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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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u.n. says more refugees crossed the sea last month in the hope. volunteers set up to save peoplpeople hello there. this al jazeera live from london. turkey's president urges the world to accept the a.k. party's election victory. the russian airline whose plain crashed in egypt
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the u.n. says more than 218,000 asylum seekers arrived by sea last month. that's more than the total number of people for the whole of last year. despite colder weather and rougher waters, the massive influx of people continues. the e.u. response is falling far short of what's needed. on the island of lesbos we have this report on the volunteers stepping up to help. >> reporter: with all the tragedy they've seen, still the aid workers keep looking. the sea may be calmer, but nerves are on edge. when the refugees make it ashore, the p sense of relief
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is-- sense of relief is eau clapsd only by outraged. >> i am not major. i feel a bit shame that i'm a citizen zen from european union. for me it is not a union at all. >> reporter: this is one of many here committed to helping. >> a baby dying. elderly people almost dying. i cannot imagine that you can live with yourself when you - when this is your responsibility. >> reporter: the refugees, while extremely grateful for the help know life won't get easier many time soon. choosing to stay home might have been an even riskier option. >> translation: if the choice of dying in the sea and dying in iraq, i take the sea.
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>> this man and four children and wife had no children. it is the children who is sacrificed in iraq. ministers don't die, ministers and presidents don't die. it's the children and families die. they're trying to make their fear recede here even if for just a few minutes. >> over 2 # 00,000 refugees have arrived here. aid workers believes that huge increase of numbers is because refugees are trying to make this journey before their window of opportunity closes. >> winter will still keep them from crossing while others fear they will be stopped from entering. camps have been built, but the agency says much more still needs to be done. >> we are issued a call to the
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european union to both sides to get more shims out there to and-- ships out there and save people. >> on the beare is jerne rossit around but not stays sponsored. the volunteers are driving these efforts. they look for any way possible to help thousands of refugees have ripped branches from nearby trees in an december per eight attempt to keep warm ne'er the slovenian border with austria. they have been stranded in slovenia when austrian authorities halted its movement of people to a nearby camp that had reached capacity.
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refugees say they have been wait are for hours without food or water refugees have gone on hunger strike. they say it's in protest at the living conditions and lack of freedom in the near camp. the people have been held there saying they are being mistreated and denied basic necessities. >> translation: there are people here who have pep beaten up, receiving electric shocks. young men have tried to take their own life because they have been hit by freshen. people are tired psychologically and p cannot take it any more a hanger at a former berlin airport is used to contain refugees who are arriving in the capital every day. tents have been set up at the airport with each tent housing
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10 people. refugees will sleep in bunk beds but will be taken to swimming pools to bath as the tents had not fitted with showers. >> turkey's president has told the world to respect the results of the poll which has returned a.k. party to power. there is concern about the violence and media crack down. >> reporter: turkey's general election was either a triumph for democracy or for fair monday angering. depending on which piece of paper paper you read. the a.k. party was given a clear mandate to fwovrn but the views on the street-- govern but the secrecy on the street are
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divided. turkey has been without a proper government. >> translation: this result is not good for turkey's future because this a.k. party will not protect the democracy. >> translation: the people have decided this is okay. >> reporter: another referendum on the president ergodan. one of his chief advisers say the results are proof that people fail to understand turkey's politics. >> president ergodan is a strong figure. he has provided leadership for this country for the last 13 years. most of his opponents have failed to heed his leadership in a proper way. they always try to reduce the tar kirk politics to just one more - turkish pot particulars. >> reporter: it was hoped to
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change to a presidential one. despite sunday's victory, it appears that those plans are now on hold. >> what is important right now is to reinvitalise the economy, deal with sashes such as war in syria, i.s.i.s., the pkk forrism. we have to deal with this immediately. >> reporter: is back to business as usual harp at the a.k. party headquarters. the task at hand now is to form a government and fill the political void that has destablised the country for the past five months > interrnl observers said the pluckss were free and peaceful but criticised media restrictions up to the vote and said incidents of violence had behindered some ...
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>> the challenge is security environment,ing in particular it happened with a high number of violent incidents including attacks against party members. campaign is tough. parties were hindered to complain freely. the media is really under series pressure in this country. criminal investigations of journalists and media outlets for support of terrorism and information of the president has had a chilling effect about on media a man from the centre of turkey studies believes the government will focus on delivering a new peace process with pkk part. >> it would be convinced that unless the peace process begins and a settlement that was achieved with the occurred itch
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people, the prospects of power having a strong influence over the neighbours with be diminished. it is very likely that the peace process will go reentranced, maybe under-- reintroduced under a different branding, but it has to be reintroduced and the government will talk to pkk or htp in case to see if there a compromise with terms of settlement again the russian airline that crashed said technical failure wasn't to blame. 224 people were killed as the plane crashed. investigators say the plane broke up in mid air but they don't know where. peter sharp reports now. >> reporter: in the early hours of monday morning a russian government plane carrying the victims of the air disaster touched down in st petersburg. all 224 passengers and crew on
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the aircraft died. all of them were most live russian holiday mangers. relativives are now tasked with identifying their loved ones. at the crash site aviation experts have been searching for clues as to the cause of the disaster. an armed group linked to i.s.i.l. claims it shot down the air bus a321 in response to russian air strikes in syria. the claims were quickly dismissed. officials say the plane probing up at high altitude. now the russian airline says it believes the plane was brought down by an external impact ruling out technical faults or pilot error. >> translation: there are no such faults like engine failure or system fail. there is no such combination of systems failure that could lead to a plane breaking up no in the air. -- in the air. the only explanation for a break up in the air could be a certain
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impact, some mechanical or physical impact. >> reporter: the kremlin said nothing could be ruled out and there was this from president putin. >> translation: i would again like to express my condolences for the families. we are with you in heart and soul. >> reporter: outside the main airport annex panning memorandum movial to the dead. it is a holiday destination for many russians. 17 children were amongst those killed. >> translation: it's sad. people, children on the flight, it's hard breaking. i have a child myself and i fly very often. >> reporter: russian federal investigators have opened a criminal case into the incident. on the whacked russian police
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raided the airline's office seizing doubts and hard drives. russian has a poor aviation safety record with many incidents blamed on ageing aircraft, but the airline insists the plane was in good shape. it is hoped that the data recorders will give more answers. >> even without the black box recordings, it is clear that something catastrophic happened to the plane at high altitude. it is going to take a long time to get an answer as to exactly what went wrong. perhaps another couple of months. peter sharp, al jazeera still to come here car crisis, bw has told models will be checked for rigged emissions testing. represent els in syria have people in cages as shields-- represent rib especiallys in
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syria. s in syria.
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welcome back. a reminder of top stories. 218 thousand asylum seekers arrived in europe by sea last month. that's more than the total number of people for the whole of lost year. turkish president said the election results should be respected. bodies are recovered from plane crash have been sent.
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syria are putting soldiers and their families in cages and using them as human shields to prevent government air strikes. they're outside domestic as can you say. >> reporter: this is how the rebels plan to fight back. they've decided to put their prisoners on cages and scatter them in residential areas as a way to pressure the government to stop targeting duma. these men and women will be used as human shields. the prisoners are believed to be officers and their families. >> these are families of alowad officers. after what happened in the city of dcht uma, most people decided to place those prisoners from the section and high ranking regime officers in cages in towns so they can taste our misery and they can be tashtd by
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russian air strikes as our-- targeted by russian air strike. >> reporter: this place is often targeted by air strikes. the one on saturday was the worst yet. 7 people were killed and 550 others were wounded in what it describes as an extremely volt bombing. the target was a marketplace. it wasn't the first time areas were targeted. in august more than 100 people were killed in duma the opposition's largest hold in the country which is under siege. a few days ago a makeshift clinic was also hit. >> translation: two bombs hit the clinic. it was a direct hit and the patients and staff were killed and injured. the clinic is five kilometres from the front line. we can no longer operate and we used to treat about 5000 patients a month. >> reporter: the fighting has
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intensified amongst efforts to find a solution. this person visited damn as us following the talk in vienna discussed syria. they called for a renewal of peace talks. at the same time there were efforts by some members of the u.n. security council to enforce a resolution to stop bombs by syrian government forces. the be that as it may was door to the u-- ambassador said to the u.n. it is important to discuss these issues. russian has made clear it will oppose any resolution because it believes it will jeopardise diplomatic efforts that have so pa far failed to ends the war a video has emerged reportedly showing syrian government helicopters dropping barrel bombs in a residential area in the western outskirts of the capital domestic as can you say. it was posted on media site.
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this was independently verified that the attack happened. it comes after a day after the russian ambassador to the u.n. said such attacks would be stopped. a storm is headed to the yemeni main land. it has already killed two people and injured around 100. it is expected to make land fall early on tuesday. there is more details on what the region can expect. >> reporter: let's have an update on our storm. if we look at the satellite picture, we see this massive swirl of cloud here that is gradually creeping its way towards the case of em men. it is weakening and that is thanks to three reasonings of the firstly, strong wins-- strong wins. dry air has been pulled into the system.
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that is killing it as well. thirdly, it's also creating friction with the land now as it is working its way north wards so it is weakening. that is to say the winds are weak enning. there is still a lot of rain to come from this system. that is why it is a problem. we're more likely to see rains of around 69 millimetres in an entire year, but this system just in a matter of 24 hours is more likely to give us around 500 millimetres of wet weather. this area is not used to seeing cyclones and it isn't prepared. so as well as seeing this much rain, it will give flooding and subject land slides the spokes woman for the international committee of the red cross based in the capital sunner, they have been able to make preparations. >> we have stocked warehouses with tents, food and drinkable water and we're ready to respond
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should the cyclone hit hard. it did actually sweep over an island yesterday, but the damages were not as big as initially foreseen. so we're bracing for a low impact now for the rest of the country. its heavy rains, gushing, it is strong storms and high waves as well in the coastal areas and, of course, there are a lot of people who are living on the coastal line in. people have had to evacuate the homes and they fear that their homes will not be standing when the cyclone have washed over, but, again, the cyclone has continue to weaken, so it remains premature, maybe, to speculate about large damages. we're really hoping and bracing for low impact elsewhere in the country, forces loyal to the former president have reportedly been killed by saudi led coalition air strikes.
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several camps and positions belonging to rebel fighters are targeted. the coalition battling in yemen are sending in reinforcement. 30 vehicles are enroute. >> reporter: exclusive al jazeera pictures so a military convoy on the way to the city of tyers considered by many to be the heart of yemen. fighters have been trying to keep the city under their control for months. the armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunitions being supplied are expected to be a popular resistant fighters to keep the forces likely to former present. hundreds of civilians have been killed in street by street battles. thousands of yemenis have been killed since it began eight months ago. the president want the troops to
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push to the city. the united nations security council has aappealed to the warring faxs to lay down their-- factions to lay down their weapons. the government leaders are wig to talk if they stop fighting. talks are said to resume in two weeks u.s. regulators have widened their ininquiry into the scandal involving vw. now porche and audi has been drawn into the issue. flights across western europe have been stopped by heavy fog. the-- disrupted by heavy fog. one in every 10 flights from london.
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heathrow airport were cancelled on monday the u.s. navy will patrol the sea. china issued a warning once a ship was sailing too close. they will close within 12 nautical miles of the islands to sprayers its right under international law. an indian protestor has been killed. protesters from the minority are angry about nepal's constitution. a blockade has led to fuel rationing. hundreds of indian trucks stuck at the borrow terre were able to finely pass. other trucks carrying fuel supplies are still stranded. into nigeria is trying to launch a national identity phase for a
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third time. it is said to lead to improved services. >> reporter: nigerians are filling out forms to have their names included in an identity database. they will get an identity card. it is to collect data for planning and improve services. this person is applying. after setting out the form, he has to have his bio-metric details taken. >> we have to fill in these, with our job. we want to secure a job the project was launched in august last year. but only 7 million names in the database so far. that's less than 5% of the country's population of 170 million. the government says a lack of internet in areas, poor power supply and a lack of money have been factors.
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in january a law many into place to make it difficult to get certain services without an ni number, national identity number. >> you can't deal with certain services without an id number, you cannot deal in pensions or insurance policiess, you cannot deal in tax matters and you cannot obtain a driver's licence or your electronic passport. >> since the 1970s there have been three team to produce a national identity database and would bio-metric card. hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent and there are over 20 government agencies collecting the data. >> it is a waste of money. i think that ideally if you have to have a national data collection system, then it should have a variety of
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processes, including being able to extract information, including being able to provide database of driver's licence. judge the society of human rights organisation say there's a lack of government transparency about how people's personal data will be used. back at the application centre this person like many who will apply will get his card in about three months. it will provide improved services the government is promising some space news now nasa and its global partners are celebrating 15 years of continuous residency in the international space station. six men are currently aboard the space station and they have been planning a dinner to mark the event . 220 people have lived there. chrishaar field was commander between 201 and 2013.
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he built p up a social media following and performing songs like this one. [ ♪ ] if you can be on the station, you know why i want to get back soon. 18,000 miles an hour i spoke to the commander and he shared his experience of what life was like on the station. >> you know, it's sort of like magic because you're weightless. it's like suddenly you have this super power where you can fly. so that really underpins the wonder of beg there. you're doing-- wonder of being there. you're doing something complicated with all the experiments on the board, you're trained for them. the whole world is going by at 8
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kilometres per second in the window. it's indock indicating. it's-- intoxicating you can find out much more on the web side. it's . >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. >> tonight, saving the macaw. >> i'm in the peruvian amazon and we're on the search for endangered macaws. >> now techknow is on a one of a kind mission. >> look at those wings. >> the macaw; graceful, elegant,