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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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have a good day. ♪ >> moscow said an amnesty report is fake when russia may be guilty of war crimes in syria. mystery over why the prime minister of georgia has resigned. a remarkable tale of
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survival. a 19-year-old trapped in rubble. >> we'll have all the sport. the mince pies and goodbyes. manchester boss storms out of the press conference. >> a gas attack has taken place in syria. witnesses say government helicopters fired missiles containing the nerve agent sa sarni. this despite an internal weapons watchdog saying the last of syria's chemical weapons have been shipped out of the country
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for destruction last year. >> this is not the first time there have been reports of gas used as weapon in syria. opposition sources say that these people were exposed to gas when missiles were shot in a rebel-held neighborhood on the outskirts of damascus. >> these rockets were carrying sarin gas, as a result five people were killed. including a 12-year-old boy. more than 30 injured. mostly civilians. the sarin gas was the worst us used. the symptoms are runny nose, saliva, bleeding, shortness of breath and dilated pupils. this caused the death of five victims. >> the opposition-controlled areas where chemical agents were
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deployed in 2013. hundreds of people were killed. an u.n. investigation team later confirmed sarin had been used. it didn't blame any side. but many western governments said that the forces loyal to the syrian government were responsible. a deal was reached between russia and the u.s. the organization for the prohibition for chemical weapons then confirmed that the equipment for mixing and produ producing chemical weapons had been destroyed, but since then there have been reports of chemical attacks. the ocpw concluded that gas had been use, and the fact-finding mission was not mandated to assign any blame but diplomats said that the findings added to evidence that isil had obtained and is using chemical weapons in iraq and syria. that wasn't the only attack
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investigated. in the syrian province of idlib, there were several incidents between march and may which the fact-finding mission said likely involved the use of one or more toxic chemicals involving chlorine. the u.s. envoy has warned that the use of toxic weapons is becoming increasingly common in the sirral war. voices are growing louder accusing the government of failing to declare its whole stock pile. >> well joining me now from washington, d.c. for more on this story is the former u.s. state department adviser and senior fellow, thanks for being with us on the program. do you think amnesty is likely to be right, and sarin is still being used in syria? >> i would be careful making any definitive statements about which kind of chemical was used in this recent attack. it is very difficult based on
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the initial reports of symptoms from victims to make any kind of definitive determination. what we do know is that since the declared stock pile of some 1300 metric tons of sarin and other deadly chemicals was eliminated, there have been continuing reports of use against rebel areas by oftentimes by helicopters, which can only be flown by the government. so most of these uses, though, seem to have been chlorine, which is not a prohibitive chemical, but certainly it's use in war is prohibitive as a chemical weapon. also as the report mentioned mustard has been found to be used. mustard is much more likely as a possible prohibitive agent than
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sarin because it is seizier to make and has a longer shelf life as a nerve gas. clearly the syrian government is operating outside international law, and outside the very chemical weapons convention that it recently agreed to. and it's time for the allies of the syrian government, namely russia and iran, to pressure that government to cease and desist. >> even if syria has not been using sarin, how easy would it have been for the country to hold onto some stock piles of chemical agents whether it was mustard gas, chlorine or, indeed, sarin. how easy would it have been to hold on to that stock pile even though it was supposed to be taken away and destroyed? >> well, we cannot rule this out. this happened in a case of libya. there were undeclared stocks that were found later. certainly the accounting on chemical weapons production can
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be inprecise. this is one of the reasons that the u.s. estimated that iraq still had significant amounts of chemical weapons after the first gulf war. that was not because they did it was because their accounting was not accurate. one cannot rule it out. i think we can be fairly confident that the vast majority of really lethal stocks have been removed from syria and destroyed as well as the facilities necessary to manufacture or mix the chemicals. >> great to give your thoughts and opinions. thanks so much. >> well, russia has denied using cluster bombs in syria after the human rights organization amnesty international suggested its airstrikes could institute war crimes. at least 200 civilians have been killed in the past three months.
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russian authorities allegedly lied to cover up two strikes. the groups accuse russia and syrian forces of using cluster bombs, but russia said that there is a lack of evidence in amnesty's report. >> to say there is not eched when we have provided photographs of impact sites, weaponry. we have spoken to survivors of attacks there, dozens and dozens of credible video clips and images of dead civilians, of bodies in parts and so on, statements from the ministry defense itself in russia where they say they've carried out attacks in various sites and vicinity of them. it would be interesting to know from russia what more evidence they would like. there is a ton of evidence that they have committed probably war crimes and they've not stood up to that at all. >> peter sharp is in moscow for us and said that the russian military has rejected reports
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saying that it is full of lies and trite clichés. >> so far the defense ministry in moscow has been reluctant to comment on syria' syria--serious claims by amnesty international. today they categorically deny the report. the same clichés. the same fakes. it's nothing but a flood of lies empty, and without any proof. >> we familiarized ourselves with the contents of this report, and as usual there is nothing concrete and nothing new published in it. in regards to the suggestion about the use of cluster bombs in syria, the russian air force does not use them. >> the russian defense ministry said that they were unprecedently open about their operations in syria, and they stated categorically there were
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no munitions in cluster bombs in the air base in the country. the purpose of all these manipulations by amnesty is to smear others. >> well, al jazeera's roslind jordan lives us from washington, d.c. there is mounting pressure on russia other its airstrikes in syria. what sorts of response has there been to russian strategy? >> well, the u.s. has not been pleased with the russian strategy because even though russia said it is going after isil fighters, the u.s. does not see evidence that it says supports that claim. it believes that russi russians are going after opponents of president bashar al-assad, supporting his military in that ongoing civil war. so this report would not come as a surprise that there may be alleged atrocities as part of the russian effort to help support bashar al-assad's hold on power.
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>> amnesty has also suggested it might be looking at u.s.-led airstrikes in syria. is that likely to cause some concern in washington? >> well, this is something that the u.s. has been have much sensitive to since it started airstrikes in iraq in 2014 and six weeks later in september 2014 in syria. in fact, at the end of septemb september 2014 amnesty wrote a letter to the secretary of state john kerry saying that it was very concerned that the expanding air war against isil could result in unintended civilian casualties, and it urged both kerry as well as the defense department to be extremely, extremely rigorous in how they orchestrated the air war against isil. now there has been only one u.s. military investigation of an incident that involved unintended casualties, that's
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the military's phrase, not mine, and this involves airstrikes against members of the group an al-qaeda affiliate in syria in november 2014. two children were killed in that incident, and at least two adults also civilians were injured in that incident. it took six months for the military to investigate and they say that while they believed that they were targeting a military target, that they deeply regretted that civilians were injured and killed in that incident. we haven't seen a similar report from amnesty even though it has put the u.s. government on notice that it is looking at the conduct of the u.s.-led coalitions airstrikes. not just in syria but inside iraq as well. >> ros jordan with that update. thanks, ros. >> the request for an international arrest warrant for a murder in the 1990s.
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nowhere to go. we'll tell you why thousands of cubans are stuck in costa rica. and in sport. >> after several young men died while playing american football in the u.s. this year, coaches and researchers have come up with what seems like a counter intuitive way to try to make the game safer. >> first, georgia's minister prime minister irakly garibashvili has resigned. he gave a press conference outlining his plan for next ye year. >> motherland and god are eternal. that's why i decided to resign
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as prime minister. i would like to wish our future prime minister the best. >> a passenger plane is forced to make an emergency landing in the united states. the southwest flight 2547 was en route to chicago with 139 people on board. and this is, indeed, the plane arriving right now at oakland airport. it's been forced to return to that airport in california because of problems it developed with its landing gear. but clearly the pilot has managed to safely land the aircraft without the use of landing gear, something that they're well trained to do in flight simulators. but it appears the aircraft has been able to safely land at oakland international airport in california. it was forced to return there because of problems with its
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landing gear just waiting for the plane to come to a complete stop. the airport, of course, was on full alert for the arrival this plane. occasionally when aircraft land without the assistance of landing gear you get sparks in the under carriage of the aircraft, but no signs of that in this particular aircraft landing now safely. now just return to the story we're talking to you about a few moments ago. that's the resignation of the prime minister of georgia irakly garibashvili. we have a russian analyst live now via skype. thank you so much for being with us on the program. many newspapers and wire copies i've been reading say this is a surprise, this resignation. is it a surprise to you? >> i don't think it's very surprising.
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there have been rifts emerging between the ruling coalition for some time. and the prime minister has been under pressure both for political reasons and economic reasons. the political reasons i think that the current coalition is really showing the weakness that it had in the first place. this is a coalition put together by a billionaire georgian, who was actually first prime minister, but then decided to relinquish his post. this is the georgian dream, who managed to unseat the outspoken very well-known former georgian president, who is now a wanted man in georgia, and he carried out the revolution. but this current coalition was actually founded on a principle
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of being against being against bidzina ivanishvili. we see the resignation there is a sign of real alignment going on, talking to the economic side of things. this is probably much more serious and much more tangible and explains why the prime minister is resigning. the economy is not really doing well. the georgians currency has no exchange valley since 1999, which means high rates of inflation, high rates of employment, and while it was hailing the achievements that the current coalition has
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achieved it seems that georgian economy is not doing well, and it has not had a great outlook for the next year. >> thank you for your explanation. thanks so much. >> now, additional arrest warrant has been introduced by russia fo for a man who is said to have ordered the killing of a man in 1998. >> khodorkovsky may be in self-imposed exile but he sell democrat misses an opportunity to criticize president putin. >> no matter what the kremlin propaganda and pr want to show us, putin is no superman, and he'll surely not go down in history as a hero. >> on tuesday russian police raided the offices of a company
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founded by khodorkovsky. >> we did understand our risks, and that's why it has not become an unexpected event for us. especially taking into consideration the fact that activists have russians were jailed and searched before. >> on wednesday came the international arrest aren't accusing khodorkovsky of organizing a contract killing in the '90s. >> the evidence of 9 accused khodorkovsky's involvement. the investigation has decided to request his arrest in absentia. as you know the court had granted the possession. >> the most outspoken critic had already spent 10 years in jail convicted of tax evasion and embezzlement charges widely seen as punishment for challenging presidential power. he was pardoned and released
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in 2013 and left russia to live in switzerland where he renewed his condemnation of putin and russia. president muten, he said, has driven russia into a position where revolution is inevitable and necessary, and he adds, i'll help bring it about, remarks that incensed the kremlin. core could have did i was charged in absentia. they've gone mad, he says. >> turkey's government said it's too early to say what caused a deadly explosion at istanbul's second largest airport. a female cleaner working on a plane was killed in the blast on a tarmac at the airport. five aircraft were damaged. the transport minister said that weakness in the airport security is out of the question. france's prime minister has outlined proposals to change the constitution in response to last
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month's axe in paris. a recent state of emergency could now be become part of the constitution and they'll consider the proposal of stri stripping dual citizenships. >> it's a heavy sanction which our nation can impose upon someone who has betrayed it in the worst possible way. blind killing of fellow citizens in the name of ideology is a blind will to live together. the amounts of denying the soul of our nation. >> a 19-year-old has been pulled alive from the rubble of sunday's landslide in the chinese city of shenzhen. 50 people are still missing after construction waste slammed into buildings in an industrial park. al jazeera's adrian brown reports from beijing.
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>> alive defense all the odds. trapped under debris for almost lee days--three days. he's a migrant worker at age 19. raising the morale of local people. >> it's a miracle. a man was rescued alive. we were so happy when we heard about it. very happy. >> he had been in the office of a factory when the mudslide happened on sunday morning. but a man found close to him was dead. doctors are hopeful that tien will recover, but his injuries are serious. >> mr. tien is severely debilitated and dehydrated. he sustained soft tissue injuries, bone fractures and a crushing injury on his right lower limb. >> frantic efforts to find more survivors has intensified.
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search teams are using sensors to locate signs of life, but they're also finding more bodies. >> we cannot go out now. we cannot transfer the goods in and out of this area. there is no guarantee for our lives. many workers have to eat and there is no power supply now. >> the deluge of mud and construction waste engulfed more than 30 buildings in an industrial zone. it happened after heavy rains dislodged the manmade pile that had been there several years. now a senior official of the firm that managed the dump has been arrested. state media say that a local government report had identified storage problems at the site months ago warning of a catastrophe. a catastrophe that has now happened. adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. >> christmas celebrations across the occupied west bank will be subdued this year.
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palestinian political leaders have decided to tone down festivities in a wave of violence. we have reports in bethlehem. >> an july tradition that this 19-year-old normally looks forward to. decorating the family christmas tree with his mother is different. his forecan barely stand. he was injured after israeli commandos dressed in civilian clothing infiltrated a crowd of protesters he was with and allegedly open fired with live rounds. while recovering in hospital, he was sent an online video shot by an international news outlet that not only shows the uncovered israeli forces began shooting at the protest, but also when he was taken in an ambulance by first responders, clearly in shock. >> when i look at the person in the video, it feels as if i'm
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looking at someone else. it was a life-changing experience. all i ask is that people pray for peace, for us, in the city of nativity so that the war can end. i pray for god to have mercy for all those killed in palestine and to give patience. i ask people to pray for peace in palestine. >> it's not just families that struggle to celebrate in christmas. municipalities across the occupied west bank including here in bethlehem have also decided to scale back festivities. in bethlehem's square, the nativity scene is on display. but elsewhere decorations were either toned down or not put up at all. political leaders say it was the right thing to do. >> this is exactly as all the different conditions. we'll have the joy, we'll have the sadness, we'll have the feast, we'll have the challenges and the encounters on fateful
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grounds. >> activists decorate a tree with empty canisters of stun grenades. they call it the resistence tree. it's meant to symbolize the events going on in the city of peace talked about in the bible. >> israeli police arrest three people who stabbed i three people. since october 131 palestinians and 20 israelis have been killed in violence across the palestinian territory and israel. the sultan of burnei has
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banned people from celebrating christmas in public in year. christians are allowed to mark the occasion discretely in their own communities. the government of the mall island of borneo said that it could damage the muslim faith. still to come on this al jazeera news hour. slow progress. we'll have the latest on the iraqi army's battle to retake ramadi from isil. >> and has thai's government done enough to hand over power in 2017? and in sport, it may be his last season, but kobe bryant shows that he has still got it. action from the lakers' visit to denver coming up.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered. >> welcome back. syrian opposition activists say five people have been killed and dozens of others kille others injured in the attack. suggesting airstrikes in syria
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could constitute war crime. in a surprise move, georgia's prime minister irakly garibashvili resigns. >> progress is slow, but it's progress nonetheless. russian authority forces close in. the government in the final push. spirits are high. >> it is very well organized, and very well coordinated between the iraqi army, and their airstrike.
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>> according to iraqi intelligence there are just a few rebels left in ramadi. iraqi forces have been trying to leave the city since early november. they hope for more victory within days. >> the forces have been trained and ready to hold the ground after liberation of the city. this is going to be a great boost, advance and progress in the fight against isil. >> the shia-led government has cut off supplies for months now, but it has made life worse in
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the mainly sunni city. winning back the city is one thing. winning over the people is another matter all together. >> indian police have charged 15 people in the murder of a man what was accused of eating beef. he was beaten to death by around 100 people. the cow is a respected animal in india and there is a statewide ban on its killing. >> the man who led a cu coup is part of the government. >> we have one year and six months left.
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on january 16 the government will be laying the groundwork. stuff we haven't done. >> but many still fear the military will break that promise and try to stay in bauer. if it does some analysts say that an economy that is struggling in many areas could worsen. there could be unrest particularly in the poorer ruler areas. >> elections will be delayed as the document is process. and the germ has threatened to stay in power indefinitely. the prime minister and his government has i am barked on the drive.
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anyone who accus criticizes the government is often accused of being un-thai. the prime minister said that measures have been taken to protect an on going process of reform. all of the laws stipulated have barred certain actions because they would obstruct the reform process, but people violate it, which makes it look like i violate human rights. these laws are there because we're still in the reform process. if it was a normal situation i wouldn't be standing here. >> for many, normality means democracy, which is still 18 months ago. but given the military's inability to stay out of
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politics, it may not be the reform that many hope for. >> a rebel leader has withdrawn opposition to a crucial election set to the mellow group. it seized power in the muslim and christian community. there is hope that there will be an end to the conflict. we have reports from the capital bangui. >> a real threat to the possibility of peaceful elections here in the central african republic. now in a surprise move he says he reports a positive
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constitution, and regrets calling for the partition of the grunt. this is very significant. one of th--they acommitted atrocities against civilians on the way. and mostly vigilante groups rows up to avenge the violence. people here tell us that they're sick and tired of the violence of the bloodshed. they want the country to move forward. they want the selection to happen peacefully. now that they say they're on
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board, they have 30 candidates all promising to bring unity, christmas, muslims and people have a chance at hope. but there are still many armed groups out there. the disarmament program has not been effective. so the threat of violence is still very real. since last month 6,000 cubans have been stranded o on the costa rica border. >> cleaning the garden of their benefactor. >> they ask so much taking us in, helping us without knowing
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who we are. we are trying to give back. we're like family now. >> over 6,000 cubans have been stuck here since neighboring nicaragua shut down the border, preventing them from continuing their journey to the u.s. >> they slept on the ground in bus stages. they were assaulted in colombia, but they're lovely people and hard workers. >> the thousands of cubans have changed the face of lacruz with my grants anxiously waiting for a way out. for weeks costa rica are announcing an end to transit visas to try to stem the flow of
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migrants. they blame the u.s. for offering residencies to cuban who is reach american soil while rejecting their own migrants. a regional meeting on tuesday brought some progress but was establishing an air bridge, but no agreement has been reached. >> arch weeks in the shelter some migrants are resorting to vie glens after walking nine hours in the woods they attacked us and took our last money. we had no option but to turn ourselves in, and the nicaragu nicaraguaen police sent us back
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here. there is fear that more cubans will embark on the journey as long as place for them in the u.s. >> a city fighting climate change. from cape town, we have the report. >> high winds over the mountain. residents on the outskirts of the city usually a signal of a dusty day ahead. homes like this were built without ceilings. this woman has been living in them for 15 years. >> in the winter it is very cold. it is better to be outside.
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>> they said that the new ceilings cut the electricity consumption by half. the drive by the city to combat climate change. over the next two years 8,000 homes will be upgraded 37 down the road several homes are fitted with insulated sealings. the project is expected to see a dramatic reduction in electricity consumption. the city's mayor said that fighting climate change will benefit the most desperate. >> they'll have to catch up. 80% of the people living in africa are poor. and when the floods come, those african cities will be hit hard. >> the city has several other projects on the gulf to protect the environment including
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supporting the installation of solar panels on the roof of businesses. water manage. devices are installed. some groups say the work for conservation savings is now a burden on poor people must carry rather than industry, mining, agriculture, wealthier households. that's where the savings in water and electricity will be seen. >> but for residents here the city's commitment for developing a sustainable environment for now has made life a little more comfortable. al jazeera. cape town. >> still to come including.
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>> why investors in the u.s. are flocking to put their money in trailer parks. the straight artist that impacts urban development. and awarded two of crickets' biggest accolades.
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>> hello again. 2013 global financial crisis is still being felt by millions of people in the u.s. many families who could not keep up their mortgages were forced to give up their homes and move
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into trailer parks. almost a quarter of those living in mobile homes are retired. and the house income is only half of the national average. in the third part of our national series on trailer parks, there are investigators who are making handsome profits on these humble homes. >> on the road to potential profit. investors are flocking to take a crash course on buying up trailer parks. about 20 million people in the u.s. live in low cost mobile home communities. demand is high, and as more parks are bulldozed for other developments supply is defendeling. >> the rates are going up. >> frank leads a seminar, wall, a millionaire owns 140 trailer
1:47 pm
parks and is an exer expert of squeezing money out of some of the poorest people. >> to be in this business and believe in it you have to b be be a pessimist. >> he tells park buyers to tear out amenities like playgrounds, which cost money to maintain, and raise rent as high as possible without forcing residents to leave. >> there is no regulation to raise rents. they're free to raise it as high as they want. >> from a management standpoint they're awesome. there is a very good return on the money better than an apartment building with less management. >> if you have to live inexpensively in the united states a mobile home park is one of the best ways to go. an used trailer can cost a few thousand dollars payable in
1:48 pm
installment. and ground rent in a mobile home park like this one runs around $200 a month. >> many are disabled, elderly living on fixed incomes. bill breed love said that he can't afford to live anywhere emphasis. >> it's easy to move from one town to another when you have a trailer. >> protesters would denounce the hard edge business practices that mobile home university preaches. >> they're making massive profits on these communities. but they're also displacing a lot of people. >> some of the biggest names in u.s. finance including multi billionaires warren buffet and sam zell are making investments in trailer parks. proof that there is money to be made from the pennies of the
1:49 pm
poor. rob reynolds, al jazeera, washington. >> it's time to get all the latest in sport now. >> well following with his future, stormed on accuse media for disrespecting him. there have been special former. they've had a total of just seven shots on parking lot in the matches. it's been reported that the former protege jose mourinho is being lined up to replace him as manager. well, the first match is on saturday and the dutchman is well aware of the challenge ahead to turn around the blue season. chelsea sits just three points
1:50 pm
>> sits just three points above the relegation zone. >> i shouldn't be here halfway through the season because it's meaning that things are not going well as for even in the blinning of the season. but any how, i'm glad to be back. and it was a few years ago that i was here in a similar situation. >> researchers in the u.s. are testing another way to teach players how to avoid serious head injuries while playing american football. >> american football practice with an important twist. the university of new hampshire's college team dedicated training sessions to
1:51 pm
doing drills without wearing protective helmets a counter intuitive idea aimed at reducing the number of concussions and head injuries. it is part of a study by professor eric schwartz. he said that the helmet is part of the problem. >> it is necessary by the sport. it provides protection. >> four local high school teams are part of a study. players wear special sensors in head bands to report impact during games. >> you can see a list of all the hits they occurred. now we can click on a specific hit and it shows where that hit occurred so you can see this hit
1:52 pm
happened right on top of the head on the crown. >> millions of young men play american football all over the u.s. it's one of the most popular sports. but rough and sometimes violent. this season alone at least eight high school players have died as a result of on field injuries. the latest was luke shem, a high school player from kansas who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being tackled in a game. but the risks have not put off miles, who plays safety for the team. he admits that his parents worry about the injuries, and he said that being part of the study has changed his game for the better. >> normally i would lead with my head with my head up putting me more at risk for injury. now i can get my head off the side because of muscle memory. i'm used to getting my head out of the way, out of contact, and
1:53 pm
that helps a lot. >> we have separate intelligent kids. they see the drills. >> to make the contact sport a little safe for avoid serious head injuries have become all too among. al jazeera, bedford, new hampshire. >> the nfl said they would fund for new treatment in the way that sports head injuries are diagnosed. it's being developed and it could be a real game changer. >> our technology is so sensitive it can see these bio markers in the blood and tell you whether or not you've had a concussion and how severe it is. so being able to detect it
1:54 pm
objectively versus someone asking to you count backwards and whether you have some cognitive deficiency, that's subjective. whether it be rugby, soccer, cricket, football. this could change the culture for the game. >> a large deficit to claim 11 111-107 win over the denver nuggets. the champion is retiring at the end of the season shot two free throws and a jumper to seal the lakers' fifth win of the season. australian cricket captain is it the fourth australia to win cricketer of the year.
1:55 pm
that's it for me. >> now one portuguese street artist is turning to untraditional techniques to portray economic development. >> this artist prefers exterior walls to exhibited art. >> i think not just for the cultural life, but it makes life more interesting to see. >> 's an internationally recognized graffiti artist. but these days instead of spray cans he uses chisels and drills and even explosives to create
1:56 pm
art that is legally approved. >> you make the invisible visible. >> a city landscape like hong tongue is a perfect va canvas. and it's history that he wants to capture in his art. >> i think the shadowing is where it is working. and that's what interests me and where i want to put the focus on. >> this building was once a busy cotton mill in hong kong. now it's been turned into a cultural hub. the owners invited them to document the transformation. >> it's something that we feel very proud of, injecting energy into the neighborhood and communities that are interacted
1:57 pm
with, they receive it positively. >> it's not just hong tongue. his work is featured around the world. but the theme of his election remains the same, documenting development as well as the past. >> one of the most influential young street artists of our time. i think this is why they decided to bring him to hong kong. he has proven himself in the contemporary art scene as an artist worth watching. >> he said he won't be short of inspiration. al jazeera, hong kong. >> thanks for watching the news hour.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> this year is blowing our minds. >> scientists are studying el nino from space and the oceans. >> when the pacific speaks... everybody better listen. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> well, a deadly gas attack in syria, there are suspicion that is sarin gas was used. hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. moscow says an amnesty report lacked evidence of the human rights body said that russia committed war crimes in syria. the prime minister of georgia resigned. and a remarkable tale of survival in china. a


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