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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> russia and turkey's foreign ministers meet for the first time angle ankara shot down a russian fighter jet. this after vladimir putin threatened more sanctions saying turkey will regret its actions. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee, you're watching al jazeera live from london. the u.s. president talks of better gun control after another mass shooting rampage. on the front line the u.s. military will open up all combat roles of female soldiers.
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>> guilty of murder with the accused having criminal intent. >> oscar pre-torous is found guilty. and europe piano space agency launches a new research mission to find out how gravity works. >> hello, russia and turkey's top diplomats have met for the first time since turkey shot down a russian warplane last month. sergei lavrov held talks on the side line security meetings in belgrade. afterwards they said it is unrealistic to expect the problems with russia to be resolved after one meeting, but it is important to keep communication channels open. lavrov said he heard nothing new from his turkish counterpart.
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well, hours earlier russian president vladimir putin warned turkey leaders that they'll live to regret shooting down the jet. president vladimir putin suggested that allah is punishing turkey with lack of judgment. >> i don't know why turkey did it any kind of problem, any kind of issue or contradiction in any form could have been decided, could have been addressed in a completely way.
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>> we have this update from moscow. >> this was a good opportunity for russia and turkey to try to defuse the tensions that have caused the explosion since turkey shot down a russian bomber last week. now we know these two men have spoken with each other on the phone since that incident, but this is the first time they have met face to face. in what we understand it does not seem as if the situation has improved dramatically. sergei lavrov said he heard nothing new from his turkish counterpart, and they said perhaps it is too soon to expect serious improvements in relations. we had vladimir putin giving his state of the nation address, and he was very bellicose in that speech about turkey saying that turkey had betrayed russia using the phrase once more that russia
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had been stabbed in the back saying there would be further measures taken against the government in ankara, not specifying actions and what those would be. essentially what russia wants from turkey is an apology, and at the moment that has not been forthcoming and turkey is urging russia to try to play the situation down and use a cool head. >> meanwhile, russia has resumed the supply of long-range missiles systems to iran. russian state media reporting air defense systems on thursday. the kremlin suspended it's supply of advance missile systems in 2010 citing sanctions, but it decided to lift the sanctions. they have expressed concern of
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air missiles to iran. now, u.s. police have been giving an update about their investigation noose a mass shooting in california during which 14 people were killed. the police chief of san bernardino, where it happened on wednesday, said that the two suspects sprayed the room with bullets when they attacked the social service center where one of the suspects worked. in the last hour the fbi los angeles director has spoken about the attk. he said that the mail suspect visited pakistan before returning to the united states in july 2014. he added it would be premature to call the situation terrorism. >> if you look at the amount of office pre-planning that went into it, the amount of armaments, the weapons and the ammunition, there was obviously
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omission here. we don't know why. we don't know if this was the intended target, or if there was something that trigger him to do this immediately. >> u.s. president barack obama has made another statement about the attack, as with other shootings, his focus is on better gun control. >> i do think as the investigation moves forward it's going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide they want to do somebody harm, we'll make it a little harder for them to do it. right now it's just too easy. >> let'let's go tgabriel elizondo in san bernardino. the police have been speaking there in the last couple of hours. tell us more of what was said. >> that's right, maryam. they certainly know about what
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happened in those frantic hours yesterday during that terrible shooting, but now the big question for community members and really federal investigators is why. the clear question that everyone wants to know, what was the motive? the short answer is the fbi says they don't know the motive. there was one sort of workplace violence the suspect worked at the department where the christmas party was apparently happening. was it some sort of workplace violence that we've seen in the past or was it terrorism. they're not saying. but i can tell you that the fbi is looking at as counter terrorism investigation. it is perplexing. the suspect had no criminal record. but on another side they say
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that they found out from this press conference that he had thousands of rounds of ammunition found in the suspect's home, and there was some sort of--some sort of pre-planning to this shooting. so it's very complex. very complicated. there were also the fbi asked about international travel. both of the suspects, they're married, had recently come to the u.s. from pakistan, according to the fbi. one suspect was an u.s. citizen. the other was a pakistani legally here on a visa. they're looking into this very closely to link what was the motive, what would have caused these two young people in his mid 20s to allegedly perpetrate this terrible crime. >> we heard from president barack obama pushing for gun
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controls in his country, but gabe, is anything likely to change? >> well, that's the question that everybody is asking after all of these shootings. remember, we just had another shooting a little over five days ago, killed four people in colorado springs, colorado. and the same qstions were asked, gun control. is this going to change? but it's complex here in america, and you can see it right here in califora for two reasons. this shooting happened here in california. this state has some of the strictest gun laws anywhere in america 37 but it clearly didn't prevent this incident. also the four weapons that were used in this shooting, according to local authorities in this last press conference, were legally purchased. that gives you an idea of not necessarily gun control laws are going to make this problem, if you will, in the u.s. necessarily go away. it's very complex, very complicated, and clearly it's a discussion that is always
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brought up almost immediately after you have these mass shootings such as this. mass shootings that are becoming all too common in america. >> thank you very much. well now in other developments in the united states the secretary of defense ash carter has announced plans to let women serve across all military combat roles. the armed services will he until january 1st to submit plans to make the change. >> like our outstanding force of today, our force of the nurture must continue to benefit from the best people america has to offer. in the 21st century that requires drawing strength from the broadest possible pool of talent. this includes women because they make up over 50% of the american population. >> let's get reaction on this. we're live now from washington, d.c. so front line
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combat roles wou be open to women across the board in the military. how significant a move is this? >> well, there are several factors here. president obama has expanded the number of recruitment opportunities. this all stems from 2013 when the former defense secretary lyon panetta ended the ban on women in combat roles, but the military had 2016 to raise objections. the army, the navy, the special ops. the only hold outs was the marines saying mixed units did not work as effectively as single-gender units. they have ignored the marines' concerns. slight concern, but nonetheless
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women now will be open to serve in that last 10% of military roles, including driving tanks, leading infantry into battle despite concerns of marines. plans have to be submitted by january, and the implementation of all this will begin by april. it all depends on matter, and hopefully they'll tamper down the concerns of those hold outs in the military who feel women have no place in front role combat. >> thank you very much. now the u.k. has launched airstrikes on isil targets in syria for the first time. they started less than hour an british m.p.s voted to back
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them. four british jets struck oil fields in eastern syria. they cited it was in the interest of u.k. security. peshmerga fighters who managed to capture sinjar from isil discovered 70 tunnels underground. many contain bombs and ammunition boxes. the town was taken during a two-day fenc-offense-day offense. >> a doctor jailed for infecting over 200 people with infected hiv needles.
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>> welcome back from al jazeera. let's take you through to the top stories. russia and turkey's top diplomats have met for the first time since turkey shot down a warplane near the syrian border last month. president vladimir putin said that turkey would live to regret the aggression. britain's parliament has voted to take action in syria. u.s. secretary of defense ash carter has announced plans to let women serve across combat
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roles. they'll have until januar january 1st to submit plans to make the change. now to the crisis at football's governing body fifa, two more vice presidents have been arrested by swiss police investigating corruption. u.s. prosecutors arresting more officials. it comes as they meet in switzerland to discuss reforms. >> it was an all too scenario for fifa, a dawn raid. this time two members of the executive committee, the head of the americas and caribbean concacaf, and the south american confederation chief. the u.s. and swiss working close together have promised a second wave of arrest with extraditions
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to the united states. they would met to discuss reform. they refused to talk in detail about the arrests. >> the u.s. department of justice has proceeded with a series of arrests. the investigation is going on, and fifa is ready to participate fully. in light of what was going on fifa will not make any other comments. events underscored the necessity to establish a complete program of reform. >> fifa unconvincingly regarded this meeting as business as usual despite the arrests and two more empty seats in its executive committee. what's clear those investigating them don't trust their internal reforms. they want to redevelop fifa after sepp blatter's 17 years in
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charge. sepp blatter is said to have given a payment to michel platini, also suspended. they're waiting on bans of six years or more. michel platini's future of football is on the line. finely fifa has been hit where it hurts most, finances. onlee we wellings, al jazeera. >> oscar pre-torous conviction is changed to murder.
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pis pistorius was handed a sentence, but the prosecutor appealed. >> this is respect for my daughter and her life, and respect for women all over this country. we have had too much of this happening, and people get away with it. now we've seen that the justice system works. >> an unlicensed cambodian doctor has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for infected more than 200 people with hiv.
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he used dirty needles on patients. several of the people infected have since died. we have this update from the cambodian capital phnom penh. >> the unlicensed doctor at the center of this scandal was working in a remote village in the west of the country. he was facing murder charges because several people died after becoming infected with hiv because he was using dirty needles at his clinic. but he had those charges downgraded to manslaughter, and he has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. he still maintains his innocence, and there still could be an appeal. it's a big problem in cambodia, this issue of unlicensed doctors. particulary in rural parts of the country. they really have no other choice but to see these unlicensed doctors because there is a massive shortfall in cambodia of
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licensed qualified medical practitioners. >> the issue of oil production consistently divides countries across the world. on friday the organization of petroleum exporting countries or opec is meeting in vienna, but members are expected to cut production despite low prices. >> the country in opec rely oil export, but with prices so low, these are difficult times. the price of oil per barrel has dropped below $45. this presents challenges for a third of the opec members. some are really feeling the pinch. they've been arguing for a cut
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in oil production that would push prices back up. others like saudi arabia and qatar have the cash reserves to with stand low oil prices for some time. saudi arabia wants to keep production levels high, hoping that low prices will put some producers in non-opec country like usa and brazil, out of business. but opec has two big problems. firstly, most of the world's oil is produced by non-opec members. so it's power to control the market is limited. secondly, it's members have very different agendas. iran, for example, wants to significantly increase production as international sanctions are lifted. >> the level of cohesion just doesn't exist any more. you have saudi arabia, who very much the figure head, as i mentioned, then you have other countries such as iran and iraq, who also are capable of produc
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producing large amounts of oil and require the cash throw of production, and these guys are now vying for market share. they not only compete with the rest of the world as opec, but they're now competing with opec members in parks such as u.s. and asia to gain that market share. most experts here in vienna expect that saudi arabia will get its way. so oil prices are likely to remain low for another year or so. even though that will bring more pain to several fellow opec members. barnaby phillips. al jazeera, vienna. >> around the world disappear at an ever increasing rate. it's an issue in paris where legislature is trying to thrash out the fight against climate
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change. >> chalais are ready for the christmas rush. but all around things are changing because of global warming. to see the evidence you only have to take the tourist train up the mountain on the railway that's been operating since 1908. one of the longest glaciers in the alps. luke has been studying these glaciers for years. he took a time lapse of the englishes. thousands of years of compacted ice flowing down the mountain, but it's less every year. >> the glacier makes the invisible, visible. we're talking about temperature, energy, greenhouse gasses. we're seeing the result of all these things. the climate is unfavorable to glaciers. the landscape is changing. we have to protect it for
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ourselves. >> here's a photograph taken in 1910 showing the train station with the glacier just below. it's been exactly 100 years, and see the difference. it's incredibly apparent the sheer volume of ice that has disappeared. this level was the top of the glacier back in 1820. right now it's several hundred meters down there. >> we can see the glacier. >> a mountain guide here for 35 years, he points out the front of a glacier now sitting on top of the ridge when 15 years ago it reached all the way down to the trees. he said global warming is a problem and a danger. >> the snow is a bit more unstable, we have more risks with avalanche, and it is clear that the glacier is changed. >> the changing conditions have
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threatened not only life and limb, but the economic prosperity of a region that relies on tourism. it is a stunning show of nature, but one that is slowly disappearing before our ic our eyes. as the seasons come and go you have to wonder how the mountain will look in 100 year's time. al jazeera, france. >> now everyone and everything on earth feels the force of gravity, but very little is known about how gravity actually works. especially in space. that's why the european space agency has launched a new research spacecraft into orbit. >> launching from french guiana, the craft will orbit earth for two weeks, and then make its way
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towards the sun. it is here that the sun's gravitational pull is canceled out by earth, making it perfect for testing anti-gravity technology. >> we'll start testing in a different way, and trying to eventually detect something that the einstein's theory predicts and has not been perfected, which is gravitation. >> they have two identical cubes of solid gold alloy. a laser is used to measure their relative motion with unprecedented accuracy. movements as small a as a billionth of a millimeter. >> it really doesn't want to start changing shape, so when gravity is produced, for
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example, when two super black holes smash into each other, it creates these ripples across space time. because the ripples aren't very big we have to have very precise instruments that will allow us to pick up minuscule changes in space itself. >> it will help scientists test their technology and their approach. >> gravity is one of the components of the universe, which is one of the most mysterious one. but we know very little about it. and the results of all these experiments will have enormous applications. that we cannot even imagine. >> if this test mission is successful, a large-scale experiment involving three satellites placed a million kilometers from each other is planned for launch in 2034. it is hoped that the details of
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the structure of galaxies, the universe, the behavior of black holes and confirm what einstein predicted a hundred years ago, the existence of ripples in the fabric of spaceime. >> more right here,