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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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strong words from moscow. vladimir putin says turkey will regret more than once the shooting down of a russian jet. i'm repair your in doha. also ahead. british bombers striking i.s.i.l. targets hitting oil fields in syria. >> we look into the culture of gun violence in the u.s. after more than a dozen people die in the latest shooting. f.i.f.a.'s corruption drama continues as police arrest two
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more officials . russian president vladimir putin says turkey will regret more than once - that's a quote - the shooting of a russian jet near the turkish-syrian border, accusing turkey of helping terrorism. he was speaking at the annual national address. >> translation: the turkish people are kind, hardworking and talented. we have a lot of hard work there. we don't equate them to the part of the elite, responsible for the deaths of soldiers in syria. we will never for get the support for terrorism. they will not get a nervous reaction which is dangers for us and the whole world. we will not engage in military sabre rattling, if someone things after hurting our people they'll get away with economic sanctions they are mistaken. we'll remind them what they did, they'll regret it many times. >> joining me in the studio is
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al jazeera's senior political analyst, marwan bishara. since we last spoke, recep tayyip erdogan has spoke out. vladimir putin spoke out saying why has russia and syria - pucking back from allegations that he is buying illegal oil. he says if russia claims to be in syria, because the president asked him to be there, that that's on illegal administration, on and on and on. we are getting tough talk from vladimir putin that seems to escalate. the turkish side is backing down. what is this all about. >> the turkish side is not backing down. it is not escalating. they slapped a bunch of sanctions. but ankara did not reciprocate that. the turks are trying to downplay - they are trig to
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don't play. the turks are not interested in russia escalating the situation in syria against turkey, the russians have started to move in support of the kurdish forces in northern syria, that turkey is quite worried about. there's a number of things that turkey is not interested in escalating in russia. having said that, vladimir putin is not exactly the parr knew i can madmen that some characterise him, or the sort of subtle statesman that you expect of a world leader. this speech was a cornerstone speech. as i mentioned earlier, this was a george w. bush moment for vladimir putin, he portrayed the world as a world of insecurity
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and terrorism with russia and russian values needing to lead. basically saying to turkey and others, you are with us or the terrorists. >> drawing a line in the sand. >> exactly. >> that is something turkey and others do not accept. neither from the russian leader or anyone, especially turkey suffering from terrorism along the years, including from i.s.i.l., does not accept the lecturing, the sermon heard from vladimir putin. >> let's talk about i.s.i.l., and we want to pick it up on the other side for you. the air campaigns in i.s.i.l. are expanding. the u.k. launched air strikes on i.s.i.l. the targets in syria, hours after parliament backed the government plan to expand the mission. britain's defence minister said that these bombers had been hitting the omar oil field. that is in the east. the aim is to strike a blow on oil revenues, which i.s.i.l. depend on to fund its braigss.
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british fighter jets took off from an air base in cyprus, hours after the parliamentary vote. they vote in favour of the air strikes, following divisions among politicians, and street protests. the air campaign continues to get bigger. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said today that this campaign against i.s.i.l. has no chance of success without ground troops, and specifically says that the ground troops need to be syrians or arabs. why has there been no coordination so far to get ground troops going if everyone agrees that's what it's going to take to defeat i.s.i.l.? >> simply because it's wishful thinking to think that this can be tirned around so quickly unfortunate the west in particular of the so-called international coalition is in denial over the facts that aerial bombardment is not enough. they are not taking the
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necessary actions in order to supplement their own strategy. we have seen a political process that has seen the lights. that is going to evolve over the next few weeks, beginning in saudi arabia, where the senior opposition is meeting. they are hoping that after the meeting with the syrian olympics and the unity under one -- opposition and the unity under one programme, that may be that would rally the troops in syria. the british estimated that there is - i stand to be corrected - that there is some 70,000 forces against bashar al-assad and i.s.i.l. in syria that are, in a large part, from the free syrian army. now, of course, it remains to be seen whether these forces are
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capable of dealing with the situation on the ground. they have not gotten the necessary support. people say i.s.i.l. needs to go, but no one is providing the syrians with the instrument to do that. whether they do na in the last several weeks remains to be seen. >> four years of talk. marwan bishara, thank you police in the u.s. are trying to determine the motive for a shooting attack on a social services center in california, leaving 14 dead. the two heavy armed attackers were shot dead by police, named as 28-year-old syed farrook and tashfe, n. malic. >> a pivotal moment. a bullet riddled vehicle with two suspected killers dead inside after a gun battle with plixes are police.
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>> of the suspects dead at the sign, one is male and one is female. they were dressed in assault-style clothing. they were armed with assault rifles and handguns. >> a third person was detained running from the scene. police are not sure if they were involved. several hours earlier shooters burst into a holiday banquet for employees at the local health department, on the grounds of a center that serves people with learning disabilities. they opened fire, killing 14. 17 wounded, some critically. david johnson was walking nearby when the shooting started. >> that was going on for, like, a couple of minutes, man. it was like bang, bang, bang for a while. it wasn't continued shooting. this was - it was bang, bang, and a different pitch. that sounds like a different weapon. >> none of the disabled clients or the staff at the center were
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shot. megan sehive was one of those evacuated from the inland regional center complex when the mayhem erupted. >> we were told to come out with our hands up. that was scary, but we were altogether and we came out. we cooperated because we wanted to get out. we didn't know for sure if there was anybody inside. we wanted to get out and get to our families. >> acting on a tip, police and fbi agents went to a resident in the nearby towns. people inside fled in a back s.u.v. and exchanged fire with police. police blocked them in. the deadly shoot out followed. one police officer was wounded. his injuries were not life threatening. police named the suspects. and said they were not sure of the relationship with each other. police emphasise that the pair's motives are not known.
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>> i spoke to syed a week ago, yeah. there's no comment. investigation is going on. you would know what it is. i have no idea. no idea why would he do something like this. i have no idea. i'm in shock myself. >> the fbi and other federal state and local law enforcement agencies are investigating. >> is this terrorism. i'm not willing to say that. we don't know for sure. we are making movements that it is a possibility. we are making adjustments to the investigation. it is a possibility, we don't know that yet. >> reporter: the investigation is continuing with police processing multiple crime scenes, interviewing witnesses and chasing down leads. now, the shooting in san bernadino is one of hundreds of mass shootings. so far this year.
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in october a teacher and students died in an attack in a community college in oregon. tennessee, five were killed when a gunman opened fire in a military recruitment center. in june, 9 killed in an historic black church in south carolina these are the worst examples. this year has seen more than one mass shooting most carried out by young white males. the latest attack prompted an angry response from u.s. president obama. once again he urged congress to pass tougher gun control measures. >> for those who are concerned beside terrorism, you know, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can't get on planes, but the same people we don't allow to fly can go into a store in the united states and by a firearm and there's nothing we can do to stop them. that's a law that needs to be changed.
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martin is the vice president of the soufan group providing security intelligence services and says the latest attack will ignite debate over gun control. >> when you look at the number of active shooter incidents, the fbi did a study in the 2014 year period, there were 116 incidents, where one or more incidents were killing in a confined area. what you saw in aurora colorado, stilt the largest mass killing in the united states. sandy hook and today. 116, 2000, 2013. with over 1,000 killed or wounded in those incidents. an average of over 11a year. it's an issue of second amendment right to own weapons or guns. that's established in the
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constitution. that is not going to change, but it should be a matter of who should be able to own weapons. >> plenty more - as the world tries to tackle climate change in paris. we find overwhelming evidence of global warming high up in the french alps. >> and the perils of aid without defying goals. questions about zuckerberg's charity pledge.
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you're watching al jazeera. russian president says turkey will regret more than once the shooting down of a russian jet. they accused turkey of supporting terrorism and promised a tough response british bombers attacked oil fields in eastern syria hours after m.p.s approved strikes on i.s.i.l. targets. britain's defence minister said the aim was to strike a blow on the oil revenue which i.s.i.l. depends on. detectives are trying to find a motive in the latest mass shooting in the united states. a man and woman killed 14 of its co-worker at a social services center. the attackers were killed by police in san bernadino swiss police arrested two more f.i.f.a. officials as part of the corruption scandaled.
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the men are from paraguay and honduras. they are accused of accepting crimes for the copa america and world cup qualifying matches. the arrests coming before the executive meeting is due to meet to discuss reforms. a correspondent with the associated press has the latest from outside f.i.f.a. headquarters in zurich. >> it's really the next wave of the of the case that started in may. in some ways it's a mopping up exercise. part of the same bribery conspiracy alleged in may. in some ways it's been expected. but it's the timing that is damaging and surprising because, again, you have got important decision makers coming to zurich to be part of discussions about securing f.i.f.a.'s future and
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showing the organization has changed, is serous about the problems of the past. in the morning. about talks of the reforms, the future of the world cup, you have two officials that are led away from the luxury hotel. the bora-like hotel in zurich, and it's damaging to f.i.f.a. that people who are trying to position themselves as part of the future, as reformers, taking these decisions are dragged back into the past as potentially the people who have been taking millions of bribes that have almost destroyed f.i.f.a.'s reputation this year. south africa's appeals court found pivoturous guilty of murder. pistorius killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013, after shooting her four times through a locked door. he says he thought she was an
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intruder. he cases a 15 year prison sentence, the minimum punishment for murder in south africa brazil's president dilma rousseff is facing impeachment proceedings, accused of illegally manipulating government accounts last year. opponents say it is in relation to the budget deficit. the speaker of the lower house launched the process at the request of opposition parties. dilma rousseff denies wrong duning. lucia newman has more. >> reporter: in a brief address to the nation and looking serene, president dilma rousseff denied wrongdoing and called on calm and to have faith. she called brazilians to remain calm and have faith in the credit unions. she added that she had never stolen money or anticipated bribes, a jab at the president of the lower house who hours earlier had accepted the opposition's call for an impeachment proceeding to begin against the president. what comes next - first of all,
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it goes to a committee of all the political parties in the lower house, which must decide whether the impeachment call has any merit. if so, it must go to a full vote of the lower house. it is not a given. it has to be passed by two-thirds. if it happens the president will have to step down while an inquiry takes place in the senate. all this could take months and increase in stability in the largest economy in south america, which fell further into recession, according to the recession, according to the latest data vladimir putin warned montenegro's invitation to join snaito could result -- n.a.t.o. could result in action. n.a.t.o.'s forces have given montenegro the green light to start accession courts.
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>> xi jinping is in south africa ahead of a summit on friday. announcing billions in trade and investment. as tania paige reports, there's a push to strengthen cultural ties. >> reporter: president xi jinping has deep pockets and china has been willing to spend in africa. >> translation: china-south africa relations are in the best shape ever. now we had fruitful talks, witnessing the signing of many agreements. >> reporter: he is here for the forum on china-africa donation, -- cooperation, the chinese dragon has been hungry for africa's raw materials. china is africa's biggest trading partner. over the past 15 years, trade has risen in the past 16 years from $11 billion to 250 billion. in the first half of this year investments slump 40% compare d to the same time last year.
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that's because china's economy is slowing. it hit prices. many african countries were overly relied on. >> that's one side of the story. china has a need in terms of resources. >> it's a changing economy. it's increasingly becoming consumer driven. i wouldn't say china needs african countries. >> chinese investors are developing the site. near johannesburg. it will have hotels, hospitals and 50,000 new homes. >> reporter: at this stage most african countries are developing slowly. we see similarities with how china performed 30 years ago. we have great hope africa can grow as we did. >> china's role in developing the continent is welcomed and needed. the interests are broadening. in recent years the gender of t cooperation forum expanded to include strengthening ties.
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which are good. during apartheid chinese people were oppressed. this was a white only person. but now, in fact, president zouma officiated when the gate was unveiled. it's open to chinatown. zouma's government announce d from next year mandarin will be fought in some public schools, with china providing the teachers. the idea has critics, but it is a sign of how important the government's knew each other an unlicensed cambodian doctor has been given 25 years in prison for infecting more than 200 with h.i.v. he used dirty needles. several people infected have since died. wayne hay sent an update from the cambodian capital. >> the unlicensed doctor at the center of this scandal worked in a remote village in the west of
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the country. he was facing apart -- murder charges because he was using dirty needles at his clinic and they were infected. he had the charges downgraded to manslaughter. and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. he maintains innocence and there could be an appeal. >> there was a big problem. particularly for those in rural parts of the country. they have no other choice but to see the doctors because there was a massive shortfall in cambodia the israeli military demolished the home of a palestinian man killed by security last year. >> the family home was located in the occupied west bank. he was accused of killing an
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israeli border policeman and another israeli driving his car into them. >> glaciers around the world are disappearing at an ever increasing rate. the flight is in the spotlight in paris where documents tried to thrash out a global treatment. the effects are plain to see as our environment editor nick clark found out. >> the winter season is about to get into full swing. chalets are ready for the christmas rush. a handful makes the most of wide-open peace. all around things are changing. to see the evidence you only have to take the tourist train up the mountain on the old cog railway that has been operating. there lies one of the longest glaciers in the alps. glaciologist has been studying the mountains for years. luke took the time lapse film and you can see what a force it
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is. thousands of years of ice flowing down the mountain. but it's losing volume every year. >> the glacier makes the invisible visible. we are talking about temperature, energy, greenhouse gases. what we see here is the result of all these things. the climate is unfavourable for glaciers. it is diminishing. the landscape is changing. we have to protect it for ourselves. >> here is a photograph taken in 1910, showing the train station with the glacier below, spin on 100 years and see the dins. >> it's incredibly apparent the volume of ice that has disappeared. this level was the top of the glassier back in 1820. right now, it's several hundred meters down there. >> meet freddo. he points out the front of the glacier sitting on the ridge
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when 15 years ago it reached to the trees, and he said global warming is a problem with danger. >> there's no sale, it's a bit more unstable. there's more reach with the avalanche. it's too open with the crevasse. >> the changing conditions threatened life and limb. and said the economic prosperity of the region relying ontourism. the massive is a show of nature. one that is slowly disappearing before our eyes. as the seasons come and go. you have to wonder how this mountainous world may look in 100 years time questions are being arrived in the united states after the founder of facebook announced he'll give away 99% of his fortune to charity. some think elected politicians
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and not superrich billionaires should make major decisions on whether money is spent. kristen saloomey explains from new york. >> having this child made us think about all of the things that should be improved in the world for her whole generation mark zuckerberg and his wife promised to give aye way a fortune in honour of the birth of their daughter. bill and melinda gates made similar donations, challenging the wealthy in the world. giving billions doesn't always yield big results. >> bill gates is transparent about what his giving is doing, and what his goals are. not all the foundations have done that. and i think we have to be just as cognisant about celebrating the moment of the pledge as about where the money goes, and whether it's having an impact. >> mark zuckerberg donated
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hundreds of millions. the programme was considered a failure. the zuckerberg's say they have learnt from past mistakes. >> the united states has a long tradition of private investors founding social causes, encouraged by a system of tax breaks. as a result this country spends less of its budget on social programs. >> the downside according to the national committee is that billionaires, not elected officials decide social policy. >> what we see in certain fields is billionaire phil an throughists can control public requirements and spending by what the philanthropy is willing
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to support. >> reporter: few change the billionaire phillan tropist, there's a call for public input into their work. >> updates on the news is a click away. visit the website. >> the worst mass shooting in america since newtown. 14 killed at a conference center in san bernadino in california. the suspect shooters, man and woman are dead. >> welcome to a special edition of "your world", this morning. i'm stephanie sy. >> i'm del walters. those would are the only two, they are identified as 28-year-old ed