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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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. >> stepping up the fight against i.s.i.l. the u.s. has more air strikes in syria and embedding troops in iraq. hello there, you are watch, al jazeera. i'm laura kyle from our headquarters in doha. also coming up. iran could be invited to take part in talks to end the conflict in syria. rescue and recovery. after a major earthquake. the death toll rises. questions are raised about the use of force at one school in the u.s.
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the u.s. is considering escalating its military campaign against the islamic state of iraq and levant in iraq and syria. ash carter said a proposed policy will mean additional air strikes and action on the ground. rosalind jordan has more on the strategy shift which still needs approval from the president there is a military strategy called the three r. retaking raqqa, swooping in on ramadi. and the u.s. troops getting more involved. >> we will not hold back supporting capable partners.
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carter's statement comes after a raid last week where u.s. special forces jumped in to help kurdish fighters. if to, that would be a change for the u.s. president obama had promised no ground troops to fight i.s.i.l. carter told a congressional panel on tuesday that despite a decision to launch air strikes in syria. the u.s. will pressure iraqi prime minister to not let russia join the strike on its territory. >> we are the partners, we are consistent. and ramadi repeated the pledges. >> there's another complication, a flow of foreigners na want to strike. even with allies, the top general admitted the coalition does not have a plan to stop foreign fighters. >> we don't have, amongst all the coalition, a view of where the fighters come from, and
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restriction on where they go once they leave. >> military leaders said they have been studying the usefulness of a know fly zone, something legislators called for. >> what you say is it's a strong nation where capable military can't establish a no-fly zone. >> reporter: it's not clear whether carter and done convince the any, but there is a hunger for the u.s. to get it right and another key shift in strategy for the u.s. and its allies. they were expected to take parts in talks on syria's future. it is a key ally of damascus, forced to increase the number of advisor to support bashar al-assad's army. talks were set to take place in
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vienna. mark kimmitt is a former director of s.e.n.t.c.o.m., in charge of overseeing the military operations, and says inviting iran to the latest round. talks will not help bring a solution to the conflict. >> let's be clear. iran said as recently as yesterday, that they have no iranian troops on the ground. i think we know that is not true. many, many funerals inside of iran, even generals, three to four generals have been filled. the fact that they deny it, but they want a seat at the table leaves one a bit puzzle the. the real question of that is iran has a seat at the table. what is next. will we allow. hezbollah and others to the table as well. i think it confuses the issues
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rather than helps the efforts, the diplomatic solution on the ground. >> imam has been an inter-locketture. it's a role they have had since inviting iranian troops in in the '70s. the remainder of the gulf states and the sunni arab states. despite what is read in the newspapers, are infuriated that iran will have a seat at the table on an issue that they believe to be in the province of the middle east and the levant and they don't see iran having any part of the negotiations. >> emergency teams in afghanistan and pakistan are trying to reach people trapped by the earthquake. at least 379 people have died. the quake was centered in north-eastern afghanistan. it's affected a wide area. most of the casualties are in
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the swat valley. kamal hyder is there. >> reporter: brick by brick locals pick up belongings and valuables. rescue and recovery teams are in the area to assess the damage. >> for moment, it was a narrow escape. this man built his house 30 years ago, from savings he and his deceased brother head. he remembers the moment when the strong earthquake struck. >> we were all in our rooms when the earthquake struck. it was shocking for everyone. kids and women were crying, it was like doomsday. we were lucky god saved all of us. >> as we walked through the alleyways, there was the persistent take of aftershocks. authorities began recovery efforts, it's not clear whether
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it will be enough. >> the person supervising the patient. they are given good treatment, and we have no shortage of that or medicines in the federal government. they have given us maximum support and relief. >> most of the deaths were in the adjoining districts. it could have been worse. were it not for the deaths of this earthquake. >> with the death toll mounting it's estimated thousands of losses were destroyed. and people are now waiting for relieve and rescue to arriving. the earthquake may have spared pakistan, but it has left an imprint on most people's minds. >> just a few kilometres from the town, hundreds of people are treated for injuries at the local hospital.
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there are reports that there could be more fat amounties and destruction in the far flung and remote areas funerals have been held for 12 schoolgirls in afghanistan when the quake struck. they died in a stampede. hundreds attended a mass funeral in the north of the country. >> britain says it will postpone withdrawing troops from afghanistan, and they'll stay in the country through 2015, there 415 soldiers stationed there. they ended combat operations in afghanistan, but kept troops to train forces. earlier this month it said it would keep the the troops in the country behind 2016. the saudi-led military has bombed a hospital.
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it injured one staff members and destroyed the builds. doctors without borders said it provided coordinates to the coalition two weeks ago. >> the first heat seeker destroyed it. the team had time to destroy it, they had time to evacuate the emergency room. they hit the maternity ward. facing in front of the e.r. and destroying the hospital. they had five minutes to run away. there is some burns, scratch from things like this. >> three palestinians were shot dead in the occupied west bank on tuesday. an american israeli wounded in the attack two weeks ago died of injuries. earlier, israeli forces fired tear gas, marking a day of rage
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across the occupied territory, hundreds opened. two men, and a 17-year-old girl were killed on monday. nadim baba is in the occupied west bank and sent the report. >> reporter: the death toll on either side rising on tuesday. an israeli man died in hospital from injuries he taped in an attack on a bus two weeks ago, and on the palestinian side fatalities coming at the gush-e. t-sion junction in the south of the occupied west bank. tuesday was a day of rage as the political parties called it. there were street protests in first cities. hebron was the essential of the main confrontations between palestinians and the israeli army. dozens of people have been wounded by live ammunition from the north of the occupied west bank to the south.
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>> in hebron, main angry at bodies of palestinian yanls killed. that they have not been returned to their families. one was, and, in fact, the funeral was held on deuce. a 19-year-old palestinian man killed on monday. that saw thousands of people rally. i think that these incidents, though, of attacks against israelis, they are disputed by palestinian sources or by palestinian witnesses. many of the narratives coming out of israel saying that palestinians attempted to stab a sold we are have been disputed. that is something whether or not that was the case, that is something that is feeding popular anger among palestinians. and they are saying that if there are diplomatic moves by mahmoud abbas, for example, to call for international
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attention, that is it not of interest. they'll maintain direct action for as long as they can. >> in libya, 12 have been killed in a helicopter crash. those on board were military commanders belonging to the government in tripoli. helicopters hit by antiaircraft fire and crashed into the sea. >> egyptians have begun voting in run off elections, for than 220 parliament seats are at stake. none of the candidates won the majority. first results expected on thursday. egypt has not had parliamentary elections since the overthrow of mohamed mursi. >> days ahead of a parliamentary election in turkey, the prosecutor has taken coal of more opposition media outlets, and the scuffles linked to the group. he's a critic of recep tayyip erdogan. the affected outlets include two
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newspaper and tv stations. >> coming up in the programme, voters in congo vote for a new president. some say the vote was rigged and how foreign relations in cuba will be a game-changer for cuban athletes. letes.
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hello, the top stories on al jazeera. the u.s. is considering escalating military campaign against yil are.
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u.s. defense -- i.s.i.l. u.s. defense secretary ashton carter said a proposed new policy will need the approval of president obama iran is expected to take part in talks on syria's future for the first time. iran is one of syria's main allies. and emergency teams are trying to help those trapped after the earthquake. they died during a stampede, trying to get out of their school. >> voters in congo's referendum backed a plan to scrap presidential term limits. that meanings the incumbent can contest a third term in office. the opposition to change the constitution was rigged.
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getting back to normal, thinks are getting back to normal. protests for change to the constitution allowing the president to run for a third term shut the market and her business. >> translation: we can sell our things again. it's calm. the people want peace. >> the government says most people voted yes to the new constitution in sunday's referendum. the presidential application is in july 2016. the president doesn't want a third term. opposition leaders fear he may hang on to power. opposition supporters were shot and killed during protests. for safety reasons they have called off the protests. the referendum was a sham. >> i was the saddest man in the world. i want to say this. the congolese people are suffering. the congolese people cannot eat
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properly. they can go everywhere. something is missing. there's no any peace. >> reporter: members of the ruling party are calling for calm, and change is not about one man extending his term. >> he's a presidential candidate. changes to the constitution is not about one man, it was to build a better economy. discussions are over. it's done. >> the main opposition leader is under house arrest. the congolese people wait to see if the president will step down when the term ends next year. >> thousands of supporters of south africa's economic freedom fighters party marched in the streets. calling for higher wages and salaries and the nationalization of mines. the u.s. launched an
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investigation into the way a policeman dealt with a student in a high school in south carolina. the officer was called to remove her from the class. he slammed her to the ground. out of her desk and across the room. patty culhane reports. >> reporter: it happened again, another video goes viral. this time in south carolina. the teenager refusing to leave her high school classroom. this is how the police kept responded. the justice department is investigating whether her civil rights were violated. another case of police force causing outrage. police involved deaths parked riots, creating a movement. hoping to highlight growing quits between police and others of colour. president obama is trying to get the sites talking. >> there's a lot of african-americans, not just me who have that story of being
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pulled over or frisked or something, and the data shows that this is not an aberration. >> in general. crime rates in the u.s. are falling. cities are seeing sky rocketing murder rates. the protest and the backlash are part of it. >> privately in one big city precinct who describe being surrounded by young people, mobile phones high, taunting them getting out of their cars. they said to me thee feel under siege. >> in baltimore the statistics are telling, there's 177 murders in 2014, and the number of murders climbed past that to 270. at the same time police are arresting fewer people, 12,000 fewer, a drop of 34%.
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civil rights groups say that's a problem. in a democracy the agents of the government need to take criticism, understand where it's coming from realising that they are accountable to the people and need to address the concerns of the communities they police. >> this plaintiff's boss says this video doesn't tell the whole story. there's a video with the student trying to punch the police officers. he'll decide wednesday if it's an appropriate response. thanks to social media much of the country has already made their opinion a former president of the police foundation and director of police in new jersey, and says more basic training is needed for police officers. >> the officer used a lot of unnecessary force from my perspective. unless there is - his life was threatened. we saw no gun, no weapon, and
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the officer dragging this woman across the floor. if she committed a violation of the law, why wasn't she handcuffed. this is the thing that cast the police in a bad light. and i think that part of the problem is that some people cannot - that are police officers, are not able to handle the job in an equitable manner. racial stewed biases that impacts the way they think, and the way they operate. it should be an increased focus on the tests that are given to determine the qualifications of somebody to handle the complex and difficult responsibilities of a police officer's job. and people that can't handle the job. then should not be in the police department. >> united states says that it will take the ships near china's
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manmade islands in in the south sudan, hours after doing so on monday. beijing warned washington that it will respond if u.s. warships passed near the islands. some of the u.s. ambassadors were called to explain the actions. rob mcbride reports the united states symbolled more months it would make the sail pass, china warned it would respond, and both have been good to their word. the patrol came within 12 nautical miles of the spratly islands, normally the internationally accepted limit of a nation's territorial claim, but not accepted by the u.s., which says these are international waters open to anybody. china says it shadowed the u.s. vessel, accusing it of harming regional peace and stability. >> translation: we want to strongly urge the u.s. to
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correct our opposition, and should not conduct dangerous, provocative action threatening sovereignty and security, and should keep the promise of not taking sides, so as not to further harm the chinese relationship. the waters of the south china sea are disputed by china and several asian nations, among them the philippines, which,s an an ally of the u.s. welcomed the move, saying the ship was operating in international waters. the balance of power says it must be adhered to. there must be voices when affected by changes on the ground. another ally has its own territorial dispute in the east china see. it went further, expressing concern at the island building activity in the south china sea. >> the unilateral conduct to
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change the status quo to build ocean platforms in the south china sea are a common concern for the disagrees pal community. as the prime minister said, it's important that the international community unite to maintain peace and stability. we are closely conducting intelligence with the united states. the united states said the digs to send the war ship close to the islands in reafairlies its right to sail in what it considers international waters. china is responding in equal terms that it will safeguard what it sees as its territory. there's widespread support from china's neighbours for america's actions an afghan woman, said to be 105, is said to be one of the
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latest arrivals to a refugee camp. she arrived with her fam. >> and said it took 20 days to get to the camp. >> translation: i became homeless, a might rant. i've been on the road for a long time. i've slept in rough conditions. i have no home. may god give me a good life. i've been a muslim. may god give me a share in life. otherwise what can i do the philippines says it cannot afford to permanently settle refugees. australia has paid them to take people who have sought refuge in its country. australia refuses to accept refugees trying to reach its shores by boat. they can't afford to keep the refugees indefinitely. >> nicaragua, hundreds are protesting the construction of a canal. there were angry scenes in the
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capital when demonstrators faced off with riot police. critics say the waterway will force residents from their home and submerge community. the government says it will bring in vital investments the united nations general assembly on tuesday votes for a call to the end of the international embargo. over the years many people, ind cluing high profile players have risked their lives to get to america. we look at major league baseball and the future of the cuban athletes as the split cat environment thaws. >> reporter: these men are the future of cuban baseball. if they play well, they may join cuba's version of the new york yankees. but some dream of a future beyond that in the united states. >> you play baseball anywhere,
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you want to compete, it's the highest level. there's no league in the world like it. >> reporter: to get to the u.s. cuban ball players defect to a third company first to negotiate at international free agents. the salaries do not come easy, they had to risk their lives and leave their families. >> translation: the way things are now between cuba and the united states, it should be easier, both governments are looking for ways to have ties. it is easier. of course i'd like my family here with me. >> more than 350 players left cuba since 1980. normalization sparked an exodus. 100 players left. players are worried major league baseball could negotiate with the government, meaning smaller paychecks. alcides escobar plays for the washington nationals. but grew up in havana.
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his childhood friends played in the streets with him. >> translation: some of them play baseball and want to be like escobar and others. he hasn't been forgotten. >> reporter: escobar once played for cuba. the children consider him a legend. officials label him - like others that left - defectors, athletes that abandoned the country. >> when the team won the nationals, the cuban government gave him the house. playing with major league baseball. the government confiscated it. cuban sports officials say they have a momentum of power over the players. cuba makes vestment in players, and faces a future where it
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would lose more of its top talent. now that things have changed. >> more there on our website. now you can catch up with the latest news and programs that you may have missed, and views from our correspondents in the field. field. [ ♪ ] on "america tonight", raising the rent. 20 million americans called trailer parks home. many fear they are priced out. >> almost everyone in our properties love being here. they are happy. it's a pain because they love t "america tonight"s christopher putzel on the new speculators and communities in their site. and abad blue flu.