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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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modern city, it appears the officials want the malls to match. their last day of business and death of their market will come on halloween. rob mcbride al jazeera, beijing. >> and is wh where you want to go if you need to get the news any time of day or night. >> a call for calm, secretary of state john kerry urges israel and the palestinians to take steps to ease tensions after another violent weekend. a warning to drone owners. the faa has a new set of rules for you to follow. canadians are heading to the polls to vote on their next government, the outcome could impact on international rules on climate change and what muslim
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women are allowed to wear. this is al jazeera america, live from new york city i'm tony harris. israeli police have opened an investigation into the death of an eritrean asylum seeker they mistakenly shot in beersheba. officers thought the man was involved in a shooting attack at the bus station. secretary of state john kerry is calling for israel and the palestinians to end the violence that has been raging for weeks now. he has asked both sides to clarify their positions over a religious site. >> definitely something that the palestinian government wants, in the latest from the palestinian government today a member of the
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plo as well as one of the negotiators, hanan ashrawi. , occupied west bank and the rest of the palestinian territories. the issue is that they have submitted their requests to the united nations, waiting for the security council to meet and discuss and make a decision about it. people in gaza have been very frustrated since the last gaza war. they say the border crossings are always closed, unemployment is on the rise, and they are watching intensively on what is happening in the occupied west bank. there isn't really a desire for anything to flare up in the gaza strip but a few people have told us that they are keeping a very close eye on the developments in the west bank and they kind of consider it as revenge for what happened to them during the last
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gaza war. >> okay, renee oday reporting there. >> speaking in spain this morning, secretary of state john kerry says, finding a solution to the crisis is critical. >> obviously, the united states remains deeply concerned about and engaged in efforts to help israel with respect to its security. but we also share a global interest in seeing the region find a way forward to avoid this kind of confrontation and senseless loss of life. >> the latest tension was sparked over fears israel will restrict access to the al-aqsa mosque. kerry says he does not expect any change from the status quo at the mosque. nuclear deal is in effect with
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iran. the sanctions won't be lifted until iran fully complies. al jazeera's andy gallagher has more on what iran must do next. >> reporter: it took years of complex and fitful negotiation between iran and a group known as p-5 plus one to put together a deal obama says will be based on verification not trust. a move to significantly halt its producing nuclear weapons. >> it's a step away from conflict and towards the possibility of peace. >> iran engineers must begin what is thought of as the biggest nuclear dismantlement of history. shipping tons of enriched fuel out of the country. all of which the iranian
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officials say will be done at the end of december. it is clear that economic sanctions need to be eased. >> this deal doesn't make peace more likely. by fueling iran it makes war more likely. >> the next few weeks as iran implements an agreement that is deeply unpopular there may now be the most difficult. intrusive inspections by the international atomic energy agency will be ripe for disagreements. >> it is not an area where we have a lot of agreements so we'll have to continue to put pressure on them through international community. >> reporter: recent footage on iranian state television that appears to show underground tunnels packed with missiles and launchers haven't eased concerns. days after iran tested a new
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long range missile which the u.s. says may have breached a u.n. security council resolution. there's a great deal at stake. that's especially true with president obama, his administration managed to brokerrebrokera deal that no ont possible. andy gallagher, al jazeera, washington. >> russian military action in syria, backed by russian air strikes have responded their battle in aleppo. town is 30 miles from the turkish border. refugees already syrian have already arrived in turkey. in croatia, thousands are trying to cross the border, more than 6,000 people reached croatia over the weekend. officials say refugee camps there are overcrowd he an overcd
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take any more persons. paul tradergian has more. >> it may be ten days we would have 35,000 migrants in slovenia which is unacceptable for us. >> reporter: in this no man's land between croatia and slovenia police fire shots in the air. officers tell them to wait behind bashed wire fence is. croatia says more than 200,000 people have arrived from serbia in the last month. hungary and several other former communist states have already closed their borders. >> we see winter is here and the number hasn't gone down. the winter is going to add to their suffering. >> bundled up in plastic tarps,
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they brave the cold, tackling one obstacle, one hurdle at a time. >> the policy is very, very racist and take everybody, money, mobile, everybody arrested and take everything. >> thousands have now arrived to slovenia, the government there says it will seep few thousand refugees a day. >> croatia asks us to process 5,000 migrants per day and of course on the other hand we have a request from austria, regarding their capacity, saying they can't accept any more than 1500. >> reporter: officials say that limit will make people get stuck in croatia. making it to these countries do not guarantee these refugees will be able to start building their new lives. paul tradergian, al jazeera. a federal appeals court today upheld the main transition
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of dwun laws passed after the sandy hook gun shootings, including the ban on semi unanimity weapons. regulating load limits had a connecticut ban on the nonsemi autonomy remington. automatic remington. transportation secretary said there are more and more drones in the sky and action is needed. >> as we continue to work on protocols and procedures for the integration of unmanned aircraft into the national air space system, we must work ever harded to ensure a strong culture of safety, accountability, and responsibility among users. >> as al jazeera ines ferre reports, the move comes after several dangerous incidents in
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months. >> reporter: at jfk, drones came within 100 feet of a plane. earlier, a drone like this one went down on the grounds of the white house. >> it is a reminder on the white house doorstep that drones can be used in a way that can affect our national security as well. >> reporter: drones are becoming increasingly important in some businesses. >> they are used in agriculture, farmers use them to see if their cows escape the ranch. >> last month new york senator charles schumer proposed each drone contain gee he fencing. g.
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>> that would solve the problem. >> at least 45 states are now considering their own drone regulation bills. ines ferre, al jazeera. >> planned parenthood, in texas, in a letter state health officials said they can no longer ensure the clinics provide services in a safe and ethical manner. now a federal judge has ordered governor bobby jindal to continue funding planned parenthood for at least two weeks. videos show planned parenthood workers discussing the organization's handling of fetal tissues. reunions on the korean peninsula, families prepare to meet after decades. canadian polls, the three
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contenders and why muslim women have become a key issue in the race.
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>> election day is underway in canada. all 338 seats in parliament are up for grabs. prime minister steven harper is running for a rare third term. he is challenged by thomas voltaire and justin thomas of the liberal party.
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one item that generated controversy. >> reporter: the meaning of the hijab, the services campaign in the placement. >> we have the same happinesses we are all the same. >> they're most concerned about conservative prime minister steven harper, aware the hijab. >> why would canadians embrace a tradition which is rooted in a anti-canadian tradition?
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>> the number of religious based violent attacks nearly doubled in 2014 and there are even more this year. i met up with afia begg near her home. she was willing to show her face privately to the judge before swearing her oath privately. she says wearing a nicab has never been an issue until now. >> the canadian communit communs polite, however they do look a little bit more strangely towards me. >> reporter: prime minister harper ss this is uncanadian. what do you say about that? >> i have been wearing it a long time, although i didn't always wear it. i don't see it's necessary for me to bare my face in order to communicate. >> violation of their right. >> that policy is not law and yet the mints purported to create a policy that trumped the
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law or in effect attempted to rule by decree. >> but sarah daniel is not comfortable anymore in her adopted home country. she arrived from gla glasgow, fm her home country. >> tomorrow it might be my hijab or something else, maybe we all will have to arrive in our birthday suit. >> i think our prime minister, despite his best efforts to make it a wedge issue against muslims or nicabis. canadians are not racist people, they know better and have a better expectation of their government. >> he's talking about banning
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nicaws for government employees. a move that would ban the issue, hoping conservatives would lose the election and she could carry on with her life as before. >> there is excitement and some anxiety in northern south korea today as hundreds of families prepare to meet their families in nearly 65 years. about 65,000 are prepared to cross over for the event. to try reduce tensions. as al jazeera's harry fawcett reports for us, it is only the second such reunion in five years. >> reporter: this is the hotel lobby where nearly 500,000 have been contacted by the northern side that their relatives have been seeking this reunion have been registering for that reunion. incredible individual stories, personalized changed forever by the personal forces of history.
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the story of 84-year-old, she had been married for just seven months, three months pregnant when her husband went missing. he was part of the south korean military. he went off on what was thought to be military training but in the confusion of the korean war he simply never came home. she assumed he died. she paid tribute to him every year since, she looked after his parents, she raised the son who was still unborn at the time of his disappearance. now she says she's kept with her all that time a pair of his old shoes saying that essentially her whole life was contained in those shoes. the absence of that man, she has brought with her her now 64-year-old son. he's talking about being able to embrace both of his parents for the first time. the sense of pride that he had finally finding out that had he a father. so when you hear an old man talking in those sorts of terms, to almost a yuck boy, you get
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the sense of an emotional power that's in this place at the moment. in tuesday, they will travel to the northwestern area, that will be it and come back to south korea. >> harry fawcett reporting from south korea for us. afghanistan's economy is suffering a double below, international aid has been reduced now that most foreign troops have been withdrawn. and the taliban take over of kunduz, jennifer glasse reports from kabul. >> the streets of kunduz will be live again, shopkeepers are still working out their losses. many shopkeepers were destroyed in the fighting. >> we've lost about $20,000 in this shop without counting cost of the destruction of the building. we want the government to guarantee security for people's
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lives and their investment so people can come back and invest and live their lives. >> reporter: but the people of kunduz don't have a lot of faith in the so-called national unity government ever president ashraf ghani and his chief executive, abdalla abdalla, two rivals now ruling together. >> translator: the situation is good now, but we don't trust these two presidents or the chief executive. we are afraid if we borrow money and invest we don't trust that the fighting won't happen again. >> reporter: and that means some shops remain closed. many were looted in the fighting. they're struggling to open without enough supplies. >> investment is totally gone from kunduz. before we could borrow up to $5,000 of stock. now they won't even give you $200 and that's all because of fighting. >> reporter: the city's biggest hotel says it hasn't had a reservation sings th since thg
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stopped. outside, women simply wait, many don't have money for food. the economic effects are being being felt here. this washing machine worth 650 is on sale for $200. there are no buyers. >> mohammed said his business has dropped by 80%. people who have money want to save it. in case things get worse. they are buying only things they absolutely need. >> they do not invest in stocking our shops. because the fighting is in kunduz, tomorrow it could be in kabul. >> reporter: shopkeepers say they're not making enough to cover their rents. they are worried about crime too. thieves take a whole safe from one business, taking their bookkeeping documents. amin said his business has lost
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about 100,000 in the last month. if things get much better they will consider closing business. why communities in south florida are looking at getting rid of lion fish.
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e- >> president obama will welcome a special guest, ahmed mohammed,
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the texas high school student you'll remember arrested for bringing a home made clock to school. some of his teachers said they were concerned the device might be a bomb. now to an ecological crisis in florida, lion fish are destroying the state's native fish population and that is destroying thousands of jobs. sheila macvicar has our report. >> it's hard to believe a fish this beautiful, this fragile-looking, could be a menace. but the lion fish is just that. >> they don't fear anything. >> ali al hag has made thousands of diefs off th dives over the . >> your they such a problem? >> because we don't have a natural predator in our waters. secondly their rate of reproduction is ridiculous.
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one female over 2 million eggs a year. the third thing is, they're gluttonous eaters. so they will decimate our native fish population. >> reporter: with no natural predator the voracious lion fish is just the latest interloper to overwhelm florida. the state called the ellis island of invasive species. they are multiapplying at a furious rate. gobbling up marine life around them. here is a reef with a variety of man made fish. here is a reef where the lion fish have taken over. lion fish compete directly with recreational saltwater fishing in florida and that's worth more than $7 billion a year to the state. how did it all begin? household pets, a handful, kept
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in aquariums. >> the theory that is most accepted by everybody that's working or hunting these fish is that aquarium owners released their pets off the east coast of florida in the mid '80s. >> so in something like 30 years you've now gone from a custom fish off the east coast of florida to a range that goes from -- >> from north carolina to mid brazil, everything in between. >> that's a lot of lion fish. >> it's loaded and they are everywhere. >> with no natural predator in florida waters the state is now calling on divers like ali are al hag cleaning off reefs hunting them one fish at a time. there's no limit of one diver. lion fish can live at depths
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deeper than recreational divers can go but divers can make a difference. sheila macvicar, al jazeera. the nation's top honor for humor now belongs to eddie mush fi. murphy. the comedian was awarded the mark twain prize last night. murphy had everyone laughing when he accepted the award. >> there was some confusion whether it's an award or prize. even though they call it a prize, it's an award. usually when it's a prize, there's money involved. >> joke about bill cosby. the reason he came into comedy in the first place. that is all of our time.
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i'm tony harris in new york. the news continues, live from london. >> this is al jazeera. >> this is the al jazeera newshour, good to have you along, i'm david foster. this is some of what we're looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes. croatia opens its border with serbia as the balkan states struggle with thousands of new refugees. investigation into the death of an eritrean migrant shot in the case of mistaken identity