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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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who got it right, who got it wrong, what the voters are saying. says he will use all means available to end the spiraling violence. hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london. russia's space arms maker rejects the finders oof a dutch are effort that a missile brought down m h. 17 in ukraine. a warning that the war in yemen has tripled the the number of children at risk of starvation. plus. the uganda film director making blockbuster movies
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with a $200 budget. ♪ israeli prime minister has warned that he will use all means at his disposal to restore order after another day of bloodshed in israel and the palestinian territories. at least three were killed during two separate attacks in jerusalem. they are the latest victims in a wave of violence. seven israelis have been killed since the beginning of october. the the unrest has been sparked by palestinian anger over the the mosque compound that occupied east jerusalem, and palestinians believe that jewish groups are given freeing reign to visit is site, despite that being banned. but the controversy comes upon a back drop of on going p frustration and israeli occupation and the expansion
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of settlements. >> morning commuters on their way to work, the attack on the seem line between west jerusalem and the occupied east. police say two palestinians bordered this bus, at least one was armed with a weapon and he opened fire. paramedics on the scene say israelis were killed and injured. at least one in a critical condition. the cities mayor was quickly on the scene, the attack taking place a short distance away from his offices. one of the attackers was shot dead, the second was injured placed in handcuffs and taken to hospital for treatment. >> this follows an attack in a nearby suburb of west jerusalem. police say a palestinian drove his car into a bus station, and then leapt out and attempted to stab by staineds. another killed. the attacker was arrested. and earlier a bus station was again the target of an attack
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in the central israeli city, a number of israelis were lighted wounded in what police say was a knife attack. a palestinian arrested. they encreased the deployment of police appears to have little success in stopping these acing thats. >> the grain perception is that no place is safe. every bus station, every street corner is the scene of potential attack. unlike previous surges this time there are no organizers to arrest. no chain of command to cut. >> after pledging to parliament to deal effectively with the threat, the israeli pipe minister has called an emergency meeting of a security cabinet. army police and intelligence chiefs are being consulted as to what can be done next. mike hannah al jazeera west jerusalem. >> there are several protests
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on going in the occupied west bank. and then in bethlehem. now these protests are not very big, but what is more important is to look at who is taking part in these demonstrations that off turn into violence confrontations. these are teenager boys in their mid teens early 20's at the most. schoolboys who come after school with their rock sack on then. they say that they have been watching those videos going viral. they were particularly enranged in what popped up yesterday showing this young boy on the sidewalk being insulted and gassed. well, that has enranged them and they say enough is enough. earlier here, in the city center, there is also a peaceful march by also students girls and boys and they had a chat with them, while they were saying this
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is the third -- when you press them by the fact that the numbers were so no large, they were saying this is our generation, and we will start it and we will carry on with this. until we get what we want. why are we studies if we don't have freedom. that is one of the may things they told me they do say that yes, palestinians have gone through a first and a second, and yes they understand that the older generation is not very keep on a third eruption of uprising. they say this is their generation, and they need to do the things their way because their message is still the same. they want to have rights and a future to look at. >> with a view from the west bank, meanwhile, another of our correspondents is in northern israel where there have been peaceful protests. he sent us this report.
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there was a stark contrast and a grim sphere here, the town square packed with people protesting but peacefully, calling for some resolution, some peaceful resolution to this crisis. but of course, benjamin netanyahu is coming down with more measures to clamp down, on any form of violence protests, they say here, that that won't work, the situation could grow even worse. there were no police or army incites. there has been peaceful so far, there was no suggestion that anyone may attack the security forces put the message here was somewhat hazy when it came to the issue of the violent protests the unprecedented level of violence in these knife
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attacks no one was condemning but many of the people here were suggesting they had to move forward peacefully with protests. dutch investigators say the air spice where an airline jet was shut down over eastern ukraine should have been closed to civil aviation. the dutch safety board has released it's report into the crash in front of a partially reconstructed portion of the jet. garretts couldn't rule out the possibility that some remained conscious during the 90 seconds that it took for
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the plane to crash. 298 people died onboard this aircraft, shot down over the war zone in eastern ukraine. it's a grim puzzle that has helped piece together their final technical report, about the flights last moments. it crashed because of a nine and 314 m war -- these war heads fit the missile that is installed collision on the side. the entire front section then broke away in midair, it would have been a quick death for those piloting this plane. one thing the report does not answer is where the missile was fired from, and the burning question of who is
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responsibility but suspicious arrive. some western leaders accuse separatist of using a book circus to aramis seal supplied by moscow. they asked the missiles presented a parallel report. >> including this life size reconstruction that refutes the dutch findings. russia claimants the type of missile used only exists in ukraine's arsenal. they also say that the weapon was fired from ukrainian held territory. for the families of those killed it's been a desperate search for answers. including why the plane was allowed to fly over a war zone. the report called on airline companies to take more precautions when flying oh conflict areas and suggests ukraine should be closed the air space. we still don't know who is to blame, ruts of a criminal
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investigation are expected next year, and evidence that could lead to charges of war crimes and murder. >> what they presented here this position cow, was a narrative to the findings of the dutch safety board, and a count ever narrative that by implication, exonerates both the rebels in eastern ukraine, and the russian government itself. now it was very heavy in technical detail. we saw videos. we saw graphs. and animations and such. such like but it comes. it boiled down to central arguments. the first of these was that the missile could not have been launched from an area of
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eastern ukraine that was controlled by the rebels at the time. that it was in fact laurened from an area outside rebel control. an area that was controlled be i the ukrainian military. the second argument was that the boot missile that was launched and they do acknowledge that it was launched, that the particular missile that was launched was not a modern version. it was a very old version. and that's important. because they say it is a version of the missile that is been long decommissioned by the russian military and therefore is not part of their arsenal. >> the pentagon says that u.s. and russian aircraft have come within fight of each other while flying over syria. a spokesman says the incident underscores the need for air safety guidance between russia and the u.s. meanwhile, in arrack, the army is preparing to make another advance against the
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islamic state of iraq in the city of ramadi. for more on this, obviously the fall of any potential collision between american plane and a russian plane are almost unthinkable in the current climate. so what else did the american say about this revelation on saturday it came within sight of each other why they want to establish or get out of the way protocol for u.s. coalition fighter jets.
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we do know that there were another set of conversations held on saturday morning in washington time. between russian and american military officials via video conference. to talk about this very kind of situation. the effort and the need for both sides to stay out of each other's way. >> with the latest there, rosalyn, thank you. still a lot more to come on al jazeera. rare access to the word's most heavily ft.fied border as south korea simulates an attack by the the north. plus, the new generation of children's books that are shunning fairy tail princesses for real life heroins.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on,
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not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et at least three israelis have been killed in two separate attacks. since the beginning of october, 29 palestinians and seven israelis have died. a dutch safety board investigation into malaysian airline flight has concluded that the plane was hit by a russian made missile. all 298 people onboard dieded in the incident. and the united states military has confirmed that russian military jets came within visual identification range over syria as the two
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continues attacks against isil. amnesty international is accusing kurdish forces of carrying out war crimes against civilians in northern syria. the popular protection units is a key ally of the u.s. led coalition against isil. amnesty international says the military wing of the ypg has been carrying out a wave of attacks caught in the middle of the fight against isil. and rights groups in syria are again trying to highlight what they say is the illegal use of cluster munitions. rebels say new types of bombs have been dropped in areas that they control since russian air strikes began. this is what rebels say a russian air vehicle looks like from the ground. >> what is new are the multiple blasts instead of the single explore motions they have become used to. the trail of death and destruction, is all too
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familiar. >> they are using cluster bombs on civilians not on military targets. look at the lan, it is full of unexploded cluster bombs. not even birds survive here. >> these imploded on the internet, appear to show sub munitions. there is evidence that cluster bombs are being used for the latest air campaign by russian and syria. human rights watch has documented since 2012. it raises grave concerns that russia is using cluster munitions or providing the air force with new types. >> they say the lanes are hitting those close to president asaad. in 24 hours time, russian jets have destroyed 24 fortification and defensive
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positions off the terrorists. >> the syrian military is trying to take advantage of russia's air campaign where rebels say their positions have been hit. in the heart land of the support for asaad, the government forces say they have captured territory with the help from the intervention. >> but all position fighters say they are holing their ground on the mountains. they say they are repulsed the advance on multiple fronts. since the beginning of the air campaign, more families have been forced to leave their homes. adding to more than 12 million syrians in need of human aaron aid. this makeshift camp no one is too young for help. these are among the 7.5 million children effected by the war in syria. thoseless than five, have only ever known a life without proper housing, food, healthcare, and education. the playfulness remains perhaps the only hope of a
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better future. al jazeera. >> the u.n. children's charity has warned that the number of malnourished children has tripled since the war began in march. >> they need immediate treatment. her mother traveled a long distance to get to this hospital in the capitol. mew mom mad faces complications for months of malnutrition. >> my child is sick. he had one surgery which cost $2,000. now the doctor says he needs another. all of this from malnutrition. my husband had to borrow the money for the first surgery. >> the level of malnutrition is among the highest in the world.
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a situation made worse by the conflict. the it is a national aid agencies are worried about the war, they say if this continues many children will die. >> and now after six months of conflict, we have half a million children who are severely acutely malnourished. at the same time, last year, we had less than 160,000 children. it has three times worse. >> this hospital was targeted many times.
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>> are escaping violence in syria and iraq. meanwhile, in sicily a doctors without borders rescue ship has brought more than 700 refugees to shore. the charity says that some are suffering from mental trauma, caused by abuse, torture, and rape. and libyan police have raided a hide out in tripoli contains two smugglers and 163 people who were preparing to make the journey. says nearly three how people have died trying to cross the mediterranean this year. most of them departed from libyan shores. the border between north and south korea is the most ft.fied border.
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running 250-kilometers across, and four wide, the so called demilitarized zone is actually the size of a huge military stand off. the southern side of d, manyz, they have been there. >> coming under attack by north korean fire, and repelling that fire. we are told this is routine training and something that they do every day before they would go in. but at the moment, just two months since the double land mine blast on the southern side, and the south koreans are blaming on the north korean side, seriously injurying two soldiers all of this is being taken more seriously. >> the area where the the actual happened isn't far away from here. as the enemy is nearby on the
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border we are being more cautious. all units in this area, are in a state of increased redness. >> this fence represents the southern side of the demilitarized zone. this is the main defensive position on the southern side of that zone. the situation leer has changed a great deal, since those blasts just over two months ago, there was a real battle of high intentions surrounding that which came to an end, when a deal towards the end of august. a major parade but no long range rocket launchers so no major provocation on that front and also the prospects next week between separated families from north and south korea. so situation has improved between north and south, but still, people here remain on a it hooened state of alert. >> now we are all familiar with the traditional fair tail of princess meets prince charming and they live happily ever after.
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but of course real life is different. so the afternoon teenian author has replaced damsels in distress with real life heroins. >> she has come here to show children something new. tired of classic disney stories, they invented one they called the anti-princess collection. >> we are working to change the model that beauty from the outside. that a woman is waiting to be rescued they are waiting to change their lives. the women in this story changed it for themselves. the collection has two books and another on the way. the famous mexican artist, the second one is the history of of the chillian singer. >> for freedom and justice are some of the characters in this collection. the big difference, with
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other children's stories is that this anti-princesses are not a fantasy. they are some of latin america's most respected women. >> the third book is based on a south america military leader. the illustrator, he says he tried to make each character attractive for children. >> i wish for all the pictures of the characters and i warranted to draw them in a minimalist way, simple, so that children can relate to it. >> children here told us, that they like the books. >> i love the book, because it lets us think for the poor. >> the lives of the women in the books were no fair tail. she suffered from depression and killed herself. and she tries several times. >> we don't believe that children should not be exposed to the bad things
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that happen in the world. in these fair tails there is a happy ending but in the middle a lot of terrible things happen. the mothers always die, the sister betray each other. real similar what makes these different, and what can inspire the new generations to come. now forget big budget hollywood, a big impact with his 200-dollar film. and his work is going viral. the rescuers fight back. the latest action film, he makes almost one every month, here at his studios in the capitol. >> many people come here, from the absolutelies here. so i normally focus on the life in the movie.
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then it becomes a movie for them. they are popular, draws crowds in the neighborhood, and since isaac started putting the trailers on youtube, it has aability thatted fans from all over the world. this one went viral and has had more than 2 million views. but the theatrics are made possible by the he sourceful crews behind the scenes. >> all of the equipment home made this camera was made from carjacks over here, there's a crane, this is made from bits of scrap metal welded tot. on the end, there are cogs used as a weight, the biggest prop here is a life size model of a helicopter. and here is a giant machine gun, made from water pipes and a lawnmower engine. the sound of gunfire, is
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added after. >> . >> he taught himself to use graphic software downloaded from the internet. and his wife harriet has become an expert in special effects. this man is about to get shot. >> we have mixed the photo color. put in a little blue color. and then we put it into the condom. >> the actors mostly trained on the job say they are here for the love more than the money. the entire budget is about $200. >> i need to be more finish. , yeah, that's my dream, that's why you say i act all the time. if the director tell me to the anything i can do. >> everyone here is dedicate dedicated. the stop ends filming for the day and cuts off the electricity. but isaac won't stop.
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he is using a battery back up. this is his 40th movie, and as soon as he is finished he will start on the next. >> malcolm web, al jazeera, uganda. >> great stuff. more on our website, p investigators concern malaysian flight was taken down by a missile, but what it is what they are not saying that is making headlines today police are calling today's attacks in jerusalem the worst yet prompting the prime minister to hold an emergency meeting. and it is debate day for the democrats what this saying the voters should try and win them over.