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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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only on al jazeera america >> world leaders agree to continue efforts to stop the war in syria as 140 people are killed in the last 24 hours. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up, the boat tragedy off the coast of greece. 30 drown including 11 children. violent clashes between israeli authorities and palestinians. an israeli vehicle runs over a protester.
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back on british soil, a guantanamo detainee held for 13 years without charge. >> historic talks on the crisis in syria have finished with powers backing rival side agreeing that the u.n. should start a new diplomatic process. for the first time iran, a key ally syrian president bashar al-assad was voled in this diplomacy sitting down with regional rivals saudi arabia, who support syria's rebels along with the united states. all 19 participants agree that unity, independence, territory integrity are fundamental. they say state institutions should stay and will remain intact. they say the political process will be syrian led and that the people will decide on the future
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of their country. al jazeera's has been following the day's events from vienna. here are his reports. >> they were two very long extremely arduous days but at last some common grounds on syria was forged. at the conclusion of this latest round of talks u.s. secretary of state john kerry was happy to list the point of mutual understanding reached. >> syria's unity, independence, territorial integrity and secular character are fundamental. reagreeed that syria's state institutions will remain intact we agree that the rights of all syrians, regardless of ethnicity or religious denomination must be protected. >> the hopes was that it might lead to a breakthrough.
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while it may have bolstered the efforts of democracicy it ended no results to end the bloodshed. >> and in aleppo province 25 locations were hit by russian and syria regime airstrikes claiming at least 80 more lives. just one more reason the opposition activist who is gathered outside of the sight of the negotiations were so angry. chanting against bashar al-assad while expressing how distrustful they were in these efforts to end the war in their homeland. >> we know they will not--they have the chance for five years. five long years with all this blood. with all this, how will we expect any good from this? >> for its part russia heavily criticized for its involvement in syria went to great pains to
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suggest that it was heeding the concerns of the international community. >> russia is committed to fighting terrorism on the basis of international law. we're talking about military interventionsen in the air or on the ground, both need to be conducted with the agreement of the government or the u.n. security council. >> with this renewed sense of urgency with syria everyone now wonders what will come next. with diplomatic talks scheduled to continue in two weeks time here in vienna, it's still unclear if members of the syrian opposition or members of the syrian regime will be invited to join in. and while numerous points of mutual understanding were, indeed, reached in vienna, the only thing that is for certain when it comes to syria's civil war is no matter who participates the talks will be difficult. al jazeera, vienna. >> well, there has been another day of violence cross syria.
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these pictures posted by activists are said to show a run jet in the province of homs. russia said that it's aerial campaign is targeting isil and groups that brand terrorists, meanwhile the united states has announced it will send up 50 special forces. this would be the first time u.s. troops have worked openly in syria and marks president obama promise not to put supplement boots on the ground to fight isil. they said that the small operation force should not be under estimated. >> the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to taking the fight on the ground to isil in their own country. that has been the core element of the military component of our strategy from the beginning. building the capacity of local
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forces on the ground. >> our correspondent roslind jordan sends us this update. >> up to 50 special operations portions will be going from the united states to syria sometime in the next several days to basically provide analysis and in-house stance to members of the syrian opposition. now this is not going to be for those who are fighting against the government of bashar al-assad this is advice to those forces that are fighting isil. this is something which the administration has said is part of its ramping up of its efforts to defeat isil inside syria. the president barack obama has also approved the deployment of close support aircraft as well as fighter jets in turkey. ostensibly to ramp up the intensity of the u.s.-led coalition's air war against isil
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targets. one official briefing at the pentagon on friday said that once these 50 or so special forces get to syria, they're going to be there for some time. but the person could not put an exact deadline. however, suffice it to say it's not going to be a short-term mission. >> another two bodies carrying refugees from turkey to greece has sunk killing 30 people including 11 children. more than 100 others were rescued from the sea. but many refugees continue to risk their lives to escape conflict in their home countries. we have this report from lesbos. >> chronically over loaded with refugees on the upper decks this pleasure boat was lucky to reach
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lesbos. some swam to the rocky shore, but people are dying every day. a serge in a rivals, they have averaged 7,000 to 8,000 a day. authorities say it's partly due to pressure from turkish smugg smugglers to maximize business before winter. >> there is no respect for human life. >> faisel has paid the price for acting as interrupt for u.s.
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services. they shoot bullets in front of my home. when my dad got a letter. take the money and get out of afghanistan. go wherever you want to go. don't come back home. >> faisel has waited for two years for an american visa. they are overrun by by twice that many. >> only children managed to escape briefly from these daily realities. >> this is the first e.u. hot spot where arrivals are screened. there is room for 10,000 people in camps across the country. but greece has been forced to raise that capacity to 50,000.
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most of it in government built temporary shelters. greece says that europe needs to do more. >> i want to say that as an european leader i feel shame, shame both for the inavailability of europe to deal effectively with the human crisis but also for the quality of the debate. >> greece now has to build it's new capacity as the prospect dawns that arrivals may not pause to let the winter pass. al jazeera, lesbos. >> well, the situation isn't improving for refugees heading further into europe. there have been more chaotic scenes at the border between slovenia and austria. around 7,000 people gather at the border area after slovenia brought refugees there by train. thousands of asylum seekers have been trying to climb over the barriers. you're watching al jazeera. still to come we'll bring you the latest from the war in yemen
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where even children are targets for snipers' bullets. we'll tell but the cheap set ups that are keeping zimbabweans in business.
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>> welcome become. foreign ministers announce the u.n. should start a new diplomatic process aimed at finding a political transition to end syria's war. meanwhile inside syria itself, the violence is continuing. 140 people have been killed by
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missile attacks carried without by the syrian government. 30 refugees including 11 children have drowned after two boats sunk off the coast of greece. >> now the last british detainee to be held at guantanamo bay has been freed. he has been held there for 13 years and in the last eight years he was released twice. he flew back on friday. emma hayward reports. >> after more than 5,000 days inside guantanamo bay, he was finally back on british soil. flown to a civilian air port on the edge of london, a moment his family, friends and supporters had been hoping for for many years. in a statement he said: .
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>> see curing his release has taken years. politicians, human rights campaigners all calling for the saudi-born father of four to be freed. the british government had pressed the u.s. to free him, too. >> he'll have a mix of euphoria because he was never sure this was going to happen. and at the same time this sort of crashing back down to earth where he has to figure out all the things that are wrong with him physically. he has then going to have to rebuild his relationship with his family. he has not seen his wife in 13 years. he has never met one child at all. imagine that as a parent. >> he was held without charge. he was detained in afghanistan
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in 2001 while working for a charity. in 2002 he was transferred to guantanamo bay. by 2007 the bush administration had cleared him for release. yet he was still in custody i in 2009 when the obama administration also cleared him for release. he went on hunger strikes several times. one of the many prisoners to protest in this way. campaigners say that he was held in appalling conditions, sometimes in solitary confinement and alleged he was beaten. >> his release comes after years of relentless campaigning by his family and his supporters. he now has to try to rebuild his life. >> how that is even possible after more than 13 years inside guantanamo bay is hard to quantify. there are serious concerns about the former detainee's health, and questions remain, too, about how and why it took so long for
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him to be released. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> well, in the last hour i spoke to his lawyer, and he explained what happened the day he told his client he was going to be free. >> well, i was at guantanamo a month ago. it was literally on a thursday morning that notification was sent to congress that he would be released, and that next morning friday morning i walked into the shack at guantanamo, and saw him seat there had the way is always is for our meetings, shackled to the ground. i told him that i had good news for him. i told him what had happened. i told him that it meant after the 30-day waiting period was over, the path would be clear for his return to the united kingdom. he stared at me blankly and started to tell me about his shoes, how the prison administration had to replace
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the shoes since 2010. he showed me how his shoes were falling apart. that's normal. that's an normal attorney-client meeting. i had to interrupt him and i repeated the news. only then did it sink in. he asked if i was serious. i said yes, and then he had a huge smile. >> the palestinian health authorities said that a baby has died of tear gas. in other violence on friday one palestinian was shot dead by israeli forces. and now another in critical condition after they allegedly tried to stab a policeman in the occupied west bank. meanwhile israel police have shot a palestinian accused of stabbing a student in jerusalem. stephanie decker has more on that now from west jerusalem. >> this is the first incident in two weeks in jerusalem where we've had according to the israeli police a 23-year-old from the occupied east jerusalem area actually behind the
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separation wall. but cechcally still jerusalem's complicated area and one where people will tell you there are incredibly difficult conditions. he stabbed a student. that student is in moderate continue. this happened on the scene line which separates the west from occupied west jerusalem and what is interesting we had one of our al jazeera colleagues on the ground. he saw the latter half of what happened, and he didn't see an attempted stabbing, but he saw a young man lying on the ground. he was then shot seven or eight times. so incredibly tense situations still. a lot of these incidents have been happening in the occupied west bank. this latest wave started here in jerusalem moved towards the west bank. this is the first time we've had an incident of this nature in the last two weeks. >> and there have been more violent clashes between israeli forces and palestinians. medic had to be given treatment
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after being attacked by pepper spray by israelis. it happened when they were rescuing a palestinian youth after clashes at an israeli checkpoint. at that checkpoint an israeli vehicle ran into a palestinian. forces then attacked a medical team and also a cameraman. >> well, top palestinian officials meanwhile have urged the criminal court to speed up its probe into israeli war crimes. president mahmood abbas met with icc officials at the hague on friday to hand over a file alleging that israel has handed out summary killings and collective punishment. they said that it is extremely important to speed up the process. >> i believe that it's good that israel will involve itself and correct itself fully and cooperate with such examination
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and letter with full official investigation. otherwise, then everybody will come to the conclusion that israel is hiding it's own crimes, and it is really protecting criminals. >> well, as the violence continued, palestinians are accusing israeli shoot troops of shooting palestinians. nadim baba reports from hebron. >> they're in grief and struggling to accept what happened to their sister. the father of 17-year-old tells me she was shot dead by an israeli soldier after passing through two army checkpoints. >> they say she had a knife. if you even have a metal screw the machines will pick it up. she had already been searched twice. then a soldier yelled at her where is your knife.
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she yelled back that i don't have a knife. then he shot her. >> she was one of several cases it is investigated in which palestinians were deliberately shot dead by israeli force whence they posed no imminent threat to life. in some cases, the person shot was left bleeding to death on the ground in violation of humanitarian law. such reports are adding to existing tensions here in hebron where a few israeli settlers live in the heart of the city with severe restrictions on palestinian access. clashes here between young palestinian protesters and the israeli army are not new, but now we're seeing palestinians being shot dead in disputed circumstances. >> al jazeera asked the israeli military about these claims. they directed us to the ministry of foreign affairs. they simply said this was yet another instance in which amnesty shows a lack of interest
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in palestinian terror. but some say that israeli troops have sometimes placed knives next to dead palestinians to falsely implicate them in attacks. this man fears apprizals. >> he tells us that he saw the guy the young palestinian man walking on the street, hearing something. and raising his and showing open palms in order to show he didn't have any weapons on him. then a few seconds after he was shot with rounds of machine gunfire and fell to the ground. >> it's impossible for al jazeera to verify that version of events. but it's clear that whatever the shooting the anger on the streets is growing with calls of
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the israeli army to change its tactics. >> now more than 50 people have been killed during two days of fighting around the southern yemeni city of taiz. fighters allied with the exiled president said that houthi rebels have the area under their control and civilians are increasingly killed in the cross fire. efforts to find a political issue has failed. a warning that some viewers may find the images in the report disturbing. >> one of the latest casualties in yemen's war of attrition. she's seven years old and does not understand why grownups are killing each other in her hometown of taiz. >> i was playing on the street. i was shot in the leg with a bullet. >> it's a tough job for mothers to explain to children what are snipers, and why they shoot at anything that moves.
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>> my sister and her son were also shot by snipers. >> people in taiz say hundreds have died in weeks of intense fighting by youth fighters backed by former president ali abdullah saleh and pro government fighters. they have gained ground but they have are in areas they control. >> they have tanks, artillery and heavy weapons. we're armed with the conviction that we'll prevail. >> but no signs of a let up in the fighting. diplomatic attempts also seem to be falling apart. houthi leader said that efforts to reach a peaceful solution has failed. the head of the caughty
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committee is--houthi committee is fighting against the envoy. women and children are vulnerable in any conflict, and in yemen, too, they're paying the highest price. >> we want to bring you some news. at least 25 people have been killed in a reported fire at a club in romania's capital of bucharest. the country's deputy interior said that others have within injured. no word yet on the circumstances surrounding that fire and what might have caused it, but 25 people have been killed. we'll stay on top of that for you. we want to bring you another story. the candidate in the coming up myanmar elections has been attacked by a machete.
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protesters in south korea why japanese flags are ripped up and anti-japanese slogans are chanted in seoul. now electricity shortages in zimbabwe has them looking to the sun. we have reports. >> continuous electricity shortages have not stopped them from working. the solar system for six months keeps them in business. >> zimbabwe produces 1,000 mega watts of electricity a day, less than half of what is needed. government leaders are telling zimbabwesens she has to buy a solar powered heater because
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electric ones are being phased out. >> i don't think we will be able to afford looking at people who have been laid off jobs. and it is not available. >> a 100-liter water hear heater costs $400. the average life span of some heaters is three years before some maintenance is needed. >> serving 1300 or more. it means that it's going to be serving 60% of what we pay for the energy. >> poor families are being told they are able to buy imported heaters as a government subsidized price.
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>> we welcome any investments into the image sector. >> this current energy crisis is partly being caused by low water levels in the hydroelectric dams and aging power stations. regular power cuts mean street lights don't always work. they're being replaced by the solar ones, which means all the major highways will have them. >> 8 million of zimbabwe's 13 million people don't have access to electricity. using more solar energy to change that government officials are hoping that the energy crisis will be solved within the next three years. al jazeera. >> new photos released by the space station reveal more details of pluto's moon. the images show unprecedented
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levels of ammonia surrounding the equator of the moon. you can find more on that story and everything we're covering at that is where you need to go. more comment and analysis right there. ♪ ♪ >> it's the largest one time release of federal prisoners ever. more than 6,000 people mostly drug offenders, the u.s. sentencing commission with the support of the obama administration, is trying to relieve prison overcrowding and give relief to prison sentences at the end of the drug war. are