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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> u.s. president barack obama lays out his destroying bring an end to syria's civil war. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, prove it, turkey challenges russia over claims it shot down a russian jet to protect oil trade with isil. >> plus free at last, lebanon exchanges prisoners held for more than a year by syrian rebels. >> a tryout for democracy in burkina faso as a new president is elected.
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>> u.s. president barack obama has warned against in conclusive conflict in syria. he called for local ceasefires to bring an end to the war. he said the coalition against isil is moving toward agreement on a collective position. we will have more on what president obama said in just a few minutes when we go live. let's take you live to beirut, where the government and the prisoners release earlier in exchange with isil are meeting and speaking right now. are we able to listen in to what they are saying? >> in the principle of politics, lebanon will protect its military personnel to restore them again. the negotiations were tough. the negotiations were long, and
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we need more than negotiation to go that long, but the ceiling of the national dignity and the -- this is a path that we have gone through since the problem until now. in all the three times lebanon has been victorious through maintaining its institution and dignity of its people, it's a day of joy. at the same time, we need to go into that day of joy in order to restore our military personnel kidnapped by isil. i thank mr. prime minister and i thank that trust given to the lebanese negotiator, who was very strong through the
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principles of the country, through this tougher and long negotiations, it's quite easy to give anything for the sake of releasing our military personnel and for the sake of seeing the families quite happy. at the same time, i'd like to thank the former prime minister who used to support us through all the processes of negotiations and who said that this file is a national file and not a sectarian file. i'd like to thank the secretary general of hezbollah without giving more tails. the prime minister, the interior minister knew everything about this negotiation. now, we need to tell to the
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personnel, military personnel, you are now free, we congratulate you, we congratulate our nation. we congratulate lebanon of being witnessing that day and we still hope to restore our military personnel kidnapped by isil. now, i need to mention names, long live lebanon and long live lebanon. >> from the this of the cabinet, from the house of all the
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lebanese, from this house of all lebanese where we deal with all the problems of the lebanese people from this place, from this house, we have started the path that was expressing the national path, the passionate path of the cabinet when we were to face such a terrorist act against the nation, against lebanon, and the crisis had started and we have started the job and most of you know the families are now here with us, and they have been through such a suffering, the suffering as a human process, as a human
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dimension, that's human dimension that's seen by everyone in so many shades. i understand and i think we all understand the wives, the families, we understand, but also, we have another national dimension, the heroes, our heroes, the military personnel who have gone through that period have suffered and we have suffered with them, but end of the day, we had the victory and we have the achievement. we have that achievement. in this reward,ive also to mention and to say on this occasion, and to mention our martyrs, we need to mention our
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martyrs. the latest, we received the corpse today within that achievement, the path is on on going process, and we are together with the military personnel, together with the families, together with the heroes, we are going on in all that achieved more gains and everyone knows that we have a target, a big target. there is a real challenge. i mean, the military personnel being captured by isil, and we need to free them and liberate them for the sake of lebanon, for the sake of our nation, for the sake of our decision. we have to trust your nation. you have to trust your government. we have nothing at all but
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lebanon and we need to go for lebanon. we need to exert all efforts for lebanon, because lebanon needs all of us, military people and civilian people, from all categories, my beloved ones, there are efforts, efforts that have been exerted internally, namely, the efforts of the cabinet, the efforts of the government and there of other efforts made by the security agencies, the army, the intelligence, all the security agencies have worked in harmony through one year and four months to reach that day. we were very patient.
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also, the judiciary, the judiciary in every step were there, we have as you can seat and we have crossed it to the freedom, to the dignity, to the dignity of our country, to the dignity of lebanon, and i would like in your name to thank and express appreciation to every country, to every leader who participated with us to reach that day of joy, particularly on top of all of them comes the state of qatar, and the emir of qatar, thank you very much to the state of qatar and the emir of qatar.
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i'd like also locally to say that i expression my appreciation and my thanks to the general. [ cheers and applause ] >> the security agency that has, with patience, and with intelligence, and with wiseness, to manage the file to reach that day, i will never forget the lebanese red crescent that is in a way like an unknown soldier who was present in every step and has played a great role to achieve such a victory.
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god willing, we will go on in dignity. we will go on to achieve more gains. we will go on to achieve more and more everywhere in our nation for the sake of lebanon, for the sake of the lebanese people, for the sake of the lebanese flag to more victories and more achievements and thank you very, very much. >> we've been listening to the lebanese prime minister speaking at a ceremony for the 16 soldiers freed earlier today as part of a prisoner exchange deal with the al-nusra front, the syria based rebel group. the lebanese prime minister thanking the lebanese armed forces, but also qatar, which
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mediated this deal, the negotiation. he was speaking alongside the qatari ambassador to lebanon. the 16 soldiers who were reunited with their families in beirut were released after held by the al-nusra front for more than a year. this deal, which was broken by qatar, so then exchanged for a number of prisoners, isil, rather, al-nusra front prisoners which were held by the lebanese government. nine lebanese soldiers, we heard the prime minister say there, are still held by isil, and lebanon has said that it's ready to negotiate with isil to secure their release. let's speak to our senior political analyst about this. celebrations in beirut today, this is a success for the lebanese government, which had been under a lot of pressure over these prisoners. >> certainly the way this is
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packaged, right in front of our eyes here, shows that we consider this as such, that this is a triumph and that the lebanese stuck by their security people for over a year now. clearly the role of qatar has been key, just as it has been apparently in other places like lebanon, palatine, lebanon before, i mean, as well as in afghanistan when they brought in the taliban for some kind of indirect talks with their enemies, so you know, these sort of things are silver streaks in the black clouds that rule over syria and lebanon. >> how much do you think negotiating with al-nusra front which is affiliated with al-qaeda, how much does this give hope to diplomacy and negotiation when it comes to
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syria? >> i like your way and your word hope. hope is better than optimism, meaning we're hopeful, but i am not exactly optimistic about this moving forward especially on the front of al-nusra. as we heard in geneva, the word powers have already agreed that al-nusra will not play a part of any future diplomacy over syria. this is really a mediation over questions of exchanges of prisoners or hostages, if you will, but the bigger question of syria of course is a whole different situation and far more complex. really, this remains to be an exception to the rule and the rule is the complexity of the situation in syria. now, having said that, as you know, next week, the syrian opposition will be meeting in saudi arabia, they might be united in one opposition delegation of 20 people to go to
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vienna. whether that will lead to success of diplomacy in syria, we will see. >> how to sox the conflict in syria was the focus of president obama's address a short while ago in paris where he was attending the climate conference. the french president has met, of course with obama and other leaders to talk about syria and how to confront isil. president obama has said he has a plan for how to end the war in syria. let's bring in our patty calhane who is in paris traveling with the president. what is the plan? >> well, i think when we heard from the president at his press son presence before departing paris, which should be wheels up any moment now, laid out exactly how he sees the syrian conflict ending. he talked about the vienna process and right now, jordan is putting together a list of groups they call the moderate
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opposition. it's everybody even r.b.i. agrees needs a seat at the table. these groups would have a ceasefire with the forces fighting on behalf of bashar al assad. there will be slowly areas of calm spreading throughout syria while these groups and the assad forces continue to fight isil. the big problem is president putin of russia. he has beennessent that bashar al assad has to be part of the solution. obviously the u.s. led coalition believes that he does have to eventually leave power. here's what u.s. president barack obama had to see about the timing. >> it is possible over the next several months that we both see a 30 in calculation in the russians, and the recognition that it's time to bring the war in syria to a close. it's not going to be easy. too much blood has been shed.
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too much truck has been descried, too many people have been displaced to anticipate that it will be a smooth transition and isil is going to continue to be a deadly organization because of its social media, the resources it has, and the networks of experienced fighters that it possesses. it's going to continue to be a serious threat for sometime to come. >> so obama believe that is russia has the key to solving the conflict in syria that. how is he going to bring the russians onboard? is he speaking to putin about this? >> he's having several conversations with president putin, in fact even here at the sidelines of the paris talks on climate, they melt for more than half an hour, we're told. one of big keys of discussion was syria and ukraine. the u.s. strategy has been pretty clear. with what we've seen with
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airstrikes, the president is putting fewer than 50 forces on the ground to coordinate airstrikes for syria. what needs to happen for putin to change his mind is assad forces have started to lose so much territory that it no longer becomes possible for him to maintain power. they believe that they are seeing that shift. they are very optimistic that they would bring the russians to the tail, but then you saw the russians and iranian forces go in in numbers and they've been pushing back the force the u.s. wants to protect. really right now, this is a question about what happens on the ground. if the u.s. coalition and the forces they support can gain territory, the u.s. believes that might be enough to bring president putin to the table. >> live for us in paris, thank you. as you heard patty say there, the hope from obama is that there's going to be a shift in putin's strategy, but will that happen anytime soon?
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>> can we at least agree that hope is not a strategy? >> of course not. >> so president obama is hopeful. >> but he seems very confident this time around. he seems to have a plan. >> yes, well, a roadmap of sorts, but it's not a strategy. four years ago, president obama said, admitted that he had no syria strategy. now he's telling us that what seems like a non-strategy strategy is for president putin to fail. for a long time now since the russians started their bombings in syria, mr. obama or president obama has insisted this would look like 1979 soviet union afghanistan and fail, because you cannot win from the skies in syria, but what he's hoping for now is that putin does not act like a bear in the china shop and this he will wake up rather sooner than later to say ok, assad cannot be a part of the
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future in syria, so let's ask russia to work for a deal in sienna to move forward. what is he basing that on? on the moral practical and political argument. morally, president assad is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands. morally, he cannot continue to govern syria. politically, there is a roadmap now for a political transition with a regime in syria coming together but without president assad. >> coming now to isil, the so-called coalition against isil, the airstrikes, we're seeing people now join this coalition, germany's helping france out, the brits are going to vote tomorrow and likely to extend their airstrikes to syria as well now. the russians are also conducting airstrikes against isil in syria.
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the question though is is it working. is isil losing ground now? >> it is not losing much ground. in fact, it continues to get more recruits and i would guess with more bombings and focus on isil rather than the undoing of assad, i think probably earned isil even more recruits. today, we heard that isil is in coaching on and probably might enter libya. with this what i would call a spin group, kegmented non-idealogyic, they continue to
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grow. i think we're seeing more of isil, but let me make one point really clear. while the british just like the french and the russians and the americans and the turks are making themselves indispensable in syria, more and more, the syrian people themselves seem to becoming more dispense i'll. they are paying the heavier prays as president putin fails and continues to act like a bear in the china shop in syria. >> thank you very much for that, as always. another aspect is the row between russia and turkey over the downing of a russian jet, which has topped the agenda, nato's two day summit in brussels. we are live for us at nato headquarters and joins us now live. nadine, what is happening there and what he said the mood among nato members about these tensions between russia and
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turkey? >> well, the last few hours, the secretary general did repeat his message of unity, the fact that all nato members are fully behind turkey's right to defend its territorial integrity. we've heard at some foreign ministers arriving offering milder optimism, if you like, the danish foreign minister, hoping that russia might change its attitude and try to work towards the same aims, to work in conjunction with nato in that fight against isil. i think a lot of people are trying to take some of the heat out of the argument between turkey and russia. at the same time, they are discussing in the building behind me how to practically support ankara, raising the example of spain all right providing patriot missiles to help turkey defend itself and we know that the german cabinet has just approved the idea of
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providing a frigate row con sense aircraft --
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>> since the door opened for yours, i was one of the first female entrepreneurs actually able to participate in decision-making. >> in 2011, the late king abdullah granted women the right to play a part in sawed politics, but women are only allowed to run for municipal offers. in 2013, he said women should
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make up 20% of the council which advises the king, but activists say any changes are minor at best and women still face significant restrictions. they are discouraged from driving and have to get the approval of a male to travel abroad or open a bank account. >> i think there are limit is as in being able to meet with the public, so i decided to go to malls so that i can meet with the community. this is what prompted me to focus on social media and my campaign, where everyone can communicate, so i can get the largest number which voters. >> female voters say having women in office will make it easier to raise issues. >> it was difficult in the past to communicate with men, but with the presence of the women now, i can speak to her directly. >> it's a step towards greater freedoms for women in saudi
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arabia, but critics say there is still a way to go. al jazeera. >> a reminder that you can keep up to do it with all the news on our website, the very late have on all of our top stories there, that's at >> this one trend, climate change affects all trends. >> president obama urges world action on climbs change at a paris summit, expressing confidence in that battle and the fight against isil. >> calls for resignation at ithaca college. >> the puerto rico debt, owing