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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> dozens are killed in another day of violence in syria as world can't agree to more talks to find a solution to the crisis. is hello from doha everyone i'm kamal santa maria. the u.s. is sending special forces into syria to help in the fight against i.s.i.l. bucharest 27 are killed many more injured. and witch hunts and car
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thefts take the gaming industry annual awards. >> hello everyone vienna first of all where two days of talks of world powers on the crisis in syria have cautious optimism that these talks would yield something especially because of iran's presence, but no decisive agreements. mohammed jamjoom records. >> they were two entirely long days, but at the conclusion of the talks u.s. secretary of state john kerry was happy to announce the points of understanding reached on syria. >> sierra's unitesyria's unity r
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character is fundamental. we agree that syria's state institutions will remain intact. we agree that the rights of all syrians regardless of ethnicity or religion religious denominatt be protected. >> while these bolstered the efforts of diplomacy, it did nothing to end the conflict. 25 were hit claiming at least 80 more lives. just one more reason the opposition activists gathered outside the negotiations were so angry. chanting against syrian president bashar al-assad while expressing how distrustful they
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were to end the war in their home land. >> we reject it because we know, otherwise they have a chance for five years, can you imagine five long years with all this blood with all this destruction, how will we expect any good from them? >> reporter: for its part russia heavily criticized for its involvement in syria went to great pains to suggest it was heeding the concerns of the international community. >> translator: russia is committed to fighting terrorism on the basis of international law, both need to be conducted on the agreement of the government or the u.n. security council. >> reporter: with this renewed sense of urgency over syria everyone wonders what will come next. with diplomatic talks scheduled to take place here again in two weeks in vienna, it is unclear
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whether members of the syrian regime will be invited to join in. while areas were reached in vienna, the only thing certain is that no matter who participates the talks will be difficult. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera, vienna. the united states announced it will send up to 50 special forces personnel to help in syria goodness i.s.i.l. a decision u-turn not oput american boots on the ground in syria. patty culhane reports. >> it's been the decision of president obama about the u.s. involvement in syria. >> it will not involve american combat troops fighting on foreign soil. >> reporter: now they say up
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to 50 special forces will go into syria but that does not violate that pledge they insist. >> to make it clear that our counteri.s.i.l. strategy will be substantially different, a difference in night and day, one that president obama was implementing to counter i.s.i.l. and a long counteroperation that the bush administration pursued in 2003. >> what exactly these u.s. special forces are going to be doing on the ground, they are trying to paint the picture they won't be on the offensive unless the forces they're with get into trouble. but behind the scenes, pentagon officials are ruling out that the u.s. troops will do any fighting at least for now, proof that the president doesn't have a strategy. >> an incremental change that will not change the conditions on the ground. in the eyes of the enemy this is weakness. in the eyes of our allies this
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is your honor reliability. >> this is action to russia's involvement. >> the situation has changed with the introduction of russian air power and the forces that we have supported are now being pushed back. it makes sense, at the same time, talks are going on, whenever the talks are going on the situation ton ground is paramount. who has the situation on the ground influences how the talks come out. >> only end with a political solution, they apparently believe they can only get there by increasing the fighting first. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. >> to other news, two boats carrying refugees from turkey to greece have sunk. john siropolous reports from the island of lesbos.
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>> they barely made it, this pleasure boat was lucky to reach the island of lesbos. many of those on board swam the final few meters to the rocky shore but out in the aegean people are dying every day. a surge in arrivals over the last few days have overwhelmed those on land and sea. on lesbos alone they have averaged 7 to 8,000 per day. it is partially from turkish smugglers to maximize the return before winter. >> there is no respect for human lives and i think for smugglers all of this is like dealing with cargo shipment probably. >> reporter: the surge means more life at sea but also pressure on camps as people await registration. still waiting for his travel documents is afghan faisal.
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he paid by being hunted down by the resurgent tabl. taliban. >> they shoot bullets in front of my home. they put a letter on my dad's door. when my dad got the letter he said i told you not owork with these guys. my family life is at risk. take the money, get out of afghanistan, go wherever you want to go, don't wait in my home. >> faisal has waited two years for an american visa, he can wait no more. this camp is overrun by more than half, there's no running water nothing to eat and nowhere to sit down. only children manage to escape briefly from these daily realities. this is greece's first eu hot spot where new arrivals are
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screebd. there iscreened. there is room for about 10,000, but now greece has been forced to raise that capacity to 50,000, most of it built by government, and others in private housing. still greece needs to do more. >> i want to say as a european leader i feel shame both for the inability of europe to deal effectively with this crisis but also the effectiveness of the debate. >> prospect dawns that arrivals may not pause to let the winter pass. john siropolous, al jazeera, lesbos in the eastern ea eag a .
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>> a are night club in bucharest was packed when it broke out in fire. >> desperate oto save lives, paramedics work hard to save victims but for many there is nothing they can do. >> many went to the hospital by themselves which is common in a situation, we finished monitoring here and we are going to the hospitals to see how they are managing or whether to move them to other hospitals. >> night club in the capital bucharest when a fire broke out. dozens have died and 160 wounded. >> the night club was packed with at least 300 people, that
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interior minister warned that the death toll may still climb and some of those in hospital have burns all over their bodies. >> it is one of the worst accidents in the capital for decades. most of the hundreds of people at the club were young adults and teenagers attending a free rock concert. >> three friends of mine are inside the hospital. i was lucky because i couldn't find somebody to replace me at work and i couldn't go. otherwise i would have been here too or somewhere else maybe dead. >> it is believed the cause of the fire was a pyre technical 96 show that got out opyrotechnic . he's considering declaring a national day eve of morning.
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al jazeera. >> eight month old baby has died of tear gas inhalation, in a village near bethlehem. on friday israeli forces shot another two palestinians at a checkpoint in nablis. opened fire after the man allegedly tried to stab a policeman. the palestinian authority urged the international criminal court to speed its determinati determination. abbas was accompanied by al-maliki. >> it's good that israel will involve itself.
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otherwise you know, then everybody will come to the conclusion that you know israel is hiding, it's own crimes, and it's really protecting you know criminals. >> in the news ahead on al jazeera, the latest on the war in yemen where even children are targets for sniper's bullets. and in tanzania, after the new election, the new president appeals to people to give him a chance. chance.
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>> top stories for on al jazeerl
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jazeera. new diplomatic process aimed at finding aa new solution to syria's war. another day of violence. the u.s. has announced it will send up to 50 special forces to help with the war in syria against i.s.i.l. 27 people killed and more than 150 injured at a fire in a night club in romania. fire broke out around 11:00 p.m. local time. the last british resident held at guantanamo bay has been flown back to the u.k. shakir amin. >> after 5,000 days in guantanamo bay, shakir amir, was
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flown to the edge of london. a moment family friends and supporters have been hope for for many years. in a statement he says the reason i have been strong: he goes on to say: securing his release has taken yeast. politicians, celebrities and human rights -- taken years. the british government has pressed the u.s. to free him too. >> shakir will have a mix of euphoria because he was never sure this was going to happen. and at the same time as the sort of crashing back down to earth where he's got to figure out all the things that are wrong with
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him physically, he is going to then have to start rebuilding his relationship with the family where he hasn't seen his wife for 14 years but he hasn't seen his kids since they were very small and in the case of ferris, he hasn't seen him at all. imagine the as a parent. >> he was held without charge. he was detained in afghanistan in 2001 while working for a charity. in 2002 he was transferred to guantanamo bay. by 2007 the bush administration had cleared him for release yet he was still in custody in 2009 when the obama administration also cleared him for release. shakir amar went on hunger strike many times one of the few to protest that way. authorities say he was held in appalling conditions sometimes in solitary confinement. after years of campaigning by
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his family and supporters he now has to try to rebuild list life. how that's even possible after more than 13 years inside guantanamo bay is hard to quantify. there are serious concerns about the former detainee's health and questions remain too about how and why it took so long for shakir amir to be released. emma hayward, at beacon hill. >> we heard from shakir amir his attorney. >> it was literally on a thursday morning that notification was september to congress that he would be released and president obama called prime minister cameron. that very next morning i saw
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shakir, i told him i had good news, what had happened and told him it meant that after the 30 day waiting period was over the path would finally be cleared for his return to united kingdom. how the prison hadn't replaced his shoes, they were falling apart which was normal for an attorney-client meeting. i repeated the news, only then did it sink in, and i asked him ihe asked meif i was serious. and then his face was filled with a great smile. >> the producer roman polanski pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl, he served 42 days in jail after a plea
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bargain deal later fled the us because he felt he would serve flor time after if the decision was are overruled. >> you may find these images from osama ben javad disturbing. >> reporter: she's seven years old and doesn't understand why grown ups are killing each other in her home town of ta'izz. >> i was playing in the street, i was shot in the leg with a bullet. >> reporter: it is a tough job for mothers to explain to children, what are snipers and why they shoot at anything that moves. >> translator: my sister and her son was both hit by snipers. today my daughter was also shot
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as she was playing outside. >> people in ta'izz say hundreds have died after weeks of intense fighting. they say they've gained ground but the houthis have deployed snipers on hills overlooking areas they control. >> translator: they have tanks artillery and heavy weapons while we're just armed with our conviction that we will prevail. we will rim to support or city. >> with no signs of the fighting stopping, seven point peace plan brokered earlier this month in oman. criticizing the u.n. envoy. back in ta'izz, nasser's husband
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said she was shot dead. in yemen too they are paying the highest price. osama ben jafd, a javad, al jaz. >> he and two others were attacked by four men during a rally in yangon on tuesday. turkish, residents go to polls on sunday. more from istanbul with oem al saleh. every one has their own struggles. the ruling justice part haz vote for stability and government alone. the major has lost its power,
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failed to form a coalition gofs leading to the snap election which will take place on sunday. the party is relying on the political stability, development and economic growth it said it provided during it's time in power. there main slogan is turkey does. this party is focusing on promising on major economic projects including the state of economy create jobs and use other main opposition party is the nationalist movement party turkey's far right ultranationalism. slogans of this party is callings on turks to vote for the future of the country and also say turkey walk with us. this party is also focusing on the economy, promises to increase the minimum wage
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however, there are antiquotas for the turkish party, and finally the people's democratic party, first pro-edge property, their main slogan is pint on peace. the kurdistan workers party the pkk, wants to bring education stability and peace to southern turkey. >> ruling appeared is celebrat celebrating election victory for john masisi. katherinchristians reports.
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catherine soy reports. >> the ruling ccm power has been in power for 55 years. >> makes it very clear, the absence cannot in any way validate by the commission. >> the point was relative fair, built in the countries, we also thought it was going to be soflt on corruption. they want a real change an the ruling party does not represent that. >> there's anger in this dar al
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islam neighborhood. 6 million voted for law aprilassa. >> there's no democracy, nothing like so-called multiparty in tanzania. it is 50 years and we're still being ruled by one party. >> some say he has a hard job dealing with entrenched factional divisions within the ruling party. >> he should rebuild his party. comparatively, compared to the old days a weak party. the old idea of soicialism. socialism. >> there is a desire for change here especially among young people. the president elect is appealing to them to give him a chance to
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make those changes. catherine soy, al jazeera, dar r es salaam. >> now named ultimate game of the year as the golden joy stick awards. >> we were extremely pleasantly taken by surprise when words of praise started rolling out from the players from the gamers and also from the critics. >> reporter: the witcher 3 cost more than $80 million to
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develop and generated twice that in profits. the other big winner was grand theft auto 5. the golden joy stick awards is widely acclaimed as the only one determined by gamers themselves. 9 million people cast votes this year. >> we're all caught up with it. the mountain old days, they would say, games are for kids, but then they became grown ups and started making games. >> digital games have come a long way since gaming popularity in the 1980s. today they boast sleek graphics and complex story-telling. forming a global industry worth more than $80 billion and entertaining around 1.8 billion players. jerald tan, al jazeera.
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>> a distinct lack of video games at but plenty of news and analysis for you. down the left-hand side you see the social media feed. i see them keeping that updated 24 hours a day, with all the latest influences whenever you want it, >> on "america tonight," under the big sky. going toe to toe with the nra. >> putting guns in bars, in banks, making it so that your er physician can't ask whether you come in on an ambulance whether you have a firearm or not. >> "america tonight"'s aadam may "america tonight"'s adam may on the firing line. and treat or trick. >> you are the man lind one of behind one of the most terrifying predictions


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