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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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then so the tougher side is also on show. police have drafted in 2,000 officers to secure carnival week. what happened in this state on new year's eve changed public opinion, not just here, but across geneva. where once a majority of people are in favour of the refugee are it is not then, and it is not the flavour of the talks policy, now there are many the u.s. envoy to syria doubts, doubts that this city's announces a 3-week pause in the major has to address. geneva talks. >> many are asking the question. [ gunfire ] what will happen during this is syria's military and carnival, what will happens once allies cutting rebel supply carnival is over to make cologne safer. there's one clear answer. cologne will act, and not only routes, encircling aleppo. during carnival. but in the city center, reaction hello everyone, i'm felicity barr. you are watching al jazeera live to that seems mixed. >> i wish. from london. i find the situation in more also coming up. three palestinians who killed an doubt. israeli officer and injured for me personally as a woman, another have been shot dead by it's unpleasant. police in occupied east
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>> i was surprised now in the jerusalem in half an hour's time, a main station, there are a lot of policeman, i start safely at powerful global trade deal is this stage. due to come in effect. one is more open than usual. >> and president obama pays his >> back at the carnival event first visit to a u.s. mosque and are in full swing. pleasing the crowd here seems criticizes anti-muslim bias in relatively simple. on the political stage it's a difficult matter. opinion polls suggest people the presidential candidate want radical change. hello, after three days of talks, the u.n.'s syrian envoy whether governments can perform suspended negotiations in geneva them is another question on how to end the war in syria. a country of 30 million stefan de-mistura said it was people is getting fit. temporary talks, and they have nearly half the population is not failed, they are due to continue on 25th february. overweight or obese. the opposition coordinator said al jazeera's correspondent that they will not return until reports. >> reporter: waist lines have been expanding in malaysia for there's a change on the ground. decades. the country's love of rich food the syrian government will announce later if they'll and sweet treats is leading to a return. it came after a break through crisis. almost half the country is was made on the ground, cutting deemed overweight. obese. the rebel supply route between figures show that the number of
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aleppo and the turkish border. people with unhealthy weight more on that shortly. first, here is how the pause in levels have been rising the talks was announced. >> the difficulty in the dramatically. malaysians know their diet is not perfect. decision to bring a temporary >> i try to eat more salad and vegetables, and have my own pause is not the end and is not juice. >> i careful what i eat. the falture of the talks. i'm also eating too much. why? they came and they stayed. lack of exercise, and exercise not only but both sides insisted is extremely important. >> in 1996, 4.4% of malaysia's on the fact that they are interested in having the political process started. >> shortly after the population was classed as obese. announcement the head of the 10 years later, it sky rocketed to 14%. syrian delegation accused them of bowing to pressure from saudi now the figure is running at 18%. arabia, turkey and others to it means more than 5 million pull out of the talks. it was indicated that they malaysians. the numbers of overweight people are at record levels. weren't serious about the >> i think the solution must be negotiations. >> translation: the decision was educating the young people now. made with the turkish and for example, the children. re educating 10 years old, qataris to derail and make sure the talks fail. 11 years old. when they arrived they did not they'll become adults, 20 years meet him in their geneva palace, later, they'll be healthy but in the hotel.
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since the beginning they started adults. less obesity, and healthy talks about a humanitarian malaysians. >> poor weight control comes crisis in madaya and maiduguri. with well-known associated from there they attacked our problems. doctors say half the country has attack on terrorists high cholesterol and a fifth suffering from diabetes. syrian opposition say they >> obesity is a problem many will not return to talks until face. with the availability of the food. humanitarian demands are met. and a rich array of dishes. >> translation: someone who wants a political solution, and the government has an uptill struggle. it's about watching what you wants negotiations wouldn't eat, and the amount that you carry out those attacks on eat. that leads to a healthier people there. we know the regime drove the lifestyle. negotiations in geneva to a and now you can find out failure, and will do again in more on many of our stories by this political process. we came to geneva, and were keen going to our website. to make it a success and prove the usual address is that they were serious about it. it seems he doesn't want is to be a success. >> so no diplomatic break through in geneva, but there has been a military one for government forces and allies in syria. they've been trying to encircle
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the opposition held city of aleppo. they took two places on tuesday. that harvest that produce - they broke through territory sometimes the last people to north of aleppo reaching touch the fruit bought by u.s. government villages, allowing consumers. the syrian military to cut off but after years of long, hot rebel supply routes from the days and stagnant pay, workers turkish boarder and stop left the fields and took to the streets to demand better working reinforcements from getting conditions - and a living wage. through. zeina khodr has more from the border between syria and turkey. >> reporter: opposition fighters made their last stance. they face difficulties confronting what commanders describe as an unprecedented assault. troops and allies advance under the cover of heavy russian air strikes. they cut through the heart of rebel held territory in the north. they reached two towns surrounded by rebel groups for more than three years, lifting the siege on predominantly shia
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communities. they cut off rebels in the city and cut out supply lines. >> this is the only road, the only life line. the f.f.a. is fighting on the front. confronted by terrorist groups, the kurdish y.p,p. i.s.i.l. and the regime, air yeas and russian air-power. >> the northern aleppo countryside was the only remaining stronghold in the north for groups linked to the free syrian army, or what the international community calls the moderates. this is not the case, it's the latest battle ground in effort to weaken them. rebels tried to hold off the advance by sending reinforcements to the front line. they have sent heavier equipment and anti-attack missiles. the heavy fighting forced people to head to the border in search of safety. hundreds are camped out in the
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open. the offensive caused civilian casualties, many as a result of the strikes. the fear is government advances towards the border, and that would seal off the only life line for the opposition in aleppo province. >> over recent weeks rebels lost territory on strategic fronts as the military intervention changed the dynamics on the ground. opposition groups will not enter negotiations from a position of strength. what is clear is syria's government and allies are negotiating on the battlefield. >> the struggle for aleppo has been called the mother of all posts, it's about winning syria's second largest city, and winning syria's north. for the government, this is a strategic gain, that could be the beginning about winning the war, at least against the moderate opposition. at least against the opposition
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in iraq, thousands of families are running out of food in the i.s.i.l. held city of alhugea, medical aid is in short supply, the iraqi army is advancing on the area as troops flush out i.s.i.l. fighters in the nearby city of ramadi three palestinians have been shot dead after attacking police with guns and explosives. one police woman died of her injuries, two others have serious wounds. we have this report from ramallah. >> it was one of the most serious cases of violence in occupied east jerusalem since this latest wave of unrest began more than four months ago. three palestinian men were shot dead after opening fire and carrying out a knife attack. one israeli police woman died of her injurieses, two others in
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hospital. investigators say the palestinian men, all in their 20s, and from the same city in the occupied west bank, were not only armed with guns and knives, but explosive devices. >> all three were shot at the scene, they opened fire with a weapon, and bomb dispisal ex-the -- disposal experts are at the scene. the area is cordoned off. heightened security in and around the area. the situation is under control. security is continuing in order to prevent and stop further terrorist attacks taking place in jerusalem today. >> reporter: the attack is the latest in a wave of unrest spreading across israel and the unoccupied territories since act. shootings and car rammings killed 25 israelis, 125 palestinians have been killed by israeli police and military
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forces. half were protesters. the surge in violence has many reasons. the media mass been described as incitement. young palestinians say israel's nearly 50-year-old occupation is to blame. after more than 4 months of unrest, they haven't offered a meaningful solution. what we see now is the new normal. it's clearly anything but health ministers from across south america held urgency talks in the uruguayan capital to discuss ways of dealing with the zika outbreak. a meeting was called by brazil's president dilma rousseff. we have the latest from manta fed ao. >> reporter: health ministers and representatives from latin america and the caribbean
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expressed a worry about the lack of research and information available regarding the zika virus. here they signed a 16-point declaration about how to start coping. they agreed that attacking the mosquito causing denga is a priority given the fact that there's no vaccines available. they expressed a need for research on how to prevent and treat the zika virus, and to find the answers as to why in some countries like columbia, with 20,000 cases of zika, there's no babies with birth defects. brazil, on the other hand, says there's no doubt that there's a link between zika and microcephali within babies. >> we have no doubt that the cases of the outbreak of microcephali existing in brazil has been caused by the zika
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virus, but the only information we need is whether the zika virus is alone or whether other factors are involved. >> reporter: countries agreed that cooperation is crucial in fighting the zika virus, and commit themselves to start working together to find a vaccine that will prevent people getting infected. >> you are watching al jazeera. still to come, germany prepares for the first carnival since the cologne sex attacks. we have the latest on advice given to refugees by police. >> a search for answers in somalia, as an on board explosion sees a passenger thrown from an airline.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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hello, welcome back. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the u.n. special envoy to syria announced talks in geneva on how to end the war are on hold for three weeks. it came after syria's army broke through rebel held territory north of aleppo to end the siege of government held villages, and to cut rebel supply routes between aleppo and the border. three palestinians have been shot dead for a shooting and stabbing attack that killed an israeli police woman in less than 15 minutes, the controversial trans-pacific partnership is due to be signed in new zealand. the free trade pact is between
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these five countries, u.s., canada, mexico, trinity and peru, and several states, singapore, australia, and new zealand among others. the aim is to lower and eliminate tariff and regulate trade laws, creating a single market, like the european union. the 12 countries have a population of 800 million. representatives of 40% of global growth domestic product. jocks in the u.s. could move to low-wage nation, and there are concerns negotiations for the pacts have been done in secret. live to auckland and al jazeera's wayne hay. talk us through what is happening at the signing ceremony. >> the signing of the t.p.p., the document about to get under way by trade delegations and representatives, ministers from
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the 12 countries - we have had a ceremonial welcome. some have been here for a few days already. they have been going through the finer points, setting up deals between the countries. sorting through the finer points, it's been described as a technical step. the signing of the document. tes certainly not the finer steps. now we have to have ratification. that can take up to two years. each country had up to two years to ratify the deal. the likes of new zealand, for example, that means it has to go through parliament, where the members will need to vote. if they vote it down, new zealand is out of the t.p.p. that is a situation that will be replicated out of the country, certainly in countries where there's a democratic approach. >> even so, why has there been some opposition to the deal?
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>> you mentioned secrecy, that is one of the things that upset people in places like new zealand, and peru, chile and other countries within the t.p.p. nations. it's negotiated in sequence. a text of the document has been released. so the background communication, deals struck, what was given away by one country to secure a deal. those texts, that sort of information has not been released, and will remain secret for another six years. that upset people. the overriding theme is a loss of sovereignty. they feel that by signing the t.p.p., countries like new zealand are giving away their sovereignty, they are handing over power to big corporations, and domestic laws will need to be changed. governments from new zealand and other countries say that is nothing new. that happens with all free trade
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deals. this one, because it is so large, so complex has gathered a lot of opposition. there are a few hundred people gathering outside this venue, protesting the signing of the t.p.p. >> thank you for that japan's military is on alert to shoot down a north korean rocket. the north koreans insist the rocket is carrying a satellite. japan and see south korea expect it's a launch of the ballistic technology president obama visited a mosque in marylands, the first such visit in the u.s. during his president. addressing the islamic society in baltimore, he said attacks on islam is an attack on all religions. >> there are voices in the world that claim you have to choose between your identities. as a muslim, for example, or an
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american. do not believe them. if you wonder if you fit in here, let me say it as clear as i can, as president of the united states. you fit in here. right here. you're right where you belong. you're part of america too. [ clapping ] >> you're not muslim or american. you're mus im and american u.s. congress held the first hearing on the water contamination crisis on the city in flint. authorities are investigating lead contamination that began in 2016. it has been found in the drinking water in ohio, from where kristen saloomey reports. >> reporter: parents are streaming into this community where free blood teds are conducted -- tests are conducted. news of lead levels in the water has many worried.
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it can cause developmental delays. >> i was kind of freaking out. i was oh, my god. >> the problem was first detected in the rural community in august, during the routine testing of homes. local officials didn't say anything until january, when they closed schools and handed out bottled water. residents want to know what took so long? >> it shouldn't have taken months to find out. >> we should have been told sooner. >> the e.p.a. should have been on this as well as the town itself. >> this is the river, the source of the drinking water, but not the source of the problems. the dangerous led levels are the result of old pipes, and some say the government's slow response. >> the manager. local water plant has been suspended from his job and is under investigation. the environmental protection agency of ohio says it was his
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responsibility to notify residents. village officials got word of the e.p.a. in december, but they didn't think anything until january. >> i don't think anyone realized the gravity of the situation, until the day of the 21st, when we dawn that this is more than a routine adjustment to the plan or something that we needed to address in reports and so forth. >> what is your response to that. >> the e.p.a. is under scrutiny from congress, amid concerns that the problem is widely spread. >> are you telling me that the e.p.a., knowing that they are putting - there's led in the water, this they are not going to tell the kids. that's what happened. they knew that. >> that's what many here are wondering. an investigation will determine who is at fault. the top priority now is haking sure the water is safe to drink the u.s. government sources
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say a bomb probably caused the explosion on a plane, forced to make an emergency landing. the armed group al-shabab is the main suspect in the glass that killed a person. officials found no evidence of a criminal act. the plane returned to the airport after takeoff on tuesday. the deputy ambassador to the u.n. was among those on the flight. >> of course we saw the plane, and the first thing you worry about is can we make it. it was - that worrying feeling was there. but it was - it was really traumatising. the first minute or second when things happen, i didn't think we'd make it. things calmed down. it was a lot easier to be hopeful the french government agreed to extend the state of emergency for three months.
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introduced after the paris attacks, the measures allow police to make arrests and conduct searches without a warrant. neave barker reports. >> ending weeks of speculation, france's state of emergency is certain to continue. cabinet ministers met to finalise a proposal to extend it. the plan will go before parliament for approval. >> since attacks troops patrolled the streets. many french welcome this. >> the state of emergency gives unprecedented power to stop, search and arrest people without a warrant. it gives them power to take down websites, and also to stop public gatherings and demonstrations. some worry that the temporary measures may be more perm nant. thousands took to the streets of paris. many here threaten french values, freedom of speech and
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the right to demonstrate. there are questions about the effectiveness of the measures. since the attack, police have carried out thousands of raids, but so far only four terrorism related investigations have been open. >> activists say the heightened security unfairly targeted muslim communities. >> measures taken by the government are counterproductive. state of emergencies against security-based measures, stigmatization of various community. >> within the government's own ranks, there are signs of dissent. last week, the justice minister resigned about a reform allowing people convicted of terrorism to be stripped of french citizenship. more than two months on from the attacks. and the place de la republique is at the center of national mourning. and the land of liberty, equality and fraternity, matters of national security are center
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stage it is carnival week across western germany, with thousands celebrating the christian festival of lent. in the city of cole i know, it's the first -- cologne it's the first since mass assaults by refugees against women. >> reporter: a team of party goers puts the final touches to their costumes, for them, mid winter means one thing. carnival. thursday is known as lady's night. this year, the claims of sexual and physical assault on so many women on new year's eve are on people's minds. >> it's the best way to keep calm, and to have a view of what happened. and to look who was guilty and who wasn't. it's not the best way to say the
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refugees are bad people, because that's not true. >> in an effort to reinforce that view, the authorities have handed out leaflets to refugees and migrants, pointing out the dos and don't of the carnival seasons. people welcomed the idea at this refugee center. but, if awareness campaigns of a gentle side of official policy,
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