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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> romania's prime minister and his government face mass protests after a deadly nightclub fire. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead: a cargo plane crashes in south sudan, killing 41 people. >> put yourself in their place. they are human beings who are being under five years in a conflict. >> u.n. envoy to syria and the russian foreign minister discuss solving the crisis. from bad to worse, the plight of the african refugees
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deported to rwanda and uganda. hello, the romanian prime minister and his government have resigned following mass protests over a nightclub fire. at least 32 people died in the fire in the capital duke rest on friday. demonstrators accused the government of corruption while granting permits and conducting safety inspections. we have this report. >> less than 24 ours after mass protests on the streets, romania's prime minister resigned, saying his government will also step down. >> i'm doing this because in all the years i have been in politics, i resisted conflicts with political adversaries, but i have never fought against the people. this would be a big mistake and everybody will suffer as a result. >> on tuesday night, a large
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crowd estimated at more than 20,000 people rallied in the capitol bucharest. they shouted down with the government, down with ponta. >> people have not taken to the streets to simply replace the government with another. it's important that the public interest should come first and not their personal. interest. >> some carried sign that is read murderers, other signs read corruption kills. there were similar protests in other cities. >> i'm here because i want my country back. i want justice to be done. i want people to take responsibility for what they have done. i want the dead to rest in peace. >> they're angry over a fire at a nightclub that killed dozens of people last weekend. it started when fireworks were lit inside the basement club. >> we have lost friends, brothers, com address. we have to be together, and we have to push aside those who are responsible. now, this is the moment.
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it's enough. >> many romanians say they are frustrated with what they call corrupt local authorities. they say public venues don't have safety standards and are kept open to attract tourists. prior to his resignation, ponta was accused of corruption and is facing money laundering, forgery and tax evasion charges, accusations he denies. police arrested the three owners of the nightclub on manslaughter charges, but these protestors want to see a change in the way their country is run. al jazeera. >> a journalist at the romania news website says romania is facing an uncertain political future in the short term. >> well, the first thing that's going to happen today in this afternoon, our president is going to announce an interim prime minister. the interim prime minister has to be someone from this government who will take care of usual business until a new government is formed.
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now we have two scenarios. the president has three tries, according to the romanian constitution. he can name three prime ministers, would-be prime ministers who then have to security a majority vote in parliament. the sect scenario is after three failed tries, we will have general elections again ahead of term. you have on the report that you had earlier, you had a very important statement from a protestor saying that the public interest should come first. this is the real tantamount question. all political leaders, top officials in romania, almost all of involved in corruption scandals or allegations. if we get another corrupt prime minister in office, things will egypt more than last night. it is really clear that corruption in romania means loss of lives. it's not just going to your local authority and maybe easing your way via a small bribe to get a piece of paper.
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corruption has gotten to the point where it has killed 32 people, and the problem of corruption is so endemic in this country that things via the tipping point of this tragic deaths have boiled over and finally, finally, after years and years of putting up and having small protests against corruption, romanian society has found a voice to demand to live in a country where rule of law is the most important thing. thing. >> at least 41 died in south sudan after a cargo plane crashed after shortly taking off from the airport in the capital. three people including a child survived. the plane was reportedly overloaded with people. let's get more on this from the capitol. a lot of people now wondering why a cargo plane was taking on a lot more passengers than it
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should. >> here's the thing. this is south sudan. there are a limit of ways you can proof from one town to another. this cargo plane was going to upper nile state and because there are no direct flights partly due to the conflict, people usually you fly cargo. it is not surprising that this cargo was overloaded. like i said, it's a cargo plane designed to carry certain amount of metric tons and had more than it was supposed to carry. >> what is the scene on the ground right now? right now, the search is on going for bodies. authority spotted bodies on the river they cannot recover at the moment. the day is coming to an end here, so the search is expected to halt up until tomorrow morning when it will resume
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again. at this point, they are not hopeful to find more survivors, but expect to find more dead bodies as the day progresses or maybe tomorrow morning. >> thank you for that update. russia says diplomats need to agree on a list of syrian opposition groups to be invited to peace talks. diplomat efforts are being led to try to end the syrian conflict. the u.n. is ready to host talks between president bashar al assad's government and the opposition. both men agreed that it's the syrian people themselves who are key to this process. >> we need to clarify what is the opposition, what is the moderate opposition and should become the partners during the negotiations with the team. there needs to be mutual understanding between the opposition and government. this is the key principle.
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it was reiterated in vienna, the political process should be syrian led, owned by the arians, the syrian people only can define the destiny of the country. >> what they want to see, reduction of violence, reduction of weapons, increased humanitarian access. put yourself in their place. they are human beings who are being under five years in a conflict. a form of all inclusive government. we need to work on that quickly and the working groups that the u.n. has prepared and where we hope to have everyone included are going to work on that direction and should be doing quickly, and then a new constitution and new elections. this is a roadmap that can be achieved and i think if we maintain the momentum, we will get there. >> peter shortstop sent this update from moscow. >> u.n. special envoy to syria said we cannot lose momentum along the road to finding a
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political solution in syria. he says that the united nations in geneva is ready to host talks between the syrian government and the opposition groups immediately. he says damascus has agreed that it will attended the talks and has already assembled quite a large delegation. he said, he asked the question when should they take place and he said quite simply as soon as possible. he said reasonable players in the area shouldn't muddy the waters by laying down preconditions for the start of these talks. sergey lavrov, rush's foreign minister said it was vital that before the next set of vienna talks in two weeks time, it's vital that it's made very clear who are the terrorist groups and who are the legitimate opposition, because when there is a ceasefire introduced, the ceasefire will not apply to the extremist groups and the war against isil will definitely continue.
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>> plenty more ahead, including: leaders of china and taiwan due to meet for the first time in 70 years, but not everyone's happy about it.
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>> you're watching al jazeera, the top stories romania and the prime minister and his government have resigned, following mass protests over a nightclub fire. at least 32 died in that plays in the capital bucharest on friday. even before the fire, he was under pressure to step down over
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corruption allegations. in r.b.i. says diplomats need to agree to opposition groups to be invited to peace talks. at least 41 people have died in south sudan after a cargo plane crashed after taking off in the capital. the plane was overloaded with people. we're just bringing you breaking news out of pakistan where there's been a building collapse. hundreds are trapped in that building collapse in the lahore. our correspondent on the phone from the capital to tell us what the situation there is. >> well, indeed, it is a dire situation. we have been told this is a four story factory building that produced plastic bags and that construction was on going on the fourth story when the building caved in.
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as the reports indicate that at least seven bodies have been brought out, however cranes have been moved into the area to try to prove the concrete slabs to see how many people have been killed. a report said up to 200 people may have been at the factory at the time of this accident. >> we expect the rescue operation to continue for a while longer, it sounds like. >> absolutely. this is going to be a difficult task, because what they are going to try to do is to pick up the concrete slabs by cranes. they've already declared an emergency in the hospitals in lahore, because they expect high casualties. there would be a number of dead. there will also be people possibly still trapped under the rubble, so it appears it is going to be a rescue operation that is going to go throughout the night. >> ok, thank you for that update from pakistan. the first 30 refugees to be
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relocated from greece are on their way to luxembourg, part of a program trying to relocate refugees that arrive in greece to other countries so they avoid making the journey on foot. the greek prime minister said this is just the start. >> all 5e.u. officials have today had the opportunities to goodbye to the first 30 refugees from syria and iraq who are now having a chance to make their dreams come true. was, we are fully cognizant and aware of the fact that this is a start, this is just a beginning, 30, given the thousands that have left home, that leave their homes in syria and iraq because of war and in search of a better life. this is just a drop in the ocean. we know that, but we want this drop in the ocean to turn into a stream and subsequently into a river of a fair share of responsibility. >> human rights groups say hundreds of refugees from eritrea and sudan are being
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deported. they are said to be mistreated on arrival. malcolm web spoke to several who say they've been left with no legal status. >> this man has been looking for a safe place to go for years. in 2007, he fled military service and torture in eritrea. he hoped things would get better in israel, but last year he was detained, then deported to rwanda. on arrival, he said things got worse. >> the rwandans took our papers. we were locked in a hotel. we were told we could only leave if we could pay to be taken to rwanda. >> he's one of several mean here in you gab da's capital who have told us similar stories. rights groups say 1500 asylum
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seekers have been deported from deal in this way. they are mostly from eritrea and sudan fleeing persecution. they traveled overland to israel. many worked there before being detained and supported by air. activists say they send them to uganda and rwanda. most end up here, saying they are brought here from rwanda within disof arrival. all of dropped in this part of the city. they say they are told that because there are a number of eritrean exiles living here. without papers, they're illegal, at risk of being arrested and they can't work, so the rights groups say from here, most begin the long and treacherous journey heading toward the mediterranean sea, which they have to cross to find safety in europe. >> israel was seen as safe, but in 2012, there were protests against an influx of african
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asylum seekers. a government crackdown followed. thousands which taken to this detention center. he was among them. israeli officials acknowledged the system for deporting refugees from here to some african countries, but have not said which once. rights group suspect israel pace rwanda and uganda to receive them. there were negotiations earlier this year, but when we asked the ugandan prime minister about it, he said the government is unaware of refugees arriving. >> i think you are giving us useful information which we will follow up and see what is behind it, and we'll deal with it. >> he was told by officials not to apply for asylum or to tell anyone he came from israel, so he's illegal here and hiding. he says he'd ad are a ban da and uganda to a growing list of countries he is not welcome and wonders if he'll ever find a place to live safely. al jazeera, uganda.
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>> china and taiwan announced that a historic meeting between their leaders will take place in singapore saturday. it's the first such talksception the end of the civil war in 1940 minor. taiwan split from china when nationalists fled after defeat by the communists. taiwan is recognized as an independent state by 21 u.n. member states as well as the vatican. china considers the island its aterritory saying it should be under beijing control. some call the talks a threat to the island democracy. activists gathered outside parliament protesting against the meeting. >> this summit comes as the culmination of a policy by taiwan's president to draw closer to mainland china. under his leadership, business and transport links have become stronger than ever before, and meeting his counterpart has
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always been the ultimate goal. almost as significant as the summit itself is its timing, as taiwan prepares for presidential elections in january. with his ruling party trailing in the polls, many see this as china's way of giving his party support. >> chinese are trying to boost up the fortunes ironically of their old enemy, the party with whom they fought in the 1940's and 1930's. >> the main opposition democratic progressive party is wary of getting too close to mainland china, going as far as favoring independence. >> i have to point out that the president is a president who is going to finish his term of office soon. people will thought allow the president to compromise taiwan's future for his own personal political career. he has no right to make promises on behalf of taiwan or that he is unable to take responsibility
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for. >> china exerted pressure in past taiwan elections with a staging of well timed military exercises to remind taiwanese voters it's prepared to stop any outright independence push by force, if necessary. >> while the prospect of drawing closer together is a highly emotive one in china, in taiwan, it is highly divisive. attempts at closer integration raise anti china sentiment. this summit could lead to closer links or backfire, steering tie won on a more independent course. a joint declaration of the afghan nation due to be signed later on wednesday, the ceremony has now been canceled. china, which is not part has been lobbying to block any mention of its man made islands in disputed areas of the sea.
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an isil linked group in egypt said one fighter carried out the suicide talk in the sinai peninsula. three policeman have been killed. ten others, including five civilians were wounded. the attack is set up and targeted an officer's club. egypt's civil aviation minister said experts investigatingion a plane crash finished searching the skate and now will examine the black box flight recorders. the plane belonging to metro jet in russia same down four days ago killing all 224 passengers and crew onboard. we have this report. >> wreckage was strewn over more than three kilometers of desert. this footage film by russian investigators is used to help establish by the plane crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula. for days, investigators have searched the area. they didn't find bodies on
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tuesday, but did discover personal items, a reminder that many victims were flying home from a holiday. the plane seen here in moscow two weeks ago was operated by metro jet, flying from st. petersburg to the resort. 23 minutes after takeoff, it suddenly descended from cruising altitude and disappeared from radar. u.s. satellite imagery detected heat around the plane before the crash. egypt's civil aviation ministry said it didn't receive a distress call from the pilot. experts from egypt, russia, france and germany are investigating the crash. representatives from ireland where the planes is register are also involved. they are now focused on the black box flight recorders. across russia, people are remembering the 224 people killed. in st. petersburg, mourners lay tribute to the victims in
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central square. >> these tragic event lice heavy on our hearts. it wounds every resident, not only in st. petersburg, but across the country. >> isil said it shot down the plane. the egyptian government denied that and said the security situation in the region is under full control. the cause may not be known for many months. investigators need time to produce a definitive report. al jazeera. two turkish soldiers have been killed fighting with kurdish rebels in southeast turkey. the incident happened in a town near the iraqi border. violence broke out between court forces and members of the kurdistan workers party, or the p.k.k. following sunday's elections. president erdogan said there would be no break in the military campaign against what turkey considers a terrorist group. >> meanwhile, the turkish president has called for a new constitution after the ruling
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party's victory in those parliamentary elections. changes would expand the powers of the presidency. earlier on wednesday, his spokesman said turkey was considering holding a referendum on changing from a parliamentary to a presidential system. opponents say this would give president erdogan too much power. maldives president has declared a state of emergency for 30 days. this comes two days before a planned protest by the main opposition party, following the governments announcement that it found an explosive device and the weapons kasha near the president's residence. tensions have been high since a blast on the president's boat in september. the vice president was among those arrested on suspicion of involvement in that explosion. in china is a short annual of pilots, not for commercial apparently aircraft but to fly civilian drones often on farms. they've set up a new drone
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piloting school near beijing. as our technology editor explains: >> for many people, a remote controlled helicopter like this is a toy, but not for these students. they're the first group at a new school in beijing, giving students the skills they need to get as professional remote control pilots. >> i want to build my own company with drone services. i like to work for myself. this is a new and popular line of work. >> the two week intensive course includes learning about insurance and regulations. students are also taught how drones are built and how they can be fixed. after that, they are trained on flight simulators. >> if we practice with a real drone, we will have a huge loss. if we practice with a simulator, students condition have a solid foundation and have their confidence improve. then they will be more comfortable piloting the real drone. >> in china, anyone flying an
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aircraft heavier than seven kilograms or higher than 120 meters must be licensed. it's estimated the countries mains nan, mapping, filming and agricultural industries will need over 10,000 pilots to fly drones this year. less than 1,000 people are licensed. >> we need pilots with a license, because safety is the biggest concern in the operation of drones. although we have insurance, we still need strict regulations for studying and training to avoid any incident. >> drones are also proving popular with farmers who see them as a way of reducing costs. >> china has a mining air of farmland and there is a high demand for the drones in agricultural use, such as planned production and pesticide spraying. >> drone technology is advancing fast. each new generation of aircraft is changing the way things are done. this is the moment at least they're still the need for those
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with the skills and the will to fly. al jazeera. more than 2,000 leading architects from 60 countries are meeting in singapore for the world arkansas festival awards. an international school thigh capital bangkok is among the timists in the education category. the school designer tells us about it in his own words. >> my architecture company are the principle architects and designer for schools. this site is very unusual in bangkok. it's an oasis in the city with very large old trees on the site. i decided that these trees were the singular characteristic that had to be preserved. we fit the architecture around these old trees on site.
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designing a school for early learning, kindergarten has its own challenges. it is very young kids, so safety is important. at the same time, there is an aspirational idea on how to conduct very early learning in a progressive way. the school is designed to be many parts. there is a welcome portion where as i said are brought in from the city and parents stay and kids go beyond. there are classrooms, other areas like the courtyard where external play is a part of the curriculum. there's a very interesting pavilion with a swimming pool that creates the facility for the kids to have their other physical activities like medication and yoga, for instance. i think what i enjoy most about things who finish is the fact that different pieces come together in such a way that it
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really encourages exploration and discovery. >> you can read much more about that, as well ass today's other top stories on our website, our top story is the romanian prime minister resinning. read more about it at voters in ohio reject a proposal to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, just one of the big votes last night with big i am applications across the country. was it officer suicide? authorities are about to reveal what they've learned about the death of an illinois police officer that prompted a huge manhunt. we need to have an honest conversation about how we view and treat women in our