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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> dozens of people were reported to have been killed. the final death toll is unclear. hundreds had gathered to participate in what was a peace rally. which was organized by trade unions and other groups pulling for a resumption of peace trucks between the government and separatist groups the pkk. >> there was a demonstration. i was walking next to a stage rally truck. right here, and an explosion went off. we laid on the ground. the second bomb went off there. there were two bombs. the one that went off here was a very strong one. >> the security situation in turkey has become volatile in recent months. the peace process between the government and the pkk has all but collapsed. the pkk has killed more than 40 soldiers in recent months, and they have conducted several
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airstrikes against kurdish fighters. turks are scheduled to vote in parliamentary elections in just a few weeks. they may have topped voters agenda in the last election. now it is becoming a concern for many. al jazeera. >> well, turkey's pro kurdish party has accused the government for not doing enough to prevent the attack. >> indeed, we're facing a real massacre. a demonstration for peace and attacks in the most barbaric way. members of political parties, people who want peace in their country, and who don't want blood to be shed just like the majority of the country. >> joining us. first tell us about whether there has been any government response to those twin blasts and also the hdp has come out and said also that we're expecting the prime minister to be speaking at any moment now.
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>> yes, the prime minister is expected to hold the press conference. but the latest information from the government came just an hour ago. turkish government said that this was a terrorist attack. they said that 86 people have lost their lives, 186 are wounded, and 28 are in intensive care unit. their situation is critical and they're worried about their lives. just a few minutes ago the crime scene investigation unit, they investigated all the area and they left the area. just there was lots of flood in the explosion area. the crime scene unit were
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looking for clues which could lead them to the explosion. no organization has claimed responsibility yet. according to an official information the cause of the explosion are suicide-bombers, but this is not officially confirmed yet. ththe interior minister talked about it and said it was an explosion. >> tell us more about the rally and why it was held. >> yes, some were union, some organizations, but the pro turkish political party acp members, they're supporters were gathered here. they came from all around turkey. 500 to bring them to turkey. capital. it was called the peace rally. it was called a peace demonstration.
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after the parliament election in june, the pkk, the arms kurdistan group party ended the two-year piec peace. and pkk members have been going in and many people have lost their lives in turkey. since then there has been a high concern of security in all around turkey. these people were gathered here to mainly protest the government security operation. >> thank you for that update from annik n ankara. >> palestinians stabbing three police officers and seriously wounding one of them and then was shot dead by police. earlier a police stabbed a palestinian who stabbed two
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israelis. more than 15 palestinians have been injured. crossing over to mike hannah, who is joining us from west jerusalem to tell us more about the stabbings that took place near the gates, mike? >> well, the police have released more details of the second stabbing in which three police officers were attacked by a 19-year-old palestinian. now, initial reports said that two of the police officers had been moderately injured, but the third was in serious condition. the police now say that the man in a serious condition was shot by what they call friendly fire. that is a shot fired by one of the other police officers while the assailant was being gunned down. a second police officers, the one who was moderately injured was also struck, apparently, by friendly fire. now earlier in the day there was
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an attack very near the same site. that was two elderly israelis who were moderately knifed by a palestinian. the palestinian then shot down by police. so two attacks on the same site in the course of the day. >> mike, how much pressure is all of this putting on both parties, netanyahu, as well as the palestinian authority macmad abba mahmood abbas. who would east back tensions as we're seeing. >> there are two different levels. one is a knife attack that is a separate issue described by the israeli police as haphazard, unorganized, very difficult to predict and difficult to stop on one level. but more serious is the we willing opposition the we willing discontent, and the
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demonstrations here in jerusalem itself, and occupied east jerusalem, there have been a series of demonstrations by the refugee camp, for example. now, there have been demonstrations, protests throughout the occupied west bank, and, indeed, in many parts of israel proper where palestinian israelis have started demonstrating as well. that is a wider issue than these series of knifing attacks. the political leaders of benjamin netanyahu, mahmood abbas, both attempting to calm the situation. both calling for both of those to step back from each other. and both insisting they want some kind of peaceful resolution, or want some kind of calming on the ground. once again everything happening in the context of occupation, and that's the root cause of this ongoing violence. >> well, as michael was reporting, the unrest began
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several weeks ago at the al aqsa compound. palestinians fear that israel wants to change the rules oh governing access to the site. the violence has spread to the gaza strip. the leader of the palestinian faction hamas has called on short. there have been several stabbings and shootings across the region. there have been reports from the occupied west bank. they were tear gassed by israeli forces during a live broadcast. >> we're told that we have to move out from here--no, i think we are okay because some israeli soldiers are coming down this road here. actually, everyone who is around me is just moving away. i think we're just going to have to--we are fine, i think. so going back to your question, yes, do you say that they're taking things in their own--not
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listening to the leaders. there you go. i think we will have to move from here. we're getting tear gassed by the israeli soldiers. we're just going to take position, but we really can't breathe at this stage. we are completely--we're just going to take a safer position. [ coughing ] as you can see everybody here. [ coughing ] >> just to let you know. we spoke to her after that, a she came up a couple of times on al jazeera, so she's fine. the north koreaen leader kim jong-un gave a warning to the
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u.s. he said that pyongyang's military is ready for any threat. harry fawcett followed the day's event from south korea. >> ordering the biggest parade pyongyang had ever seen. what the supreme leader wants he usually gets. even down to the weather. the huge event delayed from a rainy morning to a blue sky in the afternoon. much of the speech was to praising the people and the party. no mention of nuclear weapons. only the briefest weapons to reunify the peninsula and a message of defiance to the united states. >> we proudly declare with our armed power we're ready to respond to any imperialists and can defend the blue skies of the father land. >> to emphasize those words, the military analysts were watching for anything non-traditional in
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the hardware that followed spotting new artillery launches and missiles which analysts believe to be a modification from ones they view in another parade three years ago. as far as north korean watchers were saying, what they would say about the relationship between north korea and china. >> china had sent it's fifth more senior party official bearing a warm letter from president xi jinping. he was given the ultra v.i.p. treatment sharing the limelight with the north korean leader a , one reason, north korea's decision to go along with china's request not to mark the occasion with a long-range
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rocket launch. >> to keep the launch in the backup card in case the relations between the u.s. and south don't work out well and their livelihood become difficult. they can use it to divert dissatisfaction. >> there was no dissatisfaction on saturday. months of rehearsal culminating in a show for home and abroad. >> here's what is coming up on the program. escalating violence in guinea and sunday's presidential election. plus. >> i'm daniel swiper in buenos aries.
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>> they don't fear anything. >> they're consuming economically important species >> we're offering something on our menu that no-one else
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is offering. >> you're watching al jazeera. here are the headlines. >> at least 8 people have been killed in twin explosions in the turkish capital of ankara. it happened during a peace rally. there has been a second stabbing attack in occupied east jerusalem. a palestinian was shot dead after stabbing an officer. two other police officers were hurt in the incident. north korea's leader warned the u.s. that it's ready to respond to any threat. kim jong-un was speaking during a military parade celebrating the 70 years of the founding of
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the ruling party. moscow has increased the intensity of air assaults. russia said its targeting only isil but other rebel groups opposed to assad say they've been repeatedly hit. well, syrian rebels in the homs countryside believe they'll be the next target. they've been strengthening their defenses. >> the opposition is expecting a war. the syrian army has warned that it plans to advance in the northern countryside of homs. what is known as the warplanes, opposition fighters say that the army has been reinforcing its positions. "a" anti-aircraft weapons have done little from targeting this region. since the first day of russia's
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intervention. the homs countryside has been hit almost on a daily basis. rebel commanders are worried because they say they don't have the weapons needed to fight this battle. >> we're prepared for a fight, and our morale is high. we don't have enough ammunition. we don't have anti-armor missiles, we don't have that here. >> the rebel controlled enclave is under a blockade. it has been like that for years. the only bay out is to pass through army check points making it hard for rebel groups to get the ammunition that they need. many groups operate in this corner of syria. those who still fight for the free syrian army banner have united for more conservative forces. they say that the threat required they put their defenses aside. >> we have created a joint operation room. we have united our forces. all the big groups have come together to con front the upcoming offensive.
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>> people of this village's enclave believe they were russian airstrikes in the past weeks. they say conditions are bad because of the difficulties of bringing in food and much-needed supplies. >> it's a desperate situation. people cannot eye afford the high prices. people are in and out of these region so they can't control the prices. >> the main highway linking homs and hama. if they want the supply line they go further north and security the corridor between the coast and damascus. and among the competition it's important that they not lose their last remaining stronghold in the province known as the capital of the revolution. >> well, video has emerged of what is left of an ancient temple in pa palmyra.
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fighters used 30 tons of explosives to detonate the site that can be dated back to the roman empire. there has been more violence in guinea in the run up to the presidential election. seven people have been killed in the diamond mining town east of the capital. five of them were burned in their home. another two were shot. the u.n. warned of a deteriora deteriorating situation in street fighting between supporters. they rejected calls from the opposition to delay elections over allegations of vote fraud. nearly 20,000 police and security guards have deployed ahead of the sunday vote. they have reports on choices facing the 7 million eligible voters. >> thousands gathered to hear presidential candidates speech
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about what he thinks is wrong with the government. he nearly lost his bid for power in the first democratic presidential election five years ago. now he and six other candidates are aim to go unseat the president. this campaign stop 100 kilometers from the capital was in one of the worst areas hit by the recent ebola epidem epidemic. >> they were closed borders an. >> business in this market appear to be doing well. guinea's economy lost $500 million because of the outbreak. they worry they may not have enough money to pay the wages of
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state employees. they tried to stop the president from winning a second term saying he has not done enough to lure foreign investment. >> our oh bosses are crying saying that the white man has left the country, and the drop of diamond has dropped down. we're suffering now since the sick came to the country. >> they have natural resources, such as iron ore, gold and diamonds. >> ebola caused trouble, but today ebola is almost finished. we have a lot of diamond reserves, but we can't do anything until investors have the courage to come to our country. we need to have a marketplace with international standards instead of having millions of dollars worth of diamonds gold smuggled out. >> as voters go to the polls on sunday, begini's experiment will face another test. dozens of international observers are monitoring the
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election overseeing the second democratic presidential poll after a history of dictatorships and corruption. >> original. >> thousands of people have been gathering in berlin to protest against a planned trans-atlantic free trade pact while the u.s. government has pushed through the deal, trade unions are worried. they have been negotiating on that deal for two years now. jonah hull reports. >> it may sunday a bit dull. but if you live in europe or the united states you ought to know about the trans-atlantic trade and investment partnership. it's an agreement currently being negotiated behind closed doors at the highest levels that aims to harmonize trans-atlantic trade rules and standards. here in berlin tens of thousands of people arrived on the streets because they think it's a bad idea. they're wary of what one campaigner called an all out
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assault on a europe and transnational company. >> when it's concluded possibly next year, they will create the world's largest free trade zone. the market of 800 million people that could add $100 billion a year to economic output on both sides of the atlantic. in practice it could effect everything from jobs to income, healthcare, to the food you eat, and there are many critics. >> i'm not sure if it would happen all that quickly. my urgent advice is that you can't be nervous when it comes to negotiating with the motherland of global indication. as an european you must consciously engage in this issue. >> we hear that the social standards, especially the standards for workers will decrease. >> we lik don't like that it's
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giving power to big companies. >> you don't believe what the government is telling you. are they telling you anything? >> they don't tell us nothing. >> they argue in speaking parity between the e.u. and u.s. all that will be achieved is mediocrity. on this side of the atlantic eroding stronger laws on food safety and environment while on the other side weakening traditionally stiffer financial regulations in the u.s. the winners, they say, big business and the banks. that's not all, they say that they're negotiating in secret, a trojan horse being driven into the heart of our economies and our lives, and no one really knows what is inside. jonah hull, berggren european football president michel platini has filed against fifa.
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it comes after a payment made payment became the center of an criminal investigation. sepp blatter, who was also suspended from his role as president has lodged an appeal. demonstrate necessary peru has taken to the streets of lima to protest against the international monetary fund and world banks economic policies. they're saying many peruvians are at risk of falling back into poverty. the imf and world bank has described peru an economic miracle for cutting poverty. they're having their annual meeting in lima. one in ten people in argentina's capital of buenos aires is believed to be living in shanty towns but despite that, you won't find the slums on any official maps.
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we have more. >> this is buenos aires' largest shanty town. lodging 40,000 people along the railway tracks. >> we cannot tolerate 300,000 people living segregated from the rest of the city. that's our main worry. we believe the solution is to integrate these neighborhoods. >> it was established more than 30 years ago on the edge of the city's reserve. it now has more than 1,000 residents. but ambulance and fire services don't know where to go. and infrastructure, drainage gas pipes and running water cannot be installed without proper reference points. >> we don't exist because there is no interest in us from the city government. there is no political will to
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incorporate the shanty towns. ber' the ones with the least and we've always been neglected. >> of course they exist. living their lives and bringing up their children like anybody else. they're often ignored by the authorities and other residents of buenos aires. now these activists from the association for justice and equality are shattering the buenos aires shanty towns marking every narrow alleyway and street, most of them without names. >> with this gps we work the streets. to digitally mark the road in which every alleyway and corner of the community. then we load it on to our baby page. >> security in these often dangerous neighborhoods is not a problem. the residents welcome the mappers. they want to be noticed, recognized and accepted to enjoy the same basic communities as
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everyone else, but first they need to exist on an official map. >> well, you can find out much more about that story from buenos aires on our website and there you'll find the day's other top stories all at >> this is "techknow," a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the inner section of hardware and humanity, and we're doing it in an unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight "techknow" investigates extreme weather. mechanical engineer is in the