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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ as violence continues in israel and palestine, groups accuse israel of using excessive force. >> hello there. i am barbara sarah. watchingays live from rondon. turkeyru remembers dozens kille in the ankara attacks. but it's still unclear who should be held to account. syrian rebels struggled to defend captured territory as the government ramps up its assault backed by russia airstrikes.
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improving life: how one woman is teaching some of india's poorest children to see things a little differently. itionisi government has promised the crackdown on protesters as violence continues across the region. it's reintroduced minimum prison sentences for palestinians throwing rocks and fire bombs. they are their emergency meyers, the government says it will toughen them if they need to. it started in october when two israeli soldiers were shot and killed in the west bank. two people were injured in a stabbing attack near the israeli town of hadar as. in sunday, an airstrike killed a pregnant woman and her tolthsdzer. israel said it was targeting two weapons manufacturing facilities.
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human rights watch has accused israel of violating international laws governing the use of lethal force. the full israeli cabinet has been discussing the crisis. mike hanna has this report from west jerusalem. the first full cabinet. there has been an unsurge in violence and occupied territory and in israel, itself, four alleged palestinian tackers were shotded on the scene and a number of demonstrate orders have been killed by israeli forces in gaza. the rising fatality figures are raising questions by humanrights organizations about the rules engagement being applied by the israeli army and police. this is footedage of 19-year-old fadi alun. the civilians are shouting shoot
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him. kill him. opened fire though there is no immediate threat. a similar situation involving a palestinian woman in galilee. police said drop the knife. drop the knife. instead of attempting an arrest, they opened fire at point blank range. yet in the south, an israeli who attacks four palestinians in different locations is not gunned down but arrested. they say there are no investigations into any of the police shootings. the major threat at the moment is the lone wolf palestinian either female or male that can come inside jerusalem or the old city and try to continue the
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pattern. that's what we are dealing with. that's what we are coming down as hard as possible. >> the israeli occupying army is certainlying to military regulations, not civil ones. in the past week, the pal stipian red cress he wa crescens one was 13-year-old abdullah. in a preliminary investigation, the israeli army said he was mistakenly killed by sniper fire. his mother says the boy was on his way home from school. there were no demonstrations in the vicinity. >> my son went to school like all of the other kids and then he finished school but he never came back home. they shot him, and there were no clashes understandway inside the camp. >> the israeli army and the red crescent confirmed he was killed by a .22 bullet fired from a file?er rifle, a weapon theisitioni military says is non-lethal but one that has been responsible for five palestinian deaths this year according to the beth lee hem humanrights
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organization. >> the united nations specifies fundamental principal ins terms of firearms use by law enforcement officials. these provide live fire may only be used when there is age imminent threat of death or serious injury. in other circumstances, killings mr. m may be regarded as extra judicial. the israel army should also be subject to several discussions in terms of international law. several humanrights organizations are arguing full transparent organization into all of the killings and shootings must be held. otherwise, theitsi'sisi government, itself, could be come police event in deaths that have no legal justification in international or indeed, israeli law. >> in the last few hours, another stabbing, this time a kabutz in the north of israel. mike hanna has an update on
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that. >> another in this wave of stabbing attacks. this one in the north of israel where according to police, two israelis including one solid were stabbed by a palestinian asiesant. in this case, please say the asies ant was arrested. in a number t the assailants shot dead on the spot lead to go claimdz that police are using excessive force in terms of dealing with the issue. the police, themselves, say that each and every situation is dealt with as the situation demands. they insist that in each of the cases where palestinians have been shot and killed, the police officers have felt their lives threatened or the lives of those close by. well, once again, these allegations being made by human rights organizations unlikely to be any reaction from the israeli government, any formal reaction, that is. instead, at the end of a cabinet
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meeting, the israeli government announces that knew legislation will be introduced. this is legislation that establishes mapped tory prison soentsz for those who carry out attacks with stones or fire crackers or any object. also, as well, that the parents of minors who take part in such activities will be fined. so this, an intensefication of legislation aimed at curtailing the activities one part of the israeli population not satisfied at all. the palestinian israel segment, 20% of the total population have called for a general strike on tuesday to protest against the netanyahu government, also, demonstrations planned in the palestinian israel areas through the course of the week. >> in gaza city, dozens of people have attended the funeral of a pregnant woman and her
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3-year-old daughter who were killed in an israeli ache strike. as we reported earlier, israel said it was targeting a hamas facility after receiving cross border rocket fire. palletstinian officials say the woman and her daughter lived near the site and were killed when their house collapsed. joining uses from ramallah. we were here and there in the past hour, another stabbing this time in northern israel. give us an idea of what the situation is in ramallah and the rest of the we felt bank. a 13-year-old boy who died of wounds sustained earlier today during the clashes here with israel defense forces, israel army, rather. the hospital tells us he was hit by a rubber bullet in his neck and he died once he reached the hospital. throughout the day, there have
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been clashes paefr where all over the occupied west bank. the most virant one, and intense ones were in nablos where according to medical sources again, 45 people were injured with live ammunition. they were also clashes in the north and bethelehem and haram all of these that turn in to confrontation are organized either by universities or it's really the initiative of these young people who are fruchtdstrated and decide to go to these areas of confrontation, usually around checkpoints where there is the presence of the israel army are now with this latest here in ramallah for sure, tomorrow, they will be renewed clashes and probably more intention than the one we have seen today.
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on sunday, israeli cap net meta announced more ease mergency measures. what kind of statements have we heard, if any, from the palestinian leadership? >> we haven't heard any statements lately from the palestinian leadership. i think it's a very difficult position for them. yes, we heard the palestinian authority that in the past few days called for calm, to try to restore calm but the trust franks is not only against israel. it's against the palestinian authority, against the palestinian political faxes. ask any of these use. they will tell you if there was an nttafada, it would be against everyone. they have seen, for example, abbas had promise today have several. many were happy with his statement at the u.n. general
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ran counsel and when he came back, when he felt he was backtracking again, put under pressure again either by israel or regional powers or international powers and again, he is going back to his initial position they see is a position that gives too much to israel and doesn't bring enough back to the palestinians. so at this stage, whether they say something or not these youth did won't listen. >> thank you very much t >> there has been a defendant memorial in the turkish capitol to remember those who died in saturday's attack on a peace rally. thousands of people lined the streets in ankara as a coughin was carried along and flowers placed on tom. scuffles broke out near the train station when police
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prevented some pro-kurdish politicians from laying carnations. turkey has declared three days of national mourning following the attack. in the wake of the attack on saturday, turkey has bolstered security presence in the southeast. the government has 70 a military con vie to the province which has a large kurdish population. it's also where turkey is bombing fighters from the kurdish pkk group. mohammed jamjoon is in ankara. he says people are dealing with the reality of saturday's attack. >> still quite a bit of shock and overwhelming amount of grief at the various demonstrations and gatherings that we were add today. there was a ceremony in which mourners were placing carnations at the scene of the blast. yesterday, at first, security forces who also had a water canon truck there in case the situation got out of hand, at first, they won't let them pass. then they let them pass.
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thousands of people, many leftists, unionists, pro-kurdish activists, amounted of anti-s government chants, a lot of chants against erduoan. many accusing him of a gathering of regularlytives of the victims yesterday. this took place outside of the morgue. it was extremely sad. many mothers and auntses and sisters and brothers and fathers that had lost loved once at that peace rally yesterday completely stricken with grief as they were waiting for bodies of family members to be returned people very stunned trying to wrap their heads around what happened. people that we spoke with at the
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rally, thousands of people really concerned that these kinds of attacks could happen again but, also, saying that they are not going to be cowed into not having these kind of demonstrations. they shay the only way they can achieve peace here in turkey is to dmnld the government stop fighting the pkk, that the pkk stop fighting the government and make their voices heard. >> more to come on the program including belarusan president casts his vote in a poll likely to extend his 21 years in power. plus the animal anti-biotic being restricted because of fears they are causing a rise in super bugs. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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the top stories onnays. itsis's government has promised a crackdown on protesters as violence continues in the region. unrest across israel and the occupied territories began at the start of october when two israeli settlers were shot and killed in the west bank. in some of the latest violence, two people were injured in a stabbing attack near the israeli town of hadera. in gaza city, dozens have attended the funeral of a pregnant woman and her 3-year-old daughter. they were killed in an israeli airstrike overnight. there has been a defendant memorial in the turkish capitol to remember those who died in saturday's attack on a peace rally. the iraqi military says the air force struck baghdadi.
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the attack took place in the western province of anbar. military sources say a number of unidentified isil leaders were killed but baghdadi was not among them. the syrian army says it's gaining help. moscow has become a key player on the con reflect and on saturday russian president med sheik mohammed bin salham with the aim of defeating isil. russia said 53 isil positions have been destroyed over the past 24 hours. as attacks intensify, rebels say they are struggling to defend their captured territories. zeina hodr has more. >> reporter: they are pushing into opposition territory. the syrian army says its forces have taken ground in the hama countryside. this is the first major coordinated assault by the syrian army and the russian air
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force since moscow intervened in the conflict. for the syrian government, the threat here is not from isil but opposition groups. the russian army and the airstrikes are weakening the rebels. now it's taking priority especially in aleppo. >> the opposition has lost ground to isil who se fighters stormed into the northern countryside and captured villages along with the military base. it was the most signifcandle advance bid armed group in months. the opposition says, isil launched the assault while rebel forces were focused on reinforcing defenses on other fronts. this is the only road leading to opposition controlled districts in aleppo city. the army and its alleys are within firing range of the road, cutting it off would besiege rebel held areas in the city.
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now, isil is close erg ever to what was once syria's commercial capitol. little help and the immediate help to stop isil's advances and russian strikes. >> on the ground, opposition groups are fighting back. they are promising hama will be the graveyard for what they call the invading armies. the government with russian backing is just as determined. it wants to end the presence of the opiniposition. before the campaign, rebels had the upper hand and were threatening on a number of fronts especially in latakia. campaign put the reynolds on the defensive. they are facing pressure from many fronts and from many enemies. zeina hodr, al jazeera, beirut.
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>> less than an hour now before polls close in the belarus presidential elections. but the likely result has already been known for some time. president aleander lukeshe in. ko is prepared to win. he has been in power for the past 21 years. neev barker reports. >> reporter: he has held on to power for more than two decades making him europe's longest running leader and belarus, according to washington, europe's last dictatorship. he faces three nominal rivals but he says he will be watching closely for any drop in support.
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for me it's very important to hold on to the level of support i had in previous elections. his reelection led to mass protests and jailing of opposition figures. the eu imposed economic sanctions on officials and companies. the war in nabor ukraine k for while politic opponents continue to be jailed, the. u says it will temporarily lift sanctions providing the election takes place without incident. the noble laureate warned against the move. >> it doesn't matter to him how
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we vote. as stalin said it's not important who votes or how they vote. what's important is who counts the votes. i think that's the case here i don't think we can expect any surprises. >> in recent years, lucashenko capitalized acting as a mediator in peace talks while home tactics have helped to enhance international image adding to his popularity at home. this election has never been about whether he will wen but by how much. >> twin suicide blasts have killed 11 people and injured 10 others. the army says the attack took place in the town of mora. an area has been attacked several times by boko haram in recently months. camaroon is part of a regional force fighting the armed group. for millions of poor people in new mexico india, artistic
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endeavor can only be imagined. the daily struggle to survive leaves no time for creative expression but as we found out in new delhi is changing community mindsets and brightening futures one class at a time. >> every brushstroke is an exercise in perfection. the facilities are basic to say the least. his exposure to closhz and creativity has inspired him to pursue a career in art. i want to be an art teacher but not at the level where they know everything. >> cal is the -- -- kal is the inspirational teacher.
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for 30 years, she taught students, many from nearby slums how to draw, paint and sculpt but kal says she is only helping them to see beyond the limitations of poverty. >> art is a gift from god. you don't have to learn it. i don't teach these children anything. we don't have a syllabus. >> it has been hard work convincing people here to let me their children experiment with art. in this community, most people work labor intensive jobs to provide for their families and art is often seen as a privilege lus hobby. but her school has proved art can be a springboard to a diverse range of opportunities. often unimagined by children who calls this area home. >> thanks to a helping hand from kal 14 years ago, doyila went to college to study fine art.
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he is a professional artist who draws inspiration from his surroundings. from security checks at his local metro station to modern interpretations of gandhi's did he have devotion to the three wise monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. doyila has big dreelz there is an artist called hurst. he is the richest in the world. if he can become such a rich artist, why can't i? students approach kal with a sense of ref reference. her feedbackverance. her feedback. this will small canvas marks a start of a long and bright journey. al jazeera, new delhi. >> let's go to california now which is said to introduces strict new rules on the use of antibiotics in lifestock
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production. there are growing concerns that the overuse of such drugs is contributing to the rising number of life-threatening human infections from antibiotic resistance material known as super bugs. our science editor terrek becauseley explains. >> intensive farming has relied on the routine use of antibiotics which keep animals healthy and make them grow fast. so much so, about 70% of antibiotics sold in the united states are now used on animals. the overuse of the drugs on animal did is a problem that can result in the so-called super bugs, strains of drug resistant bacteria that can threaten humans. >> the use of antibiotics as a growth promoter is something we diskurn countries to take steps to exit gradually because at the end of the day, elite in the a
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seafood that you are buying will also, you know, give you, over time, a problem. >> bacteria like e. coli. we have if in our gut. some strains can call die rear a, kid newark failure, death. tradlily you would treat that with penicillin, one of the first antibiotic discovers. it callses cell membranes to rep tour. the problem arises in patients who don't take the full course of anti-biotics or they are of poor quality. this gives the bacteria the chance to mutate and develop resistance to the drug. if this happens, the drugs don't work and the drug resistant strain of bacteria can fast become dominant. the new law in california aims to help prevent the rise of these super bugs. from january 1st of 2018, antibiotics will only be allowed to given to animals for disease prevention, not to fat en them up.
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anti-bite by on theics will have to be ordered by a licensed vet and the state, food and for agricultural department will monitor the same and use of the drugs. in the u.s. about two million people a year are infected with drug resistant bacteria, about 23,000 die as a result. the problem is a global one and leading experts say the impact of super bugs will be felt most in developing countries. >> if we don't turn the tide on this acti more than those dying of cancer, india, china, they will all suffer. >> many say rules like those in california are a necessary first step. they need to be adopted and enforced more broadly if they are to be an effective global response to this growing health threat. al jazeera, doha. >> one of the most spectacular
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aerial displaced of air balloons just come to a colorful close in the southern united states with 550 balloons more on the website, you are ot "the listening post", and these are some of the media stories we are tracking. journalists reporting on syria, a multifaceted story with a russian angle. turkey - a columnist beaten up.


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