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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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7:00 a.m. eastern. >> russia's anti doping agency said the lab for testing has been shut down. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead on the program, the u.n. said levels of greenhouse gases have hit a new record, as world leaders try to reach a deal to cut emissions. >> u.k. prime minister calls for reforms. e.u. or else britain may have to exit the word body. >> how lead to printing is a big
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draw at an air show in dubai. >> russia has closed a laboratory after allegations of widespread cheating among athletes. the sports minister vigorously denied the world agency anti doping claims, saying the allegations that the f. it was state sponsored are fictional. they collect 15,000 samples annually, roll in the disqualification of 2% of those tested. he has accused of double standards. crossing over to lee wellings, joining us from london to tell us whether the anti doping
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authorities had any other option other than to suspend this laboratory. >> the russians absolutely had to close down this laboratory. that is not in itself, as you can tell from the tone an admission of guilt. there is no point in this laboratory existing if it doesn't join up with the rest of the accredited laboratories and the world anti doping agency. if they suggest it needs to be shut down, it needed to be shut down. the russians are saying they will try to find a way to tackle doping going forward. overall, there was of course that air of denial, words like conspiracy are being used. their sports minster is also part of fifa's main committee, so he is someone that really has a spotlight on him in terms of alleged corruption. it's breathtaking the way the level of allegations goes sue high up.
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absolutely, no choice whatsoever about shutting that laboratory down but how is a different matter. >> what's the next move for the governing body then? >> they're in a difficult position. the president has been in the position only a few months. yesterday he was an extremely angry and tense man who knows he has a big decision to make quickly. there's going to be an emergency meeting, a virtual meeting, they're not all getting together, the members of the international athletics council, they're going to do this from various parts of the world, come together and discuss what they should do. they might want to buy themselves a bit more time, there's another meeting two weeks on. can you actually go through with the recommendation to have russia not competing, not only in word athletics championship but also talks the olympics in rio next year. you can see why it's such a big
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decision. i think they want to find a way to not exclude russia, but that may be easier said than done. >> there's increasing pressure on world leaders due to meet in paris this month to reach a deal to slow climate change. foreign minister's have been holding talks in the french capital ahead of that major summit. over in the u.s., that's across the atlantic, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due to speak on climate change and how it affects national security. all this comes as the u.n.'s weather energy has warned that the word is facing a permanent new reality with record levels of frein house gases in the atmosphere. we have this report from paris. >> the french foreign minister has made it clear that success at this summit is absolutely essential, failure to reach an agreement on controlling climate
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change is in his view not an option. he gave just one worrying prediction for the future, if in fact greenhouse gas emissions continue and temperatures continue to rise. he said that by 2030, the effects on the environment particularly in some of the developing countries would be so severe that 100 million additional people would be facing extreme poverty, so just one indication of what is at stake in very real terms for those leaders who will be meeting at the beginning of december in france, trying to reach a consensus on how to hit that target of two degrees above the temperatures on the planet before the industrial age, and even more ambitious, a target for the future to reduce that global warming down to 1.5 degrees above what the temperature was on the planet a
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couple of hundred years ago. >> crossing over to patty joining us from washington to tell us what john kerry's message will be when he speaks about climate change soon. >> in about two and a half hours time, he's traveling to norfolk, virginia. it is the largest military community in the country and the largest navy base in the world and there's a problem. it's sinking. this is an area, we see the land singing and also this is an area where sea levels are expected to rise faster than anywhere else in the country. the problem with that is the military base. there were several predictions that say it will be uninhabitable if climate change is not dealt with. we are going to see the secretary go to norfolk to argue that claims change is a national security concern. just to point out that the u.s. have americans who don't believe
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in climate change. if you look at the republican presidential candidate, the vast majority say climate change doesn't exist. we've seen senators and congress try to block pledgelation that would allow the u.s. military to come up with a climate change plan. the secretary might the fact that if the military has to move these bases, it's going to cost trillions are dollars. he said making a national security argument. he tried in some ways to box in republicans, because they tend to say that they are wholesale supporters of the u.s. military, so making the argument if you believe the u.s. military, you need to do something about climate change. >> how much political will is there, patty, when it comes to tackling climate change for the u.s. and especially when they head to paris at the end of the month. >> there's very little political will when it comes to any sort of action on capitol hill. we've seen the obama administration in the run up to
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the climate talks, not cast it as a treaty, because a treaty, the u.s. congress would have to approve, and that's not going to happen. the republicans control the house, lower house and senate, so that's not going to happen. we've seen executive actions from president obama and the important thing about executive actions is those can be changed the minute he says out of office in 14 months, so he's probably also going to cast this as not just a legacy issue for him but a huge issue in the presidential campaign, because he knows whatever he agrees to if he can come to an agreement in paris, knows that the next president could spill apply undo all of the work. >> thank you. >> britain's prime minister has set out reforms he wants the e.u. to institute. david cameron out lined for objectives he said lied at the heart of the negotiations, including the protection of the
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single market for britain and other countries outside the euro zone, boosting competitiveness, excluding britain from what he called ever closer union and strengthening national parliament and restricting access migrant workers from benefits such as tax credits. >> i have every confidence that we will achieve an agreement that works for britain and works for our european partners. if and when we do so, as i said three years ago, i will campaign to keep britain inside a reformed european union. i'll campaign for it with all my heart and all my soul, because that will be una unambiguously n our best interest.
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i rule nothing out. >> we have more from london. >> mr. cameron has set out a fairly broad set of aims here, not demands so much, because they've got to be negotiated with his fellow leaders of the european union, but aimed the terms on which britain might continue to be a member of the european union. they deal with migration. he wants caps and limits on migration to this country. he wants a sort of sovereignty drive, greater power for national powers he wants britain to opt out. he wants key protections for the financial center here in the city of london. how would it all go down with his fellow leaders? well, that is going to be a tricky negotiation. it kicks off in the middle of december, a big meeting of leaders. mr. cameron may have to soften the edges of his aims here, but
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the balancing act will be to be careful not to water things down so much that he fails to be able to convince the british public of the benefit of remaining in the european union, because the polls at the moment are beginning to suggest that there may be a majority of britons thinking seriously now about voting against european union membership when that referendum comes around perhaps in 2016, but before the end of 2017. >> much more coming up, including egypt frees a prominent journalist but continues to hold a newspaper tycoon and his son. in myanmar, observers say the polls were transparent but not without flows. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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june the top stories on al jazeera, russia forced to close a laboratory after allegations of widespread drug cheating among its athletes. despite that, the country sports minister vigorously denied the claims, saying they are politically motivated. >> french foreign minister said progress has been made during talks ahead of a major climate summit in paris later this month. the world leaders will try to reach a deal to slow the rise of global temperatures. >> the british prime minister david cameron has been talking about reforms he wants to see in the european union before a crucial referendum that will determine whether the u.k. stays in the 28 nation block. for the first time, he linked british membership have the e.u.
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to national security. >> european election monitors in myanmar said sunday's landmark poll was transparent but not without flaws. the national league for democracy is on track for a landslide 60ry that could loosen the military's grip on the country. we have this report. >> she's one of the new faces of politics in myanmar, she was a political activist turned successful business woman, now soon to be a member of parliament for the national league for democracy. >> this is not the end of the journey, it's just the beginning of the journey to call for the better way for the society. >> she's also a face of hope for the people in her constituency where she beat one of the ruling party heavyweights in the election on sunday. >> i think she can do everything for us. i believe she can fill full everyone's wishes in this
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constituency. >> i voted for her because she can improve our lives. i think she can deliver better education and health care. >> there was much concern about cheating before the election. the ruling union solidarity and development party is after all made up of many former generals who ran the country for half a century. many worried whether they are ready to relinquish more control. while the process wasn't perfect, it seems to be free of major irregular hearts. >> the process went better than many expected beforehand. it is also true, however that more is needed, more reforms are needed to ensure that truly genuine elections can take place in the future. >> the european union wants an end to the military being guaranteed a quarter of seats in parliament. the f.l.d. is on track to form
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the next government, but there are many challenges ahead. the army will remain a very powerful political force and after enduring 50 years of dictatorship, a lack of trust in the military will take a long time to erode. >> the army will maintain control of three key ministries and have veto power over any constitutional changes. >> actually, this should be a concern of all of us, because we still have to negotiate and make the compromise. >> there will be questions about the ability to run the country, but in areas where the results are being confirmed, people are celebrating a change they believe will lead to a better myanmar. >> 22 people have been killed and 62 injured in syria. state television says that rebels shelled the port city.
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the city is a stronghold of president bashar al assad and has been bombed several times over the past weeks. people displaced by the conflict now are facing the onset of winter. >> it's a daily struggle for survival, and the number of syrians faced with this reality is only growing. she can no longer cope. she's been living in this tent for weeks. her family is among the more than 100,000 syrians who have been displaced by the recent fighting. >> we left and came here because of the bombing. we were afraid. we need help. we need milk, nappies, blankets and clothes for the children. >> winter has arrived and the displaced ever little protection from cold and rain. they come from the northern countryside, only one battleground with too fast to recapture territory. >> we have left because of the syrian government bombing and the russian planes.
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people fled from 45 towns to the southern country side of idlib. we are living in the orchards. no organization has given us help. >> the united nations has been overwhelmed by the scale of the crise. gaining access to those in need is a challenge. in homs, the u.n. delivered aid for the first time in six months to the opposition's last stronghold in the city. the district is home to tens of thousands under siege. the u.n. is facing a more difficult task. special envoy has been asked by the key players in the syria conflict to restart a diplomatic process and work on a nationwide ceasefire. >> world and regional powers who met last month agreed on a u.n. led diplomat process. the players have first to agree on a list of government members and opposition representatives who will be allowed to take part
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in talks. >> the end to the war cannot come fast enough for those affected, but the bargaining may take a while. the warring sides don't recognize each other and there is no agreement on the fate of bashar al assad. there is the fear of more fighting as each side tries to gain the upper hand on the ground to be able to make gains at the negotiating table. al jazeera, beirut. nigeria's president is expected to swear in his cabinet on wednesday five months after he took office. buhari has been widely criticized for the delay and choice of ministers. we know it's five months for us to get to this point, but why the delay? >> nearly six, and many nigerians are concerned about that. the initial reason or explanation given by the presidency was that the president needed time to find,
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to seek out incorruptible individuals, people with integrity, people with the right experience and the right skills for these 36 ministerial positions. people waited nearly six months for this process. there is some disappointment about the outcome. critics of those who have been short listed say that many of these individuals, number one, are from the political past of this country, at least five of six are from the former ruling party, the people democratic party, not long before the election, they were working with ex-president goodluck jonathan and switched to muhammed buhari's side in the hours before the election. some say when you look at the composition of these individuals, they are too old. the average age is 57. many say millions of young people voted for muhammed buhari
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and that should have been reflected in the nominees taken forward to the countries parliament. one other criticisms is the lack of the presence of women. only four of the 36 nominees are women. supporters of the president say it's not about whether women are on the list and age of the individuals, but these people are incorruptible, very capable. it's about their ability to hold these portfolios, and begin the work of governance and putting things right. that's what they say in nigeria. they need to be given time to be sworn in, which will happen wednesday and time to start that pros and start that work. >> all right, thank you for that update from nigeria. israel police report three separate stabbing incidents in
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the last two hours. 29ors allegedly stabbed a railway guard. one was shot and died from his injuries. a palestinian was shot dead after allegedly attempting to stab a border policeman. a total of 80 palestinians and 10 israelis have died in violence since october. egypt released a prominent reporter after arrested for allegedly spreading false news. his arrest coincided with the detention of newspaper tycoon and his son. we have a report on egypt's continuing crackdown on the media. >> egyptian security forces raid the home of the owner of the newspaper. he and his son were arrested on the outskirts of cairo on sunday, allegedly for corruption and hording guns and ammunition. the newspaper's publisher say the arrests may have been made because of stories published.
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a driving force behind the civil liberties movement was arrested on sunday and released tuesday. they allegedly conspired with the banned muslim brotherhood to overthrow the government and president sisi. >> it underscores the importance of safeguarding freedom of speech and association in egypt. he strongly believe that is pluralism, vibrant civil society are key for achieves long term stability in the country. >> it is said the egyptian military has indicated its contempt for the role of an independent media with a series of arrests of journalists. in that latest detention is a clear attempt to stifle reporting.
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on monday, state t.v. presenter was arrested after she crist sides president sisi on air about flooding in alexandria. heavy rain caused massive traffic delays. she condemned government corruption. >> we urge the president to address the corruption of the local council. if someone steals one egyptian pound, they got arrested, but these officials do what they like and they're still free. >> president sisi has warned the media about what he's is unprofessional coverage of the floods. interior ministry is said to show the arrest of 17 members of the muslim brotherhood for blocking sewage pipes and causing the flooding, saying they have coordinated and committed acts of vandalism. >> while some egyptians mock the flooding conspiracy theories and criticize the persecution of journalists, egyptian media said the company is facing a western
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conspiracy over the russian plane crash in sinai. egyptian newspapers and t.v. stations say foreign news reports that a bomb brought down the jet, killing all 224 onboard is a plot to scare off tourists and destroy egypt's economy. >> amid warming relations and as a good will gesture, the hindu festival of light, villainies releasing all the indian fishermen in custody. they were taken in for illegally fishing. on the other side, there have been 36 sri lankaen finishermen
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taken in. these groups will be released as part of a mutual exchange of prisoners. the issue is part of a dispute over fishing. the sri lanka government claims that hundreds and sometimes thousands of indian boats cross into its waters and carry with pride fishing stock. the indians however maintain that they are only fishing intra additional waters. now, unlike in previous times, the sri lanka authorities have been tightening sort of the way they deal with this thing. they have said that they will keep the boat and release the fishermen. the 126 brought with them 73 boats and they have been held back by the authorities. the issue is not just the taking away according to the authorities of the rich catch, but also the huge environmental impact, because the indian
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trawlers use trawlers said to be detrimental to the environment. >> the dubai air show usually makes the headlines for the billions of dollars of aircraft sold, but many airlines are keeping their checkbooks closed at this year's show. we have this report. >> after two days of the air show here, the order books have been very quiet. two years ago in 2013, it was a record number of orders, $206 billion spent on new plane orders. this year, the only things of note so far, jet airways from india spending $8 billion on 75 new 737 planes, and g.e. engines. as for things like behind me, forget about it.
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there hasn't been a new order for one of those in two years. the focus has shifted to inside. this is the first time here that we've seen one entire section of the air show dedicate solely to lead to printing. this has become a big part of the industry. airbuses a350 plane has got 1,000 parts onboard, which are manufactured through 3-d printing. what we've got here is something completely differently. this is the world's first 3-d printed drone or u.a.v., as they call them, which has a jet engine inside. they've printed from a material that can withstand the heat that a jet engine puts out. that is pushing this at 240 kilometers per hour. it's only a concept, not something that's going to be
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mass reduced or ordered, but what it's demonstrating is what 3-d printing is capable of and where it can go in a very short amount of time. >> you can read more about the air show at