a lot have been attacked. i'm scared to drive to nepal, i will not go. >> for almost two months, many areas in nepal, along the
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border, has been along a shut down. residents have been protesting against the constitution, which they say fails to represent them properly. >> more than 40 people have lost their lives in the unrest. the indian government is unhappy with the constitution of nepal, and warned the nepali government to get its house in order. then the undeclared blockade of the trucks carries essential imports of food and fuel. they remain stuck on the border, causing chaos for many on both sides. >> i had an operation. i'm facing difficulty at the border. >> on the indian side businesses are losing revenue after trade with nepal died up. >> most of the beside is with nepalese. >> protest leaders say they'll stick to their demand until the
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grievances are addressed. >> we shall continue to fight until demands are met. this will be the third and last battle. we fought two battles already. this is the last battle. in kathmandu, the shortage of supplies, especially petrol and diesel is becoming acute. >> as the crisis deepens, more are concerned that politicians are not serious. it's early morning. all these people came out on the streaks, to call out to the politicians for a more meaningful dialogue. >> with no government talks on friday to settle the crisis, some called on the prime minister to address the nation and explain what is going on. al jazeera contacted several government representatives for comment. following april's earthquake,
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the political argument over the constitution, and now the blockade. nepal is undergoing multiple crisis. it's not clear what action is being taken. there's no end in sight now, there's a lot of stigma attached to mental health issues generally, but particularly in the philippines. activists there are asking the government to have a mental health law to try to help people in need. >> reporter: every day is a struggle for alice. she was diagnosed with depression seven years ago. it was the only time she had seen a psychiatrist. she was in hospital after trying to take her own life. >> it was a struggle for me whether to have a happy ending or not. i am sure there's a lot of people that suffer from that, but, you know, nobody knows
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about it because nobody actually talks about it. >> reporter: the philippines has the highest incident of depression. only a third of those troubled will seek help. shamed to lose their jobs or friends, filipinos with mental health issues would rather hide their problems. psychiatrists are trying to break the stigma through consultation. mental health patients took center stage to show they were like everyone else, and shouldn't be ostracised. fewer people than expected came, not even the government representatives that were invited. >> it is also said that my year 2020, it will be the second highest ranking reason for disability. and we would like to step ahead and be able to address the needs
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of the people. >> with no experiencive or systematic mental health programme, the needs of the filipino people are being addressed like this. this is one of less than 10 government-run mental health centers. they are underfunded in undermanned. >> there's only one doctor on duty a day. nicks to looking after 200 stay-in patients. the doctor has to look after all the people that comes as out-patients. >> less than 5% of the national health budgets goes to mental health care. there's only 500 certified psychiatrists in the country. it can create mental distress in millions of survivors. >> i believe it's a failing on the government party. there should be more propensity in giving help to the people.
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and forming organizations to take care. >> alice considers herself fortunate, with the help of her family, she has found a way to cope. thousands of others have been abandoned. left to struggle on their own the indonesian president joko widodo set a 2-week target to try to corn tain the -- contain the huge forest fires besetting his country. smoke from the fires polluted the whole region, disrupted flights and shut down schools. indonesia insisted that it can manage itself. now malaysia sent in three planes to help them a unique way of life in one of the largest national parks in the u.s. could be about to end. a new law banning most of florida's private air boats operating in the everglades.
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robert ray has more. >> reporter: everglades, national park, florida rsh, the largest waterway. home to the gladesmen. a community in danger of extinction because of new federal regulations that will ban the air boats used for transportation and to make a living. the federal government is concerned about pollution and preservation. >> it has to do with impact to wildlife, the quality of the visitor experience. the noise, the pollution, the impact of loud vessels enacts affects the animal behaviour and function. >> in 1989 the parks were ordered to come up with a management plan. that means the end of private air boating, except for the
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handful of captains that can prove they used the area in 1989. they'll be given non-transferrable permits. the national park is 1.9 million acres. the everglades expansion act. air boat owners were allowed to go on 5,000. under the acknowledgement it will be limited top 25,000 of them. the plan goes into effect in the coming weeks. >> there's back and forth about what is allowed and what is not. i think as we talk further, there'll be a good outcome on the business side of things. eventually in this time flame there'll be no private individuals. >> the government wants a quieter gentler everglades.
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they don't see that happening to keep up to date with developments in the turkish cap call. you can go to the website or, of course, you can join me in half an hour. welcome to panama. i'd heard the stories of a rich and diverse forest. >> hi, buddy! >> i'd be lying if i didn't admit that i was psyched to be here. i'd find plenty of butterflies and a heck of a lot more. >> did you see that guy? >> that's what i could count on. but then, panama surprised me. techknow came here to check out the massive panama canal expansion project but this trip


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