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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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dozens killed if another day of violenn syria as world powers agree to more talks to find a solution to the crisis. hello everyone i'm kamal santa maria. this is al jazeera from doha. a fire in a night club in bucharest kills 27, many others injured. the wal wallabees are settle toe
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on in rugby. to meet again at least, there he was cautious optimism because of iran's presence this time but no break through. they still can't agree on the fate of bashar al-assad. mohammed jamjoom reports from vienna. >> they were two extremely arduous days but finally some common ground was found. secretary of state john kerry was proud to list. >> your's secular character is
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fundamental. we agree that the state institutions will remain intact. we agree that the rights of all syrians regardless of ethnicity or religious denomination must be protected. >> diplomats had hoped the presence of iran might finally lead to a break through and while the sense of guarded optimism had bolstered efforts of diplomacy, it altered little on the battlefield. on friday in syria dozens more were killed on a missile attack on a crowded marketplace in duma and in aleppo, 27 were hit by air strikes claiming at least 80 more lines. one reason why the activists were so angry. chanting against syrian president bashar al-assad, while expressing how distrustful they were of ending the conflict in
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their home land. >> we know they will not work for it. otherwise they have had a chance for five years. can you imagine five long years with all this blood with all this material, how will we accept, expect any good from this? >> reporter: for its part russia heavily criticized for its involvement in syria went to great pains to suggest it was heeding the concerns of the international community. >> translator: russia is committed to fighting terrorism on the basis of international law. whether we're talking about military interventions from the air or on the ground both need to be conducted with the agreement of the government or the u.n. security council. >> reporter: with this renewed sense of urgency over syria everyone now wonders what will come next. with diplomatic talks scheduled for two weeks time here in vienna it is still unclear if members of the syrian opposition or the syrian regime will be
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invited to join in. while points of agreement were reached here in vienna, it's clear that no matter who participates the talks will be difficult. mohammed jamjoom al jazeera, vienna. >> meanwhile the u.s. has announced it will send up to 50 special forces to fight with the opposition against i.s.i.l. in syria. a turn around from president obama's promise not to put american troops on the ground in syria. patty culhane has more. >> it's been a consistent position of president obama on the war in syria. >> i want to know how these wars will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american fighting troops fighting on foreign soil. >> they insist it does not violate that pledge.
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>> the president did go to great lengths to make clear that our counter-i.s.i.l. strategy in iraq and in syria would be substantially different. a difference in night and day between the strategy that president obama was implementing to counter i.s.i.l. and the ground operation that bush administration pursued in 20132003. >> not go into detail of what these u.s. special forces are going to be doing on the ground but trying to paint the picture that they won't necessarily be on the offensive unless the forces they're with get into trouble. but they are rulings out the idea that the troops will do any fighting at least for now. critics say this latest move is proof that the president doesn't have a strategy. >> an incremental change that will not change the opinion on the ground. this is unreliability to the
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analysts on the ground. >> the situation on the ground in syria has changed with the introduction of russian air power and the forces that we have supported are now being pushed back so it makes sense that we would step in to bolster them. at the same time talks are going on. whatever talks are going on the situation on the ground is paramount. who has the upper hand influences how those talks will come out. >> the president says syria's war can only end with a political solution. apparently they can only get there by increasing the fighting first. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. at least 25 have better than killed in a fire at a night club in bucharest. 150 others injured. hardhaidr al abadi has the stor.
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>> we will see whether to move them to other hospitals. >> they were in the night club in the capital bucharest when a fire broke out. dozens died and more than 150 wounded. >> it was 11:00 in the evening and the night club was packed with at least 300 people. warns that the death toll may still climb as some of those in hospitals have burns all over their bodies. >> it is one of the worst accidents in the capital for decades. most of the hundreds of people at the club were young adults and teenagers retaining a free rocteenagers attending a freeco.
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as the crowds rushed for only exit in the club some people were trampled. the health department urged people to donate blood for the victims and considering declaring a national day of mourning. hayder abassi, al jazeera. >> alexis tsipras spoke after two boats carrying refugees from turkey to greece sank. 11 children died in the aegean sea. smugglers are anxious to cross the assess before winter sets in. >> i feel shame for both the inability of europe to deal with
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effectively with this but also the quality of the debate. today the waves of aegean aren't just washing up dead children and refugees on our shores, they are wiping out european civilization itself. >> there have been more chaotic scenes at the borders. thousands of asylum seekers have been trying to climb over the barriers. >> now, the palestinian health authority says an eight month old baby has died from tear gas inhalation. clark with are israeli security forces, israelis shot another one at the border near nb nabli.
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the palestinian authority is urgings the international criminal court to speed into its investigation of alleged israelis violations. and amnesty international says the israeli army is shooting to kill when it's unjustified. nadim baba, al jazeera has the story. >> after passing through army checkpoints. >> they say she have a knife. if even you only have a metal screw the machines will pick it
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up. >> he asked where is your knife? she said i don't have a knife then he shot her. >> posing no imminent threat to life, some cases, the person left bleeding to death on the ground in violation of humanitarian law. a few hundred israeli settlers live in the heart of hebron with severe is restrictions to palestinian settlers. >> they directed us to the ministery of foreign affairs, in which amnesty demonstrates a lack of interest in the palestinians of terror.
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some israeli troops have placed knives next to dead palestinians to falsely implicate them in attacks. witnessed the fatal shooting of ismael had been involved in a stabbing attack. >> he tells us he saw the man, young palestinian man, hearing something then raising his lands shows open pawks in ordeshowinge had no weapon, then he was shot with machine gun fire and fell to the ground. >> it's imocial for al jazeera to verify those events, but it is clear that the israeli army needs to change its tactic.
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nadim baba, al jazeera,. >> i'm lee wellings at the 26ingham stadium be stopped bis theibytheir great rival, austra? australia?
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>> top stories for you on al jazeera. foreign ministers in vienna have agreed for the united nations to start a new diplomatic process
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aimed at finding a different solution in syria. the u.s. has announced that it will send up to 50 special services personnel, training and advising opposition fighters in syria. 2007 kille27 killed and ove0 injured in a night club fire in bucharest. northeast nations relations have been icy thanks oterritorial disputes, harry fawcett has more from seoul. >> every week they gather outside the japanese embassy in seoul. supporters of south korea's so-called comfort women, last
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survivors, have been an issue of heart of strained relations between seoul and tokyo, as shinzo abe operators to meet south korea's president for talks. >> for 25 years we have been shouting for japan to compensate. if he last answers he can come to south korea otherwise he cannot. >> while abe made his statement, he upset seoul, without reiterating them for a personal standpoint. for all this symbolism of japan summit in the last three years, what so divides them? >> sincere statement from prime minister abe. probably south korean government
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will be most of the part satisfied. >> reporter: and certainly the hope from the u.s. side, it has tens of thousands of troops stationed in japan and south korea, and is desperate for its allies to be bound closer together. south korea's president park geun-hye. in this week in an apparent coincidence, a new statute was e
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unveiled. a significantly close remark, on monday, improvement of relations that washington wants is another matter altogether. >> joining us from an area just outside of toque yoke. thank yotokyo. >> china talks just the first of them, what have they got to do before they pull in yap a app jt were? >> i think there will be economic talk and nuclear weapons plans for north korea which will be on the trilateral
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summit. >> these historic problems and harry fawcett was just talking about it in his report there. how do you get around those, when will it happen? >> that's actually a really good question. over the past week there's been a lot of bickering between these people, president park has long told priem abe kim i'm not sure if he's going to be able to pull a rabbit out of the pooh hat, putting territory and history to the side and focusing on nontraditional threats to scushtd, lookinconsider.
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it's a photoop and hopefully, think can fesomewhat more than . there's again aa lot of behind-the-scene diplomacy. i don't expect a great braiblg k through or some rabbit out of the hat and proposal that's going to meet expectations in seoul but the key thing is. in the past two years, they haven't been able to quite seal the deal. there is a possibility that
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things could happen but we shouldn't be overly thruct pch. >> pleasure. opposition candidate in the u upcoming myanmar attack, april he was at a tacked by four men in myanmar on wet. it will be the the country's first nonspecific poll this 2011. that led to nearly 50 hours of full rule. being aung san suu kyi national pleeg of democracy is expelled to one the largest number of votes.
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>> this was built by the ruling solidarity and development party as one of the biggest campaign rallies in yan dong. in the end the rally was over in about 30 minutes. now ruling party is made up of many former generals who quit the military so they could run in the 2010 election which was quitely considered to be a sham. this time the party will, let by the uj, relying party may be well financed and there are allegations it has been involved in vote-buying. offering incentive such as free
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permits, and it's going to be an uphill battle who gets sloats, the military will still have a very important role, when the military was still in charge, 25% of seats in parliament are garden it in the military. whoever is in charge of mine mar after that suggestion, they have to determine the pace and reforms of this country and whether or not it transitions to the full address. >> international effort have fraild for the thir time. the only country that's not hint the erchts gavivity to suppor. >> it is the least touched
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continue nenlts on earth. polar bears are the bishedz and fish. because eke owes systems are valuable among themselves. >> given all these impacts which oar victim, it is important that we are able to tourism fishing or any protected areas you could hid those areas predicted such that you don't have meetings from is hobart. >> agreement needs scedges. in previous years russia and china vetoed proposals. they want to reserve the right to fish freely and said they
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weren't fully aware of the signings. >> every year it's open nor fishing, other activities that could degrade the system. it's important that these mps be put in place rammedly. these delegates once again failed to rerchl. more optimistic think put on, bit they say substantial progress has been made. >> importantly, china says it now supports one of the two proposed protected areas. russian though, has indicated that they will not quite be able to perceive that they are willing to talk with us intercessionally. andings hopefully we'll be able
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to convince them. >> reporter: so there's growing hope it's coming but for now, antarctica still lacks the protection it needs. andrew thomas, al jazeera, hobart. >> there are less than 24 hours to go before australia takes on new zealand in the finals of the rugby world cup. the colors are the wallabes home team. lee wells reports. wellings rep. >> australia against nld, at new zealand, at twickingham for the first time. what's scare about these all blacks they might be the best team yet.
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they've won 13 consecutive world cup matches. in their quarter final they won beautifully. in their destiny final against south africa, they showed they could win amazingly too. the trophy four years ago. >> doesn't matter what you do in life experiences, it is massive. and you know this team has lots of experience, ones you learn from and ones you don't. hopefully we've learned enough. >> australia were given a fright two weeks ago when they beat scotland by a single point. outscoring england by four tries to none. >> we know it's going to be extremely physical and we want to be able to last that so i believe we've prepared accordingly. once the 80 minutes starts not
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only will your preparations take hold but a lot of the reasons that are driving you mentally. that takes over the physical part and you only feel the physical part later. >> it's the progress of second tier rugby nations, such as second tier major success of the tournament which has been watched by over 2.4 million paying spectators as well as several billion on television over the six weeks. the cream has risen to the top. new zealand is the favorite to lift the world cup three times, physical and mental pressure of beating their closest enemy. lee wellings, al jazeera. >> now asteroid coming close to the moon, that is actually close
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by cosmic standards. astronomers will know what minerals it will have. it will shoot past earth at 1700 gmt on halloween. plenty more news at >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight labor pains. the truth about immigrant workers american jobs and the so-called skills gap in the tech industry. plus border backlog. immigrants who want to become americans left in limbo. america's immigration debate came back with a vengeance at the week's republican presidential debate in boulder. have a listen. >> peoe


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