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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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tensions rising, israeli forces and protesters clash this bethlehem and ramallah. hello, again, i'm martine dennis. you are with al jazeera live from doha. also to come on the program. the battle for aleppo. russian jets bomb rebel positions as the syrian army advance on the ground. the flash floods in the u.s.
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state of california trigger mud slides, forcing the closure of several major highways. ♪ but first, there have been violent confrontations between the israeli forces and palestinians across several cities. in gaza one palestinian was killed several others were injured by israeli forces. palestinians were throwing stones at the israeli forces. this is the scene live in bethlehem where israeli forces have been tear gassing palestinian protesters. security remains high following the muslim friday prayer. earlier in hebron, israeli forces killed a palestinian man after he attacked a soldier with a knife. this brings the number of
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palestinian deaths to 37. seven israelis have also been killed during this period. let's go live to andrew simmons in west jerusalem. gradually that death toll sadly is mounting and the number of injured. >> that's right, martine. these outbreaks of violence happened after friday prayers in the occupied west bank in hebron. there was a lot of stone throwing, a confrontation with security forces. then a man wearing a -- a high visibility waistcoat and a t-shirt with press emblazoned on the front attacked a soldier beside an armored vehicle, stabbing him. he was taken away the soldier to hospital. he has moderate to severe injuries, and the man
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responsible for the attack, a palestinian was shot dead at the scene. now we also have that incident in gaza. we're hearing that areas at the crossing, there have been clashes, reports also from the israeli military that the buffer zone has been breached in several places, large numbers of demonstrators are clashing with israeli forces. the health ministry saying that at least 30 people are injured, three of them seriously and also one palestinian dead. that is in addition to the violence we have in bethlehem in the occupied west bank, and early on friday, we had an attack -- a fire bomb attack on joseph's tomb which is the revered site by some jewish
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israelis. the palestinian authority intervened in this and cleared away the rioters, and also interestingly the palestinian president has condemned the action of this arson attack on this revered tomb, and he has also, we understand instructed palestinian authority to sort out the damage to that tomb. >> thank you, andrew simmons there live in west jerusalem. and now we can go to hoda abdel hamid. it seems we have had another day of outbursts of violence all over the occupied territories. tell us about the situation where you are. . >> reporter: well, at the moment where we are, you probably see behind me some of the israeli soldiers. now the hard-core protesters are
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out on the street to my left and some of the street straight behind us. there is a huge distance between the two sides, israeli solders move in, back and force, fire tear gas and rubber bullets to keep them as far away as possible. it has been difficult for the protesters to come close to that. but this was supposed to be a day of rage called upon by the different palestinian factions. as we have seen for the past two weeks, each time the palestinian factions get -- call for such a day it doesn't really materialize as much as between the universities organize this kind of demonstration. there are flash points in bethlehem mainly, and in that city, two protesters died. one last week, a 13-year-old
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young man, and last week another man. here in ramallah there has been one young boy who died a few days ago, i think he was 15 years old. he was a teenager, but you have also protests in jeanine, there were tensions in hebron, especially following that -- it's not really clear whether he was a journalist or not. but he showed himself as a journalist, buwas standing amon the journalists and then broke away from them and stabbed a soldier. the soldier was wounded, and the palestinian man is dead. we don't have anymore details about him, and we have been hearing conflicting reports, but he certainly was dressed in a yellow jacket that a lot of palestinian [ inaudible ] here on the ground wear, and he had a t-shirt that was written press on. that's not an indication that he
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was indeed a journalists, but we spoke to journalists who were there, and he was standing among them for quite a while, before carrying out his attack. that is the first stabbing that happened in the occupied west bank and will certainly increase tensions in hebron, where it is probably the most tense flash point in this part of the country. >> okay. hoda abdel hamid live from the occupied west bank. thank you. russia says it has hit more than 380 isil targets since launching air strikes in syria more than two weeks ago. but other rebels say they have been repeatedly hit. and now they have been targeted in the south of aleppo. the syrian government forces launched a ground offensive there. >> reporter: russia's aerial campaign in syria is now in its second phase. air strikes are no longer just
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targeting weapons storage areas and command and control infrastructure. air power is being used to assist the syrian army and its allies recapture territory. >> it's clear that putin wants to protect assad. it's clear he wants to stick his finger in the eye of the west to position himself as a key global leader and to get the west to speak to him on the terms that he wants to dictate. >> rebels are fighting back. russian air strikes may have been effective in hitting targets, but so far the allies seem to have made no significant gains on the ground. the syrian government announced a major ground operation in the northern countryside of homs on thursday. on friday, their forces moved into rebel territory south of the divided city of aleppo. the area being targeted is close
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to a main road that would link aleppo to government-controlled areas further south. russia's campaign is entering its third week. they no longer threaten the government and its strong hold, but vladimir putin, russia's president has said a political solution is his goal. rebel groups as well as the main political opposition in exile, the syrian national coalition are refusing to be engaged in any peace process, instead they are calling on their supporters to help them counter what they call russian aggression. >> putin wants the peaceful process to start, but so far there is a refusal from the syrian rebel side to take part in any peace talks. russia i think will accelerate the support. >> reporter: the counter offensive that has now expanded
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is about eliminating threats to the government and defeating the opposition. russia then hopes it can persuade the west to help fight isil and bring about a political settlement. the turkish military says it shot down a drone which strayed into its air space. earlier this month two russian jets violated turkey's air space. >> reporter: there are reports that this drone was 3 kilometers inside turkish air space when it was engaged by the turkish air force as they gave three verbal warnings for the drone to move from its position. it didn't, so they shot it down. it's not a particularly large aircraft. pictures suggest about a
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two-meter or so wingspan. and it doesn't have any identification. the americans believe the drone is russian. earlier on this month, russian jets twice violated turkish air space that they fly combat missions over. the russians apologized for those two violation and set up a working group to try to make sure it doesn't happen again. but it highlights the dangers faced by all parties flying over northern syria. this is the first time since world war ii that nato and russian aircraft have been flying combat missions in the same air space. all parties keen to make sure they know what they are doing, so there is not a risk of confrontation between nato and russian aircraft. president putin and central asian leaders have agreed to form a joint task force to
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defend the block's border. the joint force is a response to the taliban's recent gains in afghanistan. >> translator: terrorists of all kinds are becoming more powerful and do not hide their plans for further expansion. one of their goals to push into the central asian regions. it's important that we are prepared to react to this scenario together. >> rory challands has more now from moscow. >> reporter: there are a couple of pertinent documents that are being signed in kazakhstan. the first has to do with greater military cooperation between the member states, and the sec one is a little bit more relevant. it allows for a grouping of border forces and other institutions from member states designed to resolve crisis situations on the external
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border. so basically what that could do is allow these countries to react faster to threats coming from outside the cis member states. the russian announcement of joint task force comes just a day after president obama reversed his plans to withdrawal most american soldiers from afghanistan by next year. now he is staying the soldiers will stay until at least 2017. he said it was necessary because of the fragile security situation. hungary has confirmed it is closing its border with crow wa sha from midnight on friday to try to stop the flow of refugees. asylum seekers have been arriving hoping to cross into hungary before the frontier was sealed off. the prime minister's government has already built a steel fence to stop people from crossing over the southern border with
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serbia. still to come here at al jazeera, a new study shows that ebola can be transmitted sexually even after a victim recovers. plus the race for the arctic oil continues despite one top firm canceling exploration. ♪
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et ♪ hello again, you are with al jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories. [ gunfire ]
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>> one palestinian has been killed during clashes with israeli forces. israel has been responding to stone-throwing palestinian youth with tear gas in bethlehem and ramallah. russia says it has hit more than 380 isil targets since launching air strikes in syria since it started its offensive two weeks ago. hungary is closing its border with croatia to stop the flow of thousands of refugees. some are arriving in the border town hoping to get into hungary before the frontier is sealed at midnight on friday. dozens of people have been killed in two separate bombings in northeastern nigeria. two female suicide bombers blew themselves up after vigilantes challenged them. earlier two suicide attackers attacked a moss income the city,
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killing 30 people. no one has claimed responsibility, but the armed group boko haram is suspected of carrying out the attacks. results have been released in guinea's election. opposition parties have withdrawn from the electoral process after repeated fraud allegations. the lead up to the election was marred by violence as mohammed jamjoom reports. >> reporter: vote counting is slow, and frustration is rising fast. >> translator: the population needs the truth about the election results. the opposition asked them to postpone the elections, but they refused, so now we're waiting for the result. we gave them 24 hours, if we don't get the popper -- proper response, we'll burn the city. >> reporter: them preliminary
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results show the president far ahead of the other candidates. guinea's opposition is now demanding a rerun of sunday's poll. this is only the second democratic presidential election since gaining independence from france in 1958. tension has been growing in the past week. even before voting to place at least two people were killed in fighting between supporters of the ruling party and the opposition. now there are worries violence could spread through the capitol and beyond. the european union is one of several parties calling on aggrieved parties to take any potential battles to the court instead of the streets. the workers now work over time to prepare for the consequences of political instability. >> actually we have a big chance by awaiting the results of the election. we know that at the end of the day, they will have a lot of
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injured peoples. that's why we put in place this additional system. two people have contracted ebola in guinea just weeks after the world health organization confirmed there had been no new cases there. meanwhile new research has found that ebola can remain in the body of survivors for months and be sexually transmitted. all together, 28,000 people contracted ebola during the outbreak that started in 2014. more than 11,000 died. mostly in liberia, guinea, and sierra leone, but at least 16,000 others survived, and now scientists say there is a risk that survivors can pass on the virus long after their initial
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ebola diagnosis. >> reporter: hundreds of ebola survivors may be at risk of carrying the virus for much longer than previously thought. the disease can exist in the seamen of males. u.s. and liberian researchers found that a liberian woman was likely to have been infected by a survivor about six months after he was infected. another study found traces of the ebola in seamen samples from a group of 93 survivors. >> this does not happen extremely frequently. however, we do want to really make sure that this is something that is -- is really addressed as much as we possibly can,
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because any new case of ebola could spark another epidemic. >> the study is on going. researchers cannot say how long signs of ebola may exist, or if traces of the virus discovered in bodily fluids are live or infectious. >> we're looking at things like sweat, oral fluid, vaginal fluid, breast milk. we would like to look at all of these different fluids to understand if virus might be present in them after a concern has recovered from the disease. >> reporter: there has been growing concern about relapse after a british nurse who survived fell critically ill again. >> yeah, i was definitely frightened. >> reporter: but her condition is being treated as an exceptional case. doctors say they have not heard of any other survivor who had a relapse.
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for people who lived through the outbreak, the fear that the virus may return remains. flash floods have triggered mud slides in the u.s. state of california. the state is also preparing for more rain. for -- forecasters are predicting trouble in the months ahead. >> reporter: stranded motorists in california had to trudge through a sea of mud to get help. clinton and his wife were stuck for more than four hours on a mountain pass. the grapevine known to millions as a gateway has come to a stand still. >> all we saw was just a mountain of boulders and -- and dirt and stuff coming right for us, and it pretty much lifted my car up, and spun us around like it was nothing.
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>> reporter: dozens of rescuers were sent out to help. california is now preparing for what one nasa climateologist is calling a godzilla el niño. >> the waters off of the coast of southern california are already 4 degrees warmer than they should be. whatever you have just had, and we know what you have just had, think of it lasting longer and falling more heavily. >> reporter: the last significant el niño phenomenon to pound california happened 18 years ago. two dozen people were killed. more than 2,000 houses were destroyed. thousands of people were forced to evaluate their homes. the 1997 to 1998 el niño caused half a billion dollars of damage. back then state officials said
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only a quarter of the population took weather warnings seriously. >> what is different about this particular el niño year is we're starting out from a position of extreme drought. this is the most extreme drought in california's recorded history. that means that soils are really dry. it means we have seen a lot of tree death. we're having wildfires that are burning a lot of forests, and all of those conditions make for greater potential of flooding and problems with excess water. >> los angeles county wants people to be ready for more flooding, mud slides, downed trees and blackouts. there is an expected benefit. scientists think el niño can help alleviate california's severe water shortage. but they need several consecutive years of heavy years before the golden state's aquifers are replenished.
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sepp blatter have paid down concerns over the 2011 payment he maid to michelle pat teeny. he said he had a gentlemen's agreement with the suspended european football chief. blatter added that he believes the presidential elections will not be delayed. platini and blatter were banned for 90 days by the ethics committee. artists who were hired by the u.s. tv show homeland to write gau -- graffiti on its sets have written hidden messages criticizing the show. one of the messages reads homeland is racist, another says
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homeland is not a series, and another says black lives matter. one of the artists involved says it sends a message against stereotyping. >> there is no doubt that the show is incredibly well produced with great actors. but that is beside the point. it's still important to address the idea that stereotyping an entire region of people, a huge region of people to a very shallow and one dimensional perspective is something that is potentially dangerous. and we wanted to use this opportunity in a way to claim back our image. iceland is holding a meeting to discuss how to protect the arctic. shell has given up controversial plans to drill for oil and gas there, but other companies could
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be about to try their luck as phil torres now reports. >> reporter: the arctic, remote, breathtaking, and one of the world's harshest frontiers. for years it has been a front line in a battle over the future of energy and climate change. temperatures are rising twice as fast as the rest of the world. but the arctic may hold 13% of the world's undiscovered oil. >> what about an oil spill in the arctic. >> i do believe if and when that event occurs, it will be difficult to deal with. we have a fairly short operational window, something long playing out like say deep water horizon occurred up here, it would be a catastrophe. >> reporter: in the sea, winter and its ice come early. ice typically begins forming towards the end of october.
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in early july technoreached out to shell about its exploration plans in the arctic. in an email response shell seemed confident. they wrote: on september 28th, shell made a stunning announcement. it was ceasing all arctic operations. they released this statement. shell has found indications of oil and gas, but they are not suffer to warrant further exploration. they are cease exploration activity in offshore alaska in
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the foreseeable future. but the italian oil firm announced its plans to drill for oil in norwegian arctic waters by the end of 2015. >> you can find out more about that story and the rest of the day's news as ever on the al jazeera website. ♪ ♪ >> tensions sore in israel and palestinian territories where protesters are once again filling the streets of bethlehem. parts of southern california under a flash flood watch as crews struggle to clean up this muddy mess off of the highway. and one of hillary clinton's top aids testifying behind closed doors about