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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> egyptian officials say there are no survivors from the russian passenger jets that crashed in the sinai. 17 children are among the victims. russia's president declaring a day of mourning. >> you're watching al jazeera. we're live from headquarters in doha. also coming up, palestinians bury their dead after israel returns the body of five teenagers to their families. and campaigning heats up in turkey before the second general election in six months.
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>> a russian plane carrying 224 people on board has crashed in egypt. relatives have been gathering at st. petersburg international airport looking for news of the flight. president vladimir putin has expressed his deepest condolences and declared a day of mourning. egypt says there are no survivors for the airbus belonging to metrojet. it took off shortly before 6:00 a.m. local time. the aircraft was headed to st. petersburg in russia. 23 minutes into the flight the plane disappeared. the pilot had reported technical problems and asked to change his route. the plane is believed to have crashed in an area 35 kilometers
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from the coastal city of el arish in the sinai peninsula. the prime minister gave this update. >> we have not yet started our investigation and specialized team will start one very son. the airline was carrying 217 on board in addition to a crew of seven people. the prime minister will go to the crash sight. >> rory challands joins us now. some of the lines i'm getting are confirmation from russian officials that there are, indeed, no survivors. tell us what more officials are saying. >> well, the russians want the black boxes discovered in sinai to be brought back to russia so they can do the investigation themselves. prime minister dem dmitri has called this a terrible tragedy,
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and two investigations have been launched already. one of them by the investigative committee in russia, which is a criminal investigation into the airline itself. to work out whether they had been observing all the correct flights and regulations. the second one is in a general commission into the crash to just look at the what exactly happened. vladimir putin has expressed his deep condolences, and as you say sunday is going to be a day of mourning here in russia. there were many russians coming back from the resort. they've been getting last bits of sunshine before winter hit. this has hit russia pretty hard. tv and radio stations have been told to cancel all entertainment
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programs. >> no doubt, rory, a lot of families want answer. given the crash took place in the area that it did, what sort of timeline are we looking at before we get answers to what happened? >> the black boxes will need to be brought to the place of investigation. that could take a day or two. it should not be too long before there are at least some sort of progress into what happens to that plane and what brought it out of the sky. of course, at the moment the indication does seem to be that there was a technical problem on board. but we have been speaking to defense analysts here in russia who say it is theoretically possible considering the location that the plane was taking off from, and also the terrain it was flying over,
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sinai has been the focus of an ongoing insurgency for a number of years now. so it is theoretically possible that this plane could have been brought out of the sky, but of course that is a question for the investigations. >> rory challeng challands of moscow. a 17-year-old boy is accused of carrying out a stabbing attack. five palestinians killed by israels soldiers have been bur buried in hebron. their bodies have been handed over after intervention by president mahmood abbas and other international groups. >> well, this is the place where the bodies of the five palestinians teenagers were buried on saturday. it's hebron's cemetery which houses the graves of people who
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have been killed in the conflict since the outbreak of the 2000. all five teenagers buried on saturday were involved in attempted or actual attacks on israelis. but local eyewitnesses here have disputed that, and in at least one case the 17-year-old, her family and eyewitnesses have told al jazeera that she was clearly posing no threat having passed through two check points. and having raised her hands to show that she was not carrying a weapon when she was actually shot dead. those kinds of disputed narratives is something that is fueling a lot of popular anger in the palestinian west bank. many families are still waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned, israel is holding the bodies of two dozen palestinians killed in the
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violence. half of those come from hebron, so it is clear there is still a lot of anger and resentment in this city, and that is likely to fuel further violence and clashes in the days and weeks to on. >> politicians in turkey are holding their final campaign rallies. the second in six months. the ruling party failed to win enough seats in june to win the majority government. >> in action campaign posters are displayed so often they may as well become a permanent fixture. these may be the most crucial. >> at the forefront is this man, the country's interim prime minister. after taking over from president erdogan, he failed to leave the
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akp to single party government for the first time since it came to power over a decade ago. opposition parties including the pro kurdish hkp and nationalist, all rejoine refused to join the government. the political instability became worse after a bomb attack by isis killed kurdish activists. that was the spark that unleashed kurdish attacks inside turkey with the government responding to targets belonging to the kurdish pkk. a hundred were killed at a rally in ankara. that rally was calling for talks between the government and pkk. but it seems that they have learned some lessons.
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there has been a clear attempt to reconnect with people on the ground. >> this time our people will work for the political stability, and that political stability could be achieved only by a party. i'm very confident that we'll be having an one-party majority government. >> you talk about political stability, that's one of the things that is brought about, the instability is resumption and fighting with the pkk and the kurdish. some people accuse that party of doing this deliberately and succeeded in the peace process, and sabotaging it in order to get people to vote. >> the political process, until 20th of july when daesh killed i two turkey citizens. after two days they killed two policemen when they were sitting in their home. this was the end not to have
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conflict. >> we didn't leave the peace process. >> after the results are announced, the leadership will address its supporters from this balcony. last june the mood here was a mixture of resilience. the group promised supporters to win back the trust of the people and win back the single party government. this time around he hopes to be addressing a much happier crowd. al jazeera, ankara. >> russia has warned of a proxy war developing in syria, and follows an announcement by the u.s. that it sending special forces. it was announced at an international summit on the conflict. russia said that their role will
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be to train advise and assist opposition forces. >> the president has been determined to make certain that we were going to increase our efforts against daesh because to everybody's obvious perception, more needs to be done. >> i believe neither the u.s. nor russia want to go back to the circle of proxy war. >> iran is rejecting accusations by bahrain's accusation supporting the protest. also accused iran of smuggling arms into bahrain. saying that it poses as big of a threat as isil. ebola, still suffering after months of recovering from the disease. and the symbol of defiance against discrimination. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. >> welcome back. let's recap the headlines here on al jazeera. relatives are in shock after a russian airline crashed in egypt killing all 224 passengers and crew. the metro jet airbus came down in sinai, accident investigators suspect a problem with the plane caused the disaster. five palestinians killed by israeli soldiers have been bur buried in hebron. their bodies were handed over to their families on friday. the israeli government retain
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the bodies of palestinians accused of attacking israelis. politicians in turkey are holding their final campaign rally. polls suggest that turks are polarized and no party is likely to claim a majority. more bodies have washed up on a greek island after two boats carrying refugees sank three days ago. islanders found several corpses on the beach including children. they were covered with blankets and taken to be buried. 30 people drowned when the vessels weren't down. they were amongst the worst incident since the refugee crisis began. austria's chancellor said it was unfair for greece to tackle the refugee crisis alone. his country is also struggling with the influx.
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austria and germany have designated five inspection points to process refugees with a shared border. they say that controls like these are important. >> when we're talking about the refugees, the only response is that of a common european response to attack the roots of the problem in jordan, lib y and turkey and in syria. the secured borders we also secure human rights, the rights to asylum for those who qualify, and the best place to do it is at the external borders of the european union. >> three days of mourning after 27 people were killed in a nightclub fire. it's thought that pyrotechnics caused the blame. 150 others were injured. >> sierra leone about to be declared ebola free.
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but for who have survived the battle is not over yet. we have more from the capital of free town. >> an ebola survivor. she contracted the disease while caring for her mother. her health is bad. getting through day-to-day activities is a challenge. >> high eyes are heavy. they feel like they want to come out. i can feel them throbbing. >> along with the pain she has blurred vision in her left eye. she worries about her children. >> that's a big problem. >> sierra leone has over 4,000 ebola survivors. there have been some cases of survivors being partially blind. with few ophthalmologists in the country, there is a reason for a
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concern. >> this doctor say there are indications that the virus can linger in the body for months, but more research is needed. >> we need to do more on the complications that are arising. >> operating a clinic for ebola survivors. they offer free consultation, medical treatment and psycho-social counseling. they say the stigma can be very traumatic. many are even shunned by their own families. >> the isolation is really, really bad. some have lost their source of livelihood. some have a lot of psycho-social front and it needs proper adaptation otherwise we just compound the problem. >> as for aka mark ar, she hopes that the treatment will improve
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hi identity site. but not having her mother around ape more, the loss of a loved one is something that many have to deal with. >> campaigning is in full swing in myanmar for the general election on november 8th. the poll will be the first contested election in 35 years. we have more from the outskirts. >> this was supposed to be one of the bigger rallies by the ruling union and solidarity ruling party, or the adp. but just a few people shown. many of the parties' candidates candidates are ex-military, and they handed every power in 2011 after ruling for 50 years. >> the military has been actively and involved in owe
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poeting the nation. i, too, an am a. >> the ruling military backed party easily won the general election in 2010 but those polls were widely criticized by the international community, and it ask not have to face the main opposition party which boycotted the election. it's fielding more than a thousand candidates. matching the u.s.
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>> people want to see change. the military won't be able to deliver that so people will vote for the opposition. >> no matter who wins the military will remain a powerful force. the constitution guarantees 25% in parliament, and effective veto power. the generals will have a say in how myanmar moves forward. al jazeera. >> we will have reports live where the there will be an election rally on sunday al jazeera english. north korea is criticizing military joint exercises by the south korea and united states. the nuclear powered aircraft carrier ronald reagan was involved off the east coast of the korean peninsula.
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south korea is also hosting talks with japanese and chinese leaders. sunday's three-way summit aims to expand diplomatic ties after territorial disputes rand wartime history. we have more from seoul. >> every week they gather outside of the embassy in seoul. supporters of so-called comfort women, the last survivors of the program that cowered or tricked tens of thousands of young we know into sexual servitude. >> for 25 years in front of the embassy we've been shouting for japan to officially apologize and legally compensate. otherwise, he can come to south
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korea. >> when japan's prime minister made his statement marking 70 years after defeat in world war ii he upset seoul and beijing for holding apologies of wartime conduct but without reiterating them from a personal standpoint. for this first summit in thee years what sort of progress will be made on issues that divide them. >> there will be a statement were prime minister abe probably south korean government will be most satisfied. >> certainly the hope from the u.s. side it has tens of thousands of troops stationed in south korea and it's desperate for its allies to be bound much more together. south korea's president has charted her own course marking closer ties with china and attended a military parade in
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beijing in september. this week in an apparent coincidence, a new comfort woman statute was unveiled in seoul displaying a young chinese victim along side a south korean girl. it's a sign that they have much more common. there are more economic matters to discuss. the real focus will be on the significantly short meeting between president park and prime minister abe on monday. whether that will lead to the kind of improved relations they want will be another issue entirely. >> boosting education among tribal communities but for many areas getting enough funding has been a challenge. we go to the forests of atato.
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>> like all schools across the country, a prayer starts the day. but a closer look at the picturesque setting, it will tell you that this is not an ordinary school. the tribal school opened three months ago and already it's future is in question. >> the government said there are technicalities, stillber' doing our best to carry out daily activities. >> it's been a tough task from the start. the building had been empty for more than ten years. most of the furniture, equipment and school supplies have been donated by various organizations and it's only recently been connected to electricity and running water.
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>> about 50 children are enrolled but attendance varies daily. many of these children come from nomadic tribes. but education is not an incentive for their parents so these meals are an incentive for coming to school. here they get three meals a day. many families struggle to live off the land, there are six thousand tribal members in the area. for mores most this is the first generation to get a formal education. >> i really like going to school. i want to study a lot and then later i want to get a job. >> the local government said they plan for facilities, higher education and permanent school building but many here are skeptical that it will happen in time for these children to
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compete their education. >> journalists in mexico are calling for better protection and freedom of expression to be respected. 18 journalists have been killed in past 15 years. they want a government investigation into the number of journalists killed. >> the threats and harassments are regular features in journalism. other issues arise from judicial figures blocking freedom of expression. in addition to this there are complaints of lack of confidence in local authorities. the u.s. justice department has started to release 6,000 prisoners as part of a plan to reduce overcrowding in the u.s. prisons. the majority release ready drug offenders puerto rico mos. most will go to halfway houses
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and detention. detroit, michigan, has faced racism for decades. there is one little known relic from that time that has become a symbol of defiance. >> this is detroit's wall of shame. half a mile of solid segregati segregation. when teresa moon moved here as a child 56 years ago, blacks lived on one side, whites on the other, that's the way it was intended to be. >> the purpose of the wall was to separate the black and excite communities. >> as detroit expanded a developer wanted to build middle class housing for whites. the housing authority backed the developer's loan but insisted on the wall reasoning that operating the sieges opposite the wall. yet for those who took down
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berlin's wall, this wall has been allowed to stand. >> this may see this stand, this serves as a memory of how things used to be and. >> it was not designed as a barrie physical barrier. it was designed to send a message. and that is to keep out. gloria johnson has lived with that symbol in her backyard, the symbol of triumph rand hope. >> it did not work. the wall is still here. the people are still here. the people they tried to oppress and keep out, they're on the other side of the wall. they're all over the city. it just goes to show you that you can't build walls around people rand box people in. >> so one of the more remarkable features stands tucked away behind a park partly painted,
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the rest of the whitewash remnant. >> if you want to keep up on all these stories head over to our website can change lives. >> the science of fighting a humanity and we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. . >> tonight "techknow" vets the virus hunters. >> we want to understand the evolution of these pathogens. >> this team deals with


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